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  1. You broke no rules in my book, RaeLeeH. It is a beautiful picture, and you look very happy in it
  2. Hi Karyn , the hair is called Vel and it is from Doux
  3. Taking a break from Decorating. View from the back deck of my home in Edgar.
  4. After seeing that Catwa was updating her heads, and me a bit frustrated with the other heads I have , decided to try the new update. I am wearing Kimberly and I have to say I love it
  5. *sighs and laughs* I can so see my Linden balance dwindling at the Hair Fair... *grumbles and goes to fight through the Lag* 😄
  6. Lol, and Yay 😄 I love D!va hair , thankyou
  7. Love this and love the hair, Where is it from please?
  8. Going to give up my home on Millers Pond.. since my 2 alts just got a house, my Main really does not need one right now.
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