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  1. I tend to leave sounds on, for me the mole soundscape is one thing that I look at when deciding whether to keep a parcel.
  2. Personally, tho a very curious person, I'm not willing to spend time finding out facts about LH regions To me, that is completely LL's business, and they have access to relevant information that we could NEVER have. I respect efforts to suggest to LL some things to consider should they ever want to pare down older LH regions, but I've not seen a lot of uptake of brilliant(?) ideas I've suggested in the past, so personally I'll not be doing much of that either. [Well, I do harbor a hope that one day we'll see an "Italy plan" for empty regions on mainland and LH continents. For 3 months only, buy a region for $1L, with reduced tier for the 1st year! Various restrictions apply. I'm sure that's right up there with providing continent names on the world map, another stunningly obvious improvement rotting in the overflowing landfill of 'helpful' resident suggestions in Jira's nether regions.] Anyway, think of the useful things LL could know! LH parcels that have not been visited by their owner in over a year. LH parcels that have no resident objects on them. % of each style of LH that has resident objects, has ever been visited for over 30 seconds in the last year., etc.. Whether it would be sensible or even possible to put unoccupied regions into "idle mode", where a lot of them are hosted together in some lower-cost way on the cloud. The top 10 groups (in terms of number of parcels) that own land in LH regions, and the locations of those parcels. One could go on and on. They have data, we don't.
  3. This is why the Game of Homes was invented, my friend. What I see right now: Clickety-Click! Good luck! You get 5 tries per 24 hour period.
  4. No, you can't. The auction to name a region is usually held during the Christmas Expo (early December), the entire event being a fundraiser for the ACS (cancer society). Often the bidders in that particular auction have lost a loved one to cancer and wish to memorialize them in SL.
  5. The sun is putting up a good fight, but shadows will soon win. Below, orange water gently laps the darkened boardwalk at the base of Lost Caves' cliffs.
  6. I bought this one in January. Here's a pic of a smaller kitchen I used it in, showing the customization HUD too. You can retexture different parts, including the appliances, separately, and it has a tinting tab too. Very low LI, so not as beautifully detailed as some. But extremely flexible. Oh, also, I just noticed that s/he added a few animations after I bought it, just got a redelivery from the Marketplace (when did they add that? Very handy!) simple ones but nice to have.
  7. No. Jian's pets do not use physics (easily checked in the build popup), and besides, I don't see anything in the covenant specifically mentioning physics. They walk through walls. They can, however, collide with any physical objects you may have around (like yourself!). It is amusing to rez a big physical plane in a sandbox and watch a wandering Jian puppy shove it around. Also, Jain pets can be set phantom via menu, if you want them to be able to walk through you. The only issue I have with Jian wanderers is the endlessly active script, which is constantly turning alphas on an off to make it look like the animal is moving, as well as changing the animal's position from place to place. (actually, at LOD 2, the alpha on/off technique of simulating animation doesn't work very well for me - lots of flicker and breakup on the animal). I have a Jinx wandering pet, and it DOES use physics, but it is also phantom, so generates no collisions. Having a lot of physics happening in a region can slow the whole region down. (Note that boats and other vehicles are generally physical when in motion.) Long ago, one estate we were on had a couple of physical deer endlessly climbing up a steep, rocky hill. They would get to a certain point and slide back down, very amusing, about a bazillion collisions. Noticeable effect on region performance. Makers of most modern animals are careful about physics, but it may be an issue with old pets.
  8. Someday the north coast of Logland will be finished, and that parcel will be AMAZINGLY wonderful.
  9. I really hope you filed an AR for harassment. People who do this (invasively take candid shots and share them with you and the world) often are telling themselves that their subjects secretly like this. Both for their SL and their RL, they need to get strong feedback that their subjects DO NOT appreciate this form of exploitation. And that it can have consequences.
  10. Ban lines are different depending on whether you are one of a whole class of people who are banned, or whether you are explicitly banned by name. According to SL's wiki: LL's security system is more like a security orb, allowing you to set a height range over which it detects & ejects intruders. It also has this interesting "Sky Alert" feature, which sounds like an operation to be undertaken by a certain ex-president's SPACE FORCE, but is actually kind of a cool feature for a person who is nervous about neighbors spying on them.
