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  1. Don't know if I am alone here or not but I thought I had my house all together then BAM! Nope I for some reason made my mind up that I needed the Hardy house back. So put the greenhouse up and pulled out my Baby Grand. I seem to play it more than sitting in the Greenhouse. So I still have a lot to do, But I think I'm getting there.
  2. Just landed in the store and got mine. Thanks so much!
  3. That moment when you say to yourself.. ( Self You will have the pool you made and and scripted yourself and that rare ROIRO greenhouse you love so much )
  4. It came from The Domineaux Effect. Cool thing is the stove burners really work. I was floored when I found out Sorry I took so long to read your post.
  5. Stands on the roof of my house and waves back. Lol I thought it was a mole working or trolling me at first. Rotfl You can bet my partner kept touching the dang door before I got him added. I was like if you keep touching the door I will eject your butt. so I set it to open to everyone
  6. @s2Pandora Yeah my partner went to open the door before I could add him and the knocking sound started. I was like wth ..... LOL it was funny stuff but like he said it could turn into a trolling problem too. Oh yeah I think your in the region next to me. I am in Bishopshead. I think I walked by your house.
  7. Yep Discord is so much better than Skype. My friends and I use Discord when online inworld. Better than the whole ( Crap let me re-log I lost voice deal )
  8. Looks like Pickford next to me might be released today. Saw a Mole there just a few moments ago and they took the red text away
  9. Yes I did it. I Got my house all together after fighting to find a kitchen set that was low LI in my folders. And I got my path done after I saw that they sent us the texture. I love where my house is sitting. I sit on a hill that overlooks a river and the train tracks! Yep my forever home.
  10. @Dyna Mole When and only when you all get time can you or whoever add the walking path texture to the content in our mailbox please? I want to bring the path up to my steps.
  11. Yes I love what you all have done here. It is my last move. I found my forever home. Thank you so much! To all the Moles and Lindens that have worked hard on the new homes, May you all be blessed and have a joyful holiday.
  12. Yeah I think so too. I also can't find the texture for the walkway either.
  13. I didn't see one so I am going to use the one I had in my TH
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