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  1. Christhiana

    Idle thoughts for idle builders

    Top Shear the prims and you have a flat prim of 64x128. This way you only use half of the prims
  2. Christhiana

    Idle thoughts for idle builders

    Change the physics settings?
  3. Christhiana

    The Latest on Last Names

    Yeah, it seems a bit of a high price if you're only able to select from a list. For that amount I would expect to be able to enter my own name of choice.
  4. Christhiana

    MP feature i just noticed

    There is of course no way to measure, but the fact that your products can be viewed inworld may be the reason for some of your MP sales.
  5. Christhiana

    Custom last names

    It would be especially nice if the person that registers the name could decide which other residents can use it. Of course every new resident with that name would still pay for it to Linden Lab.
  6. Christhiana

    Custom last names

    Yes, that puts a serious limit on the usability as a family name, but one can probably find a creative way around that…..
  7. Christhiana

    Custom last names

    I think your right about the possible disaster, collecting fees would be a hassle. But it could be a nice solution for (family) roleplaying purposes.
  8. Christhiana

    Custom last names

    Does anyone know what happens to the custom last names when you cancel the subscription? Do they revert to 'resident'? Or are the accounts made under the custom last name simply deleted?
  9. Christhiana

    Custom last names

    If you can find other residents who want to share that last name you can split the costs… For example: Share a custom last name name with 50 other residents and everyone pays $20 for the first year and $10 for every next year.
  10. Christhiana

    Another MP change - a Good one. Thank you, LL!!!

    And yes I checked….no redelivery of items not purchased
  11. Christhiana

    Another MP change - a Good one. Thank you, LL!!!

    There seems to be a bug in the feature that shows 'You have purchased this item on....' above an item listing. When I click 'buy now' on an item but then cancel on the invoice page it will from then on show that I bought the item on that day. Can anyone confirm this?
  12. Christhiana

    Market Place and Gacha resales

    It would be nice if gatchas upon listing were marked with a flag as such, paired with an 'exclude gatchas' tick box on search.
  13. Christhiana

    Paying with gift card

    Not if you approach it as any other gift card. A landlord could sell the giftcards in their store/marketplace so residents can buy the giftcard for someone who rents from that lanlord. It would then be the same as any other giftcard/storecredit. No banking involved.
  14. Christhiana

    Paying with gift card

    Well, at least it confirms you had a good idea
  15. Christhiana

    Paying with gift card

    The CasperLet system has rental vendors which accept gift cards....