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  1. Love that dresser. Did you edit or is that the way it came, with the lighthouses? From where, if I may ask?
  2. You can message the instructor and asked if no one on here has them. Is it the A series you are taking?
  3. Me, too. Then I have to spend time opening things and [attempting] organizing them in my inventory. 😜 Plus, it is exhausting to try to keep up with all the deals out there. Thanks to those who post here and for the blogs to help me keep track.
  4. Just an FYI, but Rain does do the classes on a rotational sort of basis. However, the day of the week may change.
  5. Can you imagine what the land page will look like when the next theme releases, too? 😁
  6. I don't understand the owners of over water stilts who have put in palm trees. What's the point of having an over water home and then putting land trees?? I am going to have to derender most of my next door neighbors property.
  7. Touch and hold on the controller for what feels like forever. You should see a message about resetting then. Wait a minute or two and try to rez house then. Good luck.
  8. Try resetting the house controller (touch and hold down on it until you say "OK" in-world).
  9. Limber was my first neighbor in Bellisseria. I use her Doyle interior walls.
  10. Oh, I wish I only had 55K. I have purged more than once but can't stop SHOPPING.
  11. Releasing this camper at 4:30pm SLT. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wheeler/79/226/38 https://gyazo.com/99ad19011c80fe168371418a5c8c9217
  12. Was this at an event? I went to the mainstore and did not see this set.
  13. I was thinking how handy that little kitchen could be in Linden Homes, too.
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