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  1. She didn't ask for your opinion on romantic partnership. She asked " if it matters who and what you partner, also is there an age on partnership? Does it also matter how long you have been on SL in order to partner with someone? " Since partnership is not for the exclusive use of romantic partners, the answer is simply, no. You can partner anyone, including yourself. There is no age restriction; no RL age, RP age or account age restrictions. Other than the "what" -- since you must partner with an account and not an object -- the answer is "No." Whether or not that offends you was never the question.
  2. I love my Human Bean. They make great coffee.
  3. Exactly. The old skeleton is still there so all the old animations still work. Only now we also have other things like individual fingers, 4 legs, 2 sets of wings and a tail. However when something says "Bento" they are usually referring to the face and hands since that is what we see most often. If you buy Bento animations they will have animated the fingers and hands instead of relying on the old limited hand positions. Bento rings are rigged to the individual fingers so no matter how they are animated the rings will always be positioned correctly on its finger. Similarly, Bento wings will be rigged to your wing bones and be animated by ... well, a *.bvh animation instead of relying on scripts and/or flex prims.
  4. I have already spent hours hitting F5 with no luck so I'm kind of relieved I can walk away from all that now.
  5. The world has gone mesh since the old days. It is a different form of creation now but if you can do 3D modeling you will probably still enjoy it. And welcome back, no matter what the reason. There are many of us around that have taken multi-year breaks and come back again.
  6. Seeing things from a new perspective is never a wasted endeavor.
  7. Rhonda Huntress

    Gift Record

    You have to dig them out of your order history but everything you have bought from the MP stays in the history. To get to your order history -- just in case you need to know-- from any MP page, click My Marketplace on the top right, then click My Account. On the left, find Order History. If you know the recipient's name it is easy to filter for that.
  8. I think it is more of a simple demographic perspective than a power shift. There are many more woman with much more buying potential and the poor men get the scraps. Orwar, I like you, Buddy. But there are times .... /me sighs heavily. Never mind.
  9. A have a new one: mass IM's. I'm dancing at a club (by myself) and listening to the singer when up pops a conference chat from the club manager to everyone in the sim. "Please join our group and don't forget to tip." Are they just trying to impress a sense of how little they care about the individual on purpose? Spam? That's going to make me want to return? The first time this happened I simply thought some dude was IM'ing every one at once to save time with his rejection. Now I just find it tacky and unwelcome.
  10. For some reason it seem jewelry creators are slow to pick up on this.
  11. What benefit would I get for pre-paying over just waiting to see the result? I need some sort of incentive to break my "No Demo; No Sale" motto. Lower cost is typical. Store credit would be similar. Maybe include an exclusive version for backers.
  12. If it is based on in world votes, looks has nothing to do with it. But maybe I'm just a bit jaded. As for the implication that you are not sexy enough ... Never forget, Sexy =/= Slu++y
  13. I have a little experience with 2 different brands. My favorite for female heads only has two male heads and ... well, they have issues. In my opinion (and that is all it is, just an opinion) your only real choice is which Catwa head you like best. They have several very nice heads to pick from so it is not like you are stuck with them. They became the most popular brand of heads -- both male and female -- for a reason.
  14. Love is a conscious choice for the greater good. Love is trust without reservation. Love is a weapon to be used against you. Love is a lie. Love is the death of apathy. Love is a tool to fool the gullible. Love is the creative force of the universe. Love is life. Love is pain. Love is enjoying the inconveniences and finding value in sacrifices. Love is control.
  15. It is regular credit card only. Even debit cards will not work unless they can also be run as a credit card. You can also use verified paypal and skrill accounts but those will need either a credit card or your bank info tied to those accounts.
  16. Unlike this thread, Love will not survive 8 years of dormancy ....
  17. There are way to many things to consider to make it an easy either/or choice. It depends on what I am buying for one thing. Jeans are almost always single color. Then there is cost of the whole vs the cost of the 2 or 3 colors I actually want. Speaking of cost, my favorite shoe store only sells fatpacks but at the price of what others charge for a single color. Anyway, if I could sum it up and price is not enough to be a consideration: I would rather have a HUD than keep 2 or more separate colors in inventory.
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