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  1. I hate the taste of all beer, so I guess I'll still to my iron tablets.
  2. There are too many people that enjoy arguing for the sake of argument. Thus, I simply give a reaction and don't further engage.
  3. I've never had avocado toast, but we do put sliced avocados on sandwiches and wraps here -- Colorado - and various other places that I've been to. I'd not use avocado in place of cream cheese on my bagel unless it is a bagel sandwich of some sort. Otherwise, I simply want the sin of bagel totally smothered in cream cheese.
  4. Not only do we not know why you were banned - specifically that is - we also are not supposed to discuss the details of bans and such. You will need to talk to Support about any questions you have.
  5. I would most likely run out of outfits in... two days? Way back in my early SL days, I used to change clothes every day and sometimes twice a day. Now, I don't focus on shopping as much as I used to, and these days I will sometimes wear the same outfit for a week or two........... or even more.
  6. I've always gotten rid of all the sizes that I don't use, though with BOM I now regret getting rid of the alphas that came with outfits. I keep pictures of outfits & items, only keep notecards that are instructions for how to work something, and ditch pretty much all else. I don't even keep the original box on probably 95-99% of the things I unpack -- only for really big purchase items. I also don't keep hardly any landmarks these days, at least for stores - primarily because too many change, so they become invalid anyway.
  7. Yes, this is another reason I use the Like - to try to convey the 'I understand/support you'. I have started taking this approach with some people, especially if I think someone is trolling or just being an a** - I see no reason to increase their reputation even with scornful laughing. In the little emoticons that we can include in the post itself, there is a closed mouth smile and an opened mouth grin and a open mouth laugh - - at least that is how I think of them. If I had the regular smile reaction, then I could see using that one instead of the current Like and then the Heart could become a Love rather than Like. There are times I really want something stronger than Like. It would probably be more appropriate, and at least a little nicer, for me to switch to the confused reaction for the "wtf, you idiot" response, rather than scornfully laughing. I'll have to work on that -- though there are times that I don't really care about "being nicer". (heck, I am human, after all) I would still like a separate Hug reaction, but I can always just quote and post a hug picture. Personally, I think our current Sad reaction looks a bit creepy - I'd like that one changed to maybe something with a tear or some other sad face.
  8. Yes - I currently have every XO kitchen, one or two Upcycled ones, and some Maya stuff rezzed on a sky platform, where I've been moving pieces & parts around to figure out which mash-ups I like best for the different homes. Pertaining to another thread, that is one of the big reasons why I still have some Mainland that is larger than 1024 -- so that I can rez all of that stuff at once and leave it out for days on end - I do not make decisions about that stuff very quickly.
  9. I use the reactions quite a bit. Usually my Like is because I agree with what is said, but sometimes it is simply an acknowledgement of the post. I only use the Thanks to either thank someone for a direct answer or for providing information that I find useful. I use the sad to either show that the post gave me a moment of sadness or for times when I want to acknowledge a post, but "like" just does not seem appropriate for whatever was written. Sometimes it is more for a virtual empathy hug. I typically use the Confuse reaction if a post truly confuses me -- either I flat do not understand what they have written or I'm truly baffled by their viewpoint. While I do use the Laugh reaction when someone makes me chuckle, I also am guilty of using it just for laughing at a post in more or a "for real?!?!?!" reaction. I would like to have a Love / Heart reaction and would like something to handle my WTH usage of the Laugh reaction.
  10. https://www.cbpp.org/research/federal-budget/policy-basics-where-do-our-federal-tax-dollars-go The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities is generally consider pretty middle of the road, or sometimes just a tad left leaning. They don't quite agree with your 60% number.
  11. This is probably one of my biggest wishes for SL - possibly even my top item.
  12. United IshCon -- I knew there was a C there somewhere. My head is killing me this morning - makes it very hard to think, let alone actually work. ETA -- I got mine on one of the weekend sales, L$60 or less, so it looks like I got a good deal.
  13. Store is United something - second word starts with a C -- it is on the tip of my tongue but I just can't quite grab it. When I log in this evening I'll find out, if nobody else manages to come up with it before then.
  14. Besides 'spending' and 'selling' via the Lindex followed by 'process credit', you can donate as many L$ as you wish to anyone else. If you need volunteers for receiving said L$, I'll be more than happy to assist.
  15. While the various forum pages are currently unsecure, all of the sign in pages are still secure.
  16. My inventory is currently around 130-135 K and my log in time is maybe 1-2 seconds slower than an alt that has maybe 1000 items beyond the inventory.
  17. The Houseboats are currently all taken, except for the occasional abandoned one and when LL releases new regions. Keep an eye on this thread for discussion of when regions are released: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/439050-when-did-you-last-see-a-bellessarian-home-available/ And this thread can help in getting one of the homes when they are not super plentiful: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/441469-help-and-info-to-get-a-new-linden-home-or-try-to/
  18. Current Cosmopolitan event, by The Black Forest, I believe.
  19. ^^ This. I already own less home than I could probably afford in RL, but it is enough for my needs. Extra money would go towards traveling.
  20. Even if you've blocked someone, if anyone that you haven't blocked quotes the blocked person, you will see the blocked post via the quote.
  21. There is no way to win on the Profile picture. If you create the picture using the old 4:3 ratio, which Firestorm still shows via Legacy Profiles, then it will look odd via the SL Viewer which shows the pictures as squares via the web profile. If you create it as a square picture, then it will look odd to everyone that pulls up the profile via Firestorm. Just pick your preferred poison and go with it.
  22. I've had periods in SL where I've owned no land and I've had times where I've owned up to 1/4 region. Currently, I have 4 Linden Homes and a piece of Mainland that is 2048 sqm plus roughly the 10% group bonus. At my Linden Homes, I play with decorating, creating small add-ons, and modifying purchased add-ons -- partly for the decorating reason and partly just for the fun of creating. I visit each Linden Home at least once a week, but which one I'm currently focused on building/decorating will vary depending on my mood. At my Mainland home, I have no house on the ground - just some trees and grass and other ground cover. I have a skybox, mostly to keep my Kitties boxed in, and I have a few building platforms there. I keep the mainland parcel primarily for the building. It gives me more physical space and LI than available at the Linden Homes, because my permanently rezzed LI usage is small. Also, with the mainland parcel, as opposed to using a sandbox, I can leave projects out for days/weeks on end - which is good because I tend to bounce between projects a lot.
  23. Where I live, you definitely cannot include Domino's in that list. I've had their pizza multiple times, at various events, and it always tastes like warmed up cardboard. Around here, Blackjack is the better alternative than Domino's. I have recently started looking at both of these. I find myself cooking the traditional way to be almost non-existent these days (which is a real shame since I accumulated all sorts cooking appliances after we remodeled our kitchen 10-12 years ago). Even the crock pot, which doesn't really take any effort, still requires me to remember to actually thaw something out. Additionally, I need to put it all together in the morning before heading off to work, which means getting up 10-15 minutes earlier - at least, for those days when I go to the office.
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