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  1. I've seen a few nice looking flexi hairs at Analog Dog and Calico. You might give them a try, if you haven't yet. Good luck!
  2. Heyo! I can't really put a lot of info right this moment because I'm typing on my phone, but I wanted to leave a little message to let you know I was interested! I have an elven priestess-in-training/novice that's based some on d&d forgotten realms in both lore and abilities but she has absolutely no fighting skills and is a perfect goodie-damsel-in-distress-comedy-relief. I also have a character based off of ESO Khajit that's a novice swordsman/theif-ish. I haven't really played her out yet, so personality and everything is still a bit in the void of creation. But I'd love to RP one of these with you sometime! I'm out of town for a day, but the next time I get on I'll shoot ya a message--if ya don't mind!
  3. It's not a mod kit. :3 It came with the Jomo Leopard Warrior avi.
  4. I ended up going with Isis for like, a day; then went to an event and found peeps who--for whatever dumb reason--only made Freya pieces and some who made Isis pieces with Freya pieces, but Freya seems to be getting the most attention at the moment, so I have that on. My current inventory also sort of helped me with my decision making--a lot of the clothes I already had for Maitreya came with Belleza fits but the majority of them were Freya, Isis, then Venus. However, using the same shape but with slight tweaking on the Freya to tone down the excess fluff the body naturally comes with, I was able to basically get the shape I wanted and had on Isis. When I put it on Venus, the thighs didn't seem to be wide enough for what I was picturing even with tweaking (and I'm sure that had more to do with the "slimmer" feel the Venus naturally has). But, switching it in and out with the Isis to compare, that was really the only difference I saw in the two bodies. n_n; Boobs ended up a wee bit bigger than they were originally on Isis tho, but that's because at about the 35 slider range and less on the Freya they seemed to loose form in an unnatural way. And actually, I ended up just buying all three. >< They're all gorgeous and it felt good to support such a fantastic mesh-body maker with my L$, even if I won't probably use one or two of the bodies. But, in case the SL fashion world swings the other way and suddenly everyone is making clothes for the other two I'm not using, I got them and I'll be prepared. 💛 I did find all the comparisons on all three bodies extremely helpful before I went tweaking on them, tho! And I thank you @Alyona Su for that! 💛 Now I just need those suggestions for Belleza-exclusive clothes makers, if there are any. >< I haven't been successful in finding a single one.
  5. Giving one of my skyboxes a final sittin' in while I decide what I'm going to replace it with. >_>
  6. So, I ended up with the Belleza Isis after careful evaluation over all three Belleza bodies (Maitreya just wasn't cutting it.) But, I'm lovin' the Isis so far! I think it's perfect for that "chubby" look and fits my Baby Face waaaay more. 💛 And actually, I bought the Belleza fatpack in case I change my mind on the Isis. @_@
  7. This is a good way to put what I mean to say in terms of the body shape I want. ❤️ Thank you!
  8. Yeah, I'm a super big fan of Belleza. Always have been after my Fiancee bought one. She has the Freya, but she doesn't get on SL as much as I do, so I can't really go to her for advice on Belleza exclusive designers. Normally, I'm the one suggesting stores to her when she does log on. XP And I agree in that Belleza seems to appear more natural in pretty much any perspective you look at it in terms of anatomical correctness and good quality. Maitreya has never struck me as being poor quality in terms of body-part placements, but like the original Slink body, I think both were made with specific shapes and body-appearances in mind and that the window for creativity with them is a bit slim--but with enough tweaking in what window there is, patience, and a good skin they can appear really gorgeous and "natural". But compared to how Belleza reacts to sliders and just the base skin on them alone (which i won't be using, but still), I can totally see and agree to how Maitreya "feels cheap". The Hourglass Slink I see the same way as mentioned about Maitreya and original Slink, but moreso in regards to the other side of the appearance spectrum--obviously it's way more curvy, but I also think it doesn't really have a lot of wiggle room and its design was also a bit specific (although that could also be me not having really tried to finagle with Hourglass as much because the lower private area sort of connects weird to the legs to me). Tonic Curvy was my fav for a looooong long time and my second mesh body (on an older account), and I was disappointed to see, after making this account, that the shoulders still have a weird dip in them when they move a certain way. I always thought it looked really good, but the more i compare it to Belleza, its quality is starting to really reflect differently. I've never given Eve or any other bodies a looking at; their ads alone always seemed to turn me away if we're discussing preferance to "natural" looks. >< But after your comparison, Alyona Su, I'll def put more consideration into the Venus body. I'm going for a "natural "plus-size" " look. Something a little fuller or a little chubby, but not..."big" (? I can't think of a good description xD). Maybe even a bit curvy, but not with maxed out boobs and butt. n_n So, tbh, I was anticipating that if I got the Freya I'd end up having a lot of sliders on the low end, which could ultimately give me little wiggle room in the end; so it's good to know that Venus was meant to be that middle ground and sounds very much like the one I'll be needing. But for sure I'll be demoing like crazy all over again. >_< (Also, for suuuuure Belleza has the best HUD, imo too; simple, to the point, and sleek even.)
  9. Heyo, everyone! Happy Valentines day! I'm considering giving up my Maitreya body for a Belleza. I've opted to changing my avi shape to something I've been sort of wanting to appear as for a while now, and the Maitreya doesn't really seem to fit the overall look I'm imagining. So, I'm considering switching bodies to either the Belleza Freya or the Venus (maybe the Isis? Whichever one was something like the "middle" size between the other two). And don't get me wrong, I've been a hardcore fan of Maitreya for a while now and still love the body, but with the new shape I have in mind, the Maitreya just doesn't appear as natural or smooth like it use to even with a high quality skin to "fill in" the shape. But, anyway, I was hoping to get suggestions, if there are any, to stores/designers that made clothes exclusively for Belleza (theres hundreds of stores exclusively for Maitreya, which is why this change is a liiiitle hard to make. >_<) Preferably they make clothes to the bodies I mentioned above, but I'm not knocking the smaller-framed Belleza body out entirely, I'll demo it too; I just think it's not going to compliment the shape I want as much as the other two Bellezas. I own a lot of clothes by bigger brands, and thankfully I'll have a good bit of clothes for any of the Bellezas (it's going to take some inventory organizing to make finding them easier, but, ya know #ramblesandstruggles). And I'm digging through the MP now on a "Belleza [insert body]" search, but I know sometimes there are stores that don't do MP for whatever their reasoning may be and so on--so, just thought I'd try to get some suggestions. At the moment, I have no style-specific preference, so any suggestions are going to be appreciated and helpful. ❤️ My style has always been rather eclectic, but bonus-luv to anyone who can suggest places that sell fantasy medieval-ish sorts of clothes. Thanks!
  10. Unedited images--I jumped on the Genus Baby Face thing for a bit to try it out. I'm impressed with the animations and glad they don't act wonky anymore. 💛 I've been really wanting to make a fuller shape but not give up my Maitreya because of all the exclusive clothes I've already purchased. >< So, the Genus Baby Face was an excuse to finally toy with the shape sliders again. My Lelutka and its head shape I originally had on didn't seem to fit my new "vision" no matter what I did with my body shape; plus, it was hard to justify the more "fit" looking skin by Mudskin I had on. So, in short, I made essentially a whole new avi. >< Skin by Studio Exposure - Voluptuous and their new Genus - Yuna skin.
  11. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Ottilie-Aqua-Eyes-Mesh-eyes-Genus-eye-applier/16570583 Dunno if these are them, but I saw them and thought about your thread. Good luck with your search!
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