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-Bellisserians Show Off Your Home and Garden-

Blush Bravin

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7 minutes ago, Witchcrafts said:

The coffee machine is from the What Next Kitchenette set (I haven't gotten to putting the other bits out yet.. COFFEE FIRST), and its currently on sale at the Shop Hop event!

It's 50% off at Shop Hop


Thank you


Yup, definitely coffee first!! With you all the way there... 😃

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On 12/19/2019 at 1:38 PM, Chuckey Jigsaw said:

So I've decided to stay at the house in Periana for now. There must've been a reason it came back to me three times. 😆

I'm still busy decorating, but this is my very simple christmas decoration.




OMG those cans are stinking adorable!!!   May I ask you where you got them?

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The Victorian Verne house leaves enough room on one side of the house for big swimming pool. My pool's fence on the right is flush to the parcel border. There is nice wide space between the pool and the house for walking path. My sauna is at the other end of the pool on ground level under the pool's terrace. Because the sauna stove is heated by burning wood therefore a chimney was a must. 😉




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On 12/16/2019 at 7:46 PM, Trinity Aironaut said:

My First addition to the Victorian....I really wanted at those bay windows to create a comfy place to sit and dream away. So far 3 colors. I'll add cushions and animations tomorrow perhaps a soft throw...................imageproxy.php?img=&key=a03a54f708f2dfe5

Snapshot 5_003.jpg

Snapshot 5_004.jpg

Snapshot 5_005.jpg

I hope you will sell this seat as an add on , i loooooove it

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Let me preface this by saying that I never intended to get a Linden home. I've been busy working on stuff for my store. I have mainland property, and I love the oddities of mainland. Linden homes were in short supply, and I didn't need to compete with those desperately wanting one. While I enjoyed looking at the Belli threads on this forum, I had no real intention of visiting, and certainly not for taking part in having my own.

But then today I realised that my stores had been doing okay, and I had a bit of surplus funds that I could spend on another premium...and those Victorian houses looked kinda nice, even if I wasn't so into the idea of a perfectly manicured and managed community landscape. I figured if it wasn't for me, I'd pt the land towards expanding my store, so why not?

And I'm so glad I did...first house Peony was offered was in this attractively named Wuthering Downs. And then I TP'd in...and discovered that I couldn't have asked for more. Love this place and love this location...I'm a convert.


Great work Moles - this is truly impressive. Thank you!

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Don't know if I am alone here or not but I thought I had my house all together then BAM!  Nope I for some reason made my mind up that I needed the Hardy house back. So put the greenhouse up and pulled out my Baby Grand. I seem to play it more than sitting in the Greenhouse. So I still have a lot to do, But I think I'm getting there.

My victorian_001.jpg

My victorian_002.jpg

My victorian_003.jpg

My victorian_004.jpg

My victorian_006.jpg

My victorian_007.jpg

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¡Buenos días! Here are some pics of our new Victorian home. Not ready for Christmas, and not fully Victorian decor, but we are loving it!!

And as the sign says: everyone is welcome :)





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