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  1. I loooooved the adam's demo at the expo. i'm just sad that in the n/c with info on it it says only where the arch walls are from , wish she would sell what she's done with them, i'm not a builder lol
  2. is this serious, really? didnt think that would happen
  3. is there another updated release list. I know they are guesses but they are often very accurate.
  4. love my lil camper, its all fairy like
  5. first day in long time weekday, with no release. unless i missed something
  6. leomund has no houses on it yet. i just went to look
  7. same thing happened to me a while back, nothing was done, nothing could be done i guess in my case, they were having some issues, and restarted the sim, i had just gotten the camper only 30 minutes beforehand and when i came back it belonged to someone else. Linden Lab did contact me in respoce to my ticket and apologized
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