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  1. @Marianne Little - Please do keep posting pictures. I love seeing what you do and consider it all inspiration. Try to ignore those that ask about selling the items; try not to let the requests get to you.. I realize that it is not just about the "store" aspect of it.
  2. Creators that give the same gift at the SL17B Shop & Hop that they gave at Christmas.
  3. You can AR, if you want. Otherwise, just block the person and ignore it.
  4. I like SL specifically because I can do so many things (building, shopping, exploring), semi-realistically, without having to actually interact with people.
  5. I noticed this evening that if I use the "Mark site read" link in the upper right of the main forum page, that it still gives a confirmation box. Still not on individual sub-forums.
  6. If at any time you EVER owned Mainland or a Linden Home, your tier billing date gets set upon first tier usage, even if the bill amount is $0 because you are within your allowed tier amount (used to be 512 and is now 1024). Even if you sell your property or abandon your Linden Home, the bill date stays associated with your account. If you drop Premium and then get it again, you'll still have the same monthly billing date as you had the first time around. Found all that out with one of my alt accounts.
  7. Yes. I have 70 slots and 68 are full, with 2 reserved for my above noted usages.
  8. It is an ongoing project that we've already been told will take months and it is/was slated to be completed sometime this fall. I wouldn't really expect any updates until mid-late fall.
  9. I leave a slot open regularly for doing the quick join/leave of some of the freebie groups - like Fabulously Free and such - in order to claim a gift. I also keep a second slot open for short term memberships like a hunt group or such that I want to stay in for more than a few minutes, but definitely not long-term. Every now and then I'll run across a new store group that I want to join and then I have the agony of trying to figure out which of my other groups I'm going to leave.
  10. I finally binged my way through Carnival Row and Upload, via Amazon Prime. Looking forward to season 2 of both.
  11. Due to this, the MP that I'm thinking of starting up will likely be under one of my older alts.
  12. I have quite a few still running around in the SL default avatars. Then again, they aren't really allowed out in public either.
  13. I've never before had it mark the forum as read without the popup confirmation box - until today. I clicked on the 'Mark forum as read' link in a few forums yesterday and it did give the confirmation box every time. I've also clicked that link a few times today and have not yet had a confirmation box.
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