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  1. So the people I am actually talking to can see it ... Sorry for the interruption.
  2. I hurt thr most important person in my life and there is ***** all I can do about it. I can never say I am sorry enough. There is a rock in my chest and I have zero appetite.
  3. Hold down alt and move the cam around until you find a chair or something with sit script. Then click and sit to "teleport" there.
  4. That shirt is actually a system shirt from Zaara. Zaara : Isis shirt *white* Suit #1 is "erratic / wexler - suit / grey pinstripe (maitreya)" worn with the above mentioned shirt for modesty's sake It comes with buttoned and unbuttoned jacket plus arms that can be worn pushed up or down independently on a HUD. Suit #2 on the right is "Blueberry - In Control - Collection - Mega Pack." It can be bought in pieces and has a skirt as well as the pants I am wearing. The top also has a lace version but I find that it takes away from the business look.
  5. Two of my favorite stores released business suits this week. I had to get them both! I like pin stripes ....
  6. Every thing stays here. Post count, ignore lists you may be on, people you follow, all that jazz. Only the name changes
  7. I could think of several songs. Elton John's "***** is Back" comes to mind. Then there is "Innocence" by Halestorm which I really like. I could also go with "Big Bad Wolf" by In This Moment for several strong reasons... (pause while I loop this one a couiple of times) But the real, deep heart me is so much more .... mushy. But I'll just leave with something fun.
  8. Pancakes?! Bunch of crepe wannabes .... You can't eat ice cream from a pancake cone. 'Nough said.
  9. I would not pay for a skin without a demo. Especially not a skin. Even before mesh we all knew that finding the the right skin and shape match-up was important. Now with mesh heads each being different it is even more critical to find a skin that matches up with your head and shape. So no, I would not buy a skin without a demo.
  10. "I'm not Snoopy and you are not the Red Baron; you don't have to shoot me down so fast."
  11. Using Search in world, search events. Then in the category drop down on the left, pick discussion. Scroll through the list and find some that look interesting. Look for keywords like dominant, submissive or even munch. I don't know how many of those will be specific to gor but there is usually a BDSM discussion happening somewhere everyday.
  12. Well ... fudge. I think I'll wait until Kitty wants to update Catznip before I mess with it too much.
  13. Finally! Sorry for the rant. I had to open all the folders under My Environments. /me blushes The ones I made I have all the setting in notecards so I can recreate those sky presets. My next ??? moment is trying to find a way to save and load Personal Lighting.
  14. I normally use Catznip. I'm using the stock LL viewer right now to see the changes.
  15. I finally got around to downloading the new LL viewer and taking a look at the new EEP. So ... all my old settings I worked on and made for myself and all those I collected are just *****ing gone now?
  16. Hi there, Pills Try this. Right click yourself and go into Edit Shape. You don't have to edit anything. On the Appearance window that opens, hit the back arrow to close out of edit mode. That should fix your stripe issues. This is a known bug and is being worked on but it is easy enough to deal with for the time being.
  17. This is one of the oldest pics I can find. Somewhere around 2009 or so.
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