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  1. Thanks. I so rarely leave this forum, I missed the creation of that thread. (She says as she opens another tab...)
  2. Was yours grabbed by the avatar whose name is so similar to mine that I have to look twice when I see it??
  3. Looks like Marianne got a great spot of Goodbury this morning. Can't wait to watch what she does when she has water view everywhere. My alt got a house up the hill. Need a good second floor balcony surround. Chloe grabbed a good location, too. Congrats, ladies!
  4. I think you are across the street. Welcome to the neighborhood.
  5. With all the error messages, that had to be the houseboat release...Pegleg.
  6. Homes. I was lucky enough to get one on the small lake for myself.
  7. If this is the case, I hope they also release something else. Otherwise, what a downer for all but 7 members.
  8. Hint, hint...pretty please. I need friends who can bring my imaginings to life.
  9. LOVE that second floor wraparound! That would help so many places when the view is not out back. Enjoy!
  10. Bellisseria was in the drop down list, again, for me.
  11. I got lucky today and grabbed a house on the lake in Sario. The weird thing was that Bellisseria was in the drop down list. I almost didn't click on it because I figured it was an abandon. Refreshed a few times and it was still in the drop down. Fortunately, I clicked and grabbed one.
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