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  1. The moles have already said this area is mainly for Linden Homes. We get small inclusions such as the air strip. Their main priority is getting in enough homes to meet demand or even have surplus. If they have leftovers I can see possibly some of this working it's way in(such as a larger airport type as I remember one of them mentioning), BUT.. so much mentioned are things all over SL, or even the mainland, that nobody even bothers to use. I have been to so many "communities" where the shops are a ghost town. I think about the only thing that'd really even possibly work would be some sort of club.
  2. Yep, I also refer to it as SSP. 😃 Often times i'll say SSP continent when directing somebody to it, anyhoo.
  3. I abandoned yesterday morning in hopes of eventually finding a better place. Whether it be soon or with the next batch. Well, a better place was going to come up(everything I was hoping to find, at that) when I saw somebody get one, then abandon it again about 15 mins later(she was after a houseboat, but I guess didn't realize a houseboat would appear as a houseboat on the site). I refreshed, 7 hours later that house came up again, but didn't come up on the site for me. That same person landed that house again. XD They are going to be EXTREMELY rare now, so unless you're patient, i'd definitely wait until a closer release to hunt some more.
  4. There is only our 1 continent at the moment. There is another that looks like it, more finished, but that is where the moles are doing the work before moving it to us.
  5. Well then, there were two houses that went around the same time then. =D Congrats!
  6. If it's on a corner in the Rourke region, enjoy!
  7. It's placement is likely a marketing move. Put it where people will see it, they'll visit it, see how nice it is.. then wonder, and learn just how to get a place there(premium membership). Brings in $$$ for LL. So far it's been working.
  8. I am seriously hoping they are going to copy/paste those regions a few times as seen here, because those regions(and San Jocoso) are my favorite regions and i'd love to live on their likeness. If luck would allow me to land on one, that is.
  9. Front and back of my house, that I forgot to post before. I absolutely love it! (I think perhaps I should put timers in the smaller lanterns, too) Of course while I love how it is now, I will likely be playing the Game of Homes on the next home batch. I'm not very fond of the location.
  10. I actually have no issues with the sizes of the houses either, and I come from using a Maven Homes house. They are appropriate for the amount of LI you get, much moreso than the old Linden Homes(which were too big). Many people on SL are use to things being huge, and I can't blame them, but once they start experiencing a normal height on an avatar, they may realize just how big everything else is..
  11. Yes, the new homes are allowed to have a skybox above 2000m, no lower.
  12. The mainland has plenty of that. Plenty of empty and unused "that", at that.
  13. I believe Abnor once asked people to do this as well.. people either ignored it or just didn't want to. I'd like this as well, though(I also now have one).
  14. That's the spirit! It can be exhausting, but persistence can certainly pay off. 😃
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