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  1. Given how diverse LL is and how supportive they have always been to things like Pride celebrations, I have a very hard time believing they would discriminate due to something like ethic background.
  2. I'll likely wait and go sometime in the last few days - fewer people, easier to get in, less lag, etc....
  3. I do this because if someone does want to get me a gift and they want to use my Wishlist because they aren't sure what I might like, I want them to not feel pressured on any L$ amount. SL has folks in varying financial ranges and when we do things like Secret Santa, you never know what some can spend or is comfortable spending. My current WIshlist goes from L$25 - L$480. I've never put anything on there that costs more than L$500. There is actually the Favorites list that is different from the Wishlist and always private. For any item, you can put it on the Wishlist or on your Favorites:
  4. That has irked me since it began. When this first started happening, I established a personal policy that if they don't show me a picture, there's no chance of me buying it. A few events over the last couple of months have started re-worded their advertising and now refer to them as 'cheapies' or 'dollarbies' and such. I still won't pay for it without a picture, but at least the advertising is more accurate.
  5. On the Legacy profile, I put it on the Interests tab, under "I Want To:", prefixed with 'Receive:' : None of that shows up on the Web profile Interests section, so I added it there also:
  6. And last year it was quite a bit smaller than the previous year. Seems to be the way many events are going these days.
  7. There are a couple of creators that now create mini color packs - and only mini color packs, no singles - and then put the black in a different package than the white, and the red in a totally different pack. A couple of those will let you buy the fatpack for slightly less than all of the mini packs, but that is no real help if you only want a single color out of each mini. Needless to say --- I don't shop at those places anymore.
  8. Many people thing that Ban Lines are the devil of SL - and Ban Lines are what you get if you use that option to close off your land. Instead, many people will use a security system - and some of those settings do not TP you anywhere, but simply place you just outside the parcel. It is possible that a security orb pushed you off the parcel and then when you just stayed there -- because you were AFK -- the owner came to see what was going on. It was likely her getting no response from you that then set her off - which is somewhat understandable, IMO. Most of the time, when I need to go AFK, I immediately hit the Home button first.
  9. The large fancy script -- Tart is not what I initially read that as. 😲
  10. I don't know if it is a feature of all Caspervend or something a merchant has to pay extra for. I just know that a few weeks ago, I purchased something from a Capservend vendor and it promptly returned my money with a message in chat saying I had already bought the item and then said something about getting a redelivery if needed.
  11. I bought Chic Aeon's Cedar Siding Add-on, and tinted the grey siding purple. I believe Marianne Little is going to release hers soon as well. Chic's add-on is designed for the Continental, and is 4 wood tones (gray, light cedar or birch type wood, medium wood, dark wood), and also allows for bricks around the door. Tinting the grey would likely work pretty well for getting a blue color of some sort. Additionally, since it is Mod, you can just use whatever texture you want.
  12. Not sure if this was already posted. More camper work on the SSP continent - I lose the green parcel markers in SPS247 if I scroll out: That corresponds to this area on the actual Bellisseria continent - some of the regions are not even placed yet:
  13. Go here: https://maps.secondlife.com/ If you know of a place on Bellisseria that is in Places or Events, you can search to get to the continent. Otherwise, just scroll out and then move the map around until you find the continent - it is SW of the default location that the web page opens to. I don't see region names, but it does look pretty up to date as far as the build-out goes. ETA: If you click on the map, you will get the region name of where you clicked.
  14. You can still duplicate a purchase by buying from inworld and the MP. If you previously bought it inworld, the MP will not know. If you previously bought it via the MP, the inworld vendor will not know. While I love the MP telling me when I previously bought something, and I love Capervend telling me the same thing, I've figured out that I still need an inventory search for any store that exists in both locations. Thankfully, most merchants that exist in both places will likely refund you if you buy it in both places, after sending them the Transaction info showing such - for those times when I forget to search inventory.
  15. /me is sad I don't often have plans on Friday evening, but this Friday we are headed out to the theatre to see Chicago.
  16. If you ever forget what the link is, just go to your own Wishlist on the MP, go to the bottom of the list, click the link at the bottom that says 'View of share your wishlist'. It will change the web page URL to what you need to give other people. To access anyone else's, use that same URL format, but substitute the appropriate name as mentioned above..
  17. With 58 pages, I've probably already listed this one, but just in case and since it got me twice today already: Grabbing a demo, popping home to try it on, clicking the LM in the package to go back to the store to buy it, but ending up at an old location and a security orb boots you out before you can even finish reading the 'get out of here' message. Someday, I will remember to just use my freakin TP history.
  18. It is doing a page scan, so it can only alert when it reads the page again during each actual refresh. There is nothing different for it to read in between the actual refreshes.
  19. Don't have cupboards with glass doors and nobody knows they are empty. Filling them takes precious LI - just toss a body part or two on the counter instead.
  20. I actually have one of these scanners rezzed on my land and it sends me an email if anyone on my list logs in. My list contains the names of all of my alts, so if I get an email and it wasn't really me, then I know that my account has been compromised and I can immediately contact LL.
  21. There are legitimate uses for the scripting function that gives you the info, so they can't really take that function away - and thus they can't really eliminate any scripted object using the function.
  22. I wouldn't put it past "stalker types" to know about the bug. Some folks don't want pervs viewing them when changing clothes. Others just don't like the idea of anyone being able to peep at them at all, regardless of what they are doing. Mostly, it is just something to be aware of.
  23. I went back to my old notes and the actual JIRA on this -- BUG 37601. I confused the issue a bit. For people outside your parcel, all works fine. However, the privacy tick box is also supposed to work for anyone on your parcel, but higher up than 50m - and that is what the JIRA bug is about. For Bellisseria, with a security orb, the range from 500 m high up to the 2000m height for a sky box is considered open territory -- security orbs cannot eject a person within that range. Thus if someone is at 550m they will not be ejected. If the privacy tick box worked correctly, they also could not zoom their camera down to your house and see you. However, due to the bug, if your ban list is empty, they can zoom the camera down and see you. Likewise, if you are not using the security orb, anyone above 50m should not be able to see you in your house, but they can if the ban list is empty. There are a few posts by Whirly, myself, and one of the Lindens about this issue - in one or both of the pinned Security threads, if I remember correctly. I have it all bookmarked at home, but not here at work. Here's the JIRA link: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-37601
  24. Though everyone does need to remember that there is a bug with that parcel privacy tick box. You need at least one person on your ban list for it to work correctly. If you don't have anyone banned, just add Governor Linden, since that won't really impact anyone but will make the setting work correctly.
  25. Because of timezones, there are various times where sections of Bellisseria are empty. Definitely don't let your immediate vicinity impact your view of the continent as a whole. Later on, when getting a home isn't so difficult, if you want then you could try abandoning your current home and getting a different location that might be more active. However, there probably isn't any location that will always have people out and about. So, best bet is to just engage with the different groups for activities.
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