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  1. You non-USA home hoppers really have a good time while the rest of us are sleeping. hahahah
  2. That was my daughter's "abandon". Glad you are happy to be there.
  3. Daughter got this on on Heath Cliff but letting in go in 5 minutes. https://gyazo.com/a822cfd01a47d1108cde12dc9f8a55f0
  4. BTW, Shallow Springs was released about 15 minutes ago.
  5. Usually, Saturday nights are soooooo quiet on the land page. Glad to see it differently tonight.
  6. My daughter got the houseboat on Sirinial. Looks like a nice spot with the little beach right there. Will be playing around with it over the weekend.
  7. What happened to jumping up and down in your mind about it??
  8. Congrats! I am envious. I love the two parcels on the sides of the falls.
  9. Yes, my hand can shake so much that it is hard to click that little radio button.
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