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  1. Extremely new is right. Just ressed today. Welcome to Second Life. If I knew the right place for you to find what you are looking for I would tell you. I have been out of the loop for a while and was never involved in male dominated play anyway. What I can give you is some advice. First thing is take it slow. There is a stigma about new accounts because so many people before have made new accounts to do something naughty and then never return. You will find there are places around the grid that do not allow people newer than 30 days anyway. Take your time, learn to move around and how to use search. Maybe spend a little time working on your avatar. Get your feet under you before diving off into the wild world of SL BDSM. OK .. you don't want to hear that and probably rolled your eyes so hard you checked out your own butt .... Search: you need to know how to use it. Playing with it is the best way. It's not to hard to get used to. Groups: look for BDSM groups. Join a few and find out what's active. Events: search events for "munches" or narrow it search for discussions. There is usually something going on somewhere. BDSM Clubs: Yeah, don't go there. I wont say they are all meat gardens designed to extract money but enough are that just taking chances anywhere is a bad idea. Good luck. I hope you find someone that will take care of you.
  2. Next Easter Vacation, Eat Rabbit S Q U I D 😛
  3. Rhonda's Brat Club. By invite only. Perks include but not limited to, gacha money, sexy gifts and exclusive access to "la chambre à coucher." Currently at maximum membership. That kind of makes me sound egotistical, doesn't it. Like being my brat is a choice position. It only sounds that way because I am egotistical 😛
  4. Clover and I created these accounts together and were partnered on our first day. That means that December 21 is not only our res day but our anniversary as well. Ok, so it's not the official official anniversary but it's close enough to warrant a party. We don't normally celebrate publicly but for our 10th anniversary we had a renewal party.
  5. So ... I'm listening to KONA stream radio when a song from my youth plays. It's a silly song but when it started I got that nostalgic feeling. This is a long way from my typical genre but ... I was a young girl at the time when this came out and I loved it back then. Of course by the end of the song I'm thinking "how did I ever listen to this?" LOL I was a little girl. What can I say?
  6. Google Translated: If you are matching mesh body to mesh head, you should not have to use a neck fix. I would like to see a picture, but I think what you are seeing is the Gianni body's neck fix when it should be toggled off. Try turning off Gianni's neck fix (or is it called "sheath" -- I cannot remember, one of those two) and see if the band goes away. Google English to Itialian Se stai abbinando il corpo della maglia alla testa della maglia, non dovresti usare una correzione per il collo. Mi piacerebbe vedere una foto, ma penso che quello che stai vedendo sia la correzione del collo del corpo di Gianni quando dovrebbe essere disattivata. Prova a disattivare la correzione del collo di Gianni (o si chiama "guaina" - non ricordo, uno di quei due) e vedi se la band se ne va.
  7. Quick question. Where in inventory would one put a skeletal dragon guardian? I'm assuming it goes in the Accessories folder ... or is it more like a pet? #SecondLifeProblems
  8. It is Nadia from Exile. Check you Received Items folder
  9. The blazer and top are from Meva, Fumi Blazer 2. I bought them at C88 today. The pants are Blueberry's Alicia Pants. I have had these for awhile.
  10. Ubiquitous nuns' diatribes exasperate ruffians. GRAFF
  11. Well ... back to my normal self. I bought a new suit.
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