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  1. they already released today. i doubt they will do another today
  2. once the new theme starts these houses campers and hb's will be easy to get cause everyone will be chancing the new theme
  3. its tuesday and rolling restarts. Whitney said in chat
  4. am still trying to get a riverside home, my luck stinks
  5. i see such pretty camper regions coming up, the wait is killing me
  6. i hope the Christmas Expo is in early November, so we have time to enjoy the new theme during the holiday season
  7. hope they do a camper release soon, it's been a while!
  8. this is behind me, i'm in a hb across from lighthouse
  9. https://gyazo.com/092b9a29193176039599b7c9b6b7bef3 thats from my back yard, its all grass not sand
  10. is a house overlooking the houseboats considered a good spot
  11. pouts, nobody posting on their campers any more. I enjoy reading through and seeing every ones work
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