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  1. Just a quick reminder because I am seeing this pop in in several of my groups lately. DO NOT CLICK ALTERVISTA LINKS IN SL CHAT!!! Some poor soul didn't and is now spamming everyone with their stolen account.
  2. And if you are less than a month old with full mesh, people know you're an alt
  3. OK, this is an easy fix. With all the old classic shes, that part of the feet that stick through were hidden by invisi-prims. This was a work around built in temporarily until they got alpha layers for your system body. Those old invisi-prims have not worked in a few years. Now, we wear what is called an alpha layer like it is a piece of clothing. What this does is turn your body transparent where the texture is. What you need are some generic shoe alphas. Below is a link to a free set. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Alpha-Layers-for-Boots-Shoes-2011/1805419 Wear the ones that hide what you need, most likely just the very bottoms of your feet but some of the old shoes with prim toes and feet will need you to hide more. Anyway, play with these for now and welcome back to SL.
  4. One time when this came up in the past I said I wanted someone who looked like they actually cared about themselves and got much the same response.
  5. It doesn't matter how my avatar looks, I am still going to be slow forming any bonds.
  6. No heads are included with any of the three bodies I linked
  7. I delete all the other versions. By the time another body is released and adopted that is good enough for me to consider a change, all my clothes will be out of style anyway.
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