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  1. This. Or look to see if it says "Classic Avatar" anywhere on the capabilities.
  2. My husband is going to hang some heavy duty shelves for me. I just got this text from him: "If you stop by the stop don't forget the battery for the stud finder." "wow, that sounds dirty"
  3. And this tiny sampling here. 2 for, 3 against and a few "meh" responses that could go either way.
  4. Oh, I know. I was just being silly and giving an alternate view. There is a wide range of people out there; while the "dos" are more obvious, the "do nots" are probably more numerous.
  5. @Atosuria Daviau If that is how you think it's done, do the rest of the residents a favor and never try it. If it's not your thing or you just don't get it, why not say "it's not my thing and I don't get." Condescending attitudes don't help your case. OK, dig it, No attitude, no judgemental snide, this is simple direct and to to the point. It also lets her opinion be known without actually being dismissive of other people's opinions. Nalytha agreed and again, just a statement of preference as was requested. Does not leave much room other people to exist in your fantasy world. Why do we pretend I just asked for pixel sex so you can stamp my ticket to Mute city?
  6. I see. It is all about what they want us to believe. If you add up all the possible attachment values (wearing just 1, plus 2, plus 3 ... and so on to 38) there are 741 possible combinations. It makes sense! How could I have not seen this before? We are not customers. We are ALL working for Linden Lab !!!!
  7. I can't find the right post I wanted to reply to. Anyway, this might be useful info. People have asked about the skin tones in the Maitreya HUD and how they match to the GA names. Going left to right on the HUD they are: Pearl, Artic, Europa, Asia, America, Jamaica, Exotic, India, Tropic and Africa
  8. Hold on to your heart; things move fast in Second Life.
  9. Gee, I thought that it was because originally there was only one item allowed per point with a total of 38 attachment points available.
  10. Bring it on, punk!
  11. Quinn! I wondered what happened to you. I thought you may have met someone and didn't need us any more. Question 1 is OK I guess. 2 is not really appropriate since it sounds like an interrogation. I usually ask something like "what part of the world do you call home? That leaves it open to be as specific of vague as they feel comfortable with. 3, 4 and 5 are great conversation starters, especially if you ask some follow up questions about what they answer.
  12. Have you considered going hentai inspired? Modern, seemingly peaceful village where monsters come out at night seeking to do what tentacle monsters do ... Or here's a setup: a secret corporate cloning facility. An enclosed and secure island where final phase of clone testing is underway. If a subject dies their consciousness is imprinted on another clone and set out to the world again. The facility is set up to look like an average town and people are expected to have jobs, there are no laws regarding personal safety. Gotta see how well imprinting holds after dozens or even hundreds of new clone lives. The subjects can either know they are experiments, be told they are the last of humanity and this is the result of their technological achievements or be kept clueless and just think this is the way the world has always worked Anyway, just a hook to be fleshed out and a way to cope with respawning after "anything goes" reaches its peak.
  13. They are not mutually exclusive, you know. I have been known to do both at the same time =========== Anyway ... @kurt28, what do YOU want. Don't change who you are to fit someone else mold. There are so few men per women in SL that you will find someone who matches what you are comfortable with. As far as what "good at it" means, take a look in the Role Play section and read the discussion about para-role play vs semi-para vs one liners. There is no one right way to do it. So do what feels right to you. If you just want a girlfriend or boyfriend to chat and possibly cuddle with, just say so in your profile.
  14. You might want to take a look at the wiki page on advertising. You can always submit a classified ad in world. See the How to place classified ads page for details. Also, you can use your forum signature to add a link to your group page.
  15. I think I'll just find somewhere else to be for a couple of weeks.