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  1. Yeah I have the same dilemma with Belleza. It's my "perfect look" but that polygon count is just too much. Once I switched, even on my newish high end machine the difference was there over time. And as someone who talks about lag a lot, I didn't want to be the one lagging other people. Ideally I wish Rehalia was a human body - because it's the real low lag one, and it even fits the clothes of other bodies - but paws for feet and a unique UV map (meaning I can't use human skins) put it off the table even for an 'extreme neko look'. Before I got a new computer in 2019, a lot of venues
  2. One can choose to not care about gravity - but if you jump out of a building you will still go splat. At night in my dreams, I stop caring about it, and float around all I want. But that doesn't mean anything, and when I wake up no matter how hard I try to jump, I still can't fly away. What one cares about matter not at all if facts don't care about the same thing. And facts are not feelings.
  3. I try to avoid orbs and banlines period below 1000m. Keep skyboxes above that too. Best if above 1250 or so to reduce the chance of ever being seen from below. Above that height, I see no problem with instant 0-second no warning TP home orbs IF AN ONLY IF they are contained 100% INSIDE a solid object. So you're flying along and bump into a giant prim with a texture on it... you need to TP inside to get inside... you do so... you're fair game. At ground... make the place look decent to look at as people pass by. And not 'hostile' to folks that accidentally wander in
  4. Exactly. Any scripted method, or looking at the number in in the shape editor is an estimate and it can be off by as much as 6 inches - as it has to assume certain values for the head.
  5. Land of giants in that survey. 1.62178m = 63.84961 or about 5'4" Survey includes a presumptive bias: Telling us what's short or tall...
  6. This looks like some kind of alpha glitch. Since your hairbase is BOM is is showing under the glitch. Some layer is still around above your 'skin' that is set to blend. The white line is most likely caused by some 'applier layer' being set to 'blend' mode. It could even be the 'applier hair base' layer - which would further explain it being 'white lines' if that layer is 'empty' but still set to blend. Go through all the layers for appliers and set any you are not using to mask mode if that's an option. If it still persists, you'll have to do this with layers you do use unt
  7. That was a general comment about 'everywhere' in life. SL and elsewhere. And I would suspect that the OP seeing the kind of response that was gotten - is seeing something that would repeat given a similar social dynamic just about anywhere. My guess is the person doing the harassing is a friend of those who run the venue, or we're looking at gender based dismissiveness, or something like that. It should NEVER be on the victim to choose how to avoid the abuser... It's on the abuser to just stop doing it. And a proper response is to put an end to that abuser's ability to do so. And t
  8. If your parcel if close to a region edge, script glitches can cause it to pick up people outside the plot but on the other region is the script is scanning by range rather than by 'definitions'. This is a ranged based scan: llSensorRepeat("", "", AGENT_BY_LEGACY_NAME, 23.9, PI, 1.0); - that can glitch near parcel edges, That's why I set it to such an odd number. By contrast here's a scan that works by defining what kind of scan to do: integer scanDistance = AGENT_LIST_PARCEL; // Avatars in parcels in this region owned by the owner of the parcel this is rezzed i
  9. Couple thought: The 512 you were seeing in the first screenshot - that's megabytes of GPU memory to be used. An image at 1024 means pixels. a 1024x1024 image is usually less than 4mbs in size. That noted, SL caps this memory even when you have more. Mine shows 2048 there and my nVidia 2080 GPU goes way past that. A lot of MMOs have this problem from being coded on older methods for much lower expectations than modern systems can meet. On GPU upgrading... easier said than done. Anytime there's a lot of news about things like bitcoin availability of GPUs gets really lo
  10. This basically sounds like what happens most of the time when I bring up someone being racist in any setting where bulk of folks are mono-ethnic from certain demographics. I get told to stop being rude to the racist, or even more absurdly called racist for pointing out racism; and that given individual gets no repercussions, and then folks wonder why their community is perceived as unwelcoming by people of color. Basically for being harassed, you are being seen as a troublemaker, and your attacker is being accepted as the victim. You can't win this one, you just need to get folk
  11. I'm a big fan of this because I like the have doors work on collision instead of touch, and have different locks and different 'autoclose' from the exterior doors. Keep the inside ones open most of the time as the outer ones auto close. While I can't change that the outside doors work on touch, if the inner doors are mine to rez and control I can use my own scripts in them.
