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  1. Shortly after the Christmas Expo ends, there will be a large release of whatever the new style is. If they release the regions the way they did the original Camper release, it will spread across the entire day into the early evening.
  2. I've been doing IT and database work for about 35 years now and while I still love very much what I do, there are definitely times when I don't like so much where I'm doing it. My current job lets me work from home a lot and that helps quite a bit. When I get to where I dread going to the job on a regular basis, and if a vacation does not help, then I know its time to look for a new place. Sometimes, I just need a few extra mental health days away from the place.
  3. Hard telling at this point. I don't know if the Friday after Thanksgiving is a Holiday for LL or not, and even if not, it could be that many people have scheduled it off. I imagine it depends on whether or there will definitely be folks available from the various departments that are needed to do a release. If LL is closed that day, or mostly closed, they'll post an announcement early next week, or possibly the end of this week. If LL is open for business, then it will probably just be a "wait and see" thing.
  4. The stone wall -- you can buy it on the MP and it is much lower LI than the one in the Content pack. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Linden-Home-Wall-Low-impact/18383658
  5. I can think of quite a few reasons that are not quite so nefarious. If you enable the option to never be set to AFK, then you won't automatically get logged out just because you are away. The IMs-to-email is not always consistent and thus there are business owners that stay logged in pretty much all the time so that they never miss a message.
  6. I sort of get the impression that I might not like the Frank's of today anyway, so I think I'll just hold on to the memories of years ago when I last visited there.
  7. LOL - I like the drag-racing idea.
  8. I haven't had a chance to pop over there and can't really tell sizes for sure from the pictures, but is it long enough to be a airstrip/runway?
  9. As Sara mentioned, I'm pretty sure the original picture would have been fine because the nipples were obscured enough. That's the rule - no genitals and no female nipples. The picture is fabulous.
  10. This particular item doesn't have any scripts in it -- no texture change or animations in it. And the same store has vendors with scripted items - beds, etc... - that do have scripts and the picture permissions and vendor permissions match, all showing Mod allow. While the majority of the items in the store are modifiable, there were a couple of items that were designated as No Mod (via both the picture and vendor), so I didn't want to chance it. I sent a message to the creator and hopefully he'll respond. It was a plausible thought, although I'm not sure I've ever seen a vendor that does that - and not the case this time.
  11. It's in the Content Pack. Check your home's mailbox. Or your Houseboat Buoy or your Camper Site/Lot Post
  12. First thing that comes to my mind when I see the name SlipNFalls
  13. If so, then I got ripped off - my desktop is an Alienware.
  14. I do currently have a regular desktop, but my previous computer was a laptop that I simply hooked up to my 2 huge monitors when I was at home.
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