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  1. Since the two words are synonyms, they are similar in certain usages. Rather than responding as above, which (to me) comes across as harsh and argumentative, I probably would have simply said something along the lines of "While they may be synonyms in some contexts, my usage was not such', and left it at that.
  2. Awww Well, whatever you do, don't go out to the GD forum
  3. True, you never used the word 'rude'. However, 'harsh' is a synonym of 'rude', so I interpreted it as such.
  4. The 'charges' are done weekly, but payouts for land sold are done daily. "If group-owned land is sold, the proceeds are distributed evenly the next day to everyone in the group who has the ability"
  5. Though far too many folks would still rather have the so called holier than thou men in fancy robes tell them not only what the book says but also what it means and therefore how they must live their life and judge others.
  6. Yeah, it looked like the times were showing that you did so before Phil's comment about rudeness and such.
  7. I honestly do not see that most posts prior to this fit that description. There was disagreement with the OP, but the majority (not all) posts were not extremely rude about it - at least, not IMO. This thread is the perfect example of why anything touching on religion or politics should not be discussed in general forums.
  8. You can actually file a ticket without logging in. The bottom of the main page and the 'forgot password' page, both have a link to Support, which takes you to Oddly enough, on that page there is not a Support link under Help, but there is 'Contact Support' on the right side of the page under 'Related Links' and from there you get a 'Submit a Support Case form' link (which is the normal create-case page). There is only a very short list of issue types, but 'lost password' and 'account comprimised' are there.
  9. Yikes - I've had the email sent many times (without actually following through on it) to verify the steps before answering here in the forums and for me it has always been that I only needed to do 1 of 3. It is so consistent that I figured it was that way for everyone. I wonder what exactly is the criteria for LL determining which questions need to be answered. I always thought the question about the Friends was a really bad option because a vast many of us have people on our Friends list that we may not remeber their full names or possibly the spellilng of such, since so many spell their names just a bit off of what would be considered normal spelling - or worse, they have numbers at the end that only make sense to them.
  10. Well, you got it partly right.
  11. Have your friend follow the instructions located here: If she gets a password reset email, she must do 1 of the 3 options given: Answer the secret question Finish filling in the names of 3 Friends Give the $ amount of the last LL charge to the payment method If all else fails, file a support ticket:
  12. @Dakota Linden, @Tommy Linden - I don't remember if we've asked for this or not. We still get a lot of people coming to the Forums looking for help and one of the common complaints is they can't find the page for a support ticket. I'm guessing they are looking for it here in the forums rather than from their dashboard. Could we possibly get a link to Create Support Ticket over on the right side underneath "Announcements" and "Please review our Community Guidelines."?
  13. Not just an option, but the norm oftentimes.