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  1. How do RP sims break even?

    Many of them don't. A lot of the sim owners simply pay the excess amount out of pocket simply out of their love for the RP.
  2. What are you doing today!? :D

    At Maureen's 10 year Rez Day party
  3. Contacting Linden Labs (Second Life) directly

    If you would like to immediately upgrade that account to Premium, then you can use Live Chat. That is as close to "direct" contact as you can get. You can currently buy a one month Premium for US $4.75 -- that is 50% off the usual monthly rate. It might be worth that - not to mention that they sometimes try a little harder on things with their Premium account holders. Then you could do Live Chat at: available 5am to 3pm PST every day.
  4. unable to pay for lindens with 30$ US dollars credit?

    They do when it is their money.
  5. mesh body?

    Wow - I just glanced at The Shops on the map and the region currently has 50 avatars grabbing the so-called bargain.
  6. Who else came from other virtual world ie IMVU ?

  7. Who else came from other virtual world ie IMVU ?

    While I played tons of computer games in my earlier life, they were all just on my PC. I was never an online person, other than forums and chat rooms, until I came to SL.
  8. Refund for false advertisement?

    In a perfect world, sure. SL, just like RL, is far from perfect.
  9. What do I do about trespassers ?

    If you don't want to put up ban lines, you can buy a security system. They are not that expensive and you configure them to only let certain avatars onto the parcel. Others will be teleported away after a specified amount of time. If you do go that route, be sure to configure the card properly so that the scanning does not go outside of your land - and set the TP time long enough to let people TP away on their own after they get the warning message. Side note - there are also parcel settings to prevent others from being able to cam in and see you.
  10. What are you doing today!? :D

    @Zeta Vandyke -- CONGRATS !!!!
  11. Just Ignore and let this one die

    Gosh, after all this computer talk, I feel positively young all of a sudden. Now to just convince the joints of that when I get out of bed each morning.
  12. Who else came from other virtual world ie IMVU ?

    LOL - We just had that same thing mentioned in another thread.
  13. Just Ignore and let this one die

    Ah yes, the good old chat rooms where they constantly asked that. Some of them couldn't seem to actually maintain a conversation about anything else.
  14. Keep getting logged out of SL after 2 or 3 mins

    Pretty much guaranteed to be an internet issue of some sort and if you recently changed ISPs, then it is likely related to that. Here's an article to help you debug it a bit:
  15. Someone asking for my password??

    I'd probably jjust block them straight away. There is no good reason for them to be asking. It implies they would likely be up to no good and thus not someone I need in my SLife.