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  1. I found my RL husband in an SL strip club working as a shemale escort when I rented him for an hour. Talk about awkward ...
  2. Clover Jinx
  3. Unread. Like ... you cannot unsee what you saw and you cannot unread what you read?
  4. Exactly. The shows are more intimate with smaller groups anyway. You will be heard by a mass audience, just 30 or 40 people at a time. I hope you can have with that setting.
  5. I see. Break out the booze and people show up
  6. It must be a Second Life Unspeakable Term.
  7. Scripts don't cause lag. They can use only their allotted CPU cycles per second and no more; after that they have to wait for before they can continue. Bad scripts will run slowly and possibly cause other scripts to run slower but they do not affect your lag nor the sim's time dilation. It's not just animals, the same can be said of any scripted object. I've seen hair with more scripts and memory use than any breedable I have come across. Ugly and annoying? Possibly but that is entirely subjective. Someone finds them cute and entertaining or they would not exist in the first place. So who's opinion is more valid?
  8. *****in' yeah.
  9. I hope you are flexible in your definition of a mass audience. Typically you can only have around 40 people on a sim at one time.
  10. If they had these back when I was in a scuba club I would have bought a pair. Seriously.
  11. Wow. You actually found a pair of shoes I don't want. Now if they come in lavender ....
  12. Are we talking mismatched socks weird, forced male lactation weird or urinating in a latex dog suit weird?
  13. Also, make sure you are wearing the new hands.
  14. Congo Rats! Please accept this six-year pin and welcome the return of fun to the forums.
  15. All of my teams are out I'm cheering for Ottawa now since they are the underdogs. Canada hasn't had the cup in ... I dunno ... bunch of years.