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  1. Yeah, we'll do this again ... I don't think this "friend" is really from Texas.
  2. Thanks, Ceka. That helps a lot. How about a flash of good news? In the two counties that make up my little part of the world, there have been no new cases in the past two days.
  3. While I am venting/whining ... here's the cheery thought that has me up after 3 hours of sleep (again!) In the "Are you afraid" thread I said I was more afraid of people doing something stupid than of the actual virus. So just how much longer until desperation and depression make those stupid choices seem viable? I'm not just talking about stabbings in the store type of choices. I'm afraid martial law will be a relief when it comes.
  4. If I let myself be serious, I die inside. Recent studies say 50-75% of those infected are asymptomatic. We are all waiting on a vaccine that has been given an aggressive timeline of 18 months away. This is life now. There is not going to be a fix any time soon. We are olny prolonging the inevitable.
  5. While I do own a home and call myself a hermit I spend most of my time on a group owned parcel where other people stop by.
  6. *****ing *****ed up mother *****ers are *****ing the whole *****ing *****ed up ****sucking *****head *****s. And then some.
  7. It's amazing what a bit of sleep and then working in the yard will do for your attitude. My current mood is now ...
  8. Good question ... I know clothing layers are saved in order when saving an outfit so that they will be applied in the correct order when you wear that outfit. I *think* objects do not have an order. They will not knock off anything worn with that outfit but they will knock off anything already being worn that is not part of the saved outfit. Unless, of course, you ADD instead of WEAR.
  9. I have some fresh zucchini I need to use PDQ and some mushrooms that are turning brown. I'm thinking or sauteing those with a little drizzle of balsamic vinegar and honey. That will work. And then get hubby to grill some rosemary chicken if it clears up.
  10. Oh, how could I forget. The best music from the 70's!
  11. Yeah, maybe it was just "that time" in my life and what it took to survive, not that survival was really high on my list ... But that was a different life time.
  12. I logged in as ... but changed to fit my mood ...
  13. It is adorable! I hope that's the look you were going for
  14. I agree. Everyone needs a little time alone. Unless they are actively interfering with your relationship, don't worry about the alts and give them the space they need.
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