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  1. yea thats what i mean, sorry english is not my 1st language. Thanks for correcting it.
  2. Lol Apple and other companies have billions of customers worldwide while SL only has 40k active users logged in at the moment on a good day. Last 5% was announced just in May this year so its been raised 2 times within the same year. WTG
  3. I think it depends how much significance you give it. I personally never thought of myself as higher status because i happen to have a last name. In fact i have always wanted to get rid of it.
  4. Kawaii Feed Discord - we talk mostly about fashion and shopping, have few creators too https://discord.gg/c9s3UHN
  5. If you want to know the details just ask
  6. My favorite sweets seasonal or not - is Belgian chocolate Cote d'Or . It has an authentic taste and contains real cocoa instead of palm oil.
  7. i am into kawaii lifestyle, i even run a page on FB dedicated to SL kawaii related stuff.
  8. Yes i wish they would accept us anywhere, unfortunately i need to change to more adult look when i go to a place like Muddys, but i don't go there too often.
  9. that is so true. Ive always liked kawaii but thankfully i was never attacked in sl so far but i know people who have. People have forgotten about the motto of SL. Also depends which sims you hang out at. One of my favorites is Chouchou and are mostly japanese people who hang out there and they understand the kawaii lifestyle.
  10. I found a really photogenic place called Lost Unicorn Forest - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lost Unicorn/128/128/2 Here are some of the snapshots i took:
  11. Why would fewer likes mean they are at the bottom of the barrel? I personally don't care how many likes i get cause i am not posting for the "likes". Are they so low self esteem they need to turn this into a battle of popularity? I am not on forums often enough to give a like to every picture that is being posted. And sometimes good talent both in RL & SL is being overshadowed by someone who is more "loud and outspoken". It's a fun thread and i hope it wont be spoiled by this. For most ppl taking pics is a nice hobby and something they enjoy doing.
  12. i like Catwa but theres no HD layer on it and they said it would require to redo the whole UV map for the head and Catwa isnt going to do it, sadly.
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