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  1. If you log your Chat, you can review the chat logs. While there is nothing that specifically says you logged on, every time you do log in you start getting the messages of your friends being online and other misc messages. Reviewing that could give you indications of when the account logged in and out.
  2. I've never been back to my very first SL home - a rental on one of Prok's properties. However, my second home was when I moved in with my SL interest at the time, and it was on the region right next to the Forum Cartel Hangout. So, I've definitely seen that property go through many changes over the years. I have returned a few times to the area of my first Houseboat in Bellisseria. I held on to that one until the Squishy Pickle was released.
  3. Per the part that I bolded: I've always believed that that is part of why so many embrace the extremes of sexuality in SL. Sometimes people get so tired of folks telling them that an aspect of themselves is wrong, so they go to the far opposite extreme for a while - partly out of rebellion. I think that the US taboo on sex in general also is part of what drives so many to online porn. While we are very opened minded in many ways in the US, our Puritan roots still rule in sexuality - at least on the larger scale. We are getting better -- more places are allowing women to be topless in public - but we are still very far from our sexuality being viewed as a true normal and acceptable part of our lives.
  4. Home Owner Associations are something that we specifically avoided when we went looking for our current house 20-some-odd years ago. A lot of the newer residential areas in Colorado (and likely most of the other states as well) have them and lots of people like them because they pretty much guarantee that someone won't bring down all of the property values by painting their house an odd color or having the outside of their home look like a junk yard. However, I just can't handle having to have every teeny tiny thing that I want to do be approved by a group of folks who are mostly power freaks. Most of the older neighborhoods - things built before the 1980s around here - don't have them. We've never had any issues in the neighborhood I live in, which was built in the early 70s. And yes, IMO, those HOAs are dreadful things. They pretty much always control what color your house can be painted and they control just about anything that relates to the outside of the property. While everyone that purchases a home that has an HOA, many do not read the fine print and get upset later when they want to do something (add/extend a deck) and the HOA says no. The controlling of anything inside your home is mostly pretty rare, but it is very common - at least in Colorado - for the HOAs to dictate that the outside facing part of your blinds be a neutral color, like white/off-white/beige.
  5. My first response was specifically that. I only posted the Myers-Briggs stuff in response to the resulting conversation. Most threads in these forums start off one way and then the conversation shifts a bit as people respond not to just the OP, but to the things that other people have said. That's the nature of forums - not every comment has to be directed back at the OP.
  6. Hubby and I are out of town for the weekend for our 23rd anniversary. We were sitting out on the lounge patio at the resort and a few deer decided to wander up for some grass nibbling and drinking from the pond. My husband was standing almost against the rocks and the deer weren't bothered in the least by us.
  7. I just finished catching up on this thread from where I left it last night. I then went to the Fifty Linden Friday page to check out this week's items and saw this - maybe specially for this thread (see the 10th item). http://seraphimsl.com/2019/10/18/its-fifty-linden-friday-once-again/
  8. Hmm, maybe those are other words that they didn't mean to have these results. They have already fixed some from their overly-aggressive initial sweep. This is why I'd suggest everyone submit tickets for each of their de-listings if the reasons do not appear them pretty much right away. That is interesting. I hadn't checked to see if the Converse shoes were actually gone - nor had I checked for very many actual brand names.
  9. In a way, but not totally, IMO. See my comments about how it it a bit easier to come out of my shell here. SL might ease some of my introvert tensions, but it doesn't completely eliminate them.
  10. I knew I liked you for a good reason. I've taken it many times over the years, with the first time being in my High School Senior Psych class - and every single time, I come out at ISTJ.
  11. I sometimes put *sigh* at the end of small minor rants, indicating more of an "oh well, it is what it is" attitude/viewpoint. I never just say Sigh on its own, without any context. That definitely is just someone asking for attention. Reminds me of a few people I know that will update their FB with nothing but noting a feeling that they obviously want someone to ask them about --- So-and-so is feeling sad/disappointed/blah-blah - with nothing else, so you either have to ignore it or bite the bullet and ask. *sigh*
  12. Why do creators post ad pictures showing their clothing with obvious body clipping - you know, something like the waist band not fitting quite right? The minute I see that, I assume that it will do the same on my body and typically don't even bother with a Demo. If it is right at the waist band, it often cannot be alpha'd out.
