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  1. Rhonda Huntress

    Daling with rl and sl partners...

    Me too. Clover and I will be together 10 years this December.
  2. Rhonda Huntress

    Where are all my friends? Come on in and lets get comfy by the fire!

    I will need to go to the hardware store next week but other wise, I'm with you. Amazon Prime pays for itself in free shipping.
  3. Rhonda Huntress

    Daling with rl and sl partners...

    My RL husband introduced me to my SL wife.
  4. Rhonda Huntress

    What would be worse?

    forums down. Without them, where would we complain about the grid being down? [eta] I should continue the game ... What would be worse Ressing as a cloud where you last logged off or ressing as you were last dressed at the nearest info hub?
  5. Rhonda Huntress

    How does your avatar look today ?

    *ARGRACE* CHITOSE https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/ARGRACE-CHITOSE-Browns/15716286
  6. Rhonda Huntress

    Five word Story Game

    Suddenly, Love Zhaoying shouted out, "
  7. Rhonda Huntress

    Secondlife Dating Questionnaire

    1. Name: Huntress, Rhonda The 2. Age: 10 years 3. Height: 6' 0" 4. Weight: NA 5. Eyes: Blue 6. Measurements: Imperial units 3. (should be 7?) Hair: Brown 4. (should be 8?) Hair: Brown 9. Phone: HA! 10. Phone: As if. 11. Email: Get real 12. Virgin: No 13. Partners: More than 1 14. Sex change: No 15. Smoker: No 16. User: Yes 17. Children: Yes 18. Number: 2 19. Exercise: Yes 20. Income: No 21. Where: NA 22. Reside alone: No 23. Live with: Husband and daughter 24. Car: Chevy 25. Education: List does not go far enough 26. Crazy: Yes. I mean no. No she doesn't; she's a raving lunatic; we all know that. 27. Sport: Hockey; Red Wings 29. Cook: Yes
  8. Rhonda Huntress

    The most amazing "Inspirational Quote" bot ever..

    It knows me ...
  9. Rhonda Huntress

    Show me your butch side

    close enough for me
  10. Rhonda Huntress

    Where are all my friends? Come on in and lets get comfy by the fire!

    No "groovy?" What square thought up that list?
  11. Rhonda Huntress

    Just Ignore and let this one die

    The gap isn't horrible and given a pair of "tighty white-ies" it could even fit for the gangsta look. However, the curve on the female body is so pronounced you have to alpha out the butt as best as you can which leaves the gap opening into a void. It's hard to explain ... because the waist band is loose you can see the same body section both above and below the waist at the same time.