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  1. Thank you! ^^ ((Not that I did anything besides stand there and bombard newb questions. xD.)) Thanks! ^^ Dem glasses, tho, riiiight?! D= Like...I gacha'd...forever...for that color. n.n;
  2. Weeee! I got some lessons on lighting and all that fun jazz from NO-chan! 83 Hur's a pic I snapped from the lesson. 💛 And I'm all dressed up for my Steampunk RP meetup. n.n Thanks, @Orwar! ((Oh, also, here's dat Flickr. I finally set one up. >>; It's still being put together, but it's thar. n.n; ))
  3. Thank you! Red is def a fun color, I think. And neither, the buttface didn't stop to pick me up. I: I guess my fur coat intimidated him or some such...I can see where maybe I got mistaken for a bear...I guess, in the dark like that. 😜 You could always swing by and help a friend out? 😜 XD
  4. So! This morning, right before going into for-realz work, I got an email notification that someone had sent me a gift! 💛 And it tooootally made my day! So, thank you, @Scylla Rhiadra! This amaaazing dress was something I had been wanting! ((Not that I wasn't a fan of Scylla's before or nufin, buuut I guess I'll *officially* join the Scylla fan-gurl bandwagon naow. x3 ))
  5. And 'den a change into some "normal" clothes. :3
  6. So, I freaked out a while back over a skin that Pink Fuel made of one of my fav. manga characters named Tomie and fiiiiinally just gave in to the Genus head I've been carrying around for forever. My animations sometimes get a little wonky and I don't understand, but whatevs cause I'm all fangirlied out over this skin. 💛 Unedited images just for fun. x3 (I lie, there's *one* edit...where I colored in the dress with my photo editor because of my leg glitch that I didn't feel like pulling up my HUD to try and hide. ._. )
  7. Jumpin' in on da bath-tub--kiiinda thing!
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