  13. That is kind of how I felt when I came back after a bit of an absence and had to have mesh bodies and heads explained to me.
  14. It's actually called "Pending Downgrade" -- LL's terms.
  15. You are still Premium until the pre-paid time period runs out. You still get your L$300 weekly stipend. You still have access to all of the Premium only areas - you can even still get any Premium gifts that might come out during that time. You do still have access to Live Chat, as well as the additional categories of Support Tickets. The ONLY Premium benefit that you have to forfeit in order to request the downgrade is usage of your 1024 Tier in any way -- i.e. owning Mainland, owning a Linden Home, donating tier to a group.
  16. I have this issue, more than a tiny bit over the last many months. Have you tried just TPing away and back? That seems to always fix it for me. I've never thought to switching in and out of wireframe to see if that helps.
  17. I'm totally introverted. I'm fine with a small group IF I know them very well. I have trained myself to be able to do things like training sessions or presentations when I must, but it is extremely wearing on me. Each year, in RL, my husband and I have a large party - anywhere from 50-100 guests throughout the evening/night. It is really difficult for me because I only know about 10% of the people really well, yet feel that I must chit chat with everyone for at least a few minutes because I'm hosting the party. Similarly, our block has a block party every year. I know most of my neighbors fairly well, but we aren't close. Attending that party is super hard for me, almost causing a panic. Part of the difference with the party that we throw in our house is that if things get rough, I can always go to the kitchen and occupy myself with some sort of food prep, to give myself a time-out. Oddly enough, in SL, while I'm still very quiet in a new setting, I seem to warm up a bit easier and will thus venture into a conversation a bit quicker than in RL. These forums are a prime example of that. I really didn't lurk very long, all those years ago, before I jumped into some conversations. Probably has something to do with the fact that my RL self is sort of anonymous here. Rejection here is hard, but not quite as hard as RL rejection -- or, as it more likely the case, my "perceived" rejection.
  18. They have intentionally gone in and added some copyrighted company names. Converse is a RL shoe company and someone (maybe more than one) was selling some shoes where they used Converse in the title and/or description and/or keywords, intentionally trying to gain from the association with a RL shoe. Unfortunately, when dealing with words, it is pretty hard to code something that analyzes the entire usage of said word to determine if it is being used in a way that violates copyrights. It sucks, but I don't think they are going to roll it back. Mostly because the MP listings that truly are violating copyright cost LL time when said companies come to them demanding the listings be removed. Easier for them to let software do it, even if they get lots of false positives. Regardless of their policy in the past though, at the very least, they could release a list of the copyright words they have added. Especially if said words can also be part of normal descriptions. As a side note, if you truly cannot figure out what is causing the problem, a Linden (in this thread or a similar one), did suggest opening a ticket so that LL could confirm that they didn't mess something up - because apparently the initial de-listing process was a bit over-zealous.
  19. For the Premium account that I most recently downgraded, I did it the evening before the billing would happen the next morning. I didn't give up anything any sooner than I had to. If someone doesn't want to have to remember exactly when to do the downgrade, and therefore chooses to do it early, that is on them, not LL.
  20. My RL late teen shape was more like flat as a board and no curves whatsoever. My figure blossomed very late... sigh. I like your late teen better.
  21. A while ago I found some curtains that were sheer from the inside looking out and could be set to various degrees of opaque for those looking in - and I think I bought them. I need to rummage through inventory and my MP wishlist to find them for using at the house and houseboat.
  22. I think it was because of a suggestion to basically arrange things in your home in such a way that nobody from outside might be offended...... or something like that maybe. Personally, I'm not going to worry about what anyone else thinks of anything they can see in my home. I have learned from RL that no matter what path I choose, there will always be someone that is offended in some way.
  23. Some of them do still attend various Bay City events, so it is possible that they'll continue attending Bellisseria events for quite a while..... possible anyway.
  24. My regular chat is logged also. The only difference is that I'd have to search all of the chat logs looking for all conversations with a specific person if I needed to look up a past conversation -- but Windows Grep makes that easy enough.
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