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  1. Off to Florida to see the daughter child. For those many hours ahead of me, Happy Easter. Will say hi to all later tonight. Have a great day !!!!
  2. I think he finds it somewhat amusing watching us guess what all the different developments mean.
  3. LittleMe Jewell

    Linden home

    From looking at the SSP regions, this looks to be true. It has to take a lot of hours to create the house areas and there is very little to be seen past the initial batch. Given the screams for houseboats, it makes sense to focus on those right now.
  4. I've been MP browsing - and some shopping. I saw that Chic had a Barbed Wire fence for sale, but that probably wouldn't be considered very neighborly.
  5. Showing off our homes and offering recommendations on things when asked is okay for the forums. While I applaud your creativity, caution needs to be taken when showing off lots of stuff that you've made specifically to sell for the homes, as that starts falling into the realm of advertising, which isn't allowed on the forums.
  6. Also, for future reference, when you buy a KittyCats kitty anywhere except the official KittyCatS! store, after you buy the item right click it and select Take. If you don't, eventually the auto-return on the land should send it to your Lost & Found folder, but that process is sometimes problematic with no-copy items. Then take the box home and rez it on the ground and then click it to Unpack it. The "Take" option also applies if you happen to ever buy Gacha items or other Transfer no-copy items at places like yard sales.
  7. There is currently much screaming here in the forums about there currently being no homes/boats available and many of those people are saying that the only reason they recently upgraded to Premium is for these houses/boats. Thus there really has been an influx of new Premium users. Whether or not they remain Premium and remain in Linden Homes is yet to be seen.
  8. There may not be much shuffling still being done. I think that most people that were going to leave because of the covenant change did so on Wed and yesterday, opening up a few places. There really might not be anything new available until the release the next batch. At this point I'd find it too frustrating to sit on the web page constantly hitting the refresh/reload button. Keep an eye on this thread though:
  9. Not being a creator and never doing much decorating/landscaping in SL, finding good-LOD LOW-LI items will be an interesting adventure for me. I've collected tons of stuff over the years, but no clue how it may or may not work when I start digging through inventory. I know that I do have some newer decent low LI items that will work, but I will likely also be doing a lot of shopping.
  10. They have said there will be more themes/styles - we actually saw some other stuff being created in the more central part of the SSP regions. Given all the current screaming about nothing being available, I'm betting they not only get some more houseboats outs soon, but also a few more of the current Traditional ones, before moving on to their other themes.
  11. I'm jealous of all the work getting done. I've been working evenings this week (along with the regular day hours) and I'm leaving town tomorrow for a week's vacation. Thus I won't be doing anything until the following weekend. Enjoying all the pics though.
  12. See this comment by Abnor Mole in the Linden Home Security thread - it might help:
  13. You might want to have a look at this Blog post:
  14. LittleMe Jewell

    Linden home

    Keep an eye on the Blogs and on this thread:
  15. Pull up a specific Blog section - the previous announcement was in Featured News. Then click the Follow button: When you click Follow, you can choose how to be notified: The new page will let you select what you get emailed about.
  16. Trying to find my notes on that -- assuming I'm not just dreaming again
  17. Another option, though definitely not for everyone: If you are willing to take a US $7 tier charge for one month (assuming you aren't paying any currently), then you can bump the radio button at the bottom of the Land Use Fees page. As long as that radio button is at least 1024 higher than whatever you are currently using, it will let you try for and accept a new Linden Home. Note that bumping the radio button will NOT incur any costs until such time as your tier usage actually increases. Unfortunately, if you are already using more than the 1024, then bumping to the next level may cost more than $7.
  18. Let's let them finish getting the current stuff squared away. There are only so many LL workers. They still have lots of work to do just to take care of the extreme demand for the new stuff.
  19. I actually expected to get an email also, even if a bit after the fact. In addition to setting up your notifications so that you get notified if Patch updates that thread, you can also get notified when LL updates the Blogs - which is where the official announcement happened on this.
  20. Yeah, that makes sense. Especially given the overwhelming popularity of the houseboats and how (fairly) easy it would be to convert that island into sandbars and boat slips. Rather nifty idea that someone came up with.
  21. Per the Grid Status page (https://status.secondlifegrid.net/) it should be better
  22. I submitted one 2 days ago about a problem with my houseboat - still not resolved - but the house disappearing entirely will probably get handled sooner.
  23. At least, not until a lot more plots have been released.
  24. Another vote for textures - For every piece of the houses and houseboats (inside and out), dock texture (we did get sidewalk texture with the houses, so dock makes sense), and as someone else mentioned maybe one or more of the trees used in the areas, so we can blend better. No commercial stuff added, please, and IMO, definitely not any fishing or other game stuff on any of the sims designed for living. The various communal areas like pools and parks are great though. Any area designed for large gatherings should be on separate sims from the living areas. Speaking of communal areas and wanting to create some master list or map or such - this thread looks to be starting a list:
  25. The Grid Status page was updated today (https://status.secondlifegrid.net/)
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