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  1. I'm filling my cart for the 4th time and I still have 3 pages left- and whatever gets added tomorrow. I've been meaning to pick up a bunch of their little clutter/knick-knack type stuff, so I'm taking advantage of the price reductions for that. Most of the bigger ticket items that I want, I already have. I did make note of a few things that I actually want to see in store -- primarily to see what Faces are defined for possible texture changing.
  2. Umm...... this just came in a group notice, in the notecard: We have also have updated the Marketplace (which has still more to add), Also, from group chat: MP is mostly updated except for some outdoor collections that will be added tomorrow. And the stuff at the inworld Outlet will likely not be added, but a lot of the outlet stuff has been added to the freebie collection inworld.
  3. Ok, that was a mistake. 😮 The store is still closed, until tomorrow. Sounds like the MP is already good for a round of binge shopping though.
  4. This is exactly the sort of thing that many of us have mentioned before about you playing out your SL relationships here in the forums. We do not need to be privy to any part of your relationship conversations. If you continue to do this, why shouldn't anyone else do exactly what Talli did? Why should they not just forgo conversations directly with you and instead just direct them all towards this public audience?
  5. Spending any L$ in SL on a holiday is often quite frustrating. I've had 2 purchases not deliver - though the redelivery did work - and 2 hunt items not deliver (and there isn't a redelivery for those). *sigh* I think I'll go watch a bit of TV for a bit.
  6. Beautifully done. I've always loved Asian themed decor.
  7. Cuz EVERYTHING, except fat packs and gift cards, will be only L$50 each. The truly AWESOME part of their sale though is that the MP will also be on sale. Granted, I already own 1/2-3/4 of their stuff, but the MP sale means I can shop without fighting the crowds. I am ignoring most of the sales this year though. i just don't have it in me this year to deal with the lag the crowds cause - even after I've derendered them all.
  8. Lots of sales, some already started. Here is a huge list: https://www.seraphimsl.com/2020/11/25/the-seraphim-official-black-friday-list/
  9. He actually was called out for it before he took the trip - when word got out that he had the plans all made. He apologized and went anyway. Yep. If a politician is talking, then they are very (very, very) likely lying, at least about some of whatever they are saying.
  10. Or one of 4-5 other SL brands that look exactly like that.
  11. Even if it had been prims, changing the size of one or more pieces within a linkset could still impact the scripts that rez the houses, which still means all of QA has to be done again. When dealing with anything that has computer code behind it, even the slightest change can impact something unforeseen and thus any change at all typically requires a full QA of every single thing that could possibly be affected.
  12. Politicians -- yes, even the liberal ones -- who apparently want people to "Do as I say and not as I do"
  13. Contact the Firestorm team, via their inworld group or their web page: https://www.firestormviewer.org/contact-us/ The logs can provide useful information. You'll find them in %APPDATA%\Roaming\Firestorm_x64\logs
  14. FYI - Advertising is not allowed in this forum
  15. not if you use the linden (SL) viewer Yes, that is jut one of the many reasons that I do NOT use the official LL viewer.
  16. I don't bother. Typically I have others derendered when I'm shopping or hunting............ and if I can't see them then surely they can't see me.
  17. But... you do realize that all of the females in SL are really males in RL?
  18. This ^^ I am getting a headache from whacking in to all of the doors.
  19. Store owners that have their doors set to physical and don't have something to trigger them opening before I actually hit them and bounce back.
  20. Best place to make new feature requests is here: https://jira.secondlife.com
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