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  1. I love that add-on. I got to use it for a little under a month before my alt's premium expired, and bought it immediately after she put it up(she knew I was waiting for it, lol). Truly lovely. You always have such a great concept of decor. 😃 That livingroom feels so incredibly cozy.
  2. I see this more and more these days with skin creators, and it drives me absolutely nuts.
  3. I remember seeing those a lot when going between Kissimmee and Tampa(or to Sarasota, as we took I-4 to 75). They always looked kind of.. old.. like it was just some janky, roadside attraction. Never went myself, though.
  4. Well, if they are going off a "Florida Keys" look to the homes, which looks like they are for the most part.. they look like wood. Though, considering a majority of homes in Florida are made of cinder block, I have to wonder if many of the new ones -at least- are just a faux facade? I see plenty of homes with Vinyl siding, so why not. That'll be my excuse. Also many have vaulted ceilings, at least in the main living space and if only 1 floor. Gotta love that Florida heat. You can bet your butt i'll have an A/C unit to symbolize central air, because without it, you'll pretty much
  5. You can preview them here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SL17B Enchant/242/130/24
  6. My favorite are Tortuga and Havana, as they feel the most "Florida" to me.. considering Florida's majority of homes are 1-story thanks to the heat. The coast is a little different, though. You do often find 2-story stilts as the coast tends not to feel as hot thanks to the sea breeze. All 4 homes are something I can see myself using on this theme, though, so i'm glad about that. All depends on that location. My favorite part of it all, is the fact they got the Mexican Fan Palms lol.. We have a good while to wait it sounds like, though, and i'm kind of glad for that because I can't af
  7. This was my thought. I had issues with an add-on doing this with the stairs when something it was linked too had it's physics.. "accidently" changed. That was a fun time.
  8. I have all the bodies I want on my main, and also some I don't care for. Would go for Belleza Freya for an alt, though.
  9. I believe a good majority of people out there with the Legacy body had bought it back around Black Friday when it was 2500L. Y'know.. like all the other bodies out there. I bought one for an alt because heck, I could part with that much. Glad I didn't pay full price because she's still using her Maitreya atm, lol.. I, personally find the Perky and Pregnancy bodies to be what many others think of them.. a ripoff., therefor I won't buy them. You like 'em? Not a ripoff to you? Go ham and have fun!
  10. I love plants, but that seems a bit overkill for a water parcel, lol.. are you able to at least derender?
  11. It's up there with the old days of the "Bellisseria Police". Roleplayers or trolls, usually, but nobody should be popping in to your place uninvited. Certainly give them the boot and/or set up the Linden Security. Usually keeps people away.
  12. He's done several clean installs, yes. Followed the instructions on the FS page. He has not made an alt though, I will mention that to him when he gets home to give it a try.
  13. Thanks, we checked but both windows say 0.0%, so i'm assuming no loss. He and I are on the same connection, and I haven't been having any issues of the sort.. We figured it was probably something on his end, but what we can't figure out. Especially given that he's reinstalled the game multiple times over the years and it still does it.
  14. Hi there. This has been an ongoing problem for years. One of my avatars, for myself and any of my alts her override works fine.. however my fiance constantly sees my one avatar going in to default poses(standing or walking). This happens with any of the overrides I put on, from either Tuty's or Vista, and it only happens to him. On my end everything looks to work just fine, as well as the alt I have stationed next to her to check as well. We cannot figure out at all what is causing it. It happens for none of my other alts with AO's from the same creators. Only the one. He has tried reinst
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