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  1. If you decide to go the route of making an alt, maybe give the skin maker Poema a peeking at. Here's one of the newer ads for the Skin Fair event going on:
  2. Heyo! Just wanted to offer a reminder that we have another meeting this week! It'll start in roughly 10 or so minute--1PM SLT, and Tatichan has been gracious enough to host at her place again! Like before, if you'd like a TP to the meet up, please feel free to reach out to me or one of the other regulars (maybe?) Pajama jama ROUND TWOOO!
  3. Heyo! Sunday was a boatload of fun! ♡ Just wanted to say thanks for everyone who showed up--lots of new peeps! And for those interested in the Saturday meet up this week, we're still doing Pajama jams! Meet time is aimed to start about 1PM SLT. ♡ Location will be announced sooner to the meet time. ♡
  4. Thank you or offering an apology, but no need to apologize! These things happen to all of us, no worries. 💛 I'm so sorry to hear that what you bought you couldn't use! We'll have more events for sure that you are of course welcome to attend--and if you happen to find something appropriate for this one, it's all good still because we've still got a meet set up this coming Saturday in the same theme! But please don't ever let the theme stop you--it's not a requirement to appear in whatever theme we're having, we'd much rather just have people show and be having fun! The themes are just something quirky we all just agreed to do cause we're all a bit guilty of being shopaholics.
  5. Heyo! For all interested in today's meetup, we're still scheduled to Pajama-jama here fairly shortly. We'll be hosted by Tatichan today ((Ajaychan, we are going to raincheck your host offer for when you can be there with us. 💛 )) So, if anyone would like a TP, please see me (or probably just about any of the regulars) in world with an IM and we'll happily TP ya over!
  6. I'd personally love to see you there! ♡ and I think your English, at least in text, is fine--so don't sell yourself short! I'll for sure try to find you in world when meet time happens! ((Also...just for the record...we have not done any voice chat in our meet ups. It has all so far been just text talk! ♡))
  7. It may be this one by [ keke ]: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/keke-frames-w-stringed-lights-4-pieces/15456802
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