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  1. I usually have my draw distance set at around 160 with ALM enabled. Qie's response got me thinking. It could be that the object was loaded in memory when zooming out of my parcel, but then it still remained while zooming back in. It happens on and off when I'm at my parcel.
  2. I have noticed that things in the sky that are way beyond viewing distance can sometimes still cast a big shadow on the ground. I personally would have chosen for a no skybox policy. If the room you have on your parcel at ground level is not enough then maybe it's time to upgrade to a different piece of land.
  3. I think ban lines should work both ways. People can't get into your parcel, but you can't get out either
  4. For flattening a rough piece of land I like to use Skidz Dozer System. It has prims in 2x2, 4x4, and 8x8. You put them at the height you want to have your land flattened and click it to start. It will then raise the land underneath the prim to the height of the center of the prim. You can link multiple of the prims together and drag them in edit mode to flatten larger pieces of land. They will continue to flatten while you drag them.
  5. That's the whole reason I became a creator in the first place XD
  6. For me the sun has started to move from right to left instead of front to back. It's still in the right position when I select a daytime from the sun position menu in firestorm though. I Hope that's not a permanent thing. I'm kinda attached to my sunrise ocean view I guess we'll have to live with some quirky weather situations while EEP is being implemented and tested…. *edit* Now the sun is moving the right way again, but is a bit offset to one side. I kinda like how it looks opposed to having the sun from directly above...
  7. I can see my house in the heterocera delta! XD But seriously, that is an awesome looking map view. Great work!
  8. Wanna see the new Linden Homes? There is a preview region at the Home and Garden Expo 2019 that has just started!
  9. So....should we also add lumberjack droppings then? XD
  10. Cows and small animals like foxes, rabbits, etc... and don't forget about the birds and the bees!
  11. There is a big difference between having some friends over and having an army of alts logged in on your land all the time. Of course it also depends on what you call 'an army of alts'..
  12. So if I understood correctly, you have a 1024(?) plot on mainland that you loaded with an army of alts and you don't consider that unfair use of resources? A mainland sim only holds a max of 40 avatars you know....
  13. I've just uploaded a house that consists of 16 separate objects as a linkset with LOD's and Physic models and can confirm it works as it is supposed to. Here's what I've found you need to do to get it to work right. It might be useful for others that are struggling to upload a linkset with lod's and physics. 1) Make sure you have LOD's and Physics models for EVERY object in the linkset, no exception! 2) Decide on the type of physics you are going to use. When uploading the whole set at once you can only use one type of physiscs. 3) Name your materials with no spaces and number them at the beginning to make sure they remain in the correct order (e.g. 01Material, 02Material, etc...). 4) Add _LOD2, _LOD1, _LOD0 and _PHYS to your level of details and physics models names. Use _LOD2 for your highest and _LOD0 for your lowest level of detail models. 5) Export each LOD set as a separate DAE.
  14. I'm only at 9. I guess there's much to learn yet before I am a real builder I've got one to add as well.... - Upload your final build to the main grid, spend an hour putting it all together only to realise you're still on the beta grid and forgot log onto the main grid first. That should at least get me 2 more points!
  15. What I usually do to avoid this problem is drag select. Then I lift the selected items up a few meters in the air to see if anything that I didn't select stays behind. If so I put the selected items back down and either manually select or drag select the object(s) I missed the first time. It's has worked great for me so far. A bit more 'advanced way to do it would of course be 'using a rez box.
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