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  1. 631, 634 edit: and 609. Different roof colors, but in same places.
  2. Sharing a LH wall kit with you, because I like it and think it's cheap and useful. It is only the short version with this. I pushed it a bit down, since the ground is a bit uneven. I have seen some "homemade" brick walls, but I have not found any for sale. I have tried to make one myself, but didn't get so low land impact or look.
  3. Very nice curtains, I like the folds so much, and that they don't puddle on the floor like all the "drapes". Where are the curtains and the table from? And so good landscaping! Very lucky that you got that long, pretty fence, and how lovely with the tree and flowers in between it and the hedge. I do not like LH fence "stubs" so much. I find them hard to combine with other fences. And the LH fence is so high Li.
  4. I would not live there either, but it is the same as it is with the campers. I don't want a camper. It is good for me, less stress to run autorefresh and follow threads and group chat. A cabin in the same rural area.. I would want that, especially if it's 1024 m plots. I think 512 would have to be a house/place I fell hard for. But now I enjoy to have peace in mind and don't have to wish for a release.
  5. 500 off the body if bought during this is not enough. If it was half price during this, it would have many who sit on the fence now, buy it. Me included. Maybe. I still see Maitreya only in some stores I shop from. Stores that sometimes enter Fifty Linden Friday. If Maitreya goes the way of Slink Physique and the new clothes made declined for it, that would make me change to the body with best and most new content. But, I doubt Maitreya will experience a drop in creators who support it, in this year, next year ++. I have entered the contest, of course. Free is free.
  6. I think it is within what we can except. Caveat: A different skin creator **can** make a better seam. Perhaps. It is, after all, 2 different meshes from 2 different creators. I think that my LeLutka head and Maitreya body has a very good seam, less noticeable than this. These two businesses work together, I think they have shared the neck details with each other Correct me if I am wrong. I don't use the Genus head since I don't like the look of it, so I can not say if it is possible with a better fit than you have. I wonder if BoM will help on this or not.
  7. It is always important with good textures. I found out that the Bellisseria beach sand is the same texture as we all have in our inventory, in the library. I can use the matching texture on "mesh ground forms" scavenged out of any landscaping kit, haha. I miss Belli texture for grass. I have tried the ground textures in our library, and found some that can work, but it is not as good as having the identical texture.
  8. Results from cancer research in the American Cancer Society is shared with the world, am I right?
  9. It sounds like you bought a content creator pack, where you are supposed to work with the texture files in a graphic program, import them to SL and texture the mesh clothes. Most of the content creator packs are sold to people with previous experience, or people who take classes to learn about making stuff for Second Life. Maybe the one of the foums under Creation would be better. They will also need more information about what you have bought. https://community.secondlife.com/forums/forum/122-creation-forum/
  10. Not just for buying something, but out of boredom. And the thing is that I did not say all men, but my experiences are as valid as others. The men I encounter is the base that represend my experience with the shopping SL male. I am in a group called "Saturday Sale Shoppers", and I stopped taking the notecards, because I realized I bought things I didn't need and forgot about them. I can tell you the group chat is very active and very female. It is just 1 or 2 items for men on that list every Saturday, and lord only knows if they sell. If men even join the group.
  11. This is not about all men, but my experience with men and shopping. And why I am not so interested in beeing a personal shopper. It is not fun for me. 1: The enthusiast, who want a full makeover, but who rejects everything. Oh, he is keen om getting my options and suggestions, then he turns them down. But always nice and polite. 2. The grumpy, who refuse to buy anything at all until someone makes ***JUST*** what he want, down to the most teeny detail. Then he buys 1 of it in 1 color, and never buy more. He spend the next years lamenting that no one makes quality things for men, and posts on the forums why he's never shopping. Maybe the enthusiast is the same as the grumpy, just in a better mood. Where most of females can buy a new hairstyle just because they are bored. We does not stop shopping if we don't find ***JUST*** the hair we want, we buy something else instead.
  12. Congratulations to all with new homes in Permaglow! Reading about multiple errors and relogs, I am so glad I wasn't in that house hunt.
  13. Different colors for different floors, like tiles, wood. The opening for the stairs against us. The floor is 20 cm thick with the lower = white ceiling. It was built in SL and saved as Collada, then joined in Blender. Maybe I did wrong in not removing all the faces. I let the ones around the stair opening be white. I'm not selling it, so I can live with the flaws myself.
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