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  1. Patch mentioned this happening back at the SL16B "Meet the Lindens" chat. The new SSP601+ area on the map holds some hope, but only so much as the landscaping looks like the same items used in current areas.
  2. Yeah, I understand it. That's the biggest reason why many of us were on Hammond Park for 2 weeks, to get an idea if it was being released. There are other ways of telling, but it's either no-life or timing oriented. For the last week or two I had announced in the citizens chat most of the regions that were being released right before they went. I was constantly clicking around the map at unreleased and named regions, and when i'd see the parcels named "Linden Home", that's how I knew things were coming up. I didn't do this yesterday though as I was busy playing catch-up on work I had to do that I couldn't(or rather didn't) because I was so busy watching for the things I wanted for the last couple of weeks. That same habitual clicking of parcels is what had me catch the parcel I did elsewhere, and why I gave up on Hammond as my wants were fulfilled. In the end it just means you will have to sacrifice some grabs if you are really waiting for something, and be diligent. And it really sucks sometimes..
  3. I'm sure there's some wavering with it, but when i'd asked in the citizens chat, one of the moles(or Lindens. It was a staff) said it's "rolling", so she said it's from the first abandon in the day. I've never caught homes in quick succession as any time i've had a rollover it'd usually be hours after that before i'd catch my new one. I mean certainly to be safe you can give it more room. Any time I was waiting for a release I would only use 2-3 abandons to make sure I had room to try the next day in case of any hiccups. I have never understood why people abandon on the same day, either. By abandoning the same day, the house can remain in the pool, or be abandoned over and over and still be free come release time.. it's not impossible for you to possibly end up there again instead of that new release when it comes up.
  4. Marianne got one on an alt. I had been waiting for Hammond but got a spot next to the river on Bandit a few days ago, so I let Hammond go.
  5. You have 5 abandons a day. It resets at the time the next day that you abandoned your first the previous day.
  6. Just got a riverside in Bandit! It and a Badger Mounds house came up at the same time yesterday. I ended up with the Badger while somebody else got the Bandit. Today I saw the person abandon the Bandit, saw there was also a Badger. I lucked in to the Bandit this time. 😃
  7. No, that's actually a freebie we got for being Premium. Not sure if it's still available. They decided to use it as little social hubs.
  8. Sparkle Bottoms is definitely my favorite of the names, haha. Westvale sounds so normal compared to all the rest. It's really the odd one out.
  9. Lots of new regions named today. SSPE238(Finally) - Permaglow SSPE101 - Blossom Rocks SSPE117 - Possum Place SSPE116 - Sparkle Bottoms SSPE131 - Roaring Bear SSPE132 - Leech Lake SSPE133 - Calleya SSPE148 - Canyon Ball Run SSPE147 - Tickle Ridge SSPE146 - Carumba SSPE162 - Westvale SSPE163 - Beaver Lagoon SSPE164 - Sassafras SSPE178 - Butterhedge SSPE179 - Cowabunga SSPE180 - Havenbarrow SSPE194 - Howling Pines
  10. They look like roads to me. I've seen this type of thing pop up on Bellisseria before. Perhaps mesh? From the looks of it, our current roads are prim(but I could be wrong). The region textures they used don't speak city urban, but I could see maybe Cali or Florida urban? I know patch teased that other house(and he had teased a window sill a long while back at one point), but we don't necessarily know if that is indeed the new style.. or they are going to surprise us with 2.
  11. Don't worry, they'll release it tomorrow when I have a doctor's appointment to go to lol. Hammond is all I care about atm as well. I can live with not getting a spot there I want, but my whole thing is that I at least want the chance when it goes live. Maybe on the unnamed region but heaven knows when that'll be a thing. It seems to be getting completely ignored. Even getting abandons is getting overly exhausting. I wish you the best of luck, though! ❤️
  12. I thought perhaps they were trying to come up with a way given they were testing something that messed up the Winchesters on some regions for a bit. Some think it was something to do with wall colors, which it could of been, but what if it wasn't just that? Wishful thinking, really. The landscaping just looks similar to what we already have.
  13. Badger Mounds, Todds Landing, Rabbit Run, Nicholasville, Hammond Park, and eventually the unnamed one(still can't understand why that one is sitting as it is).
  14. I'm moreso hoping this is just a new addition to the traditional line. I'd be excited for it then. I'd like something more modern as a new theme.. What I can see of the house does look very nice, though.
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