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  1. It sounds like a head HUD issue. Try looking for the makeup or tattoo button in that HUD and click it on.
  2. So I went and bleached my hair. I'm not sure if I'd end up regretting it.
  3. Cats are awesome. I have a few of them in my house. There is a Portuguese proverb that says, "A house without either a cat or a dog is the house of a scoundrel."
  4. That makes you and me both. I was rezzed at the tail end of the double-namer generation, so I'm too young to have shared memories with others on here. It's fun reading about all the aforementioned things that happened before our time. I feel like a kid sitting around listening to oldbies tell these stories from days of yore.
  5. Flaws have a couple of wrinkle appliers. Here's some for Lelutka , one in medium tone and another in light tone: A couple for Catwa, in light and medium tones: And another one for the male Catwa head: (and demos are always nice. 😃)
  6. That would be a rough-looking 30 after years of boozing, drugging, and constant sunbathing. (Looking at a certain Hollywood actress.)
  7. Making potato and cheese perogies with my grandmother.
  8. I never intentionally sought out a SL family, nor did I imagine myself being in one. Besides, I suck at roleplaying. My family consists of a couple of close friends who developed organically into parental figures over time. They're like the relatives I was meant to have. Family to me in this sense is defined as the people who are in your heart.
  9. What I meant was in the sense of being new to me, as in, I haven't heard of him until now. Sorry if I was unclear.
  10. I recently discovered a new favorite live musician: Joaquin Gustav
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