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  1. Marianne Little

    Second Life = "Barbie Doll game for adults"?

    We moved from our old farm when I was nine, and then it was deserted for some years. My sister and her kids moved in there after she divorced her husband. Since it was our family home, her kids found some old boxes with toys I had left. They were really shocked when they found tied up and mutilated dolls, one of them with an eye gauged out and red wax from a candle dripped in to make it look like blood. They still talk about it when I meet my nephew and nieces.
  2. Marianne Little

    To necropost or not...

    I think six months sound like a good time. As mentioned, people who has quit SL or stopped using the forums, will have their posts quoted and questioned. It was perhaps good advice in 2015, but things can have changed. I think, if you will bring up an old thread, start your post with something like: "I know this is an old thread, but I was reading it and wonder if it..." or something like that. You tell that you know it's an old thread, and those who jump to the last page to read it, is warned that it's an old thread.
  3. Marianne Little

    Using Custom Shapes?

    Perhaps you remember that shape creators used very pretty skins so the avatar looked good, and when people tried them on with their not-so-good skin , they were disappointed. This is more so than ever, with mesh avatars. The ad can be so beautiful, but under it the face is often distorted, because the bones is adjusted to make the mesh head over pretty. If it looks too good to be true, it is a mesh avatar they sell the shape for. Without the mesh parts plus the skin applier, it will not look like that. Make sure you demo before you buy. It is still many who is using the classic avatar in SL, so you must not buy a mesh avatar. (Classic = The standard avatar like the one you used some years ago) Many who will try to use mesh body parts, start with a body and is using the classic head. This is the best way to start. The mesh body cost some, but you will have problems to find things for free or discount for classic avatars. This is for shoes (heels, pumps, sandals) in particular. I will go so far as saying that you need mesh feet to be a happy shopper (or freebie hunter) in SL these days. For standard feet, you still find old shoes in places like Freebie Dungeons and their like. Those freebies was probably old when you used SL. Take a look at the SL Marketplace and choose Apparel, and you will probably see what I mean. I recommend Maitreya because it's so much content made for it, but other brands like Slink and Belleza is also easy to shop for. It is a video here that I hope is better, it shows how to get started with Maitreya body. The only thing I say is buy the DEMO for 0 Linden when you are in Maitreya store. Then follow the steps in the video. The demo body is fully functional and you will see how it works. And that goes for all mesh in SL. Bodies, heads, hair, clothes, shoes. Demo, demo, demo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2PtyyXzxnA A little thing that is new, is that WEAR is replacing what you had on that attachment point. And many SL creators use the right hand as default attachment point. So every time you click on something in your inventory and choose "Wear", you risk that it is replacing something you want to stay on. Like, you wear pants and when you wear a shirt, your pants are detached. Use ADD instead. That is safer. Especially if you try on clothes in stores. 🤭 The same goes for the clothes layers and the makeup layers and alpha layers, if you keep your classic avatar. Add lipstick, hairbase, blush et cetera. If you wear a layer, it kicks off another layer. You can use this on purpose, of course. Let us say you are trying on lots of different lipsticks. It is faster to wear instead of add, because you want the previous layer off. I hope this helps!
  4. Marianne Little

    Male Avatar - Omega Skins

    Did you try the Omega workaround for LeLutka Andrea? The OP has Adam head. Its mapping might be closer to the original maps. To be blunt, Catwa head users already have a lot of skins. They are not in lack of options. It is more that maybe the smaller brands can use system skins and be a realistic choice. As it has been before BoM, I could not recommend any other than Catwa if the male avatar wanted a special look, like Asian, African American or very pale freckled Caucasian. Omega skins for females is more common. On the other side, so many creators has pulled their system skins.
  5. Marianne Little

    Male Avatar - Omega Skins

    Male Omega skins for the head is like unicorns. So rare. LL promised us Bakes on Mesh, maybe that will help with the present situation, almost all skins made for Catwa.
  6. Marianne Little

    Forum Lags...Freezes when I multi-quote ...

    My guess is that it's big images for almost every post, and hard for your computer to take in all suddenly.
  7. Marianne Little

    What makes you block someone?

