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  1. i love the funhouse of doom, i am glad it still exists
  2. Hair: Doux Jacket: TETRA Pants: Blueberry
  3. No updates on the Grid Status, i know NY and everything but hate being voiceless/ unable to hear others
  4. thanks but i guess i dont want to make a 100% replica of Akali. More like my own version of her.
  5. The glow comes from a neon backdrop and also used bluish windlight setting, the pic is raw from blackdragonviewer
  6. yes so many japanese residents go for that blonde look. Everyone can be who they want to be in SL.
  7. I had a friend like that . "Had" is the keyword here. dont care what race people are in rl. I have some afro american friends who play as asian avatars and some others who play afro american.
  8. can't edit anymore. oh they can argue for brownie points and pat on each others back i am outta here
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