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  1. Current peeve: The Moderators pretty much don't on the weekends and everyone knows it, so these days apparently anything goes from late Fri afternoon until Mon morning.
  2. Not to mention that not all of us are available for meetings in the middle of the US work day. Besides lots of US folks working, it is even be the middle of the night on some of the other countries.
  3. Maybe his forum account was created before this new set of rules came into play. I have an alt that that has only posted 5 times, but she is also a Resident -- and she created her forum account ages ago.
  4. This is a Question/Answer section of the forums, typically used for questions about using SL. There is a General Discussion area for "discussions". Probably a better area for discussing the issue rather than hijacking someone's Question thread. That section is also read by more folks than this Question/Answer area. https://community.secondlife.com/forums/forum/321-general-discussion-forum/
  5. Only if they are used to purchase land (or try to game the Traffic calculations) http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Bot_policy
  6. Not necessarily - at an Event, that is. I almost always go to events wearing a full body alpha and no attachments. Given all of the other invisible people I see, I am not alone in the 'full alpha' behavior (though other folks might still have attachments on).
  7. Yeah, the Websearch has been FUBAR for a while now. I use the Firestorm legacy search tabs for pretty much everything these days.
  8. Some stores WANT to see their customers wearing/using their product and think that it is actually good customer relations to have people post such pictures in their group. Makes the store seem more friendly.
  9. Yes, I'm aware of it. Little far left for my liking. Per AllSides, which does a pretty damn good job of rating media bias: They are right there in the center. By "center" it means that Left & Right folks will probably not agree with everything they say because they are not leaning to the left or the right.
  10. Groups get a 10% bonus. If you donate 2048 tier to a group, the 10% bonus on that is 204.8 -- not sure if it truly rounds or just drops decimal digits. In either case, that means that the total amount of land that the group can own is 2048 + 204/205 -- not the 225 that you plan to buy from LL.
  11. While it is expected that they would have more expenses in 2020 than in 2019 - due to having to research and develop the vaccines -- without knowing exactly what expenses they are writing off, I'll not yet have any sympathy for their "net" being lower than 2019. Corporations get all sorts of ways to write off revenue so that their taxable income is low - some of which are legit in my view and some of which are just more ways for them to avoid paying taxes.
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