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  1. Looking for a clear desciption.

    Totally wrong. I have ARd things related to adult-child activities and the involved accounts are no longer here. Mostly it is a matter of what you actually KNOW to be going on (via chat, IM, and/or pictures) vs what you THINK is going on.
  2. Looking for a clear desciption.

    100% correct, but that is not what many of the child avatars are about. While you might have run into a lot of folks not playing child avatars for good reasons, there are many that are playing child avatars because their childhood totally sucked, for a variety of reasons, and they just want to be a child again and have a good childhood experience. If you find something wrong going on, definitely AR it, but don't judge everyone here based on your own personal experiences. SL is way too large for you to assume that your experiences represent the whole or majority of SL.
  3. Unexpected Item in Transactions

    Group name shown in the OP: ~WW~ Stables & Angel Breeds Mates!
  4. Abusive content/group/sims in Second Life

    In my first year in SL I accidentally came across some kinks that I had not heard of before. Out of curiosity - to learn about things, not really participate - I did a lot of odd searches in SL and managed to find all sorts of stuff that pretty much blew my mind at the time. Thus these days, nothing here really surprises me and I do firmly believe that it should all be available for any to explore. Similar to the notion that while I might find it disgusting to see someone burning my national flag, I would fight for their right to do so because I so firmly believe in the right to free speech, not matter how offensive it might be to someone.
  5. Abusive content/group/sims in Second Life

    Scylla - Good to see you still around, even if only now and then.
  6. Abusive content/group/sims in Second Life

    I never understood the so-called logic either. I actually advocate for both - the right to own my guns and the right to do as I please with my body. Then again, I've never fit comfortable into any mold.
  7. Where are all my friends? Come on in and lets get comfy by the fire!

    Hi everyone. They claim it is 7:40 pm here which means it is 5:40 back home, but it feels like 10:00 pm already since we were up at 3:00 am to get ready and get to the airport. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.
  8. The VaNiTy ThReAd

    Thank you !!!!
  9. What are you doing today!? :D

    Watching birds from a covered bridge.
  10. Looking for Landscaper

    I'd try posting in one of these two locations:
  11. Forum Profile Duplicated?

    This actually happened to a few people when they migrated over to these forums Paging @Tommy Linden - Should she open a ticket or can you handle it with her directly?
  12. Blocking and banning... How many times can it be skipped?

    A person could connect with as many alt accounts as they could create - and as many can log in at one time as their computer can handle. LL does not close email accounts. They do ban SL accounts and if they do so, they would ban all accounts associated with the same email account. Only LL knows how many reports it takes to do so and is likely different for every situation. It is often hard for LL to know that a new account is the same person as someone that was banned. They do the best they can in that regard.
  13. News feed on Marketplace idea!!

    While not quite as easy as your suggestion, until such might be implemented, you can also pull up your favorite creators' stores and bookmark each one. Then each time you go back to one of the store pages, simply sort by Newest.