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  1. I just love what you did here! I had a camper in 5 min... actually, I had several, but let them go. I saw others changing their campers to the wood one(s) with lots of windows, but I liked this one best. I had a few moments of regret for letting the camper life go. But you did so well. Did you make that kitchen? It looks like a custom one for that camper.
  2. https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/436002-bellisserians-show-off-your-home-and-garden/?do=findComment&comment=1968089 I am glad that I have pictures in the "Show off your Home and Garden" thread of the roof terrace before this island was set up! 😲 I called it a "Widows walk" then, but after I found out that it was too Victorian, I waited until I got a modern railing for it and renamed it a roof terrace.
  3. Since we talk about shoes, Maitreya fits seamless with Slink hands and feet, meaning that body can wear 99,99% of all shoes of newer date. I often wear Slink hands, they are a bit prettier than Maitreya. Looking at the Alice body, something is... odd... with the hands? It can be just me, but it is something unnatural with the relaxed hand. Another video review:
  4. I am going to let a houseboat go, later today. It's in Gaim. I have to pick up a few no copy items from Gachas first. When is it a good time?
  5. I lived in Humansville a while now, and only noticed it when I should take pictures, and increased my draw distance. Why isn't it on the map? Stealth mode?
  6. Here we go with a bigger backyard pool. Lots of pictures. I need to work a bit more on Avsitter, some poses are a bit off. That is the downside to changing pool size. And I got a roof terrace. I decided that with a modern railing, it is a roof terrace.
  7. When did that pop up, and it isn't on the map? What horrors does this seemingly idyllic island hide? Am I going mad? First my pooldeck disappears, and then an island rises up in Calm Waves?
  8. Or maybe all three?? (Edit: I am filtering my autorefresh to show only traditional homes. The boats in Chum isn't what I am out after.)
  9. After my previous post, I opened the official viewer and looked in all folders in my inventory since my last login. No luck there. It was not a waste of time, since I found a no-copy sofa I thought was lost. (I bought no copy because the copy version cost more then I am willing to pay.) But this shows that trying the official viewer can help fix things, even if it did not for me in this disappearing pool case. I found out that Firestorm needed a clear cache, since there had to be an inventory issue with it. The pool is gone, no big deal, just annoying to set up all the railings again. I don't have a copy, since I never use the same design twice.
  10. Not that I reviewed it, but I can give you my thoughts, not that I think I am an expert. Will it be mainstream? I think it's released too late. The market is saturated. The new TMP body had a surge in popularity, and had a lot of content produced in just days after the release. This is good marketing work, but I am not sure if the Signature team can pull off the same. I think they are weaker in marketing. Their new male body, Geralt, don't have so much mesh content made for it as Gianni, and it's over a year old. The bodies are Omega compatible, so any skin with Omega appliers can be used on it, so the skins should not be an issue. Plus that BoM is already provided for it. But as many mesh compatible clothes as the others? I doubt it. Sooner or later, the clothes designers reach a limit for how many bodies they can reach for.
  11. I don't only see in Lost and Found. I see in Objects, and also unnamed objects, in case the root prim was an object I made, but not named. I also filter the inventory and look in the folders that's been used last. If the rootprim is a carpet, it could be returned to the folder the carpet was rezzed from, and so on. I can always build it up again, I am just not feeling for it now. If I found it, I could modify it to be smaller. Much less work.
  12. Attention, Boat hunters: I will abandon one in Wobbegong. It's a square one, in case you like them. I will do it in 3 minutes.
  13. It's this stripe here: The cube is the default 0.5. So it is maybe 60 cm over? 75 for good measure? And the ground prim is the grey slate, that was left behind.
  14. The title says it all. I was a bit daring with my pool deck and extended it to the hedge. I thought "No one will notice". I am not sure now, can a restart make things poof? Nothing is in my Lost and Found, no mysterious coalesced object, no message from Second Life that my nefarious objects has been returned by Thoushallnotencroach Mole. Plus that my ground prim, that boldly go to the hedge, is laying here. And my autumn leaves by the entrance is spilling way out on the ground. Why should Thoushallnotencroach Mole leave some offensive objects? I had many things just go poof in a restart when I rented someplace a while ago, so it is a possibility? I can always set up the deck again, with more railings, so no one fall down and is trapped between the deck and the hedge.
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