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  1. The best thing with Belli is that use of these is not allowed. And private estates that do not allow them too, of course.
  2. I should put a smiley in the post, I was not dead serious. 😉 I am much worse in the weekend sales, buying things I do not use there and then, but thinking "I may use it, and it is so cheap:" 😁 That is a sure way to burn money.
  3. I really have problems understanding. Why not sit and talk direct to the friend and say "I abandon it when you are ready?" Or how can that tool help someone to pass a house to a friend? The tool work for the region the person wearing it, is that not so? It is no way to see if random house is abandoned the same time in another region, and the friend clicking the land page get that instead. The post may have some hidden information that I don't get.
  4. I bet it is Celadon Green.... I don't think I have one such color.
  5. I saw this and thought "Ugh, I have not even used the bed I bought for full price". Lesson learnt, only buy full priced things I need there and then.
  6. The flat one with ugly texture is transparent on one side. Or else you would see it over the rock wall, on image #3. This is clearly done on purpose and no accident. No one does this out of kindness.
  7. If Patch said it, you can bet it's not true. 😉
  8. Please do not restart a 9 year old thread. The links that were given 9 years ago does not work, it will only be confusing for those who read it and think this thread is relevant.
  9. The Meshbody Classic fits TMP clothes, Legacy shoes, but not boots and anything above the ankle. Nails and rings rigged for Legacy fits. It is a good-looking body, but you will be limited to older releases for clothes. Stores like Scandalize has TMP sizes in older group gifts. I am not sure if the group is free or not now. Sometimes it is free to join, sometimes not. If you find the group free, join it. Next week it can cost money. But if you have some money, buy Maitreya. It is so many freebies and dollarbies for it, you get back what you paid in gifts. At least if you want a big wa
  10. This was super helpful, @LittleMe Jewell!😀❤️
  11. I believe the Happy Weekend event has no information under the Flickr image, because they will force people over to Facebook and look at the gallery there. And that is fine for me. The Facebook gallery work well, but it is only for that one weekend. When I have been off SL a couple weekends, I can not access older information on the Facebook page for the event. Maybe it is a way to do it if you are on FB, but I do not join Facebook for that! BUT nothing stops the creator from including the store name in the image they submit to the event, and write it in full, searchable words. I wou
  12. I never heard about The Little Bat. After looking at the MP, it appears to have mostly old stuff. Shoppers today know what TLB stands for? But searching with 3 letters is better than two. It actually works to search the Marketplace for TLB. I found the store easy. Searching for LG, gave me hundreds of other hits, I was looking through three pages of 96 items and not one correct. Lagyo on the other hand, returns the right store.
  13. You and me both... and the creators always shorten the store name so it is just guesswork. If it had said LaGyo instead of LG, it would be possible to find.
  14. This is from the weekend sale May 15-16. I can not find the Facebook Gallery, and the Flickr image has nothing that helps. I can't search with only 2 letters. It must be short for something.
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