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    What makes you block someone?

    I typically block anyone who's name I'd ever seen on SLUniverse before 2012, or anyone who turns out to be a racist, libertarian, or misogynist. Most of the people on my post-SLU block list, and about half of those from the SLU-list have long since left or been banned from SL itself from factors having nothing to do with me, as once I've blocked them I don't ever cycle back to them. I do temp block people that spam me or who's objects spam me - but I usually remove these after a bit and if the spam doesn't come back they don't get blocked again.
  2. Pussycat Catnap

    Banned and Don't Know Why

    Yeah privately owned land. Even if a venue is public, the place is owned by somebody and they don't even need a reason. Try to go back and see if it's a ban or just an eject. I've tossed people off my land merely because I was busy and didn't want to be bothered - but that's my SL Home I'm referring to not a public club. Sometimes reasons can be totally random and nonsensical to anyone but the person who tossed you. I notice your profile is blank... that there might be the reason... maybe they presumed you were a bot or griefer or something... Not that a blank profile is any indicator of anything... but people can imagine all kinds of things. Another reason, especially with a destination guide spot - maybe it was a timed event and the event is now over or is being rebuilt for the next week/month/quarter/etc... Such places tend to put up banlines when they're rebuilding, but not always... And it's also not too uncommon for a place to be listed in the Destination Guide 'past its sell date'... You can go to a spot listed there and find out the land is now actually owned by somebody else, with some completely different build on it... and the Destination Guide team is just out of date... (The one time my own land got into the Destination Guide, years ago when I had a 'welcome newbies' help spot, it appeared there the day AFTER I had sold it t someone else who was busy expanding their store into the space... and it stayed there for a week or two before they figured out that it was no longer the advertised thing). It's not really worth worrying about unless it's someplace you really really really wanted to go to.
  3. Pussycat Catnap

    Another MP change - a Good one. Thank you, LL!!!

    EDIT: Nevermind. I just noticed another thread said redelivery was in there, and then went and confirmed the same. So yeah - this is good news with those two combined.
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    What do you all get on SL for?

    Ensure there is always a window doing 'stuffz and things' open on my laptop. Ensure there's a high chance some window on my laptop is minimized. Ensure I can warm up the area around my laptop by providing something to stress out my graphic's chip. Make sure the memory on my laptop has something to remember. Ensure there is always I can forget was still running over there. Ensure streaming music is even more laggy than it might otherwise be. ... that's not purely a humor response either... I really need to get more active in SL considering how often I am logged into it...
  5. Pussycat Catnap

    Who is Governor Linden?

    Yeah technically the account of 'governor linden' seems to be a staff bot account that is just used as a placeholder for any SL land that is not owned by a user. I ....think... I have seen governor linden on my radar, once or twice during griefer attacks, but I'm not sure - could be remembering that wrong. Chances are anyone working at a certain manager level over at LLs has the ability to use the account for 'managerial world management issues' - if it can even login to begin with (after all, not sure I'm remembering those sightings correctly). The topic looked like a humor topic so I gave it a humor response.
  6. Pussycat Catnap

    Off Grid Woman Wanted

    I too get all of those 'lonely Dutch pool boys in your area. just click here' adverts... ... ... ... But I never realized that if I clicked the link it would take me to these forums... 😳
  7. Pussycat Catnap

    Who is Governor Linden?

    I always figured Governor Linden looked something like this: [Moderator Edit: Inflammatory image removed] Governor Linden is best governor, and supreme linden. Dearest caretaker of all the lands (that people are abandoning...).
  8. Pussycat Catnap

    work for avatar with classic body?

    Unless you can't tell apart the people making fast-food wages and the people working as venture capitalists in Silicon Valley... ...an SL job isn't a job, it's a form of roleplay...
  9. If that is what someone is seeking, those are super easy to find.
  10. Pussycat Catnap

    One night stand

    Oh.... it isn't just the men... Sometimes the stalker already fits that particular description... Othertimes the stalker has already been begging you to do just that...
  11. Honestly this is a great topic for one of those many philosophy clubs in SL, but an extremely poor topic for the general discussion forum...
  12. Pussycat Catnap

