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  1. I get to sleep until 5:15 during the work week, but I rush through the getting ready stuff and leave the house at 5:50; at work by 6:20 and therefore leave the office at 3:00 pm each day. I only do the early hours though because long ago I lost a tolerance for working late afternoons - which is also why I hate it when I have to log on in the evenings or weekends from home.
  2. Last week I was visiting my mom just outside of Phoenix and the temps were running 110-113 almost the entire week, with the heat index over 115. I honestly don't know how those people do it down there. Here in Denver, it has been running 98-99 this week (with the heat index a bit over 100), but a cold front is coming in and our high on Sunday will only be 76. Woo Hoo!
  3. I'm at work, so was using my data plan -- wouldn't dare use the work wifi for that.
  4. My guess is that what you are seeing is one of the 4 Traditional homes with add-ons. Many folks are adding to the outside of their home -- carports, extra rooms, etc...
  5. Random homes are abandoned throughout the day, every day. LL tries to do at least one region release approx. every Mon, Wed, and Fri -- but nobody knows the times ahead of the actual release.
  6. NO - the health of the servers is far more important than your feelings of fairness. No - I just tested it and got the timeout screen on my 10th refresh.
  7. Given how you always come back to complain some more after posting the 'K', I'd say the definition doesn't apply.
  8. Patch and the Moles have already said that they considered that option but it wasn't workable. There are likely not very many, if any, regions where ALL of the homes are abandoned - and they can't rework a region if people are living there. Not to mention, it wouldn't really be any faster. In order to make it look nice and original and unique, like the current new continent, the regions would still have to be fully gutted and then the terraforming and landscaping started from scratch. So still the same amount of time to terraform a region and then create parcels and place houses and do the landscaping. It isn't the creation of a bare region that is time consuming. They can plop those down faster than you can blink. ETA -- Or, for all the reasons that Abnor gave (that I didn't see before posting this).
  9. This ^^^ Definitely this. Especially those last 2 sentences.
  10. In my continual quest for SL understanding ---- What is the difference in rezzing a new copy from inventory versus copying one that is already rezzed?
  11. Not inworld and having trouble remembering the specifics of the different wall paint sets, but at least some of them allow you to save a few of your own textures into it. If that is allowed on the Winchester one, maybe find your own texture to use on the bedroom add-on and then save it into house walls for use on the other bedroom walls.
  12. There is an inworld game seller that is closing down and currently has all games marked down to L$1. I can't remember who off the top of my head, but will check when I get inworld this evening.
  13. Someone else did the calcs in the forums years ago. I simply have it pasted into a reference doc for when people ask about it.
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