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  1. Definitely - every Theme has it's own title. My guess is the new one will be called Victorian, but don't know that part for sure.
  2. We don't even know if he is looking for a partner. This forum is titled "Lifestyles and Relationships". He may want some other sort of relationship or wants to get into a lifestyle discussion. That is why we need words.
  3. It is possible, probable even, that the issue is an unforeseen bug and that is why there was no mention of it in the blog post about prepaying. Now, whether or not they'll change things to allow all to do the prepay regardless of next renewal date, or whether they'll update the blog post with the restriction -- who knows?
  4. Yeah, totally makes sense. I'm betting on Monday, possibly not until Tuesday. Victorian has been mentioned in the forums since they first started working on the new Linden Homes, back in Aug 2018. However, I'm not sure we'll ever know if it has always been on Patch's list of if it got there because of the forum discussions.
  5. Yes, but we already know that their software is flawed. There is a member here that always gets part of her named bleeped whenever it is written because some letters in the middle spell out a slang word for female genitals.
  6. Yeah, the latest guess - put forth by Qie - is that it doesn't matter if you did the other prepay earlier this year, but if your current renewal date is in 2021 (or maybe just a year out, so anything greater than 12 months), it isn't giving the option. With the Premium Plus coming, I likely won't prepay the 2 alts that are already out to 2021, but will prepay one or both of the accounts that currently renew in 2020 - and they both do have the option available.
  7. The advantage of posting the Flickr URL rather than uploading them directly into the post is that you are no longer limited by size for your posting . You can post 1 or 10 or 20 pics all in the same post because it is not an actual upload.
  8. I've been debating whether or not I'm going to get that shot. My doc also mentioned that I should probably get a booster of the MMR vaccination, which I'm also still debating. Heck, I already had that shot, why do I have to do it again?
  9. My daughter lives in Florida now and just before she went back home last Sunday, she was commenting about how she has totally acclimated to the warmth and was upset that it was only going to be in the 60s that day when she got home. Her preference is 80s or higher and if she wants cold and snow, she'll visit the relatives in Colorado or Nebraska.
  10. Is that the inworld map? I can't get inworld, so was just looking at the web map. Ohhhh, but that may just be a refresh timing thing. When I go back to that same page, I am now seeing some actual regions appear.
  11. That will be really great for those people who have struggled so far with the timing of releases and so on. Possibly. Depends on how many thousands and how many people are still anxiously awaiting a Linden Home. The very first release was roughly 3300 houses & houseboats and they were all taken in roughly 48 hours. By the same token, when LL did the Camper release, they controlled the release, letting out 1-3 regions at a time, so that it took pretty much an entire day and into the early evening before they were all released and taken -- and there definitely was not a thousand of those in the initial southern batch.
  12. Yes, shake the bad crap away. IMO, the actual houses used in the south during the slavery plantation days don't look anything at all like the Victorian style. Use Google Images to check for 'plantation houses' - they are totally different.
  13. Even though you can't see the land yet on the web map (except for one location), the names do map:
  14. Based on Patch's recent chat comments, I have speculated that it might be as early as next week - not even waiting until the end of the Expo.
  15. Why the heck are they blocking that? The only possible reason that I can see is that the word is apparently also a slang insult for Asians. I wonder what other slang words they've blocked because they are also insult words in some usages.
  16. Grouchy right now. I had to go in for my yearly mammogram this morning and that stupid machine squishes you to death, thus making me cranky.
  17. Correct on the inworld blocking and Forum blocking/ignore and mostly correct on the Web Profile Feed. For your SL web profile, while you cannot stop anyone from seeing it, you can prevent them from actually "Following" the Feed - clicking the Follow button. On the Privacy settings, there is a control for who can Follow you. It doesn't prevent them from seeing the feed, so not quite sure what the "follow" actually does - maybe if you follow someone then you get notifications if they post something on their feed. All I know is that an alt that is not on my Friends list does not get the Follow button when looking at my web profile.
  18. Maybe VAT - are you in a country where that would apply? I remember LL saying that VAT does apply to Monthly and Quarterly, but not Annual.
  19. Maybe what Qie surmised is correct then -- even if you prepaid before, if your next renewal is before 2021, then you get the option now, but if your renewal is already in 2021, you don't.
  20. When is your renewal on the account that you did the previous buy down / pre-pay (or when was it, if you already did this pre-pay) ?
  21. Pay attention to the forums and the blogs as there is a large release coming. You can preview the new theme at the Christmas Expo. Some folks are already starting to abandon their other Linden Homes in order to be ready for the new release.
  22. I'm still debating on the new houses. I can't see having both a Traditional and a Victorian, so if I do get one of them, I will let the Trad go. I figure the absolute earliest that they will release is next week, so I've got at least the weekend to ponder and decide.
  23. Thanks. I poked around in the viewer right after I posted and found out how to do it.
  24. Update on my previous comment, similar to inworld blocking of someone, ignoring someone here on the forums only impacts what I see. They can still follow me and I can still see them in the list of people that are following me. Hopefully, Gabrielle was talking about the following of the feed on the web profile and the Privacy settings do deal with that
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