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  1. Toksik: I think I want ten single different items instead of a fatpack though... damn. So no mod for me eh. But it a good example, I want it, so I buy it. Creators who sell NoMod that I love, are not punished with a "no buy". I am so weak.
  2. If you do not know what Bakes on Mesh(BoM) is, Skell Dagger has some tutorials on his blog.https://virtualbloke.com/tutorials I can not be sure what body you are using. Is it Signature Gianni? It is updated to BoM, and it can be turned on with a click, as Skell show in one of this tutorials. Whet you need then, is to try a re delivery of your skin and tattoo, to see if they are updated to BoM. If not, you need to use another skin and tattoo... As you have already been told, this alpha canal clashing is in the system and can not be fixed. The only way is to use BoM. I was ex
  3. Maybe I answer the other questions later, but for now I jump to this one. I miss that continents are not connected. It should be open water regions between. I miss that not every continent, every region, has sailable water around them. I live on the edge of the void, meaning I can admire the water, but not use it. A water region where no one can build, that encircle all land, would be awesome. The Mainland should have more public land that makes it easier to explore. The roads often have security orbs that kill traffic. There should be a buffer between the road and the land you can b
  4. I do not think it is familiar - I am "always" weekend shopping. I use Seraphimsl, go to the Gallery page they provide, and use the slurl there. I don't shop Jian everytime is is a weekend offer, but recently I bought sharks, and I came direct in the store. I can end up under water, or in wrong place, when I use landmarks from my inventory. So I have started to delete landmarks with a hard hand. Stores move, or the owner redecorate and move the shop. It has happened once that I used the store owner picks in their profile, and it was sending me to a wrong place. That must be because they f
  5. Unless we have the sofa outdoors, people with poor computers (LoD 0.1 to 1) who travel around will not see it break down. (Can people see more things than old prims at all, if the LoD is very low?) It is enough, in my opinion, that we and others who live with us, can see it from the door or windows. Be it that we use LoD 2 or 4, if we prefer high LoD and the computer can handle it. Ask yourself if any stranger who wander into the house need to see the furniture. If I come off as rude, I hope you understand that I don't mean it so. I mean general "you". Anyone who go to a st
  6. I guess that the original colors came from her inventory, she who originally started it. She liked certain colors. That's why it is so many in a group, and so few in others. Finding colors for outfits is harder when all clothes are no modify. I have always thought that buying only white and tint it in all different colors, gives ugly results. That's one of the arguments from designers, that people will only buy white. Hmpf, sounds like a thin excuse. I have bought some fatpacks from big brands, usually when they have a special sale or give out giftcards. And they have a lot of colors
  7. I have had this dress ready for goldenrod for a while. But the styling took some time. I had to see if it fitted better for some of the other colors close to it. The gang of green colors that it is a ton of, will be challenging. They go to yellow all of them. It would be easier with one or two colder greens.
  8. I do not care about coloring a white dress to teal. It looks horrible. What I want is a teal dress where I can TWEAK the colors by adding a hint of color, so it matches the shoes from another brand that has a different shade of teal. Big brand names as Blueberry and Addams have a lot, really a lot of color options. Still, they are damned hard to use with other brands. That are also no modify, so can't tweak anything. But mostly I can't use them, because they are no mod. So I buy it in black or another neutral color. Yes, I buy from the no mod brands, because there are no other option
  9. I would say that the airport looks well built, and you still have view out from your house. The wall up from the sand look to be 6-8 m tall? It could be a 64 m tall black shiny club building with flashing neon signs Girls! Girls! Girls!
  10. Oookay... I should stop updating my avatar. The two top pictures is older, with Lelutka Simone, the 2 bottom with Lelutka evo Lake. Newest image in the bottom.... 😭
  11. Let me take a wild guess, that you have been away for years instead of months. @LittleMe Jewellhas the best suggestion so far, but that can only say if you cashed out. You could always open a ticket to LL and try to figure out if they have other things registered. Since you do not have so old transaction history. Group payments is already mentioned. How did you leave SL? Was it emotionally stressful, so you could have given away money? Maybe others can say if LL withdraw linden from your account if you owe them money. Like, you are Premium and your credit card expire so LL can n
  12. It is so quiet in I am not as obsessed with nuances as I appear there. Even if we discuss the colors and study samples. It is just for fun. Ecru. Or what I decided is ecru.
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