    Neighbor Bully

    Ok that's good then. She should be safe. That said I had a mesh wall I liked that a neighbor managed to repeatedly return on me despite my measuring it as inside my plot. Something in the bounding box or whatever must have been larger than it appeared on screen - a problem that used to be common with sculpty but that I had never seen in mesh before that one wall. Oh and, they can't return the offsim, only a linden can do that. Some people use that fact to purposefully grief people if they think the lindens might take forever to respond to an AR... though that's super rare. But... if the offsim vanishes, don't put it back. However lindens almost never zap offsim stuff unless it's violating some other rule... (as in... I've actually never seen or heard of them zapping offsim stuff, but I can imagine reasons why they might). Oh and I think I'll check your blog. Thanks. It really is an amazing example of making lemonade when somebody else tries to toss you lemons.
  13. Pussycat Catnap

    How to broach script use with neighbors.

    The memory of the scripts is not all that important, but the script time is. You need your own script to measure that, using http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlGetObjectDetails The important variable is OBJECT_SCRIPT_TIME I've got a blog on this, from my plans to put out a meter for it that I never completed because of the LOD of the prim I was using to display the results... https://catnapkitty.wordpress.com/2017/12/21/almost-done-wip-script-lag-monitor/ - But my script measured avatars. You'd need to use that function differently to measure rezzed objects. Your viewer should be able to report overall sim script time, I think (I actually haven't checked in a very long time), but that won't tell you what to blame. It can be surprising... a single very low memory script can be the cause of most of it if it just has a few bad looping functions, and a massive high memory script can be a non-issue if it's written well.
  14. Pussycat Catnap

    Neighbor Bully

    Hmmm... I still hold my opinion on builds on water BUT that is impressive dealing with the situation AND I like that house... I may sneak by and find out where to buy all the pieces there... Much better than my canal idea... I should have read the rest of the thread before posting. Lola got some skillz. The only thing I will say is that if I were the neighbor, and I had their attitude, it is possible I could ruin your day here. Some of that looks like it might overlap some fragments of their build - if so, they could return it. If that happens, then wait till they're not onlin - put it back, and carefully measure pieces to move them to positions they cannot return... and if they return again... just repeat quietly and without drama until either you find the sweet spot or they give up.
  15. Pussycat Catnap

    Neighbor Bully

    I personally get annoyed anytime somebody puts a house on water land. But I would never get annoyed like this. I just /sigh and realize some people like paying a LOT more for the land they have than they needed to... That house could have been on land-land... Water land... build a skybox and put a boat down there, or a house boat, or something fitting. But instead of the palm trees, I would get some nice brick walls and build them up higher than her prims, or high enough that you don't see past them, and build a 'canal' theme inside since you're stuck with walls anyway... - which is another theme I do NOT like, but given the circumstances... it would at least fit in with that you have to deal with, and block out the sight of the surrounds for you and your visitors. You can also rile folks like this up by right clicking on everything on their land and hitting return. The other person's walls are sloppily positioned which tells me they don't know how to line stuff up... and it is very likely some of that stuff is actually on your land... - Just note that as soon as you do that, they will likely do it back. So only do it if you are sure your own build is 103% within the bounds of your land (including any invisible bits). - But that is also the pathway towards drama. Otherwise you just have to wait them out and build something that takes advantage of their junk... which is why I suggested the canal theme.
  16. Pussycat Catnap

    If there was an "offline" version of Second Life....

    So basically OpenSim?
  17. Pussycat Catnap

    Second Life Budget

    I feel like you're using the word budget in reference to time and folks are reading it as money. Time... is not actually money. I don't really budget my SL either way within SL, but in terms of SL itself yeah - I will purposefully stay away to reset perspective. And often I go into SL just to give my self some solo goofing around time... SL basically becomes a respite from other things in my life.
  18. Pussycat Catnap

    Lines that annoy you most

    Do we work in the same office? All day long it's a couple people sending me "hi" I'm like... what? It doesn't help that in person I'm a chatter box... if somebody starts a conversation with me they just took a 30-minute break...
  19. Pussycat Catnap

    I don't understand this game

    I found an old instructional video on how to play in the RP sims of this game:
  20. Pussycat Catnap

