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How does your avatar look today ?


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   Doing a full body shot. They're difficult. So I figured I'd swoop in and do a portrait as well, in case I decide to ditch the whole shoot. Unedited shot.

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There's nothing better than sim hopping and bumping into a forumite in an unexpected place.

I've been out hunting on the beach and came across Alyona Su.....what a lovely surprise!!!

I couldn't do proper Windlight due to extreme lag here. but managed to get a decent enough picture!!!  :)

Oh and by the way, I'm not eight feet tall!!!!


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Ok, so . . . um

People keep buying me things.

(This madness must end, people! I am not worthy!)

Today, I received this extremely sexy lingerie set from Nephtyria. It's just possible that @Orwar may have been involved too. And the choice of colour bears, I think, the clear signature of @Catrie.

THANK YOU NEPH! And all of your sundry friends who were involved!

This is a somewhat obscured shot. Posting a clearer picture taken from a better angle would, of course, better showcase how really pretty it is. And would probably also get me sent off to my room without dinner for a week by the mods.


ETA: Catrie informs me that she would have preferred pink. Because of course she would. And that would have been gorgeous too.

ETA yet again: Catrie did choose the colour, but it's not her "signature," which is . . . wait for it . . . pink! But, knowing me as she does, she chose red, because, well . . . me. There! All sorted! I think.

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5 minutes ago, Scylla Rhiadra said:

And the choice of colour bears, I think, the clear signature of @Catrie.

While I DID pick the color, I'm pretty sure everyone knows my signature color is pink (which was a choice for this, btw.) lol

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This morning, right before going into for-realz work, I got an email notification that someone had sent me a gift! 💛

And it tooootally made my day!

So, thank you, @Scylla Rhiadra!

This amaaazing dress was something I had been wanting!

((Not that I wasn't a fan of Scylla's before or nufin, buuut I guess I'll *officially* join the Scylla fan-gurl bandwagon naow. x3 ))

Mura_021_508 (2).jpg

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If anyone hasn't looked at the fifty linden Friday  today..Blueberry did a stand this week and has a nice summer dress with some very pretty patterns in them..

There are two packs..

I wish i would have seen them earlier and was able to post sooner..

Anyways here is what it looks like in one of the patterns,plus it has straps ,but I just have them off at the moment..Lots of pretty options in the huds also..




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