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  1. Christhiana

    Selling others peoples stuff.

    That won't work. You cannot give away/sell anything that you don't have transfer rights on. Even when using a vendor system.
  2. Christhiana

    Upgrade from GTX 560 ti

    Ofcourse the best way to go would be to upgrade your CPU as well as your GPU, but that is essentially buying a new PC. Whether it's worth upgrading your old system is a matter of what goal you want to achieve. Do you want to upgrade your videocard so you can run ALM? Then yes a 1050 or even better 1050ti will do the trick but performance will drop very fast in more crowded and filled settings. Or do you want to get better performance at crowded places with your current graphics settings? In that case you'll need more CPU power and upgrading your videocard may not give the desired effect. If a new computer is not an option, I would suggest the following. Get 4GB of system memory giving you a total of 8GB. Win10 nowadays already needs 4GB to run smoothly itself, anything on top of that will benefit from the extra memory. Get a fast SSD (the earlier mentioned samsung 860 is a good choice, same goes for the kingfast series by kingston. SL performs best when the cache is run from an SSD, the same goes for the windows swapfile. Get a 1050 (or better if you can afford it a 1050ti). It will be a huge upgrade in terms of graphics speed, but performance may slow down quickly in crowded scenes especially with alm turned on. I have a 1050 card myself (not the ti version) but have an intel 8700K with 16GB underneath. When I work on my building platform by myself I can get 180-200 fps. When I'm at a very crowded space my framerates can drop as low as 10-15 fps. I do have ALM turned on with shadows and all the shineys Turning of ALM gives me better performance at crowded spaces. For me this works fine since I mostly want ALM on for when I'm building. When going to a crowded event I turn of ALM and get a good performance.
  3. Christhiana

    UV Texture Templates

    That is just how the UV map for the SL avatar is projected. A differently mappen UV would not work on the avatar. You could use a graphics program that allows you to import the 3d model of the avatar and paint onto that. I believe photoshop has that capability (Correct me if I'm wrong, I don't use photoshop myself but Gimp).
  4. Christhiana

    Upgrade from GTX 560 ti

    The problem with buying a used graphics card is that you don't know how it has been used. Did the seller game on it for 8 hours every day or just a few hours in the weekend. Was it overclocked (which can and will reduce the lifespan of the card). When you buy a used graphics card make sure you've seen it run in person with at least a few rounds of heavy benchmarking. A second thing to look into is that your old PC's performance will be able to keep up in SL. SL is very CPU intensive and an old CPU might result in your new graphics card idling a lot of the time just around a few percent of it's capability. Sometimes a CPU instead of GPU update will get you a bigger performance boost.
  5. Christhiana

    Does anyone build with prims anymore

    While I do the final products for my store in mesh, I do most of the initial designing inworld with prims. It helps to get a good feel of proportion and perspective. I then make the item in blender using the inworld prim mock up version for measurements. Working this way keeps the creative aspect of building in SL and that is important to me. It is also easier to keep up social stuff when not having to switch from blender to SL for each IM. Whenever I need a simple shape for an event display or for my store I tend to use good old prims as well. And lets be honest, there is just something about building inworld with prims. It is deeply satisfying and what got me excited in SL in the first place….
  6. Christhiana

    Marketplace Purchase Notification E-Mail

    I had this happen to me a few months ago as well. The sales confirmation emails were all of a sudden in French. After editing merchant info it turned back to enlish.
  7. Christhiana

    Vending machine script(Part 2)

    That is a good point Innula. If it is only about the number of demos given out it's easy to store it in a local record. For avatar names and such an external database is ofcourse better. The downside to the L$1 price is that someone with no L$ in their account (yet) won't be able to purchase a demo. I can already hear people say "but if they have no money for the demo they certainly have no money to buy the product anyway". But when I started out I had a great time trying out demos just to see how things would look on my avi. When I started making some money in SL I did remember who's demos I tried and liked. It may have taken some time but in the end the free demos I bought did their job and I purchased some of the full products.
  8. Christhiana

    Vending machine script(Part 2)

    Can't you just give out the item on touch instead of selling it for L$1 and then returning the L$1?
  9. Christhiana

    Save as Collada Questions...

    Hi there Neighbour I missed your inworld IM. But Chinrey and Chic seem to have given you some good answers already. I can recommend watching some of Chic's video tutorials on blender. They are a good starting point to learn how to model directly in blender from the start, which I would highly recommend.
  10. Christhiana

    I am trying to find out why I have such bad FPS

    The reason for the imbalance between my cpu and gpu is that a 1050 is enough to have Sl running great. The 8700k is not so much for running SL faster but to get the most out of blender. And to put things into perspective, I came from an AMD X2 270 so it's not like I upgrade frequently. The reason I bought a 8700K is that I work at a friends computer store so I don't pay retail price for it and it becomes quite a good bargain then. But I agree with you that upgrading your CPU every year is throwing away money. I plan on using this pc for quite a few years. Maybe upgrade the videocard when prices come down to a normal level again. ETA: btw, 12 threads vs 8 threads makes a big difference when rendering in Blender.
  11. Christhiana

    I am trying to find out why I have such bad FPS

    My bet is that your 4th generation i5 is the bottleneck here. SL relies on the CPU a lot. I have recently upgraded to a 8700K with a GTX1050 and get anywhere between 45-100 fps on mainland regions and up to 160fps on my build platform. before I had an AMD x2 270 with the same GTX1050 and got no more than 10-30 fps at the same places with the same graphic setting (Ultra). With the older AMD CPU my GTX1050 was only utilized about 30%.
  12. Christhiana

    Designing for Second Life - Where to Start?

    I think it would be best to focus on one area of interest at first. Buildings and such are a great place to start. Hair and clothing takes some more advanced skills to do well. I would suggest that besides learning how to model in blender, you also learn more about modelling for SL at the same time. What I mean by that is learn how to do your own LODs and physics models from the start. It takes some experience to get good at so that's why it's best to get into it right away. It's a very important and often overlooked aspect of making good items for SL. And most of all, have fun doing it!
  13. Christhiana

    Buying land with alts

    Assuming that your main account holds all the land, you should have your alts donate their tier to the group first. Then have your main account deed the land to the group and donate tier as well. If you try doing it the other way around the group will not have enough tier to own the land when you try to deed it. The tier setting in your account only indicates the maximum amount of land you want to own and pay for. If you do not use it throughout a tier periode, you wont be billed for it. You can manually set it to zero if you like. It will not automatically go down if you own less land than the tier is set for.
  14. Christhiana

    Mainland Beauty

    They could at least make it AR-able. Then LL would only have to respond when someone actually has an issue with a privacy screen.
  15. Christhiana

    Mainland Beauty

    I think a maximum height for privacy screens would be a great help.