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  1. Marianne Little

    Why do people support sellers that do no mod?

    Aren't designers customers too?
  2. Marianne Little

    Linden Homes Preview

    That can happen, and private land owners who rent out will be very happy. And those who sell houses to place on the private land will be happy. Every thing has a bright side. A good thing is that one can abandon the LL home by just clicking a button. No selling involved, no mainland to abandon and loose the money. No landlord to leave and if you paid the rent, no need to beg for a refund. And so they can try to get another home in a less slummy neighborhood, or a boat, or go to the private owned estates. I think there will be a certain pride for people to show off, to make their lot look good. Especially the boats. Again, I can be too optimistic. I like change. In some months, maybe this summer, I am trying something else. Now, this is new and shiny, and I am a wide-eyed optimist. But I am still here, aren't I, after so many years.
  3. Marianne Little

    Linden Homes Preview

    I think it will be a rush of people grabbing the new houses and boats. And also more LL staff on duty than other times. I do not know how it works with the old LL Homes. I do know that both Moles and Lindens are following the threads here and in the Mainland section. I think - maybe I am too naive? - that they will do their utmost in the start. As things cool down, might be that it takes time again. So maybe one will have to wait some days, to have it solved. Is that unacceptable? But where in SL is things solved in minutes? If you rent... your land-person is offline.... no help before he/she logs in. On Mainland, same there, you report something and you wait.
  4. Marianne Little

    Linden Homes Preview

    One thing is ban lines. Since the New Homes have spaces in between, these will be free to walk or fly? I think this is a good thing. But I can imagine people feeling this is creepy, if an avatar is standing still and facing their house for a long time. Not that I would, because I know that I can turn avatars invisible inside. I am thinking about newbies. They are so easily scared, so IMs describing what they wear, when they have curtains closed, could freak them out. Please don't get any ideas, lol.
  5. Marianne Little

    Linden Homes Preview

    I see some add-ons for the old LL homes on the MP. From 1999 to 1 L. If you price your things some place in between, I think they will be popular. Maybe wrap around porches too. I think they would look good on the tall houses. Endless possibilities. And no more ugly metal road guard rails! Bless you, Lord Mole!
  6. Marianne Little

    Linden Homes Preview

    I wonder if premade inner walls could be a thing that sells. The houses are no mod, and if someone would want a wallpaper with - daisies maybe? - they have to build inner walls: One flat prim to the left of the window, one under, one over, one to the right of the window. And that is just one wall. A lot of work for a room, especially since the faces must be adjusted in all the parts so the texture will fit seamless. So an inner shell that fits the windows and doors, would that be a helluva job? It would be easy to install, and easy to texture for the customer.
  7. Marianne Little

    Linden Homes Preview

    Will you consider making the bathrooms like a "box" so the inner walls and floor can have a tile texture? 💙💦
  8. Marianne Little

    Linden Homes Preview

    Release some walls for sale. 😍 Do you really have a closet behind one of the doors? That is a nice bathroom size. I have just that mirror and sink. A lot of my furniture is in the same scale. Bazaar, Apple Fall, Aria, Mudhoney etc. I tried to adjust my avatar so I don't have to edit every piece of furniture I buy. I took the easy option. I think we are about the same height in SL. My large manor that I had by the L-Shaped lake.... I never had furniture in all the rooms. I didn't have time. I only had the livingroom 100% decorated, a half finished kitchen and mudroom.
  9. Marianne Little

    Linden Homes Preview

    That is really lovely. I can imagine prefab add-ons like this would sell. I can throw up something like that, but I doubt it will look so professional. And I will spend more time on it, that I could use for something else.
  10. Marianne Little

    Maitreya Lara Tattoo

    In your Maitreya Lara hud, there are different tabs. You have one where you pick the default skins and apply nail and toe polish. You have one where you activate alpha cuts. And you have one for your tattoo, underwear and clothes layer. They are turned off by default, so you must click on them and turn them on, to see what you have applied. This is where you find gloves and socks layers too, in case you have a tattoo that goes over hands and/or feet.
  11. Marianne Little

    Linden Homes Preview

    One thing that @Pamela Gallisaid on the first page. I have been thinking about it. I now believe that this will hurt land barons and also sellers of houses. Especially since this is two of several new options to come. I am sure this is calculated by LL. Do they make more money of turning the population of SL to Premium, is that a better deal than having a lot of free accounts renting land from estates? How large part of the LL income is the tier for landbarons? I think it will always be a demand for land to build freely on. The question LL must ask, will LL provide this land, (and have some rules) or will LL let the private estates continue? And how attractive should the new houses be, before they kill private estates? Maybe LL think they can find that optimal balance. Time will tell.
  12. Marianne Little

    Linden Homes Preview

    Your opinion of the houses was read like all of the houses are not usable. It was clearly implied. You came with critics of one house style, we wanted one of the others. Where did you say we could not pick one of other the houses? Since we can choose to pick the house that fits furniture better, the high and tall house layout is not mandatory.
  13. Marianne Little

    Eyes & Eye Appliers

    From what you write here, the eye appliers must work only for LAQ eyes, and they are probably for sale in the Mainstore. LAQ Omega System Kit does not work with other eyes, it is for LAQ eyes to work with Omega appliers from another brand. Let us say you buy eye appliers that say: "Catwa and Omega appliers included", you can wear the Omega appliers for the LAQ eyes. Or that is how I understand it. I do not wear LAQ so I can be mistaken. There is some customer support you can ask?
  14. Marianne Little


    This is not 100% on topic, but... The reason I wasn't premium before, was that the Houses was ugly and the free land too small. The doubling to 1024 suddenly made it worth it. We are very diverse users. Some swear by Mainland. Some by estates. Some need access to water and a boat out permanently. Some never live on the ground, only in skyboxes. Some like small-town USA, some need to build a post-apocalyptic world. With the new Houses being attractive, it is like I got a prim bonus to spend. Since the house and landscaping does not count. And so many has asked for rules for skyboxes on Mainland. Maybe LL finally could make Mainland 2.0 with a 2000 m limit for skyboxes? And one of the unattractive things on Mainland is the vast, empty patches of abandoned land. Maybe Mainland 2.0 could have some more unpopulated ground around the parcels, with landscaping.
  15. Marianne Little

    Linden Homes Preview

    I think we can clearly say that the bedroom with a small bath can fit several kind of beds. The bedroom was not meant to be divided, so without the new wall, it can even fit one of those large round beds.