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    How does your avatar look today ?

    You would only be naked to whomever derendered your clothing.
  2. LittleMe Jewell

    Take a word leave a word (game)

    Pirate Ship
  3. LittleMe Jewell

    A Derail Thread

    I read my kindle some nights before bed and anytime I'm in a waiting room of any sort and constantly when traveling. I can't stand reading the forums - or pretty much any web stuff - on my phone, so when I'm traveling, I only read the forums on my laptop in the hotel room each evening or morning. In airports, on airplanes, in cars.... it is all kindle reading (okay, not in cars if I'm the one driving). Bite your tongue.
  4. LittleMe Jewell

    What is the Knowlwdge Base for?

    Yes and in this case, Cindy is correct. She's being sarcastic totally because of all the questions that come in to the forums where a very simple search would often have given the person the answer far quicker than waiting on someone to provide an answer. Frustrating, at best.
  5. LittleMe Jewell

    Signed out everytime I login

    Are you running wireless? If so, have you tried wired for comparison - if that is an option? When you can get logged in, bring up the statistics monitor (Ctrl+Shift+1). Keep an eye on the Packet Loss and Ping Sim values. My guess is that you will see one or both of those values spike just before you get disconnected. Report back what sort of values you see.
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    Help ! What's offensive ?

    But apparently it is okay to have Loli as part of the product title - found a few such products on MP.
  7. LittleMe Jewell

    Where are all the 90 babies at?

    Given how much everyone is so easily offended these days, and from what I see that happens much more with the younger folks than the older ones, I sure wouldn't say that thicker skin is a common attribute in that age group.
  8. LittleMe Jewell

    Landmarks Are Pointless

    The number of times that I've looked up a creator's profile and found either an out of date SLURL/Pick or none at all just blows my mind. It happens a lot - at least 50% of the time. There are times when the LM provide for a hunt or in a sale notecard (Super Sales Weekend, Steals & Deals, etc...) is wrong AND the creator doesn't have valid location info in their profile. I suppose if you have to suddenly move, maybe forgetting to update your profile right away, but to not have any location info at all in the profile tells me they aren't very serious about their business.
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    Per the definition, an oxford comma is a comma used after the penultimate item in a list of three or more items, before ‘and’ or ‘or’ (e.g. an Italian painter, sculptor, and architect). A string of commas does not fit that definition.
  10. LittleMe Jewell

    To Mesh or Not to Mesh?

    Aren't most mesh shoes (heels, at least) made for specific bodies "rigged" for the feet? Rigged mesh items can't be repositioned. I do have some boots, sneakers & sandals that aren't rigged, but I don't think I have any heels that aren't.
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    If it is "just a comma" then it cannot possibly be an Oxford comma since an Oxford comma would first require a list.
  12. LittleMe Jewell

    Where are all the black people...

    I've never seen a house with a bathroom without a toilet, in the US anyway. For US real estate, I'm not sure it even counts as a bathroom if it doesn't have a toilet. Even the rooms where the toilet is separated, it is still considered to be part of the bathroom itself, just with a door between it and the main part of the bathroom. The usual configurations are: Full Bath - Toilet, sink, bathtub, shower (shower can be within the tub or separte). 3/4 Bath - Toilet, sink, shower without tub or tub without shower 1/2 Bath - Toilet and sink only
  13. LittleMe Jewell

    Where are all my friends? Come on in and lets get comfy by the fire!

    Good morning all. I'm in training this afternoon and then all day Wed and Thu. I typically work 6:30 am to 3:00 pm, but the training classes go until 5:00-5:30 pm each day. I'm going to die having to stay focused that late.
  14. LittleMe Jewell

    sell fee

    What makes you think things aren't "moving" right now. My bet is that if LL income drastically decreased after they raised fees, they would have reduced them already.
  15. LittleMe Jewell

    Idle thoughts for idle builders

    Thanks. I've always used magaprims for my sky platforms and never had any issues.
  16. LittleMe Jewell

    Where are all the black people...

    In the US, sometimes the toilet is in a separate room from the rest of the bath/vanity area, but usually only in the master bathroom within a master bedroom. Many homes will also have a room with just a toilet and sink, often referred to as the 'powder room' - and as Love mentioned, for real estate purposes, it is considered a "1/2 bathroom".
  17. LittleMe Jewell

    Where are all the black people...

