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  1. I had that house on an alt a few days ago(or one of it's clones. It was on Daulton), but let it go as I was demoting her back to basic. Very nice place, and had I not had the spot I have on my main account, i'd of likely kept it. Congrats. 😃
  2. Certainly, as that's how it's suppose to be. Welcome to the forums. 😃
  3. I had seen the raspberry on one of the regions that was still to be released last week while wandering around. I wasn't sure if it was just one of those glitchy houses or something as it was really the only one i'd seen in my short prowess. Guess it wasn't a glitch. Potentially.
  4. I find myself moving away from these, but not from cloning. For me, that's a non-issue. It's moreso a heavy lack of spaces that make me want to stay(I am too picky). I will keep 1 of my premiums for this next year. Beyond that, i'll have to see. I am exhausted using alts to search, and it's really just not fun for me anymore. I'll sit back and see what other themes come up over time to see if I continue to keep or add another alt in, but atm i'm personally feeling pretty "nah".
  5. They are sold out now. They were available freely and easily for about 6 days starting on the 16th before they ran out. I'm sure they will create more early in the coming year. For now, the best you can do is watch/refresh the land page. Sometimes you'll see an abandoned victorian come up.
  6. It kind of looks like snow or rain particles that have failed to load.. but holy ow that hurts to look at.
  7. This happens from time to time. There were a bunch of them near one of my old houses. Likely just mistakes they didn't notice. Poor Abnor must had been so tired of me reporting those lol
  8. If you quoted that(which I couldn't even find lol) because you also want to know where they came from, they are from Hive. If not, then hopefully that person sees this.
  9. I think we'll be seeing more repeats now as the place fills up. We may see them disappear from the page from time to time some time next week. I kept getting the same houses days ago when I tried, and there were many seemingly open as they were unreleased regions.. Soon it'll be down to people abandoning the same houses over and over as they search, and the pool of availability shrinks.
  10. My Teegle animesh, mainly. Small enough and easy to handle.. don't have to worry at all. Sometimes one of my cars, but.. i've had so many instances of failed region crossings and being forced to restart that it's not often I travel this way. I have a plane somebody got me as a generous gift for helping them with something, but i've yet to use it.
  11. Even so, the way you put it all together flows so nicely. I was especially drawn to the goings on of the front porch. The gap on the side of that house was one of the reasons I leaned against it. Seems two of you have figured that out splendidly, lol
  12. The gap is closing, however. Soon we may have a chance at seeing them disappear from the land page, so anybody on the fence should certainly act sooner rather than later.
  13. WOW Of all your home adaptations over time, this one is by far my absolute favorite. You have really outdone yourself here Holy cow
  14. Aaand a few of the rooms inside(somewhat unfinished yet). I am not the best at interior design or flow, so any pointers would be appreciated if you have any. 😃 Love my entryway as always though.
  15. It'll likely be a long WIP. No idea what to do in the yard yet, but i'll get there eventually. A front and back view of the sunset and my house. Much to my dismay there was no willow in back, so I added my own. Still not sure exactly where I want it, and it's pretty high LI.
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