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  1. the majority of people will be deterred though, i have seen many complain about mesh head and body prices already, some even complain if you set a gift to 1L instead of 0L
  2. how ironic is this when i "have " to drop SL16B groups ( which i joined to volunteer at the birthday bash) in favor of paid groups lol
  3. My earliest memory is from starting island when i took everything off and didn't know how to put it back on
  4. Nowdays people also scroll through SL Facebook fashion feeds to find the most recent items. and it costs nothing to scroll them only if you actually go to buy the said item. I guess the amount of sl facebook fashionistas will increase soon
  5. have you consired making a subscrib 0 matic for your business? i heard it will be the next thing after these new changes take place
  6. thats not the problem , however if i join event groups as a promoter i have to scale down my list below 35 to even join new* ones as a basic account. And scaling down means i have to get rid of some of my paid groups
  7. i agree so much i have paid huge membership fees for my groups and being forced to leave them will be uff a big turn off. Sadly that after 13 years of being a resident i have to reconsider if i want to stay in SL after all
  8. a couple of mine: 1) people who don't bother reading profiles 2) people who automatically assume they are the centre of universe 4) drama queens in store groups - hence why i keep group chat closed most of the time 5) wish lists 6) people who try to tell me how to run my page
  9. She was a helpers manager at the sim i used to volunteer at. In fact its been little over a year now and i still can't grasp it. It was a shock for everyone and way too soon RIP Amalia
  10. I am so happy about the news and hopefully the owners will contact LL immediately, thank you everyone for participating and thank you Kira and rikutojam for starting this campaign as many people were not aware of the impending closure of Chou Chou.
  11. Momento Mori , Chouchou neighbour sim
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