    In America, tracksuits started being worn outside of sports in the 60s and became incredibly popular in the 70s. The shell suit, a tracksuit made out of nylon, came in the late 80s and was popular with the hip hop and break-dancing scene. The return of fabric track suits in the 90s is attributed to rappers.
  18. LittleMe Jewell

    How long before you can cash out for US$?

    Interesting - from everything we've ever known before about the ability to sell L$, you shouldn't have been able to until the end of the month since your first L$ purchase was Feb 1st. Maybe LL lightened up a bit on that rule and started allow some selling earlier - maybe thinking people might want to get a US $ balance to pay for tier or Premium dues. If the old rules still hold true, you won't be able to Process credit until Mar though.
  19. LittleMe Jewell

    To Mesh or Not to Mesh?

    The 'Newbie' designation has to do with the Forums only and is totally dependent on the number of posts you have made here. Your own usage of mesh vs system/classic avatar should not impact whether or not you can see other people who are wearing mesh bodies. If you cannot see them, that would indicate a connection issue that is preventing you from rendering them fully -- or possibly some graphics setting causing the problem. For the alpha masks that you were given, you likely don't need any of them. Most mesh clothing that comes in Standard sizes (the ones used primarily for system/classic avatars) will come with an alpha that will hide the parts of your body that the mesh is going to cover. Look for items that show the Classic Avatar symbol: Those will be items designed to work with the system/classic body/head/feet/etc... Many of the mesh clothing sellers do still include the Standard sizes in their packages - they are typically just labeled S, M, L, XS, XL and will not only require using the included alpha, but they may require you to adjust your shape to prevent your body from poking through the clothing. One of your biggest issues with buying new items will be shoes. Very few creators still sell shoes for system/classic feet -- Lindy Shoes do and Ellnique Designs still has some in their Outlet. However, you can also buy mesh feet to wear with your system body. Slink sells mesh feet separate from their mesh body. Not sure who else might, but there are also some Slink-compatible mesh feet available on the Marketplace. The mesh feet do look much nicer than the old system feet. Another problem will be if you want to change skins. A dozen or less skin makers currently sell classic/system layer skin. Although an LL project in the works called Bakes On Mesh (not yet released) has encouraged some of the creators to start including system layers for things again -- skins, makeups, tattoos, clothing layers. Basically for anything you buy, you want to make sure you see that 'Classic Avatars' symbol - unless you do go ahead and get mesh feet and then you need to see the symbol for the type of feet you get. As far as mesh heads go, I personally think that is much less important. I've been back in SL now since early 2017 and while I do now have a mesh body, I'm still using my system/classic head. As to "how do you begin?" -- http://meshbodyaddicts.com/ will have a list of all of the common mesh bodies. Their reviews are a bit dated, but the list is still fairly accurate, I think. You will want to pick you demos of the various bodies and try them on to see if you can adjust the shape the way you want for yourself. You will also have to learn about "appliers" which are basically the mesh equivalent of system layers. The Mesh Body Addicts website does have some good tutorials for learning a lot of that. Once your understand appliers, then you'll want to pick up skins to test with your mesh body. If you stick with your system head, then you'll need a skin seller that provides both system layers for your head to use and mesh body appliers in whatever tone you select. Be sure to demo, demo, demo. It is a lot to learn - don't rush yourself.
  20. LittleMe Jewell

    How long before you can cash out for US$?

    Unless they have changed it, you get to both sell L$ and Process Credit 30 days after the first transaction that used your payment method, which could have been buying L$ or paying for a Premium membership. If you can sell them, but cannot Process Credit, then I'd check with LL (after verifying you don't already have an email from them wanting some info).
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    Groups In SL

    LL has hinted that they may offer an increased number of groups as part of the 'tiered premium packages' that supposedly is coming. In the last townhall or the one before that, they mentioned it and at the same time said that there were performance issues around increasing groups, though I forget all of the specifics. At the time, they mentioned possibly allowing people to have more groups, but maybe limited functionality of those groups - as in receiving group chat, group notices, etc... - as a possible way of dealing with some of the performance impacts.
  23. LittleMe Jewell

    What is the Knowlwdge Base for?