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  1. It depends on many factors: Whether or not the person has health insurance. What sort of insurance they have. If they are not insured, then their income might factor in. Where are they getting the treatment. Etc, etc, etc......
  2. Shower - and always in the morning because I get really bad bed-head and also because this past year the super oily hair of my youth has returned and my hair now looks oily after only about 12 hours. If I am on vacation and if there is a huge tub, one that I can truly sink all the way down into, then I might do an evening relaxation soak while reading a book and sipping on a glass of wine.
  3. Given USPS performance over the past couple of years, I'm pretty sure that a full week is the new minimum for any delivery, no matter how close. I totally feel for anyone that ever has to actually rely on that.
  4. There's a personal problem if I ever heard one.
  5. I've been working in post-college jobs since early-mid 1980s. In some of the jobs that I've had, I could get Single healthcare, dental, & vision at no cost to me -- though I did often have small co-pays at the time of service & small co-pays for almost all prescriptions. Most of the time though, I still had to share in the Premium costs. I've never had a job where Family healthcare/dental/vision was completely covered by the company. I have always had to pay part of those premiums. The amount of co-pays were usually dependent upon what sort of plan I chose. The more I paid in
  6. @Patch Linden & @Abnor Mole -- see above post by SarahKB7. Only 13 regions needed to connect Gaeta I with Corsica. Poor Gaeta I has been neglected for so long. While it will still be an unfinished funny looking continent, it would at least feel like it belonged to the rest of the Mainland.
  7. Poor Gaeta I, stuck up there all by itself and not even finished.
  8. I sat on it and it is a bit large for my avi -- 1.81 meters, 5.95 feet per shape editor -- so for someone sized like me or smaller, the entire thing could be reduced in size to help fit on walls.
  9. Very possibly. Mine went out twice this past week. I seldom lose internet connection, so it must have been some damn aliens or such.
  10. There are so many freakin SL and RL issues going on these days that I doubt anyone can prove the reasons behind any increase or decrease in SL activity.
  11. Chat lag, posts totally not showing, and posts out of order has happened since at least as early as 2007 -- so, by your definition of "utterly useless" it has always been that way. In some ways chat is actually better for me now than it was last Oct-Nov - though the issues do happen more frequently than 2007. I actually have more problems getting group notices actually delivered to me than the issues that I have with group chat. Then again, I don't spend my entire time in SL chatting in groups or even paying close attention to the things that other people say in groups.
  12. Not totally. I've still got chat working in multiple groups. Sometimes posts don't end up going through and sometimes they get out of order -- both of which has happened since my first day in SL over a decade ago -- but many of my groups are still chatting.
  13. True. A screenshot isn't really any better since orders can be placed -- showing the fee -- and then cancelled so that the user doesn't actually pay the fee. With the new info on the Account History, people can print a PDF version of each month's info.
  14. Totally -- mainly because it would be fun to see what his next excuse was.
  15. The last Grid Status info on it --- from Thursday -- said that they have a "fix in testing". My guess is that is why there are possibly things not totally right with it yet. It does seem to be "mostly" correct everywhere though.
  16. Well, apparently, we do not need to wait until next Thursday to start finding problems. Since "pretty much every system needed to be touched in some way or another", it appears that some things are already hosed. Shortly after this thread was started, I put in a new Limit Buy order. This morning, I decided to cancel it in order to modify the amounts. However, when it refunded the money for the transaction back to my USD Balance, it only refunded $1.00 of the $1.49 transaction fee. So now I need to leave everything exactly as it is, in order for LL to look at it on Monday -
  17. Possible, but as I mentioned earlier - since the majority of L$ transactions will not be impacted by this fee change (per LL's statement) my guess is that the majority of people with limited funds are buying their L$ in smaller batches, under the $19.88 mark where the fee will now be higher.
  18. I went back and checked a couple of the emails that I have. While they do not specifically say what the fee was, it can still be determined from the info in the email. The email basically says "Your buy order for L$nnnn at L$xxx/US$1.00 has been filled for a net cost of US$nnn". You can then calculate how much of the US$ amount was truly for the L$, and thus how much was the fee.
  19. Just this month, LL change the way the "Buy L$" information is recorded in your Account History -- not L$ Transaction History. The Account History lists all of your US $ transactions and it is available for everyone back to the beginning of your time in SL. It now has a separate line showing how much of an L$ Buy was the transaction fee. Likewise, I imagine that it will now also show the Sell fee and Credit Processing fee. That information is new -- it was not there for a Buy order that I did last month.
  20. We were in the upper 70s just a couple of weeks ago, but we just had 6 inches of snow in the last 48 hours. I'm pretty sure we have had more snow in the last 6 weeks than we had all winter. I'm definitely ready for it to truly be Spring.
  21. I could handle that for viewer login. I just wouldn't want to enable it for the viewer and then have to use it for EVERY FREAKIN LOGIN
  22. At the very least, it probably doesn't really belong in Merchants
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