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  1. LittleMe Jewell

    Abuse Reports - What is the Word on them?

    I was wondering if the people were waiting a long time to file the report or if the lower priority tickets were backlogged enough that the logs were no longer around by the time LL did the initial investigation.
  2. LittleMe Jewell

    Mamma Allpa Limitationa

    You may need to talk to the Mama Allpa support folks on this one. I have a hard time envisioning a system that would randomly invoke a miscarriage at near full term, but only they could tell you for sure. Side note: You should realize that the mere fact that you are asking this question means that there is already a trust issue.
  3. LittleMe Jewell

    Take your fee and shove it

    If you take the 987L$ amount and divide by the $4 that the person expected to spend, then it comes out to roughly L$247 per US$, which would be about right depending on when they purchased -- add the $.1.49 to that and you get $5.49, thus a valid transaction amount. To the OP: There will always be fees for buying and selling L$. This is no different than the fee that you have to pay every time you exchange one currency for another. Wise people will buy in larger quantities in order to reduce the "percentage" that the fee comes out to. $1.49 added to a $50 transaction is a bit easier to swallow than when it is added to only $5. If you click on Manage on the left side under Linden Exchange, you will find a link to the Fees for everything:
  4. LittleMe Jewell

    Forum becoming more negative?

    Oh, I'll be one of the first to admit that I sometimes respond from a defensive position or because someone just managed to write something in such a way that one of my buttons got pushed. That is not how I typically respond to things, but we are all human and thus we all do have emotions and sometimes those emotions rule us a bit more than they should.
  5. LittleMe Jewell

    Abuse Reports - What is the Word on them?

    I found this comment interesting: "Others are so old the logs and other evidence is gone." Based on much of my IT experience, I just sort of assumed that logs would be kept for quite a while - at least long enough to handle abuse reports, which I wouldn't actually expect to be older than a month at the initial investigation point.
  6. LittleMe Jewell


    I obviously haven't spent enough time at the various Linden game locations.
  7. LittleMe Jewell

    Where can I find this?

    Must have been a Gacha item then.
  8. Most definitely, but we know it happens. Think about all the women that have affairs with married men and they are totally sure that he is going to leave said wife someday to be with them, someday when all the planets align just right or something. People in relationships often do crazy things.
  9. Yes, but how long into the future? Some people deceive themselves about that, thinking that one or the other will move much sooner that it will likely happen - which is probably a bigger reason why so many long distance relationships have problems.
  10. LittleMe Jewell

    Looking for a "Hotwife"

    Hmm, that line just doesn't seem to add up.
  11. This totally depends on the people involved. Some people need far more physical contact than others. If you are the type of person that needs a lot of physical contact, then distance is a problem -- unless you are wealthy enough to be able to travel a lot and the rest of your life allows such.
  12. LittleMe Jewell

    Forum becoming more negative?

    Some of us also have different ideas about what the best way is to protect someone. While the truth sometimes hurts, it is often necessary to protect someone from some worse hurt down the road. Sometimes, that does apply to things that get posted here.
  13. LittleMe Jewell

    Hair Un-rigged for a Furry?

    You need to take down the frontal shots - per Community guidelines, all posts MUST be GENERAL rated -- No frontal nudity allowed.
  14. LittleMe Jewell

    Take your fee and shove it

    That there be technical talk if I ever did hear any
  15. LittleMe Jewell


    /me grumbles about not being able to get to flickr from work and makes a mental note to look later this evening.