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  1. LittleMe Jewell

    How does your avatar look today ?

    Overall, I prefer the darker set. That being said, like Orwar, I do really like the light version of the middle picture.
  2. LittleMe Jewell

    The purpose of a clothing Demo?

    I'm curious as to people's view of what the clothing demo is for - what they use it for? I've always used demos to not only verify the fit through different animations, but to also see how specific colors/patterns look on me and to gauge the creator's texturing ability - because sometimes the color/pattern of an item does not match exactly what is shown on the ad board. However, over the last few months, I am coming across more and more demos that are basically only for checking the fit of an item. The demo will not actually be textured with any actual pattern/color that the real item would come in - see images below. I realize that it costs more money for a creator to basically upload all or some of their normal textures with 'demo' stamped on them or something. I suppose that is also the reason that some choose instead to attach a box or ring to the demo, or to use a timeout script. Do you primarily use a demo for fit only? If you don't, what do you do when you get a demo like the ones shown below, that contains no real color or pattern on them?
  3. LittleMe Jewell

    How does your avatar look today ?

    I know Skell doesn't do color much, but I love that teal on you - and it highlights the eyes nicely.
  4. LittleMe Jewell

    Another MP change - a Good one. Thank you, LL!!!

    Baby steps - slowly, but surely they might get all the pieces there. I'll take the tiny victories over nothing at all.
  5. LittleMe Jewell

    How does your avatar look today ?

    I think the overall preference of the various "Look at me" threads is to post different pictures in each of the threads. Even if the outfit is the same, most don't post the exact same image in multiple places - primarily because that comes really close to violating the Community Standards on spam in the forums.
  6. LittleMe Jewell

    Does Facebook want our avatar?

    Where the hell do you find that stuff?
  7. LittleMe Jewell

    Seeking: Medieval Fantasy Roleplay for Children

    For the record -- IMO at least, this is actually a valid revival of the thread as it is a continuation of the discussion and the problems within SL associated with it.
  8. LittleMe Jewell

    Forcing facebook on Second life members

    That is indeed very odd. And contrary to what another has said, the fact that SL can be found on FB does not have anything to do with you trying to go to the MP and seeing a message like that. Ive not seen that myself. If it happens again maybe grab a screenshot? and maybe ask lindens why that would happen. I know the MP has supposedly been updated so maybe thats been tied into it as well. I sure hope not. Using both the SL viewer and Firestorm, I connected to the MP. I then initiated a word scan in all of the various folders associated with the viewers on my computer and I couldn't find any reference to Facebook. Thus I would say that whatever may have happened, it is not a normal SL thing.
  9. LittleMe Jewell

    Does Facebook want our avatar?

    The only reason I created a FB account for Lil was for some store give-away things. FB has said that they only want accounts of RL people and not accounts for online identities associated with games. I keep my accounts separate by only using one browser for Lil and another browser for my RL FB - as of yet, cookies don't cross browser boundaries. Since I barely use my RL FB and only use the SL one for contests, I wouldn't be too sad if either account got zapped. If I ever get any indication that boundaries are crossing between the two, I'll zap them myself.
  10. LittleMe Jewell

    What makes you block someone?

    Not sure about the SL viewer, but Firestorm has the Asset Blacklist, which is the permanent derender list. I have a lot on there that is from misc ugly or noisy stuff around my home. Then there is the Blocked list. I have 9 entries, all of which are store objects/owners that continue to send me things no matter how much I try to get out of said spam - and 5 of those are the various subscriber/spammy objects & owner of one store.
  11. LittleMe Jewell

    Another MP change - a Good one. Thank you, LL!!!

    Definitely sometime after Nov 23, 2018. That is the date that I opened a Feature Request JIRA for it after I accidentally bought something again and then when I contacted the creator, she chuckled and told me that I had actually bought the item 3 times and she had already refunded me once.
  12. LittleMe Jewell

    MP Listing text "caused automatic unlisting".

    The filter bans words that are maybe close to a word it doesn't like. That's just plain messed up.
  13. I logged in to the MP and was looking at some hair. I clicked on one that was cute and look what I saw right above the listing:
  14. LittleMe Jewell

    Very short blue hair

    ^^ This. I grabbed some since they were so cheap. While many are great, a few just don't sit quite right, but since they are rigged, they can't be moved. There were also a few that actually sat a bit too low, showing scalp, but a decent hair base took care of that issue. I only had problems with a few and given the price, I was okay tossing those. Figuring the average price across all that I bought, I still came out with a good deal on the ones I kept.
  15. LittleMe Jewell

    What are some of your pet peeves?

    *makes note to never cam shop for furniture from a different sim*