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  1. Marianne Little

    How does your avatar look today ?

    I picked up some amazing front hair wisps. Well, amazing to me. It's a freebie. It could be better if it was modify, but it is 13 HUDs with 25 or 16 shades in each, so it should be possible to match the most hairs in SL. It is 4 differnt ones, I wear #3. They are resize with script and can be moved in place since it's unrigged. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sintiklia/127/46/22 I think it's a freebie, I am in the group and had group tag on, but it's not sorted under group gifts, just gifts. You can see the difference from my picture 4 posts up.
  2. Marianne Little

    How does your avatar look today ?

    Pondering how to decorate this skybox. I bought the clothes in the Erratic sale yesterday. I am not sure if it's still on, sometimes storeowners let it go on a bit over the time they set. Erratic is too expensive for me, but with 50% it's acceptable. And I was deleting a few thousand demos from my inventory, and found these Avi-Glam eyes. I have no idea when I bought them, but I put them in a folder with favorite appliers, so I don't forget them again.
  3. Marianne Little

    Problem with Alpha of Hair and Semi Transparent Clothes

    I edit stuff all the time, and know about no mod scripts. I should get up the colored or white boxes no matter. I am sure they didn't show up yesterday. But today they do? Could be many reasons. Maybe I had selected something alpha from another piece. Or I was tired from rezzing so much. Shows that mishaps happens, not matter how old and experienced I think I am. I still select and delete houses, ground elements and everything I should not delete... because I unlocked them to tint or texture, forget to lock it again and then oops. I never seem to foolproof myself there. 😳
  4. Marianne Little

    Problem with Alpha of Hair and Semi Transparent Clothes

    I unpacked a very nice console table yesterday, after I read that. From a pay to join group.... I paid it because the gifts looked so pretty. And it wasn't mod, so I could not shrink it. But it let me put in a resizer script, problem solved. One piece of furniture saved because of this, so it was very useful to know.
  5. Marianne Little

    Athletic female skin.. and Lelutka head applier

    Ooh, where are your clothes from?
  6. Marianne Little

    The Home and Garden thread

    It was an Apple Fall sale last year, and I had not unpacked this Mercantile bookshelf set.
  7. Marianne Little

    The Home and Garden thread

    I think I will replace the walled garden with a frozen pond/ice skate rink and a snowy pergola for the winter. It will be much lower in LI, but I still have a lot of LI to use. I have developed a blind eye for things outside my parcel, so I am toying with the idea of going full winter on my parcel. The neighbor on the other sim has started with snowdrifts - full bright, nothing less. It is early to talk about winter, I know. But I will not have time for SL around Christmas, so what's not decorated 1-2 weeks before Christmas eve will not be decorated.
  8. Marianne Little

    Problem with Alpha of Hair and Semi Transparent Clothes

    I had no idea that you could put scripts in No Modify objects. That the system allows it. This goes against all I learned in SL. Good to know, but... as you say yourself, the hair appearance is then coarse when you look at it close. That is the reason creators use alpha blending instead of alpha masking, of course. Fine strands and wisps of hair loose the delicate look in alpha masking. I have experimented on changing alpha in modify hairs, and tried various levels of cutoff. It is tricky. A few hairs can look almost as good with alpha masking. But it takes time and patience to go through hairs and edit them, to find some hairs that look acceptable in alpha masking. For now, it is easier to change to another hairstyle that don't hang over the clothes. I can't wait until we get BoM. At least we can wear skin tight clothes on the torso with BoM, and avoid the alpha sorting issues. Lingerie with lace is a typical example.
  9. Marianne Little

    The Home and Garden thread

    Have you seen Reid Parkin's free tropical plants? Most of these stretch a bit before the LI increase. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Tropical-Plants-Mega-Pack-Full-Perm-FREE/5237378
  10. Marianne Little

    Can't figure meshes out..

