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  1. Where are you making the change - inworld or via the web profile? If inworld, which viewer are you using - and have you tried changing it via the web profile? Inworld, using the Firestorm viewer, I see the 'flowers w/ blue background' picture, but on the web profiles I see your real picture.
  2. I work from home, with my work laptop connected to my home monitors. All I have to do is set myself to Busy or Do Not Disturb mode and then swap the monitors back to my home computer. As long as I have no meetings during that time and don't have anything going on that someone might need to contact me for. i could maybe get away with it -- for a short bit anyway.
  3. /me wonders if she can skip out of work for a bit to go check out the new reveal *starts plotting
  4. Scroll up and read -- or go read the LL Blogs
  5. Dakota resolved my issue very quickly. I'm a happy camper.
  6. There appear to be a few MP issues that are showing that error message. I added a bunch of items to my cart, but when I went to check out one of them changed to show message "This item is no longer available and has been removed from your cart". However, it apparently is only partially removed, as when I try to check out I now get the message shown above ('Sorry to keep you waiting... blah-blah-blah"). I've removed every item from my cart and logged out & back in, but the problem item still shows in my cart (without a 'remove' option but with the 'unavailable' message) and I still
  7. Last Christmas seems like forever ago - ditto pretty much anything prior to this past March. In some ways, last March seems like yesterday, but in other ways it also seems like forever ago. Definitely an odd year time-wise.
  8. I'm currently on my work laptop. They have so much stuff on here (to block damn near everything) that I can't even keep track of which piece of crap does what. Primarily, it just slows everyone's work down. I have accessed that www.dailymail.co.uk site from home before and don't remember having any issues, so likely the browser extensions and/or my virus/malware blocker handled it.
  9. I'd recommend clearing the cookies in Firefox then. Or at least checking the cookies to see if you see anything that might tie to FB.
  10. Posts cannot be deleted by Residents - only by Moderators. I reported the post and asked them to move it to Employment. The Moderators might opt to delete it instead. You can always report your own post and ask for it to be deleted.
  11. That is because there is nowhere in the forums where advertising of one's goods is allowed. You can advertise your services in the Employment section, if you are looking to be hired for the counseling. Though without any formal qualifications, I'd be surprised if anyone would pay for it. Even with qualifications, I'd highly advise anyone I knew to not do counseling inworld with a stranger.
  12. This thread was supposed to be for venting about Covid-19, not just for bickering back and forth.
  13. I didn't have any of the scroll issues or ad issues, so it may be related to what sorts of extensions/add-ons are in the browser being used (or not in)
  14. I'd call it an oddity for sure. I actually have a FB account for Lil. I logged the account in and then pulled up another tab to do a marketplace search. I still never saw anything on the MP page about facebook.
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