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  1. Stinging Nettle Soup (the fresh ones that start growing in spring) with potato,boiled egg and bite sized meatballs. Yum yum yum
  2. i guess the key is to find what works the best for our bodies as each body is different. Personally i try to stay away from things that make me super bloated and feeling not quite well. Like some people are lactose intolerant ect. Despite that i stay away from fast food and super processed foods, prefer home cooked meals. And yes i do eat some veggies and fruits but things like tomatos and paprika i am allergic to. I used to be able to eat those until i turned 25 i guess either my gut became more sensitive or they started to spray different chemicals on the fields. Anyway, Thanks for your
  3. Sorry but greens make me bloated. And like i said its up to them how they want to live. I normally don't use cosmetics at all - like foundation, mascara ect. So it's not just animal rights activists who stay away from it.
  4. no thanks. i prefer meat and don't want to look like a granny and have joint pain at 30 years due to lack of colagen in my body. Vegans do age quite fast. But it's up to them to live this lifestyle. Live and let live. i have a history of anemia i simply can't function without meat. Iron supps make me nauseous beyond belief and they don't absorb as good as natural iron.
  5. Not sure where you are shopping at but there are plenty of stores who sell conservative clothing
  6. yea thats what i mean, sorry english is not my 1st language. Thanks for correcting it.
  7. Lol Apple and other companies have billions of customers worldwide while SL only has 40k active users logged in at the moment on a good day. Last 5% was announced just in May this year so its been raised 2 times within the same year. WTG
  8. I think it depends how much significance you give it. I personally never thought of myself as higher status because i happen to have a last name. In fact i have always wanted to get rid of it.
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