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  1. Yes, I tested it with the old fence. If you look at the newer fence you'll see that the ends are more pointy from stretching in height. You can also tell it's the same by comparing the texture.
  2. It's the same fence as the old, just stretched and tinted differently. You can try to mach it yourself.
  3. Another day and it's back to playing the Bellisserian slotmachine. I've had to replace my browsers refresh button twice already. Completely worn out....
  4. I have to let it go. Need a second Winchester to test a script
  5. I just caught a houseboat in Guppy. Thinking about keeping it.
  6. I caught that one. I will release it again @ 3.45 AM. It's a really lovely location but I will stick to my house in Allweiss.
  7. I don't hate it personally, but I fid it strange that nobody has mention "Gatcha" yet…..
  8. Trying out some colors for the winchester
  9. Light Of Aurelia is near Allweiss, where I saw it. I wonder if it's a localized species.....🤔
  10. It's hard keeping up with them youngsters these days
  11. Also came across this one while exploring. It seams that someone really wants some extra bushes…. XD
  12. I came across this little guy in a small pond on a hill across the road in front of my home.
  13. That's a nice location. You can always switch too a houseboat later. For me personally, Bellisseria would make it worth to go premium.
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