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  1. AMARA!!!!! /tacklehug
  2. It is a corner stone of string theory being a dimension of a single point tangent to all other dimensions. There's a frood who really knows where her towel is.
  3. Oh! So if Kruker is using a script like this, when he logs on he is getting the PM that has been waiting for however long and the other guy is already gone by then.
  4. I'm not sure I understand. What is telling you he is online if everything is telling you he is offline?
  5. Men are like hurricanes. They start scary, blow hard and then end up leaving you wet, frustrated and searching in the dark for fresh batteries ...
  6. It would be nice, but no. You will have to create and distribute a new landmark.
  7. It's two for Tuesday! Good morning, everyone.
  8. @Nalytha Wow. You know what is happening! Most marriages take a hit around the 7 year mark for exactly this reason. We need our own independence but at the same time are having a hard time letting go so our partner can have their independence. Only most couples do not realize this so all they see is a controlling partner that is also pulling away. It can be a rocky road but your best friend is waiting on the other side.
  9. /\/\/\/\/\/\ < > | | | | | _ _ | -|_ / \/ \_ |- |I| \_/\_/ |I| -| / \ |- | \__/ | | | | | |__________| /___/\__/\___\ / | \| \ /\ |\ | _@|#_ / /\ | \| | | \/ / \ / | | \_/___/ \_/
  10. Nothing breaks the mood like talking to tech support ... BTW, when it comes to bad accents, mine is the worst.
  11. Ummm ... thanks? I was kind of limited due to old forum rules. I'm not sure how this escaped the adult section.
  12. No, SL is not ion a good state. They are in California! The last I saw about Linden Lab was appointment of a new board member. Historically LL has grossed 75 to 100 million USD per year with it's sole source of income being Second Life. While 100MM gross leaves us to guess at costs and net income/loss, it is at least enough to cover payroll and fund a new project. As far as "all games will end" I guess that is true. However not all have the same life span. Ultima Online is celebrating their 20th year of gaming.
  13. Never mind
  14. Woot! I'll bring the whipped cream.