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  1. The second photo, in particular, was what I liked best. Maybe it is the green bottom texture. But I have not seen that mix of green and blue water in SL, and I have seen lots of ponds in Bellisseria. It is like a glacial lake, where the sediments are so light that they don't sink to the bottom, but float and reflect back blue and green color. So I was sure it was some other than default water. I shall find those windlights. I am a bit frustrated, because Firestorm has 999 different windlights and most of them looks like utter crap. I must have missed those you mention.
  2. It is fun to be able to play so freely with makeup again. I went very basic when I had a head with applier slots. It was the barest of makeup, because I did not like the whole mix of upper/lower layers and I never bothered with those save makeup library - HUDs. Now, with BoM, it is back to take off and add, easy, breezy, free of hassle. And with the body? I had to wear one skin only, because it was the only skinmaker that had painted on freckles and red body hair. Yes, try freckles on applier layer and see what happens with hair (with alpha). Now I can wear any skin with tattoo - full body and head freckles. And no flickering if I add a tattoo. BoM for ever. 👍
  3. You have a lovely home. 🥰 I noticed how beautiful the water looks. That can not be the default water? I am trying all sort of settings in Firestorm, but have not seen this pretty setting. It works really well with all your windlight settings too. Can you share where you found the lovely water setting?
  4. I feel that all the releases has landscape from the temperate zones. Someone can place a palm or two on their houseboat, but all the LL plants are from the same theme. My southwestern cabin decor clash with what I see on the outside. So my outside is in theme with the other plants, I can't really make a desert. We get a new type trees for Victorians and cabins, but the rest is much the same. I would like modern houses, really modern, without painted panel. Placed in a different landscape.
  5. I may do the same if the SSPE regions around the big inland lakes is landscaped with cabins.... I am the same as you, I like what I got, but if I could get one better, I would do it. Of course it will be plenty abandons of cabins in the other regions if that happens, so I will not gamble away what I already have. It is a big risk to get 5 of the abandoned cabins, even if we can see new regions as they are released. That is just the way it is.
  6. The kitchen. I am not so sure if the hanging herbs in planters in front of the large window is staying. I really like the valances and the other Navajo rug.
  7. I am happy that I found rustic decor, especially the Navajo rugs. I also got a better blue color. This is the default one instead of one I selected.
  8. I took only one picture of the bedroom in Overlook before the region restarted.
  9. I prefer this warning, since I have to close a blue pop-up window if it is that. But the warning in local chat fades away by itself. I was flying low in a hot air balloon once and tried to take sunset pictures of Bellisseria. It was practical to ignore the warnings while I tried different windlights and angles, just sail over. Private orbs also has to set enough time to get out. This is very considerate.
  10. Thank you for telling me. It will probably be a big job to correct it, I assume they must do every region. I will wait, until they come to my region. They have more urgent stuff to do, if the log cabins still rez as double, or don't rez at all. I have not paid attention the last days.
  11. I have never used live chat. I tried to find out how. How do I do it? I have a ticket sitting since Sunday. If it's not solved Wednesday, I will try live chat. It is not important, it's just annoying and I don't feel for finishing the room as long as the woodwork on one window will not change. I had my alt try to reset the mailbox, change house, change back and try to redecorate (Both Sunday and today). The white frame is stuck.
  12. Like what? It is a small folder, yes. But we are supposed to tint walls inside and outside, so it is much fewer textures. And I think it is only one roof texture.
  13. I remember when the Victorians was released, it was some cranky servers then too. Especially the first day, when Patch told people to hold back on abandoning. That lasted only an hour? t was also some rezzing problems and regions had to be restarted. But was it so many problems the next days? It is soon a week since the release started. Is it many more abandons now, than it was with the Victorians release? Are people more picky now?
  14. I am sure they will make them. It is just very many SSPE regions. I wrote somewhere that the Log continent has an edge of mountains that frame it in. They are SSPE regions. I said a long trail that follows these mountains would be cool. The long inland system of large lakes will surely have several rez zones for smaller boats. A trail around the lakes. With public builds like there are over in the trailers/campers area. But all of the SSPE regions around the lakes, well maybe, who knows?
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