    Advice on testing demo mesh heads

    While Omega may not be perfect... you have to do what you have to do sometimes when it comes to demos. But I recommend getting one 'decent skin' from somewhere that comes with all kinds of appliers. At the least the major brands plus omega. And if you're serious a skin with some contrast - so not too pale or too dark. The added contrast will give you dimensionality to spot how things look on the head. An alt is also handy... and an install of SL that lets you log in two avatars at the same time... - What I do, is hand my shape to the alt, and put myself and my alt on a side by side posestands. I then put the test head or body on, and try to get myself to look like I do over on the alt, only better... because if it's not better why buy it? And as a last step, get on some furniture that has expressions. About half of modern XXX-beds have this. Not sure what G rated stuff does... but it is a very handy way to see how well the face animates. This script can also be used to get your avatar to make all the expressions and thus test how well a head animated: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/User:Dora_Gustafson/JSON_structure_facial_expression - Simply put that in a prim and then sit on the prim and use the menu for it (should pop up automatically, if not click the prim after you're on it), to pick expressions. My personal recommendation in heads is Mayreal. That said Mayreal heads don't have expressions built in... you need a HUD for them... But otherwise I like the brand. But the size of the lips and mouth of any brand should be a matter of your shape dials. Any brand should be able to give you small or large by adjusting your shape right.
  21. Pussycat Catnap

    One night stand

    My experience in those very places is most of those guys think they're about to score a multi-year long relationship out of that poseball... If you respond with so much as a 'hello' back, you've gained a new sidekick. You can enjoy that scene, but you've got to make it clear you don't want anything out of them... and then you've got to get used to ignoring them anyway. Most of the time I don't even respond to them in chat at all... I just use the places as a silent poseball gimmick... A bigger problem is that the guys who are in that scene have no appreciation AT ALL for anyone else... they have the worst looking avatars... often even fail to have an AO... They will give you zero eyecandy to work with... - And the other option is places like 'nude clubs' that are full of guys who are just... dated... I feel like I'm talking to my grandparents trying to have 'game'... The look of their avatars is usually a blend of something from the 1960s, what kids in the 1960s thought their parents were into, and what people who came of age in the 1960s think millennials look like... (Actually that's about 90% of SL though... Baby Boomers running around on avatars that look like attempts at mimmicking Millennials... kind of like who so many black avatars in SL resemble what white people think is 'ghetto black' because they still think black = ghetto... and in a way it's just... sad...) - That said... if you happen to be a Baby Boomer trying to look like a Millennial... there are a lot of 'naked' sims in SL that will provide a steady stream of dudes who think they've got game... and they're either the lame poseballers TPing in for flyby attempts, or the regulars that sit around and IM all the ladies on the sim at the same time with random overly written comments about how beautiful your avatar is in the hopes that... you will hop on a poseball with them...
  22. Pussycat Catnap

    Lines that annoy you most

    I can't stand it in SL, or RL when people just use one single word like that and then... nothing... I'm all like... what? get to it? say something? Hello what? Hello who? Hello when? Even a bad line is better than giving me absolutely NOTHING to work with... I'm a TS:DR person... Too Short; Didn't Read... EDIT: Stupid page break. This is my second post and the one before it was the single word... Hello... but it ended up as the last post of the prior page of the thread...
  23. Pussycat Catnap

    Lines that annoy you most

  24. Pussycat Catnap

    I don't understand this game

    A Furry is worth 3 points A blond avatar with a bad shape and mesh body is worth 7 points A classic avatar is only worth 1 points A tiny inflicts a penalty on you of 2 points because they're an allied race. EVERYBODY likes tinies, no matter what faction they join. A child avatar is 0 points because the drama police are still in PvP over the score. A femboy is, I think 4 points or was it 69 points? A griefer nets you 10 points. But panicking about a griefer costs 11 points Getting Prok is worth 30 million points, but that's the end boss of the game, and last I checked that was a 50,000-man raid boss. 18 or so years in and I think that raid boss remains undefeated, so good luck. Every level you gain gives you 1 'drama passcard'. You figure out what the action on each of these types is that gains you the point... There are multiple quests around the game in places with very dramatic and often misspelled names that provide the answer(s). Many of them have a penchant for writing it in all-caps.
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    How can I make my avatar DANCE?

    If you have Firestorm instead of buying a dance HUD, just buy the dances you want and put them into a Firestorm AO under the 'standing' category. - lag free, and works even in no script areas.