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  1. i like Catwa but theres no HD layer on it and they said it would require to redo the whole UV map for the head and Catwa isnt going to do it, sadly.
  2. Thank you to the generous soul who actually went lenghts to deliver 3 gifts. Certainly unexpected but very much appreciated. 😊
  3. This post inspired me to put a wishlist on my sl profile. Doubt anyone would even consider gifting but its a nice way to keep track of the things I plan on buying
  4. Clothes: Sweetish Set by Toksik (@ Kustom9) Hair: Hoshi by Sintiklia Head: Genus Babyface
  5. the good old days man vs secondlife this drink must have had a drunk script in it
  6. Switched from Catwa to Genus. No regrets
  7. 1st Earliest picture i could find was from 2011. Courtesy of Michael Takakura (The amazing jewellery, headpiece and outfit by Donna Flora - RIP, such a great talent lost forever 2nd pic my current look with Genus Babyface head (i finally joined #TeamGenus)
  8. I m so happy Dhejann has reached half of the goal. At least the sims can stay *for now* I took this picture at my favorite spot in HL, The Octopus Ink Bar ^^
  9. hey, thanks i used to post here more often but rl has been busy^^ No, the bar is at central sim
  10. ohh i might not be as invested as you are invested in this thread by sitting here all day and posting replies every 5 mins. anyhow i am done arguing here. Still gonna cross fingers for the sims to stay. Peace out
  11. and your bias isnt showing? seriously i can't understand all the hate and suspicion that is aimed at Dhejann. But haters gonna hate , meanwhile donations keep raising up everyday.
  12. it shows EUR for me. And those apartments are offered as perks. Better than offering nothing back at all.
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