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  1. My warped sense of humor found this absolutely hilarious, though I am sure that many folks will think differently. https://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/491483-louisiana-police-use-siren-reminiscent-of-the-purge-to-announce
  2. When working from home, I tend to sleep up until about 5-10 minutes before work start time. I then go pop through the shower at lunch time and then actually eat lunch while working. So yeah, going to be worrying through those showers now. The really comedic/frustrating part of this is that all of the Engineering groups do 15 min scrums every day or every other day. So my manager already knows, every single day, whether or not I'm doing okay.
  3. When we first started this work from home stuff, my employer sent out an email with some misc. advice on things to do to make it easier/smoother. Some of it was really the same advice they give for maintaining focus and productivity in the office --- including a recommendation to 'schedule your email time'. In order to better focus on tasks, the suggestion is that you don't constantly monitor email and jump to it constantly. Instead, schedule time a few times a day, to process email. Additionally, they highly recommend that we get up and walk around periodically and even go outside now and then for some fresh air. Then, today, they send out an email telling us about this new 'wellness check' thing they are starting. Sometime, during local business hours, we will get an email with a link that will be asking about our wellness -- a nice check-in thing. EXCEPT if we do not go to the link and answer the questions WITHIN 3 MINUTES, they will then send a text to our cell. Again, if we do not respond WITHIN 3 MINUTES, they will initiate phone calls to our cell, home, & office numbers. If we do not respond WITHIN 3 MINUTES, they will escalate to our manager. So, roughly a 10 minutes time span for touching base and verifying we are doing okay -- after being told not to constantly monitor email and to get up and go outside multiple times per day. Couldn't they have lengthened those times just a tad? Given you 10-15 minutes for responding to a contact attempt? Heck, we give our on-call people 15 minutes to respond to pages before escalating those. If they are only contacting us every few days or weekly to check in, is a total of 30 or 60 minutes going to make that much difference over a total of 10 minutes? Oh, and they'll be doing those wellness checks multiple times, randomly, throughout this entire pandemic, until things are fully back to normal -- i.e. weeks, or possibly months. Yeah, worrying about noticing the emails and text messages is a great way to keep stress down. *major sigh*
  4. We use a lawn service and they are still working around here. As long as I'm not outside while they are mowing and trimming the lawn, I don't feel that it is a problem. Since they are a small local company, we don't want to stop the service if we don't have to. We do also need some landscaping work done, but since that would require us actually interacting with the folks, we are delaying that. Ditto for some work that we need done inside the house.
  5. Apparently something similar has been going on here and around the world https://www.9news.com/article/life/style/colorado-guide/denver-howls-essential-workers-support-coronavirus/73-e06daa56-b49a-4f61-98ca-63bd84b9d218
  6. @Grumpity Linden swore it was in the mail. Yeah, we've all heard that line before.
  7. This reminds me of the Bear Hunt that the neighborhoods are doing. Folks put a stuffed bear, or any stuffed critter, in their window and the children try to find them on their daily walks. It helps to keep the kids entertained.
  8. A guy a bit south of me: https://www.thedenverchannel.com/news/local-news/castle-rock-man-offers-free-woodworking-kits-to-keep-kids-entertained-at-home-amid-covid-19-outbreak
  9. Most days I'm a bit jaded about humanity too. These past few weeks, the proof of good in humanity seems to help me.
  10. We've talked about our fears and we have a thread for discussing our feelings. We even have a thread for venting about what is going wrong. However, we all need some good in our lives, something to make us smile and help us get through it all. What heartwarming community stories have you read lately? What stories have helped you maintain your faith in humanity despite all the crud that has also pissed you off or scared the heck out of you? These are the things that tell us 'No matter what, we will endure and come out the other side". I read this in yesterday's news:
  11. Well, yes and no. Some are much more expert than others. Scientists have been studying coronaviruses in people and animals for a long time. True, "we're" still scratching our collective heads on this version, but there are definitely experts that I would listen to waaaaaaaaay before, say le enfant terrible Cheeto vs someone from say John Hopkins. Basically anyone over FOX, etc. Not even the folks that do the models can agree. Here is an article about 3 different models that were created for Colorado -- and all 3 of them are considered valid by various groups of people. https://coloradosun.com/2020/04/07/colorado-coronavirus-cases-models/ I've decided that it is all a total crap shoot.
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