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  1. *Chants* Push da button, Push da button, Push da button... And for those who pushed the button and nothing happened, please read the backside of the post
  2. I love how you have decorated your HB! That deck with the pool is gorgeous! ♥
  3. I have updated them to include the victorians and houseboats as well, so don't forget to get a fresh copy! These are a gift btw for all my lovely neighbours ♥
  4. Painting for the winter holidays... 🙂
  5. It appears the new stilt regions are being deployed.... North east of the Log Home continent.
  6. Under physics costs you can see the weight of the physics model. Base Hull (5.240) is the weight when set to Convex Hull and Mesh (13.658) is the Weight when set to prim.
  7. A wonderful collection of intriguing, funny and curious items. Lots of interactive items and games too. I loved it! ♥ Thank you so much! Dare I play this game...perhaps I should consult the fortune teller first.
  8. An intriguing exhibition. I loved it. Thank you so much! ♥
  9. Amazing job! I watched it 3x in a row to see all the details in the outfits and decors. Great to recognize so many of my Belli neighbors and friends. I'm looking forward to seeing more releases by Pring Productions! Belliwood is here!
  10. Wow! This is a must see for sure! I just did the balloon tour as well and it's a great for a quick overview. But there is so much to see this will keep me wa;lking around for a while I really appreciate all the effort the mole team puts into building all these amazing displays for us. Thank you so much!
  11. Since the numbers seem to be going up, my guess is Mole Breeding Colony...
  12. I love your videos @Keif Denimore and I'm happy to see you're back at making more of them. For those who want to learn a bit more on how the bellisseria regions are being build and decorated, these videos are a real treat! Thank you so much and keep up the good work!
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