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  1. This is entirely off-topic (I know. =p ), but I just had to say that your post was probably one of the sweetest things I have ever read in all things I've read in the forms. ๐Ÿ’›
  2. Decided to call upon my inner Usagi person. ๐Ÿ’›
  3. Wutever could you even meaaaan, Scy-chaaan?
  4. I moooostly appreciate this part in regards to just being on thread topic, (so thank you for that), but the rest is all good too. It's all pretty informative and clear of intention and prolly worth while to someone out there who may be doing charity stuff this year. :3 goodness knows if I was donating to kiddos I honestly prolly would have just set up a little box of toys to give. ><
  5. Though I do think Tarina's Xmas suggestion in helping a child in need, in RL, was good, extremely humbling, and noble, I am a tad confused myself as to what its reason for being posted here was. I wouldn't say it's entirely irrelevant if that's just their wish on their personal wishlist for Xmas this year, however the thread is about doing a 'secret Santa' game, in SL, with other members in the forums who wish to participate to sort of celebrate the holidays, in SL, and bring some holiday cheer here, in SL...and its purpose is not much else, really. :3 It would be interesting to have a thread maybe about what all people are wishing for for Xmas this year, but this isn't the thread for that because it doesn't quite follow the intent of the event that this thread is proposing and may actually spoil the fun. n.n;
  6. *sits and stares with entirely too wide of eyes.* Waaaaat... You don't saaay... 83 Do tell. n.n But for realsies, i don't personally think there should be any shame in using wishlists. =p if you buy when you see, ya know, yeah, you may never need it. But it's also great just to stuff things in thar that you don't have the means to get right then when you see it but want to remember it for later. That's personally what I do with mine at least. I'm sure a good bit of us don't actually make them with vain hopes that we'll receive copious amounts of gifts from it from everyon who looks at them--but who knows, *some* might. U: It's whatever you wanna make of them. ๐Ÿ˜„ it's just another list of things.
  7. It actually has never occurred to me that this might run across a persons brain about me when flipping through my wishlist...o.o You just gotta have no shame! []: *sagenod* But you did good at a start to a wishlist! It's insightful to a theme that you clearly enjoy! X3 and it'll be extremely helpful to all your gift givers, I'm sure. 83
  8. I need...a facepalm button here on the forums just for your posts sometimes. XD
  9. I vote Orwar to wear bunny ears. Yeah!๐Ÿ˜„
  10. ((Click the image to see more from this creators Flickr. :3 )) but there are other backdrops by this maker that give Asian/kawaii-ish vibes. I think all of his backdrops are gachas, tho, but I've seen where he also offers the fatpacks to the gachas too.
  11. In my childhood home we always knew it was Xmas time cause my mum would start listening to Frank Sinatra. U: Mostly his Xmas music, of course, but sometimes she'd toss in some non-Xmas songs.
  12. I looooove baby Yoda. Cutest thing evaaar โ™กโ™กโ™ก Just saying. >n<
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