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  1. Brazen Head. They have a daily schedule of live performers. As far as I can see, they don't have seem to have rules on avatar appearances. I went to attend a show there as a child avie once and gotten no complaints. The region is rated M. http://world.secondlife.com/place/52a1b932-7bc4-70bf-d41d-6b9b5b5e1407
  2. I'm trying to decide if the ToddleeDoo head and body is a yay or a nay....
  3. Log into your dashboard at secondlife.com and click on Account >> L$ Transaction History. There you will see your purchases within the past 30 days on a free account or 90 days for a paid account.
  4. Tinkering with BoM and manged to make a regular prim bake on the texture of my system eyes. I am now Orb the Eyeball Head.
  5. I have the opposite problem. Many modern furniture I've looked at are too small for me. My feet and calves go through the floor or the sides of the pool despite using the position adjust. I would like to know the names of those stores you've been seeing. I need to seek them out.
  6. How did you know when something was added? It would be great if there's a clean-cut visible time stamp of each product added to MP. It makes it easier to figure out if the mesh I'm considering is rigged or not, or if an animation is bento based on the Linden timeline.
  7. Blast! Always a day late and a dollar short.
  8. Am I allowed to make more than one post for this challenge? I forgot I had this dance with music attachment thingy that moves your camera around. I brought out my alts for this video.
  9. Alphamale (Yelmer Pfeffer) (not the current store of the same name by a different avatar) Mr. Poet (hiwinyu Fazuku) I still have their sculpty scarf and still love it despite being slow to rez. The store is still open inworld, but I haven't seen any new releases since 2012. KMADD (Maddox Dupont) Primarily an avatar customization store. I got my first pair of eyes from them. Zanzo (Theodore DuCasse)
  10. I'm doing a silly dance in the Jambo sim. [http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Coral Cape/164/50/22] I also have a video of the dance here. I took my inspiration from Dancing Matt where he dances in place in front of famous landmarks around the world. Here's one of his videos for reference.
  11. Normal clothes for Aesthetic? Lapointe & Bastchild ZED Designz for Men
  12. Finding decent outfits for adult males is tough enough. It's even worse for little boys.
  13. I've been working from home since the lockdown. This is how my home office outfits look like these days.
  14. The scaled down shape looks a bit too stocky for someone who is supposed to be tall and lanky. The side effect also made the pecs poke through my shirts. But I could see the shorter shape might come in handy when visiting a height restricted sim, so I'll hold that aside. Looks like Greg will have to put up with back pain from bending over to reach the counters.
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