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  1. There's nothing better than sim hopping and bumping into a forumite in an unexpected place. I've been out hunting on the beach and came across Alyona Su.....what a lovely surprise!!! I couldn't do proper Windlight due to extreme lag here. but managed to get a decent enough picture!!! Oh and by the way, I'm not eight feet tall!!!!
  2. Back from the beach. Asteria Vanessa Top, and Pretty panties blended into a beach costume. Shoes are Essenz Spain.
  3. I just got a new hat with hair to go with my summer dress...……….
  4. I went out hunting earlier and found a nice campfire, which gave some nice highlights and shadows without messing around...………... I'm addicted to dressing up like all the Newells……..😜
  5. Summery is a good theme for today!!! I went shopping with B's blessing, and got a couple of things from [hh]….there's a nice short dress as group gift, and I pushed the boat out. I don't often do long dresses or wedges, but this dress (FP) is only L$99. Dress is [hh]Rica, wedges are Bowtique Breeze, also L$99 (FP). https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/hh-Rica-Set/17669967 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Bowtique-Breeze-Wedges-Maitreya/15189352 And yes Laika, I did say I wouldn't spend anything until the end of August...…..Pfft! 😛
  6. I met up with bf Laika earlier for some pictures......she's already posted, so just two...…….
  7. Belinda got me the WW outfit today. She told me I would make a better WW than her because I don't need a change of hair! I think that headband just needs a slight tweak...…..
  8. I went to Lutz in my new gown earlier to take some pictures. It's time to break some news...…...I had a wager with a few people that I could make a new alt, and they wouldn't suspect it was me...……... Well one person finally sussed out who I really am, so it's time to reveal the truth. I had to mesh up on day 2 and it's a big clue when you're out in world, but being a newbie mesh brunette has certainly opened my eyes...….and I'm loving the Skye experience!! I'm a Newell...……..yeah, not a sister. A cousin. My name is a nod to Marvels Agents of Shield, and my on line name is Skye. I couldn't get Johnson, so I had to make do with double N. Thankyou for making Skye so welcome Angels!!!!!
  9. I got taken to Exile and Stealthic, and Blueberry, and Erratic, and extended my budget a bit, because there's a lot to buy. So I'm unpacking stuff right now, but I was also shown around Lutz, and couldn't resist a photo in the booth. The second photo is taken on the shoe shine stand next to the photo booth. Nobody was around, and I didn't have much shoe to shine to be honest. Hair is Exile "Walking on Sunshine" Browns Dress is Erratic Adriana, and is a wee bit low cut...….ahem! Shoes are Gos Grace sandals.
  10. Me again…….. I've been working hard on my wardrobe, and got a couple of free gifts already, but I've also bought a few bits and pieces. And I found out I can do that from my phone. And also a guy I met at the beach showed me how to click on the bottom row to get the sky settings up, which will be good in future. He was very helpful. I'm not quite sure about this top, it's whiter than I expected, but hey I can always get another I suppose. This hair came as part of my original bought non-mesh avi, and so far it's hard finding anything else to match it. (DeLa Fiona if you're interested) https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/DeLa-Mesh-Hair-Fiona-Browns/9978281
  11. I'm going to say something I shouldn't. Please don't cringe at my unforgivable thoughts...... So this will be "Tilla the Hun"....... Ok Ok I'll get my coat.........💩
  12. I'm just getting the hang of this place, after getting some help from a friend who knows about mesh. Not many clothes yet, but already over budget! Looking forward to getting acquainted with this place!
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