    Yes, but I think many of them is really old, from before jellydolls. I don't remember what tools we had, I just remember it was suddenly like walking in syrup when I came close to them. I never bothered to look at the list and unblock someone before now. An average of six objects, stores and avatars per year in SL.
  8. Located directly by the L-shaped lake. Sansara, protected road and unblockable, protected water. Easy access to Bay of Space Pigs to the southwest. No bridges that block a sailboat. The oldest Mainland continent. IM Marianne Little and ask for group bonus, 208 m to be added for free. The bonus land is under water, so you can expand the pier out there. Go down under the water - look at the 208 m parcels there. 3 parcels. They have a mesh hill that flatten the terrain, the ground itself is more bumpy. Ask to have the objects removed before purchase if you will see the bare land. 2032 m for 18000 L 2032 m for 18000 L 2048 m for 19000 L http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kanaloa/185/85/34
  9. Marianne Little

    What makes you block someone?

    Now you made me curious. I had to look at my block list. I have 62 in total, avatars and objects. I have several ones starting with "group". Does that mean I have blocked IM from group chat? I don't know what else it is. And Bloodlines - thirst. That is quite understandable. And a plant pet? Sounds like it was talking near me and I blocked it. 2 statues and a hot air balloon. Several annoying stores. I have blocked a book, a tree and a tush. And Lolas Tangos and a security orb. Why an orb? No idea. Plus an security plant? Half of a piercing. The Dressing Room - probably a subscriber that send out messages. I unblocked it to see if the event is still alive. Surprisingly many avatars. If they have a high rendering number, I block them in crowded places. I think half of them is that.
  10. Marianne Little

    Another MP change - a Good one. Thank you, LL!!!

    Only way I could find out before, was to click on reviews and try to write a review. If I get the message "You must purchase this before you can write a review" than I know it's safe, I haven't bought it. But this new function is so much better and faster. Even the date it is bought. Love++++
  11. Marianne Little

    The Home and Garden thread

    Not a home, but me texturing and editing a build from Anna Er0tica. I was thinking, if I edit and sell some pictures in SL, I need a store. I have already paid a year membership for 2 avatars so why not use the land. I didn't like the store "as is" but that's not a problem as long as the build is cheap, low LI and mod. My avatar is tiny and between 2 builds. The smallest is really big enough. For some reason, inside walls and floors were set to alpha masking, even if there were no reason. Original inside, first attempt, last one. I like the simpler walls since the ones with openings were too "busy" for me.
  12. Marianne Little

    Mesh clothes/Alpha

    I think this is a good tutorial for Signature Gianni. It covers a lot about the HUD and how to use appliers. And how to use the built in alphas in the body, go to 22 minutes. I think this is your issue here, you use the alpha layer, but instead you must use the built in alpha layer cuts in the body itself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VI7wjnR6Z0g Edit: It is in Spanish (sigh) but the images is good. Edit 2: I found one in English. Look at it from 1 minute and 37 seconds.
  13. And about skins, you will find that a lot of skins have painted in "hollow cheeks" with deep shades, it will not fit the slightly round face with full cheeks. You could go for a teenager face/skin with normal cheeks. The LeLutka Andrea male head has a more rounded shape: http://lelutka.com/blog/lelutka-bento-head-andrea-male/ And over this, use a wrinkle applier that makes him look older. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Izzies-Age-Yourself-LeLutka-Bento/11968726 Facial lines and wrinkles are unisex. Either this or Catwas Daniel, as already mentioned. When you demo, try the sliders for cheeks and see how full you can make them. Or else, our male mesh avatar expert is @Skell Dagger
  14. Don't forget the brow shape. Many brow shapes is made for low, "angry" eyebrows. Video tutorial about how to make brow shapes. This is not changing the color or thickness of the eyebrows, but the shape. Higher brows without arched points will make the avatar look happier and more approachable. Brow shapes are unisex. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbSwkmnkOhE Edit to add: Some skins have painted on eyebrows that an eyebrow shape can't change much. They are often made to look intimidating, with painted in "angry look". Your option is to demo browless skins and demo other brows from the Marketplace.
  15. Marianne Little

    basic advice how to change to mesh body...

    Making a link directly to Ruth 2.0 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Mesh-Ruth-20-Bento-Body-Head-Hands-Feets-Appliers-Full-Perm/15581499 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/RuthToo-RC3-Mesh-Body-with-HGluv-Skirt-and-Tanktop/16088312 and read the reviews to find out if it is something for you. There are claims that Slink Physique clothes and Maitreya shoes work for it. There you have a free body, but it will be more work for you. The body is a bit basic, but someone made nails and other stuff for it: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/ruth-upgrades-rc3-hands-feets-nails-2/15726755 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/PROJECT-Ruth-20-Release-Candidate-1v2/16068068 I don't know what these extras are. Perhaps someone will pick it up and make blogposts and videos about it. It is not going to be me, sorry... My time in SL is limited and I have other bodies to play with.