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  1. So sad when SL Veterans pass away, because it almost feels like the end of an era😢 Fly high Robin, you will be missed!
  2. I am not a big spender and often buy lindens in lower amounts, yay to being penalized for it once again!
  3. Been a long time, a lazy sunday selfie😄
  4. Stinging Nettle Soup (the fresh ones that start growing in spring) with potato,boiled egg and bite sized meatballs. Yum yum yum
  5. i guess the key is to find what works the best for our bodies as each body is different. Personally i try to stay away from things that make me super bloated and feeling not quite well. Like some people are lactose intolerant ect. Despite that i stay away from fast food and super processed foods, prefer home cooked meals. And yes i do eat some veggies and fruits but things like tomatos and paprika i am allergic to. I used to be able to eat those until i turned 25 i guess either my gut became more sensitive or they started to spray different chemicals on the fields. Anyway, Thanks for your
  6. Sorry but greens make me bloated. And like i said its up to them how they want to live. I normally don't use cosmetics at all - like foundation, mascara ect. So it's not just animal rights activists who stay away from it.
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