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    question about girlie bits

    Angel Rock, Sinful Curves, Lumiya, QUEENZ, and others missing - because not everyone is a white girl. Lumiya - I use that for a green orc. Also use them for some elf and fairy variations. Angel Rock - pretty much THE BRAND for African skin tones. But QUEENZ is another brand that has some offerings. Sinful Curves - these are Caucasian skin tones but the 'Amelia' one tends to work unusually well for Asian and LatinX looks. Now if they had an Omega applier... my whole rant about "why is everything in here so 'Ethnic' white' would be silly... They could effectively pass the buck for their ethnocentrism by letting me solve for it. ...but without it... Well, if you shop at a brand better known for less 'Euro Ethnic' looks... you're out of luck. Proving yet again that in 2019... SL is still doing it like it was 1954... Resulting in me, instead of being glad that there's a product out there - getting mad at yet another sign of the institutionalized ingrained bias of 'ignorance'. Just... Do... An... Applier... All F-ing ready... The skin around it after all... is going to need to match right - so it SHOULD use the same UV map as the base avatar as even a perfect tone, it's too high resolution, will look off. So that part can be Omega... And yes... it means you will 'out' several skim makers who don't actually know where a woman's bits are located... (this is an unusually common problem)... but at least the ones who do will look good.
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    Loot Boxes Revisited

    Not much really. Go grab a game that has them, usually there's a hook offer to let you open some initial ones for free. So do that and look at what's inside. Everything in there has some value to somebody... it's just that most of it is of extremely low value to most people and very common. The only difference here is that Gatchas tend to be transferable and we're allowed to do that for a price. In most lootbox scenarios, the person with 999 red gloves, is stuck with all of them. You mentioned trading card games... gatchas have more in common with TCGs than lootboxes due to the 'trade' aspect. But that is also the only difference. However that difference is vitally important... Even if nobody actually wants one of those red gloves...
  3. Pussycat Catnap

    Loot Boxes Revisited

    MP is full of old gatchas for sale at rock bottom prices... My own MP listing is full of them... Every 6-12 months I got back and reduce the prices again... - If I got 999 red gloves, so did you and everyone else...
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    Loot Boxes Revisited

    I almost always buy my gatcha goods second hand off marketplace. I get exactly what I wanted, and somebody else wasted $50,000L getting 999 copies of the red gloves... The merchant still wins though... so in actuality I try to avoid gatchas - because whether you buy it first hand or second hand, you're training a merchant to keep making them. I do still have a good number of them... but not as many as I could have if I let my impulses drive this. And I actually find that for many merchants it is often their worst stuff that ends up in a gatcha. Best looking for the rare... but the tech on the items is often subpar. Bad LOD so it triangles at more than 0.01m away, high land impact, outdated scripts they bought from an old kit rather than using more up-to-date lower lag scripting, or full of max-resolution textures so it causes your house to start texture-thrashing after you have a few of them... - Gatchas are made in a rush, and made to look good at the gatcha event or in the advert image close up... but often subpar in usage. Exceptions exist, but many of them are the 'cheap goods sold in the shops by the tourist venue'... I am from San Francisco... I got wise about buying goods on the main blocks of China Town, Pier 39/Fisherman's Wharf, and Golden Gate Bridge when I was a kid... You buy stuff a few block away if in that neighborhood at all... Don't buy Gatchas anymore than you buy T-shirts outside that famous museum... - meaning you might have a few, but it shouldn't become your whole wardrobe... It's basically mass-produced junk goods.
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    question about girlie bits

    Where is the character from the movie "Misery" when you need her?
  6. Pussycat Catnap

    question about girlie bits

    Yeah that. I use the high end of the breast settings for Belleza and a good number of people put out stuff using 'guessed the rigging' creator kits for the body because Belleza has at times been very stingy about handing out creator kits (even more of this with older Maitreya stuff - if I remember right for the first 2-3 years Maitreya wasn't giving out creator kits at all. Only people with special agreements got them. I just assume now anyone and their dog can get a kit given how common Maitreya stuff is now... but a LOT of older stuff breaks if you dial a little bit away from 50). So since both Belleza and Maitreya have not been fast about giving out fitting kits, there is a LOT of stuff for sale that was somebody's "best guess" and if your shape dial or physics are too far from the designers - it breaks. To see this in action you can get some full perm kits from "a very large store that sells very cheap fullperm items who's creator's last name begins with 'I'"... get some of the early fitted kits and turn up your shape dials and put on some super bouncy physics. Then get any kit put out in the last 2 years... the newer stuff fits like a charm, the older stuff is a gamble. Somebody basically finally got an official kit. And of course... the older stuff happens to coincide with the 'oops' period for Belleza... the year Maitreya came out, Belleza locked its creator kit for that year and the year after... giving Maitreya a 2 year head start on fitmesh... Belleza did this because they were working on making the 'Freya' and 'Isis' bodies and had planned to discontinue 'Venus'... so they didn't want bad stuff out there... but the delay severely hurt the body's popularity... - and led to the rise of a LOT of people making home-guessed fittings... some of which are still in use... (and it also wasn't the last time Belleza locked down handing out kits... but the second one was "ONLY" about a year long... see 'cone of shame' meme-pic above...)
  7. Pussycat Catnap

    The purpose of a clothing Demo?

