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  1. The "worst" body is Belleza, who has not even an option to activate BoM, you have to wear a relay when you will use BoM. Slink has 2 options: All or nothing. If you want 1 layer, you have to take the pre - BoM body that has 3 layers. If you do not bother* to find alpha layers, but will use the cuts on outfits, use the pre - BoM body. You can still use BoM on this body, but it is only added. Slink has also the Redux body that has 0 layers and 0 alpha cuts. You have to use 100% BoM and 100% alpha layers. Maitreya kept the alpha cuts and deliver the body free of layers out of the b
  2. I heard nothing about a LAQ sale. No problem, since the heads are not "me". But it show me that I am too sure about Seraphimsl. Stores has to pay to be in Seraphimsl, isn't it so? Many probably opt out of using them. Of the stores I know of that has a sale, I have only seen Magika in Seraphimsl. I should have quoted @Skell Dagger, it wasn't you. Thanks, I knew at least one brand of heads had a Black Friday sale last year, did not remember the name. Maybe it was Genus too.
  3. I put an ice sky platform over my land, and decorated with winter trees and snow drifts. The platform looks better inworld. Nice, organic shape, much better than a snow textured prim with sharp corners. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Ice-sky-Platform/1587647
  4. I got that house... and put it up in the sky over my home. So good to have enough Li to do it. I linked almost nothing here. DDD: Crate shelf x 2, simple wooden fireplace, antique coffee table, antique side table, Shimmering trio of candles, Library skinny x 2, Baubly garland. Stag console, wrought iron chandelier, Let it snow cabinet, let it snow mirror, Total 13 li DDD: Wicker couch and chair, 4 Li (Tinted greener to be "Christmas green") DRD Gardenhouse chair, Candle/cookies in window, Group gift rustic candles, bear head, 2 candlesticks, total 7 li Bensen chris
  5. It is a difference between a free Catwa head that is advertised to fit male and female bodies, and Lelutka heads that cost 2000 L. I assume they use the current price of 3990 and price 50% off, not going back to the pre - Covid price of 5000. If they should use the pre - Covid price, the heads will cost 2500. So a free head meant everyone and their multiple alts came to pick it up. It was not in the Marketplace until the original sim and the two others was battered down. It is not my place to ask why, it was very generous. I think free stuff can attract a rude and demanding underbell
  6. I got in too, and now my wallet lies bleeding on the floor. It is too many high li items there, or I would have bough more.
  7. If Maitreya also has a sale, it will be mesh body for an alt. If Legacy has a 50% sale... well.... I might get a perky just so I can love myself ❤️ on my land, not bother anyone with triangles.
  8. I love that I can click on Appearance and see what I am wearing. Instead of guessing: What did I apply? I used a demo once that took off my eyebrows, and I had been wearing them so long and forgot what they were. It took a long time to find them. They came with another skin, they were not bought as eyebrows. I thought those HUD's with "save slots" was ridiculous and took too much time. Plus no alpha clashing. It is almost no skins sold with full body freckles, I can wear that now, over head and body in one click. They do not flicker if I want tattoos or clothes with lace. I can
  9. Pick up demos before, so you have selected what to buy. If all people did this, it would be so much faster. Get a Teleport hammer*, and make sure you have a landmark to Lelutka before the sale. Then drop in the landmark and let it work for you while you read something, but don't ignore the screen, suddenly you are in. Make sure you have low draw distance and when you are in, buy the head as soon as you can see the vendor and get out . *Auto teleport, Get me in, are other names
  10. Skin addiction: https://slskinaddiction.wordpress.com/2020/11/18/sas-black-friday-sale-is-coming/ Participating Designers*: StunnerOriginals Voodoo WYRD poema LOGO Forty Two WoW Skins VENDETTA Skins GA.EG [ae] Adam n Eve DeeTaleZ 7 Deadly s[K]ins PUMEC A R T E LURE #ADORED DrLifeGen3 Birth Belleza MIARY YS&YS Zibska Lara Hurley Skin Go&See Moccino Beauté Nar Mattaru Nuve Mignonne Stargazer Nivaro Amuse Bouche Amis Cosmetics Altamura Bento Avatar Ab.Fab Skins & Fantasy POUT! VENGE Session Skins *list
  11. Lelutka: https://www.flickr.com/photos/15634428@N06/50632408343/
  12. Slink disappointed me because I had the three feet (flat, medium and high) and when they came out with kitten and pointe, all feet in a deluxe pack, the pack cost crazy much, and us who had supported them, had to buy the new single feet, and then apply to get all feet in a bundle. Plus they went too far with the Bom... Maitreya does it so much better. And free update with the new feet included, when Maitreya added kitten and pointe. How others conduct their business is up to them, but I lost some love for Slink there. I think it was Wowmeh - Slink Physique - TMP - Belleza Venus - Mai
  13. Enjoy it! A corner lot is good, and it looks like you got a lot of flowers around you. I love the flowers in the Victorian areas. You know you can select different houses (4 Victorian styles) from your mailbox? And make sure you get the content creation pack from your mailbox too. It has many things you may need, like textures, outdoor brick walls and plants. And the selection of indoor textures (panel next to the door) can keep you occupied a long time, hehe. Edit 2: You can even pick your own RGB colors... like, if you want French Grey in the bedroom, you can find the code, cl
  14. Oh god, it runs only to the 23! 😧 Heeeelllppp... I hope I can get in... Here is their Flickr. I must try to decide what to buy before I get there. https://www.flickr.com/photos/colleendesmoulins/
  15. I have posted about places I am about to release in attractive places. But I have not been spammed. I think the most is 3 persons contacting me about one house. And two for the others. I want people to contact me so we can agree about a release time. I then send the persons info that I will release this property xx PM/AM SL time. Since we are many that does it this way, it has becone the "norm"? Or people think it is the "norm". I think, if we do not want to be contacted, just release?
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