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  1. You obviously worked for a different corporation than I. And can you be any more condescending? That's about as far as I got before hitting my new favorite error: unexpected end of patience.
  2. I have a free Flickr page but I probably have more pictures here than on Flickr.
  3. I'm not laughing at you, Beth, but with you. Even when the periods stop PMS is still a thing. At least for me. Not every month but often enough to make me want to cry over wanting to cry for no damn reason.
  4. While we are sharing ... I never really got hot flashes. I do get chilled sometimes where if feels like I just can't get warm. Fortunately I just close the door of the office (we have two computer setups in here) and it warms up the room nicely.
  5. This needs to be a "Quotable Quote" in Reader's Digest.
  6. Cool! I did not know that. Thanks
  7. I was at a place yesterday that had a "TV" you clicked and it would display your profile pic. Mine never ressed at all. It just turned the image a blank gray.
  8. This happens to be my formula for the number of times I hit "Add 30 seconds" button when warming up frozen burritos, corndogs and the like.
  9. Of course this means your friends would have to be the ones to report. In fact, get everyone involved to AR. Other that that, there is little you can do
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