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  1. This is absolutely beautiful and brought me to tears...
  2. I've started watching Gilmore Girls yet again. My favorite show of all time!
  3. I'm feeling somewhat reassured after reading all the responses from @Brett Linden. Thank you for clarifications and feedback. Change can be a scary thing at times. Especially as of late so feedback is always appreciated! I hope this change will turn out to be a positive move for everyone.
  4. I'm really sorry that your friend had a bad experience. That is never fun. It is wonderful that you were there for her as you were. It can be easy to freeze up in situations, but perhaps help her learn the tools in place so she can avoid this type of upset in future. Knowledge is power. I'm a very shy, anxious and sensitive person to a large extent. I know this and realize at times I need to step away from Second Life for my own well-being because it isn't healthy to let someone upset me to the point I'm having an anxiety attack. Sometimes it is hard to remember that, but I force myself to remember because if I don't I'm at fault too for my own upset to an extent. Not just the toxic person causing the mayhem. The toxic people intent on making someone miserable in both worlds don't deserve that kind of upset. I think your friend needs to take a step back and realize this for her own mental health because she is letting a person have control over her who should never have that type of power over her. Life is a learning experience in either world. We learn from past mistakes and actions hopefully coming out the other side better than where we began. This experience could be a positive outcome by her making an active decision to put her own well being first by using the tools at her disposal when situations like these occur in future. Closing out of Second Life for awhile to take a breather to calm down from toxic situations is important if people can upset her this much in a virtual world. There is no shame in admitting one's humanity and necessity to space ourselves sometimes from bad situations for positive mental health. This is coming from someone who has been in therapy most of my life, and who will be in therapy for the rest of my life. I'm so thankful for that because making sure we take care of our mental health is so important. Taking care of ourselves is also realizing that we must help ourselves for others to successfully help us too though.
  5. Yea...I'll be waiting on getting a last name on any of my accounts then. Why invest even more money than my current budget into a company where the future is uncertain? This news certainly isn't comforting. I'll wait to see what happens, but it is hard to be optimistic about a situation that could shut down my only social outlet since I'm stuck at home most of the time from chronic illness and mobility issues. I'm now even more thankful I'll be moving to be with my hubby soon. 🙄
  6. I just wish to say although only a silent reader, I've really enjoyed your posts on this topic. It is apparent you really put thought behind your words and I've learned a lot so thank you for that. It is appreciated! 😊
  7. I'm glad and truly thankful for my small circle of family and friends who make my life so much brighter by choosing to be part of it. 💕
  8. Just an idea, but there are still some universities around the world who have a learning portal in SL. Some have classrooms. Explore around a bit and see what you can find? Perhaps talk to a few of them and see if you cannot access one of their classrooms?
  9. Wonderful topic @FairreLilette! I've had a few goals that I've set out to achieve in Second Life. 1. When I joined Second Life, my real life had changed completely. I went from teaching, performing, driving, walking, active in my church community and playing sports to staying at home in a wheelchair off and on. I'm a former classical singer. I used to be an assistant professor. I was also part of a local medieval choir that went to many local and national competitions throughout the year, performed locally seasonal and special charity events we were asked to take part in. After I had to stop, I felt scared and lost. If it hadn't been for my father, I've no idea what I would of done. He always encouraged me to keep climbing and reaching for my dreams even if those dreams had to change. I always knew they would have to. It was just much sooner than I would of liked. Almost eleven years ago when I first joined Second Life, I found a really beautiful community that has been my main spiritual source and family all this time. The community holds dances, events, concerts and community gatherings. They have a weekly gathering called Bardic Circle. It is a time to share poetry, stories, music and friendship. One of the most beautiful and peaceful moments in my week often time when I get the chance to go. One of my goals upon joining SL was finding a musical community or an outlet to sing in some capacity. I began singing weekly years back on a regular basis within this community and it was really rewarding, inspiring and humbling. Watching others recite, sing, tell stories and find the courage to do so is incredible. It takes so much courage to share stories, music and literature with others and finding so many willing participants in the two hour event is really just humbling. The best word I can think of to describe it. I stopped singing a few years ago when I went from hard of hearing to officially deaf. I began feeling very isolated and alone during that time because again my entire world was changing. I had to learn how to listen differently than with my ears. I had to learn to strengthen my signing skills in BSL and ASL. I just felt I had nothing to offer in those events anymore. Lately, I've began slowly wanting to sing again so one of my new goals is to get back to where I was singing among some of kindest and accepting people I've ever met. My fairy family. I'm going to start training my voice again on my own and relearning how to use vibrations to feel and remember the pitches and music. I've even started pulling my guitar out again. I hope I also find the courage to share my music again here in SL. So a goal I attained, lost and wish to regain. 2. Four years ago I wanted to start a regular fashion blog that I maintained weekly. I met that goal for four years until back in January since real life got in the way. I'm now working on a new blog to jump start writing inspiration and improve my photography skills for self improvement. 3. For years I've been looking all over for a pair of hearing aids for my avi. I finally found a cute pair with a color hud so it felt good to find a mesh pair finally. Super happy about it! Please excuse my novel.
  10. There are a few things that I'm more than happy to drop Linden into. My first and foremost are my zooby babies when it comes to their upkeep, clothing, hair and furniture. Their upkeep isn't that expensive. The creators come up with the cutest things for my munchkins and I find myself having a really hard time not buying them something new on a weekly basis...which is why they get new stuff on a weekly basis. 🥰 😕 Second thing is my hubby. I can't resist sending him items when I'm out and about at shopping events that I feel he will like since I love to shop. Him and I both do, so we tend to shop for one another quite a bit. It is an excuse to spend money and have it not be on myself. 😍 Clothing and hair for me. I don't have many of either, but the hair and clothing I do have are from my favorite stores. Certain clothing styles that I'm drawn to are hard to find because I go for medieval, vintage, plain dress modest clothing. I've been lucky to find some creators who are fabulous with those styles and I stick with them. I tend to buy a lot of fatpacks because if I like a style of something, I enjoy having it in different color and pattern options. Quality over quantity. Plus it drives me batty when my inventory gets past 7000 items so I'm careful how much I accumulate. Lastly in the past I did spend 20,000 L on a collector kittycat that was rare I had been searching for, for about four years when I used to breed them. I still have her and she was worth every linden. 💗🙂
  11. Sorry for being off topic and not having a pet peeve, but I have to say that color reminds me of a really deep set Ruby. It is lovely. Good taste!
  12. My hair in both worlds is long because I feel strange with short hair so I guess hubby is dating Rapunzel. Short hair doesn't suit me. I will have to tell him because I don't think he knew.
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