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  1. It has a tower. 😁 that I made. Well, not the roof and the windows. But my design. It is version 2. Working on version 3, to get rid of some mistakes. Even if I use the Beta Grid, I am too exited, upload it on the Main Grid, and then... oops that must be fixed. Here is #1
  2. I am not good with numbers. I am always confused. What is "memory used: 10182 kb" That is not k? kb is lower than k? I always run into problems when I can't count on my fingers and toes. 😵
  3. I don't know if you waited long, and tried many times, but was it worth the wait? That spot is really good. Even the included fence is great, it looks like the Mole decorated with whole lenghts instead of stubs.
  4. I need to do it over. It has some faults that don't show up in a picture, but I couldn't wait, and put it up. It is good for personal use, but if someone bought it, I doubt they would like it. Especially if they are OCD. I am working fast, but sloppy.
  5. New tower: And I had to have a clear picture here so you can see it better. I did as I said, 5 walls with rectangular windows, 2 solid walls and one with a round window. https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/436002-bellisserians-show-off-your-home-and-garden/?do=findComment&comment=1944272
  6. Trying for a dramatic angle here. Do you see something new?
  7. I totally go for half wall/window now. I am thinking, since this is an octagon, to have the 5 sides facing the bay like this, and 2 solid walls and a wall with a small, round window between the two walls.
  8. TY for replies. No winding stairs! That would be too much LI. It would also has to be a door, an opening in the floor, and so on. No, I am sitting in the chair now, @Leora Jacobus. Like you do. I need a carpet for comfort and decor. I will try to put a teleport script in 2 carpets. Maybe that can work. For now, it is sit-in-the-chair! @RaeLeeH, I like it, I have thought about Queen Anne style. With @Blush Bravins wrap around porch, I think it's a bit like this: I work on it in a sandbox now. My work process is looking at it and think it's close enough. The left is work in progress. The right is how it was. Adding a bit more decor. The weather-vane is only 1 LI and free! https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/HVW-Wind-vane-ship-shape/15237414 The new windows have better LOD. I am using myself in the tower as size model. Oversized chair too.
  9. But if you should want it different, would you: Make it less wide? Not so dominant on the roof? Change the windows? This is what I am trying to figure out in a sandbox now. I will absolutely keep it tall enough for the view. I miss the Winchester terrace.
  10. it looks so inviting now, the fences blend in with the foliage. Country garden style.
  11. Enough room inside. Sorry for making many posts. I am too tired to open a program and resize.
  12. Another: Especially here, I wonder if it's too wide, Maybe take it in 1 m, it is 5 x 5 m now.
  13. I am inspired by @Lukas Thetanand tried to build my own tower. It is a start. I have bought the windows and roof, obviously. I am not that good to build. I will mesh the rest, but I am not sure about the windows. I thought it was original, to have them to the floor, maybe I should have a more traditional look. Maybe the tower is too wide. It is 5 x 5 m. I will experiment with smaller, maybe 4,4 or 4 m? It is plenty room inside for a chair and a telescope. I don't need more furniture.
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