    I just use for fit. I can tell from looking at the item if I'm going to like it, and I know everything will look different in different windlight settings - but I find a LOT of people are sloppy about the fit on certain areas - not accounting for it actually being fitmesh and someone having sliders outside the range they presume... Most of what I buy is from fullperms shops anyway - and I retexture. The typical 'fatpack' has about the same price as the typical fullperm kit, except the second one comes with mod permissions... so it's better.
  8. Pussycat Catnap

    question about girlie bits

    That just feels like an epic fail... No demo too, so you can't even try to figure out how hard it would be to tint...
  9. Pussycat Catnap

    Guys its 2019 what can we bring to SL this year

    They have a whole team dedicated to touching the servers. I'm fairly certain it's the biggest development task they have. They just don't touch them in the special places some of us might want. But if you look at SL over the last few years, a lot of major issues have been improved. Users keep finding ways to ignore or work around improvements and retain flawed experiences - but that doesn't mean a lot of stuff hasn't been fixed.
  10. Pussycat Catnap

    Landmarks Are Pointless

    Yeah some venues move on a dime, and others have laid down roots and grabbed a hold of the servers their sim is on... Just the way it is...
  11. Pussycat Catnap

    To what degree do you feel "immersed" in Second Life?

    Pretty sure I got plenty of folks angry in another thread recently over my opinion on this point. They're cartoons, and this is a cartoon simulator. I don't see it as very much immersive at all at this point. You can know and make friends with people - but that's the person behind the keys, not the cartoon. You can also find fiction pretty immersive - but I just don't much right now with SL.
  12. Pussycat Catnap

    Orc Avatar

    Belleza Body and Mayreal head. Tusks: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Phae-Body-Works-Orc-Tusks/10839529 Elf ears (work for Orcs) from LOGO: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Eventide Far East/147/125/26 Eirtae skin from 'Lumiya Rae'. Which has appliers for LOGO ears. Probably 'cuter' than desired: Looks amazing nude, but can't post that here. Hair I usually get any black hair that is straight or frizzy. These days I am fond of Ayashi. The eyes were from 'snow' - a very old brand that has some super cheap stuff that actually looks very good.
  13. Pussycat Catnap

    Disable looking through walls

    In case you didn't know... That's a cartoon character on your screen that you're moving around. It's not actually you. This is basically just a cartoon simulation game with a chat bar attached. Or a chat bar with a cartoon simulator attached... What does it matter if it's nude, clothed, has a cat head, or 3 arms, running explicit cartoon animations, or whatever... as long as it's not wearing a red MAGA hat, it's all good.
  14. Pussycat Catnap

    People of Color needed for magazine article

    I recommend removing your RL picture. In SL the larger social norm is not to Facebook things with RL pics, names, emails, etc. Those are things that will likely detract a lot of people from reaching out rather than aid. It's the "this is my first post and I want to study all of you" that is usually a taboo in pretty much all online and offline communities. But we're here, in SL. And I'd recommend looking for folks from within the platform itself.
  15. Pussycat Catnap

    People of Color needed for magazine article

    Brand new resident who's basically joined just to survey us colored folks... ... ... hmm... (EDIT: I see you've actually been in SL since September 4th).
  16. Pussycat Catnap

    Do you use ban lines or those things that kick people out...

    There are two reasons people don't tend to like access lines. One of them can be controlled against but the other cannot. 1. Visible lines all over SL - some viewers let you hide these, thus it can be controlled for. 2. All forms of banlines, including sell passes, break any vehicle the happens to bump them. It's often very easy to have this occur by accident. This simply cannot be controlled for... and vehicles still break if the banline is hidden... so people in vehicles need to keep them visible to at least even try to avoid them. Often even if you stick to roads, going around corners or crossing a sim can temporarily put you off the road, and if the sim actually places you there rather that just a momentary rubber banding - vehicle breaks. That's why many of us use security orbs. Also... unless you ban someone by name, they can sit 40m above ground inside a parcel that has banlines on.
  17. Pussycat Catnap

    Voice or Text?