  11. Wow, Prudence, what a service to the community! People considering joining Belli ask all the time (both in Belli chat and here on the forums) where they can see demos of the homes, and I think this new, visual blog style will really help. I can't believe this will actually lessen your workload, but I hope it does If I remember the notecard correctly, it is sorted into themes, which will be so helpful for those wanting a quick acquaintance with Belli's variety. I really hope you get enough submittals so that over time you can usually present a variety of styles for each theme. It would be terrific if, instead of a separate list of SLURLs, readers can just click on a home's pic and TP there, as if they were running through a Seraphim gallery I'm not much of a decorator (I'm tempted to put a sign out at my new log that says "Go look at Bela's house, 2nd home over!". Even so, I may submit a couple of our homes on the strength of their unusually beautiful parcels, if you think that might be of interest.
  12. You have an interesting perspective! The amount of traffic seen daily on the older LH regions has always suggested to me that there are residents who simply prefer them. I think we should all keep in mind that LL has not stated at any time that residents will ever be forced to leave them. In fact, I'm not sure that LL will ever close them down entirely. Look at the percentage of mainland that has languished, abandoned, for years. The reasons you give for liking banlines are ALL addressed by the security system @Sister Nova described. You can set it to eject anyone from your parcel after 15 seconds (it also supports whitelisting your group or individuals by name). I personally believe LL's security system is a much better solution than banlines. Bellisseria, unlike the old LH regions, is set up to encourage tourism - that is, it has an extensive derivable road network, navigable waters, etc.. I tested banlines in Belli (by banning one of my own alts), and they were visible when simply passing in a car. Once you set up banlines, they are there 24 hours a day, not just when you are online. That's a lot of passersby that your security is annoying! If you want to test out LL's security system, maybe make an alt premium for a month and pick up any Bellisseria home - you might enjoy a stilt home or chalet, both of which offer very open interior layouts, so are easy to remodel. The security system that comes with Bellisseria homes can be used anywhere in SL, so you could try it out on your current Linden Home (eta: just thinking, it may be that LL's system can only be rezzed by the parcel owner. After the first setup, you can specify other avatars who can manage it.). You could also try living in a skybox (above 2000m) over a Belli home, which would of course decrease viewer-side lag greatly, as well as avoiding nearly all avatar traffic. If you have a Meadowbrook home, I personally think LL will introduce a Belli theme that should appeal to Meadowbrook fans within a year. It will be interesting to see if they come up with another 512 theme, too! At present, the only Belli 512 theme is Campers.
  13. Orly? And whose are they? Such a tease! Paulsian, 300mb/sec is indeed just fine for SL and Belli, so long as you aren't sharing it with a bunch of people gaming or watching films. I ran for years on a 20mb/sec link with no problems. Belli IS demanding, with all the small parcels stuffed with user content, but you shouldn't be having the issues you describe. I'm curious about your hardware and settings. The client provides a really nice summary of those in the Help menu, under "About". On Firestorm that is the last item in the help menu; it brings up a dialog box with 3 tabs. Usually clients default to the "info" tab, which is what you want; you should see a summary of where you are at the moment, your hardware, and some relevant settings. There may be a button at the bottom of the info tab to copy the info to clipboard; if not ctrl c or a screen grab will work as well. If you're willing to have us take a peak, just paste that info here for us to look over. [I use Firestorm, and just checked mine this way. I believe Firestorm is the same as LL's client in this regard.] One little performance hint: if you haven't done so already, you may wish to tell your antivirus not to bother checking your SL cache folder, particularly the texture cache.
  14. This. Even a multi-mesh-tree screen does not generally take more than, say, 15 seconds to rez for me. I know you didn't want to hear about settings, but I think you would get more enthusiasm for your ideas if people shared your rezzing issues. Oh yes, very occasionally I'll have a bad login where a few textures will just NEVER rez. But I don't think that's what you're experiencing. I think you have to commend all who've responded to this thread on their self-discipline in not diving into your setup to see if anything needs to be tweaked! I'm not ALL that self-disciplined, though .... the only thing I'll say is, I don't suppose you're on a slow wireless connection?
  15. Really interesting question, Eowyn. And I think you have something there. If you made an experience triggered when you enter the tunnel, then it could use llSetAgentEnvironment to set water fog and blur while underwater, which I bet are what give you the underwater look. I don't know if you'd have to use EEP to see the change, or maybe you'd have to have your viewer set to use region/parcel environment settings by default. The experience could be limited to that region (or maybe parcel?), which would probably mitigate the effect of TPing out that Matthew mentioned. Presumably sailors and aeronauts going over the tunnel would not encounter the experience at all. @Quartz Mole, @Dyna Mole, would this work?
  16. There's also a variant of OW stilts which are attached to boardwalks that go along a coast. This whole line of stilts are all OW.
