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  1. What add-on is this? Its lovely! I looked on the MP but did not see it. ty
  2. Gave up a beauty in Tinglesberry Congrats to whomever gets it!
  3. OMG those cans are stinking adorable!!! May I ask you where you got them?
  4. Make something myself? Lawddddddddd LOL I'm like all thumbs and crossed eyes
  5. It looks very nice! Also makes sense now why I couldn't find anything similar on the mp LOL. Also has anyone made a wrap around porch for the Adams?
  6. Thank you Leora, that last link is my place on Ashton. I worked on it some last night utilizing a lot of the suggestions and ideas folks gave me. It's coming together nicely.
  7. Yes Hendrix is right its Ashton Village. I love that sim and I'm finally on one of the sims with one of my SL daughters. It's a plus plus!
  8. Thank you! I was all on the market place and searching on SL for MOAR rocks. Now I feel silly! lol Thanks again for explaining.
  9. Waves back! Hi there neighbor! Why that's beautiful! What other rocks? Was that the MOAR rocks comments? What are those? How long did it take you to come up with this? You did an awesome job
  10. Hello all! It was suggested I move my topic here. so here I am I too would like Linden rocks and or textures. The light gray ones in the back area are mine and as you can see, they do NOT match at all. Thanks Hello All, I am in need of some suggestions. I got a parcel on a sim I was really after. I've tried several things with the yard and haven't been happy with any of it. I'm looking for suggestions. I'm trying not to lay a prim with a grass texture. Help plz!
  11. Thank you ladies! I feel like the Moles got to this plot, and was like, nope, not today LOL Challenge accepted! MOAR rocks? What are those? Sounds interesting.....
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