    I never turn on voice. If a place I enjoy visiting is having a voice night, I tend to leave. I also tend to mute the volume anytime I'm at a 'DJ' event and the DJ starts talking. I also don't go to shows where there is a speaker, poet, or etc that is using voice or talking over music. I will listen to live singers but that is a rare exception and even then I sometimes cut out even when I like the music... For me... I just don't like the fantasy of how I imagine the avatars to be, to be shattered. In my head-space everyone I get to know has a certain character, voice, etc... and I like it to remain intact. Even each of my alts and my 'main' has her own voice and character that I like to keep intact and distinct... I can 'hear' my avatar speaking in my head I type, but not if I actually speak in place of her... As Talligurl wrote, my SL and RL are separate. I was online early... weirdly even before the period in my life where I was homeless - I first got online in the 1980s, and I had read come Cyberpunk novels before that, which often had aspects of the old 'BBS' and 'ham radio' cultures in them. In those cultures, and in the streets where I grew up; people had nicknames or personas that were not themselves. This whole modern era of RL you 24/7 on Instagram was something people where I came up from would imagine as a nightmare dystopia we didn't think might ever actually be reality... Voice is like a sledghammer to the mirror between RL self and persona - and when you shatter that mirror you chill the ability to have an actual honest discourse. People 'Code Talk' when they have no barrier. The 'RL always out there' actually hides truth and creates dishonesty... Putting on the mask, unveils truth. It allows people the freedom to not Code Talk, to speak and be as their real inner self is. And in this medium, that means using text. So not only do I not use voice, I won't even participate as a listener. I would much rather read your truth than hear your lies.
  18. Pussycat Catnap

    Do you use ban lines or those things that kick people out...

    I use the security orbs - but I use them inside of skyboxes. At certain heights I rez an opaque and solid (non-phantom) box that people can see as they approach it, and then I set a security orb inside of it that only effects up to 0.1m LESS than the space the box covers. So you MUST be inside of the box to get zapped. From the inside of the box it's transparent so I can see out. At ground I put up no barriers - but if I'm there and looking to be left alone I will eject someone by putting up a banline until it pushes them out, then taking it down (unless they're behaving badly in which case I toss them out more directly - but that's very rare.
  19. Pussycat Catnap

    What makes you block someone?

    I typically block anyone who's name I'd ever seen on SLUniverse before 2012, or anyone who turns out to be a racist, libertarian, or misogynist. Most of the people on my post-SLU block list, and about half of those from the SLU-list have long since left or been banned from SL itself from factors having nothing to do with me, as once I've blocked them I don't ever cycle back to them. I do temp block people that spam me or who's objects spam me - but I usually remove these after a bit and if the spam doesn't come back they don't get blocked again.
  20. Pussycat Catnap

    Another MP change - a Good one. Thank you, LL!!!

    EDIT: Nevermind. I just noticed another thread said redelivery was in there, and then went and confirmed the same. So yeah - this is good news with those two combined.
  21. Pussycat Catnap

    What do you all get on SL for?

    Ensure there is always a window doing 'stuffz and things' open on my laptop. Ensure there's a high chance some window on my laptop is minimized. Ensure I can warm up the area around my laptop by providing something to stress out my graphic's chip. Make sure the memory on my laptop has something to remember. Ensure there is always I can forget was still running over there. Ensure streaming music is even more laggy than it might otherwise be. ... that's not purely a humor response either... I really need to get more active in SL considering how often I am logged into it...
  22. Pussycat Catnap

    Who is Governor Linden?

    Yeah technically the account of 'governor linden' seems to be a staff bot account that is just used as a placeholder for any SL land that is not owned by a user. I ....think... I have seen governor linden on my radar, once or twice during griefer attacks, but I'm not sure - could be remembering that wrong. Chances are anyone working at a certain manager level over at LLs has the ability to use the account for 'managerial world management issues' - if it can even login to begin with (after all, not sure I'm remembering those sightings correctly). The topic looked like a humor topic so I gave it a humor response.
  23. Pussycat Catnap

    Off Grid Woman Wanted

    I too get all of those 'lonely Dutch pool boys in your area. just click here' adverts... ... ... ... But I never realized that if I clicked the link it would take me to these forums... 😳
  24. Pussycat Catnap

    Who is Governor Linden?

    I always figured Governor Linden looked something like this: [Moderator Edit: Inflammatory image removed] Governor Linden is best governor, and supreme linden. Dearest caretaker of all the lands (that people are abandoning...).
  25. Pussycat Catnap

    work for avatar with classic body?

    Unless you can't tell apart the people making fast-food wages and the people working as venture capitalists in Silicon Valley... ...an SL job isn't a job, it's a form of roleplay...