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  1. Some go immediately, some go after x amount of time. If it's the one near the region border.. that is actually a really nice looking spot up on that little hill! It has not gone yet as of this moment, though.
  2. Politics will divide Bellisseria the same way it divides things irl. We're already having enough problems as is creeping in here, unfortunately. Personally would really rather them not allow something that stirs more hate than acceptance. Personally I wouldn't attend anything political no matter what on here, but then i've also seen first hand the animosity these things create and want to be no part of it.
  3. Penitent has 21. Ancoraggio was the one with 5, and it was released with Cape Lively. Things have not been moving as quickly since the huge issues with people insulting the staff last week. They may be even more short handed atm(some may be taking some time off here and there), so 4 released is pretty unlikely.
  4. Looks like the Spooky Raptor avatar.
  5. But did streamline mean a new method of obtaining, or a faster method of getting through the accepting process? That's what i'm wondering.
  6. I'd love something like the rain forest/jungle regions south of the SS Galaxy.
  7. It's possible the person may have forgotten it was there, as like I said.. i've never seen them. They don't live horribly far from me, so I go through that area pretty often.
  8. It's been there for a long time now, and i've never seen the owners of the house there. It was an Apr 15th house.
  9. Was it this one? Lol
  10. For a while there I believe there were a bunch of griefers in that one(unless it was a similarly named group). Haven't seen much of them lately though, so maybe they've moved on.
  11. Manatees eat a lot from the surface(probably why they are struck by boats so often, other than being pretty darn slow), or plants growing toward the surface while I guess Dugongs mainly feed from the bottom.. hence why their snoot looks like a vaccuum cleaner. Not sure why the difference in the tail, maybe it just allows the Dugong to be faster? Something i'll definitely have to look in to. Anyhoo, back on track, thank you moles!
  12. Close, but Dugongs are just related to manatees(and many don't know they actually exist). They were likely what fueled the legends of merpeople rather than manatees, as while manatees will go in to bays, Dugongs are mainly oceanic. And let's be real.. that tail, haha.
  13. It's possible the release may have been an extra to make up for one of the days not released last week. Congrats to everybody who got one today!
  14. That secondary continent that looks more complete(landmass wise) is originally where they are building Bellisseria before moving the regions down to our current. The construction going on with the middle area right now where we can see if something they wanted to try out.
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