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  1. I found a video review that was very nice on redit. Good news is Alice can wear Maitreya shoes!
  2. One more then I'm gone for the weekend ...
  3. I went out hoping around dive bars and found an old place called the full moon saloon
  4. So far today I have had coffee and coffee. I will probably have coffee for lunch.
  5. I *think* the head is LeLutka Simone, one of the more popular LeLutka heads.
  6. If I remember correctly, all animations are based on the pelvis. Leg length and hip length mean a lot more than body height in this situation. [ETA] The avatars are hung from the same point more like this.
  7. Ouch. I saw this this and it hurt: [ETA] I did find a review that says Alice feet are compatible with Maitreya Lara shoes. \o/ I knew they had to be compatible with one of the big 3.
  8. No across the board. You cannot remove the house so there is no where to build your own. Also it is against the covenant to use for commercial sales or events.
  9. In world search shows 47 accounts with last name Zehetbauer are still active. SLNameWatch said there were over 10K registered
  10. I hate to suggest clearing cache but other than that I don't see how it could be continuing on even after getting new hands.
  11. He must have turned off being found in search. Try this? https://my.secondlife.com/otagatico .... Huh. It was there when I typed it in my address bar but is gone now
  12. Clover bought me this set of shoes and stockings. My biggest problem is how to sort them? Do I break them up and put them in Shoes and the other in Socks and Stockings? Do I keep them together and put them in Shoes? Maybe Boots would be more fitting. Maybe put them together in Socks and Stockings because, let's face it, my Shoes folder is where things go to get lost. Anyway ...
  13. All you missed was disco and polyester clothes.
  14. I replied to the old thread but this is better. It sounds like you don't have your foot height set for you shoes. Somewhere on the body's HUD should be a way to switch from flat to heels.
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