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  1. I do not see how it is more important to keep vehicles on the road, than stopping people from having a house there and drive out on the road. I moved from a Mainland parcel in 2018 because LL did not reply to my ticket about making a hole so I could drive out. If a road wasn't important, I could have cheaper land in the middle of nowhere. I wish I could go around and fix crazy shaped abandoned land by a road. Join it, split up in sensible shapes and sizes and open up for a driveway to each. Even if I could buy all abandoned land, I could not do a thing with those roadside walls.
  2. We like people who come here and ask. 👍 It is so many people who shop first and ask later. They come here and say: I just bought xxx and why is it no clothes to buy for it? Why can I not use another skin? I bought this and it does not work? Most of this is misunderstandings, they think they bought something else. Plus that many sell "mesh avatars" that can not be customized. Research before shopping is smart!
  3. It can be many reasons. The Victorians are so large that many people prefer to use all their Li inside. As already mentioned, the landscaping and flowers in (almost all) the Victorian land is more than enough as decor. I have my own thing I wish for, that people would use at least 1 Li on an outdoor light. The totally dark houses look so sad. But that is just me, I can't tell others what to do. I always make sure to use some outdoor lights, set sun to midnight and check it's not too much. So... the homes that has used 0 prims (can click inside the parcel and look at "about land" is at least less textures for my pc to load. I am using lots of 1 Li knick-knack in addition to furniture. I benefit from an empty home next to me. Why are people taking a Linden home and not using it? Because it is included with Premium and they want what they paid for. They can have good enough economy that they own or rent a whole island elsewhere. It is one Traditional house in particular that has exceptional view, taken 19th April 2019 and 0 prims used. It can also be that they have quit SL, and forgot to stop the renewal. So until the payment for Premium stop, the house is owned by them. I know it sounds strange, but for some people, Premium is a small amount they don't even notice. I actually did that last year, I joined some video editing online with monthly payment. I only used it the first 2 weeks, but had it in 3 or 4 months. It is annoying to think back, automatic renewal is very good for a business.
  4. It sure is a lot to read. I got my first meshbody in 2014 and before that, I had first sculpted feet, then feet and hands in mesh, breasts, Phatazz, you name it. We got tattoo layers and then we could use 5 of each layer and way before, invisiprims got gutted and we used alpha layers and we got fitmesh and rigged mesh., we had appliers and Omega, now also Bakes on Mesh... And explaining all that in as few words as possible? I think you got closest, @FairreLilette The OP had left SL when invisiprims was working, and they stopped working in 2011. It must be like frozen in the tundra and thawed up, in a different world than the one you know.
  5. You should feel left out now. Send them a message and demand that you get a notecard too. 😁
  6. Yes, you can wear many objects that is attached to the same point. You can wear all sort of things on the same point. Rigged mesh is new. It follow your body. Instead of skirts with prims that sink down into the chair when you sit, the mesh skirt follow the butt, legs and bend at the knees. Some of the realism is missing because we have not got flexi mesh yet. So it is no moving skirts and hair. The good thing is that clothes that is rigged to fit a mesh body is put on without editing. It fits out of the pack. But you must buy clothes made for that body, because a body is not a body, it is lots of bodies, and they are all a bit different. So if you try to use "wrong" clothes, they cut in the body or hoover over the body. If you ever used a belly piercing, think about how we spent so much time editing it to sit right when we were standing on a posestand. Then we walked off the posestand, and the belly piercing did not move correct with the body, it was sometimes in the belly, sometimes outside. Use a rigged piercing now, and it follow your body as you move around, dance, bend and stretch. Rigged mesh also mean that you can not move it up and down and stretch it, because it is rigged and bound to the avatar bones. But when you edit your body, rigged mesh follow the editing and fit your new shape. Unrigged mesh act as sculpts and prims when you wear it. It is static, and it can be moved and stretched (unless it is no modify).
  7. Onion skinning: When we started to hide our avatars with a mesh body, how should we customize it with tattoos and other things we used system layers for? The onion skinning is like the Russian dolls. It is added 3 layers over the body, tattoo layer closest to the skin, underwear layer over, and clothes layer on top. It is 3 copies of the body. They are so close that you can't really see them. The mesh body and its onion layers are scripted and react to appliers. Appliers send the texture to the body. If the applier script match the script in the body, the mesh body accept the texture and it is wrapped over the body - we have put on a skin. We use another applier, a tattoo, and do the same. The tattoo is applied on the tattoo layer. Same for underwear layer, clothing layer. If you use the wrong applier, nothing happens. You can not use a Belleza applier on a Maitreya body and vice versa. It is a universal system called Omega, that use a script that can be used on every body that is ready for Omega.
