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  1. I think I must copy the bamboo screen here, yes. You don't mind? I have some hanging wood beaded curtains, and I don't like them so much as these.
  2. Maybe you should buy saddle and bridle there too. I thought I found something much cheaper, but the price was for only saddle and only bridle, and Teegle has both in her pack. I think she has stirrups in the pack too.
  3. That happened fast! Now I wish I had bought the secretary desk....
  4. Maybe they did, one of my alts monitor the homes page, and a houseboat blinked in and out again.
  5. You are totally right, you choose between one of 4 styles. One of them is rezzed in place, but you can switch to one of the other styles and also change outdoor/indoor paint, floors, deck and trim. The error is probably that people monitor the side, they have a name typed in and refresh it all the time, they are taken in literally seconds. So you got the message when some other had clicked accept before you.
  6. The name was LAQ Decor. It's nothing on the MP anymore. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/102209 I inspected mine and found the creator, but the link does not work. I wonder if they sell only Bento heads now? They sold very popular furniture and some houses.
  7. Echo Cove has a lovely 32 x 32 m houseboat plot too....
  8. A 32 x 32 in Thatsulot (Sp?) It's northwest in the new houseboat continent. Why Thatsulot? It is mostly water, only a few boats. Less lag, I think. Edit: It was Tatsulot.
  9. I bought the Teegle Sugar Cookie, for let me admit it, the price was important. I can't see myself ride every day. I have tried WH demos and almost bought them, but hesitated. I also like that Teegle is smaller. I took her for a ride. The calves do indeed cut into the horse flanks, but it is a beta and I trust it will be updates. And then the price will rise, maybe? Probably. So it's a good deal now. I was a bit sceptical to no copy, but when I can get a new horse by clicking the HUD, it is not an issue. I even got a 1 L texture pack for it. The MP has some content. So... suggestions for riding boots? 😃
  10. Going to Teegle as soon as I can log in. I assume it's a demo.
  11. I turned it off on the houseboat because an avatar was standing under water a long time, maybe an hour. It didn't bother me first bc I thought he was afk. But after 30 min, it started to feel creepy. I think my houseboat is one of two with privacy off.
  12. Has some blogger compared Water Horse with Teegle? WH looks pretty awesome.
  13. Haha, I have no technical way of explain it, but 0 Pocket Loss is good, says Firestorm.
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