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  1. Well, out Purgatory is civilized.
  2. A decade, give or take a bit, in SL feels like the equivalent of a few decades in RL.
  3. I think it is time for a revival of this short video.
  4. That was one of the really cool things that happened while I was away.
  5. See this post - it might pertain to you It sounds like you may need to uninstall the 64-bit viewer and install the 32-bit one.
  6. Log in to your paypal account. On that main page, lower left, under 'More about your account' - click "See how much you can send with PayPal": Does the resulting page contain something like the following:
  7. I started in mid July 2007, but I wasn't really a camera person back then. The first pictures that I have of myself are in Dec 2007 - one just hanging out at the Forum Cartel Hangout and one at their Christmas party that year. It was the 2007-2008 New Year's Eve party when I started documenting my SL on a regular basis.
  8. There are actually still quite a few places that aren't bad, especially if you are wanting to live in the sky. I've no idea what type of costs or views & neighbors might be associated with rental property though.
  9. I found this on the paypal site:'s-currency-exchange-rates-FAQ1976 and this maybe those will help you
  10. Well, if it is a credit card, the card company may have a fee for 'international transactions', which is what this would be. And of course LL takes their cut of all transactions, but they show you that on the Buy screen.
  11. If your payment method is a credit card, most of those automatically translate the currency based on the current Currency Exchange rates. I'm not sure how PayPal or Skrill do it. I imagine a European will be along soon to help.
  12. Happy late Anniversay !!!!
  13. On the weekend evenings (SLT),the group chat will sometimes get lively. The group is not near as active as it was years ago though. There is also the occassional party, but that is also much less frequent these days. Hippie (one of the members) does Sunday breakfast meetups at different places each week, but I think that is the only current ongoing activity.
  14. OMG - I truly do this all the time.
  15. Sometimes this is your connection and sometimes it is your computer setup. Launch the viewer but don't try to login. Instead go to About / Help Secondlife (on the menu). Copy what is shown and paste it here. That will show us some of your computer setup info.