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  1. I don't think they intended for larger craft other than little rowboats or something to really occupy the waterways in most of these areas.
  2. Update on my main house. Built a big ol' porch to further that southern feel. Concrete floor but hey.. I like the concrete flooring. Now on to figuring out how to spruce it up a bit within 20 LI.
  3. Well of course there are plenty of clothes coming up for it. Unlike the other top bodies, the kit to make clothes for this body is basically being handed out. I certainly think this is the single biggest thing they did to help their sales. It was a smart move. Still don't see the body as worth 5k though.
  4. Yes, for now at least. There is a possibility they may release some larger in the future, but whether or not that sticks we have no confirmation on yet. 512m and 175LI currently.
  5. Yes, hope people keep watching! I'm excited for them. 😃
  6. Only 1 region of campers went so far. Either staggering or they are going to do them 1 region at a time as well.
  7. I just visited Capitol Springs, and oh my word it is veeeeery laggy there right now! Think I just spotted her house.. lol
  8. Recent assignment from Graham's blue blender class. 😃 Looks quite nice.
  9. It's the Battlescars Stars River Windlight from Jay Nathan. Can find it on the MP.
  10. My main's house, front and back, currently. Reminded me a bit of home. Florida.
  11. My thought is they did River Run this early for a reason. This entire week masses of people had been camping the region. Perhaps they found few enough now to let it go.
  12. Bought JayNathan's Battlescars River Clouds/Windlight a few mins ago and holy toledo.. Upped the contrast a little on this one. I love theeeese. Now if only I can figure out a decent angle to get the back of the house with.. slightly difficult considering mountain/hill and trees. =x
  13. I think I remember reading somewhere that they are partly the center of a region. I think they do something else but don't know what.
  14. My fiance's head was done the same way that I explained. The hair he's wearing is the Nekoya Hair by Ayashi. It's a rigged style.
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