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  1. And don't forget a Glamour Shots session to preserve your mug with that glorious getup for all generations!
  2. I had an emo phase during my awkward teenage years. I thought I was edgy and cool. Braces? Smokey eyeliner? Hot Topic choker? Check, check, check. My embarrassment is immeasurable. #BlunderYears
  3. Those who need a fix for the wayward nail beds, SmitCoStudios have nail covers for them: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/SmitCoStudios-Nail-Covers-for-BakeOnMesh/17997025
  4. The polar vortex ain't no joke. RIP poor doggo.
  5. booN have hairbase layers right at this spot: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SAIKIN/73/157/82
  6. I think the BoM body is looking pretty good so far. I love that I can layer on multiple tattoos and not stress out over the old HUD's 3 layers and random clicking on mask/blend buttons to get them to appear at the same time. Unfortunately, the nail beds don't line up so well. Guess I won't be wearing sandals with those feet. Apparently the omega appliers for skin, tattoos, and cosmetics don't work with BoM and it makes me a bit sad that I can't wear fancy nail polish anymore. At least there's a workaround with the body HUD.
  7. I was trying to make a nightlight that would automatically turn on at sundown. I tried what you suggested and it couldn't force the script to recognize the manual forcing of the moon. It looks like the script will only work with the genuine Linden night sky. But thank you all the same.
  8. *points to thread below* ⬇️ https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/435825-tmp-legacy-mesh-body/
  9. That sounds like you have a demo version. If you believe you brought a paid version, you can find out by logging in to secondlife.com. Then go to your dashboard, click 'Account' and find 'L$ Transaction History' on the left side of your screen. From "Linden Dollar Transaction History" you should be able to see what you brought for how much. Demos should be free. If you see an entry costing more than L$0 (or whatever a full price LAQ head cost), then you know you've brought a paid version. The description part of the transaction history will give you the name of the product so you should be able to search for it in your inventory inworld. When you say this, do you mean getting the same skin that goes with the same head? Yes, ideally from the same designer who made the skin. Yes, the body skin is separate from the head skin, just like how mesh body is a separate unit from the mesh head. Generally speaking, yes, you'd have to buy a separate body skin applier to go with the body. And if you choose to stick with the default skin that comes preinstalled with the head, you don't have to buy anything more for that. I don't own a LAQ head, so I have no idea what kind of packaged deal that merchant offers. Some merchants have both head and body skin appliers in one package. Others sell the parts separately. If you got a hold of both skin types, and still not seeing the colors matching up, try looking at various features each body has, such as, the shine/gloss option, pore detail, RGB tinting, etc. and turn them off.
  10. Since you mentioned you've already brought a LAQ head, let's stick with that and work from there. Getting the body skin from the same designer who made the head skin would be the easiest way to get the whole body to uniformly match. What head skin did you choose to use? Is it the preloaded default that came with the head or a third party skin applier? If using the preloaded default, LAQ should sell the body applier to go with the mesh body. If using the 3rd party skin, then you should get the body skin from that same 3rd party store. Maitreya, Slink, and Belleza are stores that sell mesh bodies. They are currently the top 3 most popular. Maitreya have a mesh body called Lara. Slink have 2 female bodies: Physique and Hourglass. Belleza have 3 female bodies: Venus, Isis, and Freya. When choosing a mesh body, consider the variety of clothing available for the body in addition to finding the one that clicks with you. Like RL, you have to check the product labels for your body type. And at the risk of sound like a broken record, always try the demos first.
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