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  1. What is Role Play?

    Yeah, I had forgotten about the difference betweent Age of Consent and Legal Adult. Though quite a few of the states also have laws specific to student-teacher relations that overrule teh Age of Consent. Some make it illegal for any K-12 teacher to have sex with a student regardless of age, some make it illegal for any teacher to have sex with any student under 19, etc... However, you are right in that there is no single law across the states.
  2. There are 4 basic parts to the avatar that must always exist - just cuz that is the rule: shape, skin, eyes, hair base / eyebrows. Mesh bodies and heads are objects that then attach to the basic avatar. They will have a alpha that will take care of making the system body and/or head invisible underneath the mesh body/head. Omega is an applier system that is used to apply textures to the mesh body and/or head. While there is mesh clothing, which is an object that attaches to you, there is also applier clothing - like underwear or skin tight tops/pants. Makeup for mesh heads must also be put on via an applier because it is really just a texture onto the head. Go here for lots of infos and tutorials on mesh bodies and heads:
  3. How does your avatar look today ?

    Need some sort of chocolate to go with the wine Or cheese if no chocolate
  4. What is Role Play?

    Most definitely. I should have clarified - I am talking about the US
  5. ISO Micro with low complexity

    Heck, my base Maitreya body is double that -- it is 11K.
  6. Land and Premium membership

    I think there are very few people in SL that realize you can rent tier. The rest of us, likely just never thought about this particular way of paying for our land. I've considered renting tier to increase my land, but never really considered it for complete replacement of my existing tier & membership. I am definitely going to be doing the calcs every which way when all of my premium memberships come due again.
  7. What is Role Play?

    Actually, if we are talking college teacher and college student, there is no legal issue, since 18 is legal adult - though there are often still school rules around staff and relations with students.
  8. Land and Premium membership

    Hmmm - good question. In thinking about the logistics of it, a group comprised of all regular members (except whomever is donating tier) might be able to own land as long as enough tier was already there to cover everything. Never thought about it that way. (editing again). Actually in thinking about it, it is definitely possible. LL really only designates that you must be Premium to pay tier.
  9. Land and Premium membership

    The land will have to be sold or abandoned before you can downgrade from Premium. Note however that all other benefits of being Premium will remain in effect until the end of your current Premium period. Premium is bill in advance, so if you became Premium on Jan 1 2017, you would continue to get all of the benefits of Premium (except land/tier/house) through Dec 31 2017. Also note that the 'tier renting' that Lillith mentioned cannot be used if you are no longer Premium because you cannot own mainland at that point. The tier renting is an option for those owning mainland that want to pay LL for a smaller amount of tier than what is needed for the land they own.
  10. Is this a griefer or just a plain idoit?

    Apparently something that I missed in my early SL years. I'll have to find this as it could be such fun.
  11. Up and Down Voting

    Yeah - in reviewing the thread I noticed that we hadn't ever heard anything on this from LL, so I decided to specifically ping Tommy on it. Maybe they can figure out a way to make the software work the way we want it to.

  13. Default avatars don't look too appealing?

    Actually, even if we agree, once we think that plenty of opinions have been given, we'll likely still go off topic.
  14. Intruders

    Based on the bolded part, make sure your aim is true on that first shot.

    Educational. I always thought they were just typing too fast and capitalized the wrong letters.