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  1. I'm waiting impatiently for Bakes On Mesh so I can use the options with my tattoos.
  2. So, I guess I need a red dress photo and a butt shot ....
  3. Pet Peeve #14 Someone: "If you have Fire Storm you can <standard viewer function>" Me: Any viewer can do that so what ever your using is fine. Someone: "Yeah but only FS can <do this other basic function>." Me: That's in LL's viewer too.
  4. Click the word "Quote" right down here ----------V ----------V
  5. Not the head, no. It would look misshapen and weird.
  6. This is a Session skin, Gloria I believe in Tone 00b. Feel free to hollar any time. However my grand-monsters have a dance recital tonight so I will be away from 4:30 to 7:00 SLT. Then tomorrow night we have diner plans with friends ... but I'm usually online every night. /me laughs I'll send the shape your way.
  7. This is my shape for LeLutka Simone with Maitreya body. If you would like I will send you a copy of the shape. If you have a different head in mind or a some tweaks you would like to see, just let me know and I'll see what I can do.
  8. TIL that tofu presses are WAY over priced. I think I'll stick with the kitchen towel and cast iron skillet.
  9. I purge it with fire. The first thing I did with legacy system clothes was to create a folder and move everything in to it. Then if there was anything in it I needed later I pulled it out and put it back in inventory. After a few weeks, I deleted the legacy folder. Several hundred pairs of shoes alone gone in a flash. But I would never wear them again anyway. I have done the same thing with Standard Sizes, too. And no copy. I don't need no copy things. Purged and gone. I recently (as in just today) went back through my housewares folders looking for high prim pre-mesh items to get rid of. There are so many better things out now for much less land impact it is just impractical to use or keep the old stuff. I understand sentimentality. I have a few things like that. Presents from special people. A prim dress someone made for me when I help them learn to start building. A few textures and pictures of special people. But other than those few which are maybe a dozen things, I get rid of old stuff just like I do IRL.
  10. Pet Peeve #13 Handcuff animations! I get these all the time and my arms are on the short side to start with.
  11. When that happens, use the multi-quote plus sign. So far that has worked for me.
  12. If in doubt, you might want to censor yourself. If you leave it up to the Lab to decide you will find out it is against the rules with a warning, the post's removal and possible temporary bans from the forums and in world.
  13. You will have to abandon your old one and sign up for a new one when a new one is available.
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