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  1. I believe he is talking about the fact that the Gaeta 1 continent was never finished. I don't know if LL intends to ever finish that continent. There is not enough land ownership in SL to need the continent finished and it has been many years since that was created. Most of the other continents are full continents - you can scroll your inworld map out and then look around to see them all. Zindra is also incomplete, with places that just end on a straight edge with nothing next to it. Bellisseria, which is where the new Linden Homes are being created, is also a partial continent for now. However, that one is planned to be a full continent when they finish building all of the new Linden Homes.
  2. SL Viewer does not give you the option of not remembering the username. It automatically remembers whatever name was logged in last. Some (maybe all) of the third party viewers do give you that option.
  3. NO. Either one separately, but this? Just NO
  4. Keep calling them SIMs and Patch will ignore you forever. They are "regions" and he hates it when people call them "sims".
  5. Top w/ skirt/pants or dress? I love the top.
  6. When this one was first shown at the preview event, the sides were a sheet-metal type texture and so it looked a bit too industrial for me, though I imagine that would appeal to some. I like the wood slats much better. Looking at the texture pack, there doesn't appear to even be a texture for that original metal outside. Here is what it looked like back then:
  7. Gotcha. I thought you were saying that by having the divider wall as part of the linked set, it somehow made the LOD of the handles better.
  8. The work cafe today had fried catfish and cole slaw today. I grew up eating catfish quite a bit, but my husband does not like it, so I don't cook it. They don't serve it in very many places here in Colorado - unlike back in Missouri - so I can't really get it easily when we go out to eat. Thus I just had to give it a try for lunch today, even though I usually tend to avoid fried foods - and it was yummy.
  9. Unless you are on a low carb diet, then you often actually do need to add a tiny bit of sodium to things.
  10. The Williamsburg model looks like all/most of the walls are straight - at least it looks that way from the outside.
  11. Can you explain this part in sort of laymen's terms? I mean, tiny is tiny, so I'm confused why your tiny doesn't have issues if there is a large piece farther away from it versus if not. I took some parts off of a mesh and now some other parts have LOD issues. So maybe this will help me understand why.
  12. We had speculated a few times that that area might end up containing campers -- as well as the empty area on the west side.
  13. Well, I do totally agree with you on the licorice part......... black licorice that is - I do like red.
  14. I grew up in the Midwest part of the US and in that area, calling a woman "girlie" is definitely a put down. Men use it as another way of verbally putting a woman in her place.
  15. Is that this one, that was just labeled TinyHouse at the preview: When I was out flying around yesterday or the day before, it seemed like that one was super popular in a lot of the regions I was in - and most of them were using this white/cream exterior, though that may have just been the default for that style and folks hadn't changed it yet. I think I ever referred to it at the time as the Winchester of the Cabins.
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