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  1. OMG That is so me with building.. I have so many homes half done in my inventory its not even funny, 0_o
  2. Bellisseria Home Inspection group.... Beth I like it!
  3. @Beth Macbain I noticed it when i was putting my Roost kitchen together and thought it was just mine.
  4. you can log when ever you want after you get it
  5. Looks to the north of me and waves at you guys
  6. I will keep my eye on you.... Someone said way back to me that you are always almost right on the money so I will stalk your post for now on....... SMILES AND WAVE
  7. So true Sophie...... and seeing all the moles and Lindens come over to hang out with us was fun too
  8. yeah well now they are saying they dont know just soon
  9. Just talked to live support and they just told me that the June date ppl are posting about that came from Live Support is NOT true... I was told they have not been told anything about a date of the new houseboats
  10. Nar out-did himself when he took this photo...... Took it home and put it on my wall❤️
  11. @CandyJewels yep i had to report and block him ........... The things he calls ppl
  12. where did you get this info from?
  13. giggles..... it's all good
  14. It was the 15th of last month on a monday
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