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  1. Wonderful job! Love the bathroom sink and the bed. May I ask where they were acquired?
  2. Frustrating that the Europeans release such nice parcels when alot of us are sleeping. 😉
  3. I am always looking for a good low LI skybox for just that purpose. What's this one and from where, if I may ask?
  4. Just got a cabin in Cordeirinhos. I can't pronounce it so I can't stay. 😉
  5. Love the Audrey Hepburn-esque artwork. Did you create it yourself?
  6. Pennhurst open, it appears. Alt got a parcel with double rezzed house and Kit Linden responded quickly via chat support and fixed it. Some cute locations here at the "edge of the world".
  7. This is why I am frustrated. Today I got the same log home three times. 😞
  8. I think it is Queens Arch, though not the same one. 😄
  9. Ugh...I have had the Queens Arch one three times over the last 24 hours. No more victorian tries for me, if this is going to continue.
  10. That's from Bran. (branagain). He has a little in-world store. Made the conservatory for Winchester first and now this one.
  11. In my above posted example, the stairs of the Grand View are on the right, facing the bridge. If I could choose the Lincoln and turn it so that the large front windows faced that direction, the stairs to both doors would face the same. I could then, if I chose, put a path to the front door with either the Lincoln (in the direction of my chosing) or the Grand View (as seen). I understand that we don't really want houses facing all willy nilly. I appreciate a neighborhood feeling, but it is my house. Having the option to face the large windows to a view of something other than a road or a neighbor's house is desirable, in my honest opinion.
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