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  1. yeah i loved Phillips mic quality. I had quite hard time understanding the interviewer. But may its because english is my 2nd language 😄 The "blanket" part made me chuckle, thanks for the laughs😁
  2. omg nooo The Arcade and Epiphany and other gacha events will cease to exist
  3. My most sincere condolences to LL & Mr. Altbergs family. SL comforted me during the darkest moments, Thank You so much for making SL our safe haven. Your legacy will never be fogotten😭
  4. So sad when SL Veterans pass away, because it almost feels like the end of an era😢 Fly high Robin, you will be missed!
  5. I am not a big spender and often buy lindens in lower amounts, yay to being penalized for it once again!
  6. Stinging Nettle Soup (the fresh ones that start growing in spring) with potato,boiled egg and bite sized meatballs. Yum yum yum
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