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  1. I've been waiting to welcome in Autumn for months since it is my favorite time of year! Edi and I are spending our days decorating with rich colors to welcome the Autumn Season into our little house while hubby is at work. We just barely started the last few days, but slowly the vibrant colors are setting in!
  2. Friday I was flipping my tale all across Bellisseria quite happily! Sunday evening I rode my bicycle through Bellisseria further than I had ever been! Both really peaceful ways to spend time and well worth the exploring. What fun things has everyone else been up to around Bellisseria?
  3. I spent this evening riding my bicycle around Bellisserria. Further than I've ever made it before because it is so huge. The more I see, the more I've become beyond impressed. Just wanted to thank both Moles and Lindens for all their hard work and the beauty they are creating daily. It was a really fun way to spend my Sunday evening. I appreciate I've such a beautiful place to explore. 💕
  4. Congratulations to everyone that found the prize so far! Good luck to those who have yet to. You'll find it! The most important thing is have fun! 💕
  5. The Little Mermaid is one of my all time favorite movies. So much so, that I was thrilled when I was chosen to play Ariel in a live performance while I was still singing in rl. I like to think that experience helped me yesterday with the hunt since the whole time I was singing the songs. 😂
  6. I wish to say thank you so much. This was so much fun. 😊
  7. Exactly this. I'm also disabled and you said it perfectly. Thank you.
  8. There is a difference in owning your mind, and using degrading language to describe people. Taking ownership is also accepting words can cause harm. I don't need to use deragatory language to clearly convey an idea or point.
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