  12. They were more manually built. Before the project got too overwhelming. So there's very few cases of cloned regions and even when you get a clone, they'd go in and alter each copy a bit. Yet oddly, my favorite landscaping is a clone, that has two identical copies... Homes: 1. Houseboat - Barnacle 2. Log Home Grand View - if this could rotate to any facing it's be nicer, but still not beat that houseboat. 3. Camper - Colorado 4. Stilt - Santiago - but only if over water. 5. Log Home - Lincoln - if I could rotate this I'd be above Grand View.
  13. Often you can just double click to teleport yourself inside. I'm noticing this is now working even in the homes where last year it didn't. Either they fixed something, or Firestorm changed how it handles a 'double click to teleport' even when done on a 'touch' surface. If you join the inworld group "Bellisseria Citizens" you can ask about homes that are open for visiting. There's even a notecard that gets passed around of homes where people are invited to come over and look around. Citizens group: secondlife:///app/group/f7b0c9d9-ab6d-30d1-e37f-52b2bb132074/about
  14. Yes this is a vital point. BOM uses the old system skin system, but an old system skin won't really look good with it. Obvious point on the body being the painted on nails. But another thing that was pointed out to me is that BOM can bake on a skin at 1024x1024 image size, whereas old system bodies bake on at 512x512... so many old skins were uploaded at 512 as there was no point back then uploading a higher resolution. Applier skins can work on a BOM body, though one might end up losing some of BOMs other advantages when doing so. Ability to use Alpha masks for example, and the abil
  15. Your visual self communicates not just to others but also to yourself. Is SL a place where you carry yourself in and present your RL self to everyone, or is it a place where you explore an idealize set of things about yourself and others? My own avatar is radically different from me so that I can be freer to explore myself. Especially in the early years of SL - it let me figure out things that I would not have gone to had I been carrying the baggage of how I present in RL. Putting 'cat ears and a tail' onto my avatar, for example, made it a more 'real me' than the me I see
  16. I figured that one would have been gone the moment it got posted.
  17. Keep watching. I think in the Chalet thread I posted some screenshots of not yet released parcels for log homes. One of them looks a LOT like that camper spot. As log homes are no longer the 'newest thing' some choice plots are also getting tossed back by people moving to a different style. Either chasing the new shiny or just wanting a change of style for a bit. But I've recently seen a number of amazingly good log cabin spots. Got one of them just recently - but some even better ones look to be in the pipeline.
  18. On noticing that they're filling in these spots on Log Homes now, my alt just gave up her Chalet and tried for a log home - and got one beside one of those '6-region river loops' - the very kind of spot I'd failed to get when they first came out, and resigned myself to not being interested enough to keep trying for. Probably the best time to get a choice Chalet will be 4-6 months after they're new, when they go back and do fill ins. Half the neighbors of the plot I got are new here, and half have been around for months. I guess a lot of people are also giving up some really nice Log Homes
  19. The same situation existed for the Log Homes. I've not really looked back there, but were the extra regions filled with trees and tracks, more homes, or a mix? Whatever happened there is likely to be repeated. Some of the Southern coastline for log homes, where it does come down to the water - instead of having waterfront log homes, got victorians. In other places log homes are adjacent to the coast, but on the top of a cliff. But on the interior river side regions that were 'empty' when the log homes first came out, I'm not sure what they did. EDIT: It looks like they are
  20. The problem usually isn't that the modern database we showed to management last year can't handle the semicolons, the problem is that IT hasn't processed approval of the upgrade request we put in because they're too busy playing Overwatch over in the back room so our actual database is still stuck in 1937...
  21. This thread seems to have WAY MORE drama than makes sense given the subject matter. Looks like I was wrong about Firestorm. Could have sworn it was otherwise but I even opened some images up and messed around with looking at them in different ratios them to verify that I'd had it wrong. I do wish that the ratio for all three of 'about land', 'picks', and the '1L / 2L' profile images was the same BOTH across each of them with each other AND across all viewers. It would make image choices a lot easier if there was universal consistency. I could care less what actual ratio
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