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  1. This happened to me too when my alt was trying to buy stuff on the Marketplace and forgot that Greg was already logged in on the dashboard or this forum. Try checking if your main is logged into the dashboard, forum, and/or my.secondlife.com. Log your main out of all three places, then your alt should be able to buy on the Marketplace.
  2. I prefer text. It leaves no room for mishearing things and it's easier to go back and re-read what was said. Voice? Haha, no way I'd ever do that. Nobody will understand me through my funny accent. Expectation: Whatever silvery singsong image you may have of me in your head. Reality: Some German politician's voice coming out of my pixel mouth.
  3. Oy vey! Sometimes I think this forum needs a facepalm reaction emoji.
  4. Nothing is going to happen to your name. Nobody is forcing you to change your username. Your display name will remain as you like it. The return of last names the blog post talks about is simply an optional paid service for those who want to change their name. You don't want it, that's perfectly fine; you're not paying for it. (upon edit I see @LittleMe Jewell said the same thing. 😉)
  5. Anyone rezzed after me could be up to 9 years old and they hardly qualify as n00bs after nearly a decade. Nobody said those single namers need to abandon their existing accounts for a new name. They (and everybody else) can pay for the optional service to change or get a new name. No inventory to forsake. I'm pretty sure I saw someone mentioned upthread that new sign-ups won't get a last name automatically without paying for it. IMO, this is 100% spot on. Maybe an existing account holder creating a new alt that they specifically want to have a last name for some reason. However, a totally new person just isn't going to hand over $50+ at signup. I've never thought of this from the perspective of how a truly fresh newbie might view this. Thanks for helping me understand with the insight.
  6. Whoa, I never saw a jacket do that before. I'm completely baffled. Is it just happening with that hoodie, or is it happening with all your other mesh clothing? (Anyone who knows better, please feel free to chime in.) May I ask where that hoodie is from? I'm thinking of grabbing a demo to see if I'm seeing the same thing.
  7. Just to be clear, new residents will have the same (somebody) resident designation until they decide they want to pay for a last name. Then it is $40 US plus at least one month of premium dues. See the official blog post on this for confirmation :D. Yes! I have no problems with this paid option available for everybody regardless of age. I think it's one of those nice things to have. The point I was trying to get at is that LL should have never done away with surnames in the first place. I dunno, it strikes me as a little unfair to make new avatars pay for a last name from a set list (if they so choose) when us oldbies didn't have to pay for ours. I guess we'll see how this pans out.
  8. There are still too many stories of people having difficulty coming up with usernames that aren't already taken. Surnames from a list would alleviate this frustration. Right now what if someone wants to be plain old Frank? That poor bastard is 10 years too late, for there can only be one Frank Resident. All others would have to come up with some rough alternative, like frank963257somesuch just to get in the door. Display names simply does not cut it. We can still see your username. From what I understand about the eventual return of surnames, it makes me sad that new accounts won't get to have them the same way like oldbies do. I was hoping to see a new generation of double namers (and maybe, hopefully necro this thread). But alas.
  9. The only thing I could take a guess at is to check for a missing texture in the edit menu. The image below shows a texture in the lower alpha box for a pair of pants as an example. Blank white squares have no textures added to them. So if you're not seeing anything alphaed out, it could be all the squares are empty. Try putting on another alpha to see if it makes any difference. I've made a short list of places where you can grab some free alphas in another post here:
  10. I just got the updated body myself and figuring things out as I go along. This is how I did it.... 1) Take off all alpha layers; every single one. 2) Put on new mesh body and its HUD. 3) Click the BoM activate button. 4) Detach body HUD. They said you can now use the Omega appliers with the updated body. I dug out my old tattoo and nail polish appliers and saw that it's true. But what if you want to change tattoos? It depends on the type. If you used the HUD applier, take out another HUD applier and apply to replace. If you want to use system/BoM layer tattoos, first whip out the body HUD. Go to the Textures Dropbox section. Click on the clear button, choose "tattoo' in Destinations section, pick the tattoo location in Body Parts, and hit the "Apply to Body". Now you can wear the system tattoo. They also said you can use clothing alphas the same way you would with the Slink body. When you put on a system alpha on a BoM enabled mesh body, it should render certain parts invisible in the same way for a classic avatar. I've pulled out an old shirt with its alpha to test this. And now for the moment of truth: does it work? Indeed it does! The Signature rigged clothes with scripted auto-alpha still work, so there's no need for system alphas. What I appreciate about Signature is that they didn't do away with the alpha HUD so you can get at those little bits where the system alpha missed. I hear you about the time spent on the body HUD being a pain in the backside. That's why I've started a collection of alpha layers for clothes that didn't originally come with them. As for the clothing mesh item itself (your shirt for example), it doesn't need to be BoM supported. I could imagine it looking mighty weird if it does.
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