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  1. 2 questions.

    You do not have to buy anything. Attach the payment method to your account and then set up your MP. I'm not sure if you can remove the payment method after you get the MP established.
  2. 2 questions.

    Nothing more than the fact that you have attached a valid and verified payment method to your account. For US folks, this means a credit card or 'verified' paypal account. There is also Skrill and other options for other countries.
  3. Where are all my friends? Come on in and lets get comfy by the fire!

    Today was the Monterey Bay Aquarium. We actually picked a good day for it since the weather is pretty much solid grey everywhere and most of the weekend visitors left so the place was not very crowded. Heading back home super early tomorrow, so tonight will be an early dinner and then back to the room to get most of the packing done.
  4. The hysterical grid is down thread

    Tis nice to know that some things never change
  5. Missing Textures

    This Firestorm page talks about copying the file from one viewer location to the other.
  6. Where are all my friends? Come on in and lets get comfy by the fire!

    We popped over there this morning and found the Country Cruise and Car show was there - lots of neat old cars to look at. The sun came out and so we did the 17-mile drive, which was really pretty.
  7. Secondlife 15th anniversary and CEO's letter

    You didn't actually read this entire thread or the blog post that it is referring to, did you? Name changes are coming - for a fee. The new naming system will include last names.
  8. Where are all my friends? Come on in and lets get comfy by the fire!

    I'm from Colorado where it is still bouncing in and out of winter. Thus I've been in short sleeves the whole trip so far, carrying a jacket, but only actually had it on for a few hours and that was in the later evening hours. I didn't even bring sweaters and only a couple of very lightweight long sleeve tops for any nice/semi-nice dinners. We spent yesterday wandering the streets of Carmel and then today we took a long drive down the Pacific Hwy - managed to enjoy a bit of actual sunshine for part of that drive. Tomorrow, the clouds are suppose to move out again in the afternoon, so we'll hit part of 17-mile drive then. Carmel was interesting - tons of art gallerys and they have wine tasting places as close together as Starbucks in Seattle.
  9. Vote for Net Neutrality

    Yes and the Senate passed it. However, if the same measure does not pass the House and then get Presidential signature, then we do not have Net Neutrality back - and there is a very limited time frame for it to happen. The likelihood of it getting through the House is still extremely low. The mid-term elections may change things enough to resurrect it again.
  10. Where are all my friends? Come on in and lets get comfy by the fire!

    I'm taking off on vacation tomorrow. We are heading to Monterey, CA this time, which is an area that I've never been too. I'll be out of SL until sometime next Tue evening - I'm planning on managing the withdrawal with lots of wine and art shopping.
  11. cute girl

    Carbs for the win! Made me crave pretzels
  12. Infohubs - no way out

    Well, to be fair, many newbies don't know much about that yet - assuming newbies that landed there soon upon creation. But, yeah, other should know how to get out.
  13. Is there a limit on blocking?

    The objects? Yes - I modified the post to be clear. Thus my block/blacklist only contains objects inworld - no people.
  14. Is there a limit on blocking?

    While I have blocked a few people on the forums, I've never blocked anyone inworld (except my alt during testing). I permanently derender (i.e. block) some nearby objects, but I usually just ignore people.
  15. Vote for Net Neutrality

    Not yet. While the current effort will get past the Senate, it is expected to not get past the House. Unless that measure gets past the Senate, House and gets Presidential signature, the FCC ruling will still take effect. The current actions in the Senate are primarily designed to raise awareness of the issue again and try to make it a primary focus of the mid-term elections.