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How does your avatar look today ?


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7 hours ago, Amanda Dallin said:

I had a mermaid throw a bundle of shark meat at me the other night before a battle with pirates.  I'm not sure if it was a gift or a threat.

Steve Martin, in a classic bit said that “Rubberheads” scream and throw fish. Maybe she was a Rubberhead.

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8 hours ago, Caerolle Llewellyn said:

So, what is your take on Max and Chloe?


Hehe, my 'take' on Max and Chloe is that they're hella awesome! 🤩

In the first installment of Life is Strange, I was really into Max ("Max, never Maxine!"). And it's probably the best game I ever played and/or got so fully immersed in. I didn't fully get Chloe yet. Life Is Strange: Before the Storm, however (a prequel, ironically not made by DONTNOD), is my guilty pleasure, though (as opposed to the almost obligatory hailing of Life is Strange as being the best). It stars Chloe Price at 16. And I really came to identify very strongly with her. It's really her frailty, underneath all the outward abrasiveness, that really got to me. Chloe is me.

The rest of my 'take' on them could well take pages to cover, so I probably shouldn't bore ppl with that here any further. :) 

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4 hours ago, Love Zhaoying said:

Did you mean dismember?


3 hours ago, kiramanell said:


I think she just means 'taking their souls.' But my mermaid isn't really vampiric, so I wouldn't know. 🥰

Oh, I don't know what I meant. Something bad, anyway.

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7 hours ago, kiramanell said:

Hard to define 'styllish' is. To me, even in your most 'sloven' look, you still manage to do so with style. :) It's simply you being refined as a whole, I guess, and it just happens to seep thru everything you do. 💎

Well, we can certainly agree that "style" isn't just a matter of what one chooses to wear, but encompasses behaviour, attitude, wit, and all those other important things too.

So, I'll just happily take the compliment, even though I'm currently wearing (in RL) jeans, sneakers, a tee, and an open white shirt. (Kinda like what I wear a lot in SL too, oddly enough.)

7 hours ago, kiramanell said:

@Catrie's 'Bond girl' look alone shows great style as well, as does indeed her choice of dress for you: style begets style! :)

And about Catrie's sense of style, in every sense of that term, we are certainly in agreement!

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11 hours ago, Caerolle Llewellyn said:

Awesome photo as always! And love that hair! :)

Thank you!

The hair is a funny thing. It's actually a hair style for men, which I bought cheap at one of the weekend sales things -- The Saturday Sale, I think -- for use with the male shape and body I have for photographs. But when it came around to unpacking it a day or so later, I forgot that it was for men, and tried it on. I quickly realized my mistake but thought it looked pretty darned good.

So . . . now it's my hair!

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Today I look the same as I did yesterday.  Well, sort of.  I spent a few hours unpacking boxes, trying on gifts and sorting it all into inventory folders so yesterday I looked all kinds of ways.  But today I am wearing the same thing I would have worn yesterday if I would have gone out instead of staying home fighting the inventory monster.


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   I've been juggling work, family, friendships, and this. Obviously, this has slipped quite a bit. After demoing quite a few new acquisitions I find myself wistfully sighing when I realize I've run out of time for photography. I have some time today.




   I think I could detect a hint of a theme at Collabor88.

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