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  1. While that one might have fit surrounding landscaping, that is exactly one of the examples that Abnor gave as to the stuff that they won't allow. So if a Mole had noticed or if someone had AR'd it, it likely would not have been allowed to stay.
  2. A few cases that I've seen where I don't really think a Linden would do anything are: 1) A small bit of side walk was extended outside the property lines in order to join the parcel owner's sidewalk with the walkway that came up towards the house, but did not quite go all the way to the properly line 2) One person's lot had an LL fence just outside their property line. When they decorated with some flowering bushes, they include some inside the fence, thus inside their property line, and a few outside the fence, thus outside their property line. It all looked so perfectly positioned and blended in very well with all of the nearby Mole provided landscaping. 3) Someone created a driveway that extended a bit outside their property lines to meet up with the street. It looked like it actually belonged, given the layout of their plot and the street.
  3. I log in to SL every day, usually for at least 2-3 hours - more on the weekends. The exception being when I'm on vacation. Then, depending on internet access, I might or might not pop inworld for 5 min or so, mostly to clear out notices and such. This year we vacationed the week before Christmas. The place we were at had pretty decent internet and I was doing the Advent calendar thing - visiting multiple calendars daily. Due to that, I did log on for about an hour or so each evening to go grab the gifts from places that I really liked and where past gifts were not available or not free. I'm usually actually doing stuff in SL for at least 1/2 - 2/3 of my logged in time. Weekends are much more chaotic with me staying logged in but going AFK for RL chores and such off & on all day long. On weekends, I'm probably "active" in SL less than 1/2 of the time that I'm logged in. I just don't see any reason to log out every time I go do more RL stuff.
  4. Since I have a neighbor in RL that built a balcony similar to the Winchester, with uneven rails, maybe LL was just trying to mimic RL a bit. Nothing would surprise me given the humor of Patch and the Moles.
  5. While the vintage auto out front is a nice touch, it still needs to be AR'd. Abnor already explained why automobiles are not allowed to be put onto the street and why there should not be any exceptions. I don't know a lot about Victorian house architecture, but to my eyes, that add-on (ignoring the height violation for now) just looks out of place, off in some way. My first Traditional house location is using the Winchester. The window placement and the unevenness of the balcony rails drives my OCD tendencies insane if I focus on it. In that particular neighborhood, the Winchester was used the least, so I stuck with that model and just have to force myself not to obsess over the symmetry issues.
  6. This would be the main reason that I have chat turned off for most groups or pay it little attention if it is enabled. Notices from groups are pretty much the only thing I care about. The Bellisseria group is no exception - I'm in the group for event notices and the often updated lists of Bellisseria Places of Interest, Resident Add-ons, and Rez Zones.
  7. With services like DoorDash and GrubHub, I can get food delivered from almost every fast food and sit-down restaurant within a rough 10 or so mile radius. It costs a bit more for them to do the delivery, but if I'm really not feeling like cooking or going out, it is an option. Even one of my favorite Chinese restaurants that used to employ a delivery driver now uses GrubHub. Or maybe they still have someone on staff doing deliveries sometimes, but use GrubHub if they get more deliveries that their own person can handle or if the person isn't working. The restaurant must be picking up all fees for that, because the price of the food has not gone up and there is still no delivery fee added when we order directly from their website. I suppose it might be cheaper to pay GrubHub fees that all of the costs associated with an actual employee.
  8. Ha! Would you believe that is the only one out of all the ones you showed in your post that I do NOT own? 😛 Mine was a gift from the Redeux event back in 2018. I toss a lot of event gifts, but hung on the that one. The books don't have any words on their bindings, but I loved the intermixed scrolls and the somewhat messiness of it compared to many others.
  9. As long as the new combination is still unique -- not in use by anyone or ever been used by anyone.
  10. There are days I'd very much like a mirror that does not give a true reflection.
  11. I was visiting my mom about 10 years back, in a large suburb of the Kansas City area, and the only delivery they could get was pizza. I have lived in Colorado the majority of my adult life and cannot even remember a time when we couldn't get Chinese delivered. I honestly thought that Chinese always delivered unless you were in a really tiny town. I was just so shocked that we had to go pick it up.
  12. I second the Odd full room library created by Peony. There are lots of pieces to that one, so you can disassemble it and use what you want. Side note on that one -- buy it from her inworld store for an L$50 discount: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bay City - Maddequet/49/19/27
  13. Do you want them already containing books or do you want to add your own books? I have this one that I like a lot and think looks really good - mesh, only 1 LI (2 objects, the bookcase and the books), good indoor LOD (without being super high in triangle count), modifiable: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/PPK-Bookcase-mesh/7244420 I've also got this one from Park Place - it is 4 LI, modifiable and decent LOD -- I don't see this one in their MP, so must be an inworld only item, called "Sussex Bookcase Cabinet" : I also have this freebie Hobo Bookcase, which actually surprised me -- it looks old and dated from one side, but not bad from the other, and it has depth, not flat, only 1 LI (not modify though). I don't remember off the top of my head where you get the freebie Hobo items that are not on MP, but the create is 'Arcadia Asylum'.
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