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  1. It is the common problem people run into, I think. It has become popular with "Dewy" or "Shiny" skins. Using materials to set the skin to this shine, will affect everything on the body, unless it an onion body or you use separate mesh clothes.
  2. It is because the clothes can not be edited to fit a different body. The clothes made to fit Hourglass, will always be too big on Physique. Body is not the same as shape. The clothes made for Hourglass, will always have room for the extra big Hourglass forms. You can test it with a Hourglass dress demo over the Physique body.
  3. Slink Physique. The Hourglass is the one with bigger breasts and butt. Will not fit well... 😳 Edit: If VCO skins does not have a Slink body applier, you use the Omega applier instead. Just look for a Slink applier first. Edit edit: The Slink body need an Omega conversion kit. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Omega-System-Kit-Slink/7671377
  4. Sometimes I am logged in for several hours a day. And sometimes I have a break. Has a couple of weeks or months off, once in a while. I don't think you meant "Active" as in "Social"? I don't chat with people in IM or chat so often.
  5. Yes, but that Slink body comes without the hands and feet. In the store they sell the body bundle with all included. I recommend you to go to the store, the body bundle is for sale there and not the Marketplace. Try demo! You will then see if the neck fit good. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Slink/45/124/24 The mesh body will adapt to your short shape. It is the shape that forms the body. You will need a Slink body mesh applier. In the VCO store, it should be some vendor for it. The demo let you try on the tones. When you find one that match the head, you buy it. I guess it is the "Pale" skin. BUT! Slink body is on the decline. It means that there is fewer and fewer creators that makes things for it. Look at vendors for clothes you like. Does it say "Slink Physique" on them? Or only "Maitreya"? The Maitreya body is on Maitreya isle only, not on the Marketplace. You can go there and get a copy first. In the VCO store, you get an applier for Maitreya, and test it. Maitreya adapt to your shape. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Maitreya Isle/178/175/23 If some parts on the mesh body look to big, you go into appearance and edit more. To sum it up: Your shape shapes the mesh body. You buy appliers that transfer a texture to the mesh body. This can be pale or dark skins, or fantasy skins. All kind of skins that has a matching applier for that body. The demo mesh bodies can be edited, so you see how they will look like before you buy. The skins also has demos, so you can see how it all looks together. There are more things, like Omega appliers (an universal applier system) but you don't need to learn it as long as you find appliers for the body you choose. There is a new thing called BoM, Bakes on mesh. Since you are totally new to Second Life, I think this can wait until you want to hear what that is. First things first. Both Slink and Maitreya can be used with Omega and BoM too, so you don't need to buy other bodies.
  6. Hi! VCO, the store that sells these heads, and also has matching skins, is here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cerberus Crossing/237/124/3395 The problem with buying old, is that the seller can discontinue it. I did not find any gacha machine for this head. Often it is information about what body skin that matches. It is a board with "teleport to old stuff" but it does not work. Maybe the best is to send the creator, marmel (yamette) a message and ask, what you can buy that works with it. A shape is changing the look of the avatar, yes. Height, muscles, body fat, arm length, leg length and so on. You can make your own shapes. But it is often easier to start with a premade shape, and I found this for you: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/PS-Millis-Shape-for-Milli-Mesh-Heads-Big-Eyes-Effect-Almost-FREE/10308735 It also has some information that you may find useful. She also say you can contact her if you have questions. You need a skin in Pale tone. When you get the shape, click on it and "copy" then "paste" in the same folder. Use this copy shape to do personal changes on, so you still have the original. Wear the copy shape. If it is not small enough, click on yourself and "edit shape". You use the sliders under body to change it. Then use "Save as" and save it with a name like "Millie shape 20.01." It is easy to find it and change it again, and then you can "Save as"... Millie (new date). This way you have your shapes saved, and can go back to an earlier version if you change your mind. Should you buy a mesh body, or just hands and feet? Buying only hands and feet cost a lot. Maybe you should buy a mesh body. PS, you should not rez a no copy head on the ground. Only add it to your avatar. Was it any notecard with instructions included? I do not use VCO skins or heads, so I can only give general advice.
  7. I think different feet are different mapped. Yes, they use the same default SL map. I got a really excellent (free) set of covers from League. They don't offer 1 feet layer, but Maitreya layer, Slink layer and I think Belleza layer too. This is really perfection for my feet. My old League skins look perfect, a 100% fit. I don't know how League does it with new skins. I think the best would be if skin makers simply dropped most of the toe details. I don't need wrinkles, veins and shadows on my toes. As long as the skin texture and color matches. So you bought new skins, with bad toe texture, that was labeled as BoM? I wonder, lazy or cheap designers put old classic layers in the pack, and don't bother to correct the toes?
  8. Since the market is overfilled with cheap land, I wonder if you should stay. Click on the skybox and take it. Use one you like better. It is many pretty skyboxes on the Marketplace. I adore my Ash and Maple skyboxes from Onsu. Plus the Soho Loft and Warehouse loft from Schultz Bros. I just bought a 1024 that I paid 875 L for. This for sloped land facing water, with an abandoned lot between me and water, and a huge abandoned lot behind. Pretty builds on each side. It was good enough to build on the ground. The cheapest parcels was 515 L, and very ugly on ground. It was many of them. If I was looking for a skybox place only, I would take one of those. I am not sure if the average buyer are so frugal as me. I don't know how much you paid, or how fast you will sell it. I agree with Chic, start with the price you bought it for. If it does not sell, I would price it slightly under 1 L per square m - pricing it to 999 L. This because many who sort after price and square m, set an upper cost rounded to the nearest 1000 L. So pricing it to 1024 L would mean many will not see it. Then there is the option of 0.5 L per square m. As a last way, I would even go under. Last resort is abandon it, but then you loose all.
  9. Uh, tomorrow I have to decide if I will buy or not. I can't understand what the benefit is here... prettier lips. But I have to buy all new lipsticks. What is the benefit really? Better detail and HD makeup?
  10. I love that hair and hairbase. (especially the hairbase) Can you tell where it's from? Maybe they sell it in Omega or tattoo layers too.
  11. For a Victorian, I think this is so great. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Library-of-the-Empire-Modular-System-Bookcase/8311267 They can't be built around corners and such. This fits a straight wall. This can be built in a corner: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/WoW-Bookcases-9-textures-via-MENU/6311959 It also has a lot of variation, so you don't repeat the same content over and over. Pick up the free patio furniture from this store, even if you don't buy the bookcases.
  12. I am double posting since it shows a 10 year old skin and a 11 year old skin. Not 100% the same skin, I have lost some of my inventory. But it is the same creator and the same year. These old skins look good on the LeLutka Simone head. They look better! Lips can look a bit dry now, but new lipgloss takes care of that.
  13. Fun to dig in the inventory and find old hats.
  14. It can be better windlight too. I think I took pictures in Sunrise. The Sunrise I tried now, isn't so orange. The brows look better on mesh. I had more than 2 Gala Phoenix skins. I had Pout and Angel packs. But I think I lost a skin or more. It is at least the same brand, 10 years old. Same with my Dutch Touch skins. This picture from 2009, I tried on all my Dutch Touch skins. I know I had more! I don't wear the earrings. They are ARC 100 000! You can see some of them in the old picture... hanging there so innocent. The necklace isn't so bad. I wear an Izzie's gloss over the lips. And what was it with our eyes? Lol, they look so weird in all my old photos.
  15. It is strange to use the ten year old Gala Phoenix skin with a BoM mesh avatar. I can't find the hair I had 10 years ago. I must have had some inventory loss. I had only written Kin as the hair name, and searching for it in the inventory returns lots of skins...
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