  17. YES: Derender in the main viewer Central place for premium members to pick up LH content packs. I don't know why this can't be just a vendor at the ancient Mole Mart or even at Meauxle Bureaux. It's important to remember that the moles are contractors, and LL owns all the content they build. Moles cannot themselves decide to give what they build for LL away. NO: Include Linden Home trees in content packs Don't get me wrong, I would love to get my hands on all the Linden Home landscaping content. Beautiful work. I would put their gorgeous 80-LI Vic willows on our property in Rosehaven in a New York minute. In fact, when LL included their hydrangeas in a pack, I threw out the ones I had bought at Heart Gardens, because the LODs on the LL ones are noticably better, and the LI is quite reasonable. I kept the Reid Parkin roses I have, which are very similar to the ones in a LH pack, only because they're full perm. And therein lies the rub. The moles are often residents who sell their goods inworld. I don't think this list of residents who have become moles is up to date, but cast your eyes over it and you'll see people who have stores and are regularly selling content at Collaborate, for example. People who are premium often also buy a lot of SL content for pleasure. Give away the LH trees and it MIGHT have an impact on Landscaping businesses in SL. It is quite possible that the employment contract for moles includes a clause that the mole must approve LL giving away any content they build. I sure would want such a clause if I were a mole. Personally, I enjoy seeing the landscaping that other people use, and I frequently make a trip to the marketplace or inwold store (who doesn't love going to The Looking Glass?) when I see a planting that I particularly like. I may totally forget that I own that thing later, but I also enjoy ploughing around in my inventory when gardening. It wouldn't be nearly as much fun if I were limited in what I could use. If were were limited to using LL content, or even just LL trees, the parcels would be totally rezzable, and quite boring. I would be humming "Little boxes, little boxes, and they're all made out of ticky-tacky .." a lot when I travel Belli.
  18. @Patch Linden, this statement has puzzled and saddened me. The Fantasy theme's appeal to me will be hugely diminished if it is not reachable via air and water, even if through a very narrow corridor. What a delight it is to travel between our group properties! You don't need a LOT of properties to have bunches of fun doing that, via the many routes one can devise in Belli. All you need do is change homes once in a while, and you can see Belli through an entirely different lens. "Some form of portal"? If there will be a new form of portal that you can take a vehicle through, then it could work for me. But as it stands now, a portal is just a fancy teleport. If the Fantasy theme is only a teleport away ... well ...Rosehaven, the Fruit Islands, the Grove, Idle Rogue and Caledon are also only a teleport away. And all of those also have strong covenants, and social occasions with, frankly, many of the typists we socialize with in Belli. The interconnected continents of Belli keep us here.
  19. Yes. Of course, LL could have done that at any time, but they haven't. My observation was just that, since LL WILL be building more themes out, if they put them off the east coast of Satori, they could get connectivity to the Blake Sea without having to add any water regions just for that purpose. In general, LL seems reluctant to add water regions solely to make life easier for boaters; and I can't blame them for that, especially now that regions cost more to operate in the cloud than they did on LL's fully depreciated farm of aged servers. But actually, LL wouldn't HAVE to confine themselves to a narrow strip off the west coast of Satori. There is quite a bit of empty grid there as well. Maybe not enough for a new theme, but certainly enough to generously finish off the north coast of Bellevaria, and then add some mixed-theme "chunks" and a passel of houseboats and stilts, were they so inclined. One tiny piece of evidence supporting that possibility is a private region near Satori that appears to have been recently moved or abandoned.
  20. And a further wild thought: if you wanted to preserve one of the old Linden Home continents, you could MOVE it to hook up to Belli and help fill in that "Bypass". Thinking too far out of the box? /me stomps on the box.
  21. Delighted to see all the activity along the northern edge of Bellevaria (chalets)! As I perused it on the map, I was struck by a thought. I've been thinking the Fantasy theme would go in to that big space south of LogLand. But ... you know ... several intrepid explorers have been threading their way though the hazards of Satori to find a not-completely-painful route from the Blake Sea to Belli. There is no easy way. WILD SPECULATION ALERT!!! Sometimes, if you can't go through an obstacle, the best way is to build a bypass. There's a boatload of empty grid space off the south coast of Satori. What do you think, could you get to the Blake Sea with only another 2 themes? Or maybe 3?
  22. I love the modern look of your exterior, there are RL houseboats that look like that, so why not? Someone is selling a houseboat addon that looks like a traditional wooden frame house, which I don't have any problem with, even though it is SO different from the moles' designs. Again, there are RL houseboats that look like that. Your decor is excellent! I can feel the ocean breezes, but it's also very homey. It's nautical, but not kitchy, I admire that. (Though of course I never do it, she says, slipping her bubble-blowing crab a treat).
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