    Speaking of my own experience, It is so seldom that cheap is better than expensive. I see you came too the same conclusion. Myself, I don't have enough time to make a head as Normie do the things Lelutka, Catwa or other heads in the middle/upper price range do. Especially if you want the cheap head do it. Some do it because they want to work with it instead of doing other things like shopping, dancing or working on the SL home. And they do a good job on it, but I prefer the "buy and wear".
  11. Marianne Little

    The Home and Garden thread

    I tossed flowers in the walled garden, and it's not looking bad. I like the whimsical things like the dutch windmill, sundial, and I also have a bird bath there. I pointed a light projector at the angel bench, since it's a bit dark. EDIT: I was asked about what I used, it is too much to write the list, but details here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/27764102@N02/44897931695/in/dateposted-public/ And here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/27764102@N02/43993703140/in/dateposted-public/
  12. Marianne Little

    The Home and Garden thread

    2 pictures of a better quality. The stone walls look much better here. I like the garage, even if it's using so much LI. I tectured the driveway from another house, it's 1 Linden. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/JU-Tile-With-Grass-3D-Textures-Full-Perm/9215972 Should I build the picket fence to the garage? I will need an opening, or else it looks stupid to cut off walking around the builds. And then I must move the tree and expand the walkway.
  13. Marianne Little

    Can't figure meshes out..

    I don't know, never been tempted to buy Normie. I see there is very little written about it in the Utilizator blog, it is no FAQ or walk through. It is clearly a head for those who are well versed in customizing, more than for those who buy a product and wear it. How about joining the Utilizator update group and ask for advice? https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/columnists/byron-york-as-world-moves-on-the-brett-kavanaugh-fight-continues
  14. Marianne Little

    Bakes on Mesh Feedback Thread

    The best thing about BoM, is that the alpha sorting issue is gone for all that you wear directly on the body. When you wear an applier with alpha now, let us say a tattoo, and you have long hair hanging down? The alpha sorting issue makes the tattoo disappear under the hair and a big portion around. The only way to fix this now is to edit the hair, but that makes it look more coarse and fine wisps of hair suffer badly. I have to use a skin now that has freckles directly on the skin, because there is no way I can use freckles and tattoos together. And I can not use lingerie with alpha, like lace, over tattoos (or freckles). When we get BoM (Please LL, NOW, kthxbai) I can customize myself totally, pick a skin, any skin, add freckles. Not enough freckles? Add more from a different creator. Want my body hair to match my head hair? Wear a layer for red pubes. Want to add lines, like the ones Izzies has made, veins and cellulite? Go ahead. And tattoos. And lingerie on top of that. All on BoM. No alpha issue whatever. I can wear stockings under my dress with lace, as long as I have stockings as BoM. Makes me drool in happiness, I tell you. And the face. Have your eyemakeup disappeared under the lashes? No more. Not enough makeup slots? Only Catwa has enough makeup slots, not my LeLutka head, and now, I don't have to buy a head just to indulge in makeup No need to click, click in a HUD, top eyebrows, no, the lower hairbase is not there, the bottom eyebrows? Maybe the blush layers. Having turned off the old hairbase that was on a different layer set than the new, I wear the new eyebrows... shoot, I forgot that I had the slot closed. Push the slider... wrong slot. It was the other brow slot. Wearing eyemakeup, oh no, the top of it took off the brows. Using the first brow layer and apply again.... Applying the tattoo that goes up behind the ears. It is an Omega applier and the designer took the shortcut and it applies to all slots. Starting with the makeup again, clearing slots and applying once more. My everyday makeup is utilitarian since mesh heads, eyebrows, lipstick and sometimes eyemakeup. Sometimes only eyebrows, because I wear the same even when I change skin. I can go back to wearing layers and forget slots. Well, I will wear lipstick on an applier, because of the glossiness. And applier masks and special makeup that use materials.
  15. Marianne Little

    The Home and Garden thread

    Well, pictures coming up, but it's not finished. The walled garden will have flowers all around the inside walls, and the jury is still out on the green ground texture. I want it different from the other land, but it's not perfect. I didn't do much with the pictures, I took them on a windlight without shadows. Edit: And I had the graphics on middle, no wonder the pictures look bland. I forgot to set them up after I had several avatars logged on the same machine. The house is totally empty. I spent all the time putting together the ground.