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  1. Someone made a comment that struck me as very valid. If all of the objects in a home are created by the home owner and the home is not actually being lived in, but is there simply to be a model / show home, then IMO that is advertising. Whereas all the many folks that have said their house is open to anyone that wants to come look and there house has stuff by other creators (even if there is also stuff created by the home owner), then it isn't blatant advertising.
  2. Ahh, well since you gave the link to Dyna's post, but didn't add any comments, I was left guessing as to what you were actually meaning. Dyna's post spelled out exactly how the script is coded. Those specifics result in the true safe zone being 500-1600 meters, as Gryphon said.
  3. You don't actually apply. When there are more, there will be an announcement, likely on the Blogs and definitely in this thread: When they are available, you'll be able to claim one from your dashboard just like claiming one of the older homes.
  4. I think where it is possibly border line is that some of the items in the house give the pop-up description when you mouse over them and that could be seen as possible advertising. If folks want to know what a specific item is, they can edit it and find out. It's a fine line.
  5. For anyone else wanting the list of Resident created Add-Ons - you can join the Bellisseria Community group and grab the notecard from Notices - date 2019/05/15. The group is free and you don't need to stay in the group if you don't want to. That group and the Bellisseria Citizens both have some freebies in their notices, also.
  6. Yes, a lot of it is this. LL default camera settings are absolutely HORRID.
  7. This doesn't seem to work when the sender of notecard/whatever is actually an object. You have to block the object, apparently.
  8. I had that happen once. I dug through the chat log to find the inventory offer. I then weny to the object's location and blocked it and the owner. That took care of it. I've actually had to do that a few times as some of Subscribes that I've done in the past seem to have no way to Unsubscribe.
  9. That post is simply Dyna explain how the LL security orb works. People are still allowed to use there own, but they are supposed to set their own orbs to comply with the LL rules. Some folks either haven't gotten that message or they don't care. LL initially recommends sending an IM or notecard to anyone violating the security orb rules to inform them and refer them to their covenant. If that doesn't work, then AR the orb.
  10. The 700 number - 709, to be exact - is simply the count of the latest Houseboat rollout, and they did that entire section, from start to finish in just under one month. Granted the Houseboat styles were the same as the previous launch, but they still had the 40 regions to create and uniquely landscape. The original rollout was many thousands of homes and houseboats. It is taking a long time because it is most definitely not a copy/paste operation. Rather than explain it all again, here is a link to Abnor's post explaining it:
  11. More frustrating that an old LM / SLURL in a product package or the MP (because I imagine it can sometimes be a total PITA to get all those items updated), are the creators that don't both to update their own Profile Pick to their store. Or worse yet, the creator that doesn't even have a Profile Pick of their inworld store. Those are the creators that I tend to immediately write off. Heck, if they don't even think enough of their creations to make a Pick for their store, why should I bother going for a look.
  12. This totally depends on where you actually live and what the weather is typically like. In my current RL neighborhood, because of weather, the only time you will see people hanging around outside is in the summer, late afternoon or early evenings, and during the day on the weekends. In the neighborhood that I grew up in, nobody hung around outside during the daytime hours due to heat and humidity, so there you would see people out in the early mornings and late evening. Even then, there were some people that you almost never saw except as they were coming or going to/from their house. In any case, in RL, you will not see people in the streets or yards "at any given time". Well.... it's not like LL created any new Linden Houses in a more isolated area. I'm not a very social person and while I love that the community as a whole is social, there is nothing that requires me to constantly be social. If I could set the person view off for inside the house while still letting folks see me in the yard -- without me having to constantly change settings - then I'd do that, as it does mimic RL. Since I cannot split the setting within the parcel and even if I was so inclined, I know that I would not remember to switch it back and forth. Thus the privacy setting will stay turned on at my location.
  13. I very much echo Sylvia's post. I am honestly just blown away at some of the things you folks come up with. While I don't necessarily use all pieces of an add-on, or use it the same way as the creator, I simply love that you people have created these things for us to use. I don't get inspired easily, getting bogged down by the enormity of it all and thus often have great difficulty even getting started. Yet all the add-ons, combined with all of the pictures here, have helped me get out of my typical stuck place. I've truly had such fun the last few days putting things together, though I still have such a long way to go to finish things up.
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