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  1. Those kind of remind me of these: They come in different colors.
  2. http://krafties.com Dis. Because not pokemon Pokemon battles, yo. =w= I haven't played in a while, but I don't remember it being all that expensive to play, or even get into for that matter.
  3. Also, here's my interpretation of my collab piece with @TatianaNikolay . x3
  4. Mmm, I think it does take a crisper shot. I'm for sure no expert in it or anything, and I have huuuge issues getting shadows right, but it does take a radically crisper shot to me. I did a small study on it vs FS once just for myself: The first shot is from Firestorm and the second is Black Dragon. The pose is the same--but unfortunately as you can see the shot itself is not exactly the same. Mostly because I hate the BD camera and gave up trying to get exact. >< But, it's fairly close. The only post processing done was a slight raise in color intensity. If I remember correctly, they were both taken with a projector light. >< But it's been a minute since I took that. I'm so glad you posted this about BD. >< I really have nothing but bad, petty things to say about it cause I have zero patience with it. n.n; But this is a really good and fair explanation of the viewer and is pretty much how my experience with it has actually been (if I was being more honest over being frustrated =p ). I don't have all of BD fine tuned yet tho, and I know that's all on me, but once I do, I'm sure I'd agree 100% to it being worth anyone's while and def better to use over Firestorm. Especially because the stupid line glitch isn't in BD. I: ANYWHERE. At least from what I've used of it.
  5. I'm def gonna give that a looking at--thank you! x3 Cause I absolutely hate working in Black Dragon for taking photos. ._.
  6. Decided to finally practice on the Black Dragon pose editor. =w= So, all of our poses were the results of my first round of practice. n.n ((To be fair, the actual sitting pose that my avi's in is form Diversion (Low Key Pose Set); but the arms and head tilt were edited. >< As for the babies, some of their sitting pose was edited from their normal sit animation. :3 ))
  7. I really, REALLY wanted BOM for my face. =w= So I just decided to change everything. x3 Whatcha guys think? I'm a little back and forth on the ears. O:
  8. I'll be the first to admit that my necklace is glitching through my neck cause of the animation. ._. But, I was too excited to share that I got a second zooby. =w= And like children do, it was not easy for the life of me to get this shot because these little bundles kept being so fussy! *rolls eyes*. So, regardless of the clipping, I wanted to show off Miyo's new sister, Rini. n_n
  9. I agree that there could be issues with two separate makers creating two different parts of the same skin, but in regards to Studio Exposure (the skin makers for Tres Beau head skins), I don't personally see any differences in the two parts. ^^; I think the two align near perfectly, at least just as perfectly as singular makers who create both the head and body skin themselves. Windlights often play a big role in how the over all appearance of a skin looks, tho. The quote you quoted me just now: Was in regards to the Boheme skins Aloyna Su had mentioned trying. The creator makes both the body and the head skin, but the body skin was a bit lacking in good and interesting detail as opposed the head skin.
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