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  1. *Sighs* I'll most likely not get the fantasy theme I am hoping for. Fairy type homes, whimsical and colorful. I just find the trads and victorians, and even the upcoming stilt homes soooo similar. Was hoping for something really different in style. I do love almost all the themes we have thus far, don't get me wrong. I even hope that they put more trad styles in the mailbox for us to use. Great job to all the moles and Lindens. We greatly appreciate all the hard work you put into SL homes for us. ❤️
  2. where have you heard this, i am missing something
  3. when is the reveal suppose to take place, what time?
  4. where did you hear this prediction? I have been outta the loop for a bit. I hope its true
  5. may i ask what fireplace this is, its cute!
  6. is nobody going to do any interior wall shells for any of the log cabins? I've been watching for some
  7. may i ask where you got that cute fireplace and wall thats in the kitchen
  8. are these going to be for sale?
  9. are you going to place it on MP or for sale?
  10. well crap, i had a lovely spot on Edgemere with big willows that I( loved and now its not mine. wtf. sighs
  11. may i ask where those cute flowers in front are from?
  12. yea, but didnt see him mention regular releases at all. only no log home releases
  13. where in chat did Patch say no more releases today, i'm not seeing that
  14. Is there a new list for the Victorians, as in guess in which order they will go?
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