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  1. I vaguely recall a hint that there might be some larger also - down the road sometime. Maybe.... I'll have to go dig through bookmarked posts and such.
  2. Ditto. I personally hated camping as a kid. I tried it a few times as an adult, in a pop-up camper, with husband and kids, and I still hated it. Two, maybe three trips, and I told hubby to sell that darn camper.
  3. We actually guess pretty well. The third post in this thread did guess that it was the new 1024 Linden Homes and there were a lot more off & on mentions of such over the next many pages. And we guessed trailer park or mobile homes way back when Chic saw the first region of them being created. I think most of us were thinking more along the lines of a mobile home type park, rather than camping type trailers, though there was also some wishful thinking about mountain cabins in that area.. Most of the rest of the first tons of pages was silly guesses at the SSP meaning. All of Patch's early pics were of the new Realms game stuff and actually had nothing to do with SSP - or at least not that we know of to date. Patch's first picture of the new area was literally just him standing on a blank grassy piece of land. The picture of him in front of a house with a bike and puppies is not even one of the new Linden Home houses. So while he might have been hinting at houses - which we had been guessing about for months - he didn't show us a picture of any of the actual new houses at that time. We didn't get a picture of one of the real houses until late Oct. Granted, those that guessed at early releases way back last Oct were definitely way off.
  4. Assuming a Windows PC - hold your alt key down and type 0153 on the numeric keypad.
  5. That's very likely not going to happen. See the discussions in the other threads about LI issues and rez zones. However, there are tents that you can 'attach' and thus "camp" wherever you can find room.
  6. Now the next guessing game begins: 1) Which regions around that SSP83 / SSP84 area (and any other area) will contain the trailer homes? 2) How many will initially be released? 3) When will the release happen?
  7. Search for SSP83 and then move up just north of the full SSP continent. You'll see a few random regions, named SSPXnnn, that match the SSPnn regions, but appear to have some slight changes to them.
  8. Okay, I fess up -- I never noticed it until these posts. I always said his first name with the emphasis on the first syllable, so it just never clicked.
  9. So this is SSP83 and SSP84 on the map - SSP84 we've seen before with what we think are some sort of trailers, though they are not currently there. And this version of SSP83 now exists up north of the SSP continent
  10. Ahhh, the trailer park / camping trailers get a lake. I noticed another new small lake in SSP100. You know, putting trailers (if that's what they are) up near mountains is actually pretty smart. Trailer parks tend to attract tornadoes, but mountains tend to prevent tornadoes from forming too close by.
  11. They could do a different one story if ALL of their existing trees don't have any branches that low. And in reality, they could even do another 2-story model as long as it fit under their current green lego piece. But Patch has specifically said that if you want more options than already provided, then it might be time to move on to something else.
  12. My bet is that each "theme" will always only have 4 styles to choose from. New themes will go to new areas because the surrounding landscaping will need to match the theme. Patch had previously stated that if you truly want more options then it might be time to move on from the Linden Homes. While many will be content to live in these forever, in many ways, they are still somewhat considered starter homes. ETA: Based on previous info from Quartz and Abnor about how the plots are laid out, they cannot easily just drop in another house style. Their current green lego house is a combo of all houses to give them the overall outer dimensions to ensure that no matter what house is chosen, a tree branch will not end up in the house. If they dropped in another style, you could totally end up with a tree branch in your bedroom/kitchen/whatever-room.
  13. Most of us are guessing trailer homes near the mountains
  14. Wouldn't that mean that every single houseboat rezzer needs a unique script to specify the absolute positions, whereas if relative to the rezzer then the rezzer can be dropped anywhere an work without any mods? (caveat - I know pretty much zilch about LSL)
  15. I am majorly bummed that I can't work from home tomorrow. If I could WFH, then I could sneak inworld for the SL16B opening to get a quick peek at things. Instead, I'll have to make due with all the pictures people post until I get home from work.
  16. Or leave it at "Week" and click the arrow for the next week -- pretty filled:
  17. Yes, but the person I quoted had specifically made a comment about getting a Traditional House if he upgraded and thus my response was contained to only the Linden House part of the Premium. Per his post, his wife is already Premium, so he likely knows about all of the other benefits.
  18. Actually, if you were to upgrade, you'd get nothing right now as the only Homes or Houseboats available are the random abandons that are happening. When more are released, you would have the option of a Traditional House, a Houseboat, or whatever other stuff they come up with in their new themes.
  19. "kinda" being the key word there. I don't miss the pedantic forum stuff. The way he left, I never really took it as a "Flounce".
  20. Given the scenery around the school house, it could potentially be an addition to the Bellisseria area - one of those things that has been requested to give the area a more realistic feel. The beach houses definitely look like something new that could be coming for the Linden Homes - and those also have been asked for by quite a few.
  21. Sort of Officially announced now - there is an Official Schedule of Events now posted on the blog. https://community.secondlife.com/blogs/entry/2567-sl16b-calendar-of-events/ which links to http://go.secondlife.com/landing/sl16b/?lang=en which highlights the meetings. The only other place I see it is the Destination Guide https://secondlife.com/destinations/sl16b/sl16b_events
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