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  1. Playing with photo toys. My neko alt, Maybie Nightfire
  2. My video doorbell. Every time the wind blows it shakes the roses which sets off its motion detector.
  3. Ditto There are always discussion forums and that's the first thing I find for anything that interests me. Maybe it's just this way for the pre-wiki generation? I will say that the community here has always been so much more than just Q&A which led me to actually participate rather than lurk.
  4. My forum avatar is a LeLutka head. It is playing a lick followed by a wink. These are played from the HUD and captured by Gyazo. I know LeLutka and LAQ HUDS also have mood settings that will play random animations. If your mood is happy, you smile; if sad you pout or frown, etc. Here is LeLutka's controls: and then the expressions tab: LAQ's looks more like this: I know Genus has something similar and I *think* Catwa does as well but I am not really familiar them.
  5. My F5 days are over. Clover got us a house (not house boat) in Bellisaria yesterday and it is right on the river.
  6. She didn't ask for your opinion on romantic partnership. She asked " if it matters who and what you partner, also is there an age on partnership? Does it also matter how long you have been on SL in order to partner with someone? " Since partnership is not for the exclusive use of romantic partners, the answer is simply, no. You can partner anyone, including yourself. There is no age restriction; no RL age, RP age or account age restrictions. Other than the "what" -- since you must partner with an account and not an object -- the answer is "No." Whether or not that offends you was never the question.
  7. I love my Human Bean. They make great coffee.
  8. Exactly. The old skeleton is still there so all the old animations still work. Only now we also have other things like individual fingers, 4 legs, 2 sets of wings and a tail. However when something says "Bento" they are usually referring to the face and hands since that is what we see most often. If you buy Bento animations they will have animated the fingers and hands instead of relying on the old limited hand positions. Bento rings are rigged to the individual fingers so no matter how they are animated the rings will always be positioned correctly on its finger. Similarly, Bento wings will be rigged to your wing bones and be animated by ... well, a *.bvh animation instead of relying on scripts and/or flex prims.
  9. I have already spent hours hitting F5 with no luck so I'm kind of relieved I can walk away from all that now.
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