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  1. Out of curiosity, I'm going to have to see what shape we get with all zeros and all 100.
  2. I can't tell for sure if that is a top or the top of a dress, but I love it either way.
  3. Basically, if you bought a 512 sq m plot, deeded it to the group and donated your Premium free 512 sq m, the group Land tab would then show an additional 51 sq m available (10% of the 512). If you donate 1024 sq m, the group will automatically get an additional 102 sq m of tier due to the bonus. The bonus doesn't usually help much with small tier donations, but can help out a bit when you get into larger amounts of land. ETA - And I just noticed that the previous response was to a thread more than a month old. Oh well.
  4. Thank you very much. I'm very practical in RL and in many case will wear something until it almost falls apart - partly because my mind is still stuck in the prices of 20 yrs ago and has a hard time accepting today's clothing prices. In SL though, everything is so cheap in real $, so I let myself go wild and buy what I want. In my early SL days, I probably wore a few outfits multiple times, but quickly figured out that I was buying things far faster than I was wearing them. That is when I started tossing them after a single wearing. I still figure it's a good deal.
  5. Other than some speciality outfits, I have always worn an outfit and promtly tossed it. There are so many wonderful outfits in SL that I never saw a reason to ever wear one twice.
  6. If someone is showing online to me, but doesn't answer IMs, I appreciate getting a message saying they aren't accepting messages at the moment. Otherwise I have to wonder if they are ignoring me or just not noticing the IM notification.
  7. There was - I started in 2007 and I got the bonus
  8. You say "go back to premium", implying that you were premium at one time before. I think the $L1000 signup bonus is only good for the first time an account goes premium.
  9. Awesome, I'm starved. An omelet sounds wonderful this morning. Thank much !!
  10. Also, if you have the program pinned to the Task Bar and/or Start Menu, remove that pin and redo it after re-installing.
  11. This is when we need a 'Sad this' rather than just a 'Like this'.
  12. The current deal is a great deal if you have good calendar disciipline and either cancel your premium before it renews or switch it to annual just before it renews -- and you can bet LL is counting on folks not doing that. The annual $72 works out to $6 per month, whereas this deal will give you 3 months at $3.75 each.
  13. You actually get 24 hours now to edit a post. Side note - you can never delete a post though.
  14. As someone already said, this is a Community forum. There are no Linden Lab folks here -- though a few do pop in from time to time for moderation only. We, as simply other SL residents, can offer explanations and advice, but we cannot fix anything, nor do we have any way of directing LL to fix/change anything. That is why there was a suggestion that you might want to remove your email address -- nobody at LL will be reading this. Additionally, as my post above shows, the terms of the "deal" were spelled out right there on the page when you clicked the link. It specifically stated that the price was only good for the first quarter and that subsequent quarters would be billed at the normal quarterly rate. Therefore, there is no wrong-doing on LL's part as far as billing goes -- at least not if their only crime was charging you the normal quarterly rate after the first quarter was up.