  8. I think you are asking about things that you got links for, but I can try to reply as short as I can. Linden Lab never updated the avatar, no matter how much people complained about flipper feet, no toes, cankles, wrists, no nails, ugly shaped and blocky bodies. Mesh creators then started making new body parts in mesh. I think the first was feet with real toes and toenails. This was a success. The mesh feet creator sold creator packs to shoe designers, so they could make shoes that fit perfect. Then came hands that had static poses first. and breasts that looked more real. Then butts... and so one designer throw all together in a new body from the neck down. Others followed with their body. It is a large market now. The better we look, the more demand for realism it is, and heads is also made for us. Under all this new mesh is the default avatar. This is 2 of my my other avatars heads (to the right) and show the transformation.
  9. (English isn't my first language) I thought two-tone hair is where the hair change in sections, and stripes are going from root to tip. I have seen lots of darker roots that go lighter in horizontal sections. I have not seen thin stripes from root to tip. L'Etre & Doux has some good straight styles, and the color Hud always have the dark roots versions included.
  10. I am linking direct to a blog, and do not worry because it is directed to "blokes". It tells you all about the new jargon. http://www.virtualbloke.com/archives/3711 Since you mention shoes... the best selling point for investing in a mesh body, is that literally nothing new is made for the system avatar anymore. You can still use your old shoes, it is ways to replace the invisiprims with "alpha layers" that does the invisiprim job. Think of them as socks that makes the feet disappear. In all sizes from low-cut liners to overknee. Alpha layers can be made to hide all other parts of the body as well, I compare with socks since you mention shoes. So with a free set of alpha layers, you can experiment (they are free in the store but 1 L on the Marketplace). https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/LBD-BOMSystem-Alpha-Layers-Full-Perm/18683103 In addition to the ALWAYS DEMO, there is also use ADD, not WEAR. Before, you had one shirt layer, one jacket, one pants... etc. If you use Add. you can wear up to 62 layers. I have never used that many, but 8-10 often. You are used to objects like sculpted shoes, sculpted pant cuffs attached to the logical place. Shoes, one to left foot, one to right foot. Pant cuffs the same, one to left lower leg, one to the right. Rigged mesh uses the right hand as the default attachment point, and many creators does not change it, even if it goes on another part of the body than the hand. You can wear a mesh top, and then wear a pair of jeans because it is a different part of the body, right? No, what happens often, is that the jeans replace the top because both use the same attachment point. Oops. Add, on the other side, add multiple things attached to the same place. So no involuntary striptease. Many will say: Oh, get a free mesh avatar, it is so many good ones. Yes and no... it depends on how much work you will put into it. The full priced mesh heads/bodies are easy to use because it is a lot of tutorials. With the free ones, you already need to know something about HUDs and Alphas, to understand how it works. For the popular bodies, it is lots of tutorials just a search away. Note that there are updates to these all the time, so a tutorial from, let us say 2015, will give you wrong information, at least show you things you do not recognize from your 2020 body... So you can read about free or inexpensive mesh here: https://ryanschultz.com/category/second-life-steals-deals-and-freebies/ If you invest money in SL, I would say start with the body. It is easier than a head. You can always buy a head later. But always demo. A survey of the most popular bodies also indicated how much content that is made for them. https://www.seraphimsl.com/2020/06/13/mesh-body-survey-female-body-results/ The longer you go down on the list, the more you have to search for things made for those bodies.
  11. I was very vocal about how risky Mainland is, how easy it is for someone to move in next to me and set up annoying, obnoxious builds. I stand firm in what I belive in... until I change my mind. I still fear the "Mainland polluters/monsters" but the need for something else lead to... two Mainland houses.
  12. These: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Bad-Katz-Mesh-Cacti-Set/9324509 mixed with: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Schadenfreude-Succulents-Pack/11846589 and Chic Aeon sold those small concrete planters on the side, and also the corner cement ones with Aloe in.
  13. I have always been the "English cottage garden" style when I decorate my garden. It was super fun to do something new with cacti.
  14. That's your eyebrow shaper. When you edit your appearance it is listed as the default hair. All sliders must be set to 0. That way the default hair will not poke out of the head. But some creators took the lazy way and set the hair to transparent and didn't bother with the sliders. So you have like a transparent beanie that zero out the hair in Ultra. When you set the sliders for length and all the others to 0, it is fixed. If the brow shaper isn't modify, you have to find one you can mod so the brows has the same shape.
  15. Or those with a single Premium get help to swap homes.... For me, it could be limited to them. I have it good as I have it. Many dislike those with alts and get personal and nasty. For them, if they can't pay for 2 or more premium accounts, nobody should be allowed to do it. Or if some have more than one Premium, they should not use it to get more than one home. They almost wrecked the thread about "When did you last see..." and thank God, they got their own thread now. I don't say you mean it. I can't remember you being uncivil about just the use of Premium alts.
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