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  1. My friend got me into making me's a demonz avi.
  2. Daaaaw, thanks! It was taken at a friend's place. ♡ she was just showing me the build then AFK'd for a bit and I couldn't really think of anything else to do besides take a picture.
  3. Does anyone by chance know how to make things not do that thing that my ears are doing? Where sometimes some invisible outline of them appears and interferes with certain things in the background by making them disappear or...whatever it's doing? >.< I get that effect with some hairs, too, and normally I go into edit mode on them and toggle the phantom option off and on; sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. ._. I also noticed that, for this particular instance, it only seemed to be doing this when I played with brighter sky-presets in SL. >>
  4. Working on decorating what will hopefully become an RP scene. >< Buuut, had to take a break and snap a picture! 💛
  5. I'm trying to collect more options to what I think the Japanese reference as the "himi cut". I've seen a couple of examples in my SL days, but the only creator I can remember now that I'm actually looking for this particular cut is [monso]. I'm also looking for the hair to maybe not fall over on my avis shoulders--like a lot of hairs do. As pretty as that is, I personally prefer using hairs that aren't made that way or give the style option not to. I've TP'd into some stores and MP'd some, but this search on my own hasn't resulted much in what I'm hoping for. For an example as to the haircut I mean, here's the [monso] version:
  6. momomoonusagi

    unknown hair

    Maybe its [monso]'s Sua?
  7. I've seen a few nice looking flexi hairs at Analog Dog and Calico. You might give them a try, if you haven't yet. Good luck!
  8. Heyo! I can't really put a lot of info right this moment because I'm typing on my phone, but I wanted to leave a little message to let you know I was interested! I have an elven priestess-in-training/novice that's based some on d&d forgotten realms in both lore and abilities but she has absolutely no fighting skills and is a perfect goodie-damsel-in-distress-comedy-relief. I also have a character based off of ESO Khajit that's a novice swordsman/theif-ish. I haven't really played her out yet, so personality and everything is still a bit in the void of creation. But I'd love to RP one of these with you sometime! I'm out of town for a day, but the next time I get on I'll shoot ya a message--if ya don't mind!
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