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  1. All regions in Bellisseria are rated Moderate, not Adult. Here is LL's guidance on nudity, from the Adult FAQ on SL's wiki. So while you shouldn't get Abuse Reported for nudity, it is not the norm in Bellisseria, or indeed on nearly all Moderate-rated mainland. So you will likely get some objections. Fyi, the moles have not yet provided any "nude beaches", tho that would be interesting. A private estate example is the naturist estate of Eden, all regions are Moderate rated. Nudity is expected, but public sexual activity is not permitted.
  2. I bought them too. If they were built so that they DIDN'T break down, I'm not so sure they'd be 1 LI. You know, just as shapes go, they don't look difficult. Maybe when we get far enough in these courses (next fall lol), it'd be interesting to see if we CAN build them to be 1LI, without using an outrageous number of triangles, rezzable at higher distances. Where's @Chic Aeon when you need her!
  3. Tried to go exploring a couple of days ago, but found it just about impossible without a second person to navigate. When I roped someone in to help, they did so, but became very frustrated with the map. SL is supposed to be fun, so we gave it up shortly. As I mentioned on another thread, why have large interconnected continents and waterways if it's so VERY difficult to travel? /me sends eclairs to the lone developer who is evidently trying to rewrite the map software.
  4. It appears that, since LL doesn't t need further information to characterize this problem, they are not using an active Jira for it. OTOH, it does seem to sometimes help move things along for many folks to express dismay at a particular issue. I think commenting on the thread Logan linked would be a good venue to do that.
  5. The two buoys at the northern corners of Flamingo Dancers are actually in Shell Cove and Dive In (You can quickly tell what region a buoy is in by trying to sit on it. It won't work, but if you get a "no place to sit" msg it is in your region. If you get "move closer", it is in a different region. You can also search the region for 'buoy", but that's slower). No way to tell what the void regions will be. My personal guess is that it will be quite a while until anything shows up above the northernmost stilt regions, tho.
  6. I have imposed a rule on myself that I won't buy any more furniture or decor until I unpack all the furnishings in my objects folder and furnish my stilt home. So far, so good. /me offers the owner of Muniick a cookie to compensate for my absence.
  7. The uplift is complete, your colo was completely empty as of January 5th. It's time for another update on this, @Oz Linden. Am I correct in assuming that the map software cannot be adapted to the cloud, and you are having to do a complete rewrite? If so, I have a couple of simple feature suggestions. May I reiterate that losing the ability to see more than a few regions at a time is a MAJOR LOSS OF FUNCTIONALITY. Why bother to have large interconnected land and water masses if residents cannot navigate them?
  8. Since this thread is sort of a history of Belli, I wanted to note two major events that affect SL as a whole, tho not Belli directly. On January 5th, LL announced that: > Project uplift is finally complete, and LL has completely vacated the colo facility so long occupied by SL's servers. All hail AWS! Tweaks and bug fixes will of course continue ad infinitum. > The acquisition of LL by an investment group led by Randy Waterfield and Brad Oberwager finally obtained regulatory approval, and has therefore been completed. The announcement notes that 2020 saw strong SL growt
  9. I have an SL sailing question, which will reveal what a dilettante sailor I am. In RL, the maximum speed of a sailboat is proportional to its LOA - length overall, the length of the boat where the hull meets the water. Are the sailing engines in SL real enough that this is true in SL also? I love my Bandit IF, but I'm wondering if I could get more speed when I crank up the wind with a longer sailboat? Perhaps in SL, you'd see speed increases due to the increases in sail area rather than LOA, but that might still be significant. What do you think, do bigger SL sailboats go faster? I
  10. Objects outside your parcel borders are indeed against covenant, doesn't matter if it's a plant or brick wall. The covenant says: As for the below, please keep in mind that people who use the public areas outside of your parcel are also paying customers. I am a paying customer, and I have reported the non-phantom neighbor's plant that is keeping me from walking on part of my parcel. I would also report any plant that kept me from driving on a public road or waterway. If everyone comes to think as you do, then of course LL would not be able to police every infraction. That is not a
  11. We put on our topsiders and went on a voyage from Fourze to Margaritaville last night! At a top speed of 30 knots/hr, the old Piaggio LittleBee is the fastest boat we own. It does not use AVsitter, so I didn't have a fix for the 'trying to trigger animations ..." script error (/me begins to save up for a Bandit SRV210), which we saw about every 4th region when going fast, but we persevered and the boat did not crash once. We did this late at night, and noticed only one other boater, another speedboat which drenched us as it sped past in the opposite direction on the east coast of LogLand.
  12. /me laughs, suddenly picturing an alt of the Vic designers (or scripters) touring a Vic neighborhood, shaking their head at those foolish residents who put blinds in FRONT of the windows that already have blinds. I wonder if they thought we were doing that because we never realized there were built-in blinds? Think about what you do in RL when the sun sets on your west-facing home. You stare out at the beauty, and then when the sun gets low, you lower the blinds ON THAT SIDE OF THE HOUSE.
  13. Took my Bandit IF out for a quick sail around the Stilt areas near me. I was not sure it would be feasible to actually sail among the Stilts, but it was quite fun! The lower edge of this route is VERY close to region borders with no regions beyond, so was a little slow and bouncy this first time around. But I was surprised that sailing from the bottom of Fort Mesa up through Westley was very easy, though it goes through a reasonably densely populated area. I was also surprised that the stilt waterways, lined with houses as they are, SEEMED like a quite realistic riverbank area. It was ver
  14. This is our goto boat for Campers. 11 LI, straightforward menus, draws basically nothing, solid on region crossings. For an OL stilt with just a tiny amount of water, it would be a terrific solution. It can be set to group, and comes with a cradle as well. BERDAV kindly supplies PSDs for this boat as well if you want to customize the look, which I pulled down but never played with. IIRC, the mesh is not divided up into separate faces. Frankly, it is everything that What Next's and Culprit's little boats should be, but aren't, chiefly due to the scripts they both chose. If you w
  15. My OL parcel has some water, but it's limited and fairly shallow. Even so, I do intend to always have one boat, and hopefully an amphibian car as well, rezzed. Since I haven't furnished the house yet, I put out my favorite boats to try, each about 31LI. From R to L we have a Loonetta, Mesh Harbor's Bandit IF (a small sailboat, but very yar, and can seat 4), and the S&S Harbor Master putt-putt, also able to seat 4. Plus there's a Mudskipper garaged under the house. The Loonetta is really a pretty big boat! It's actually aground in this pic, so isn't a candidate. I think you'
  16. Since the map isn't working so very well, I thought I'd offer this rough drawing showing the current coastline of Logland where it adjoins Margaritaville. A nice-sized channel leads nearly straight up the east edge of Logland until it reaches SSPE1108. The coastline bends there to continue westward until it runs out of regions west of SSPE1104. At present, this leaves a VERY large block of open water north of LogLand leading up to the north "wing" of Margaritaville. [It is possible that when more regions are added around Really Wet, Too Salty, etc, more Stilts or Houseboats may appear.]
  17. On the topic of lanai walls, or screens to block your neighbors, Atelier Burgundy (Kraftwork) has been selling many of their slightly pricey decorative room divider panels in the weekend sales. They have a few designs in several finishes (concrete, woods, metals) ... search in the MP store or, if you think you may have picked them up, your own inventories for 'panel'. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Atelier-Burgundy-Tree-Panel-Rusty/20694160 LODs are good enough for me:
  18. What part of 'do not play "Game of Homes" ' do you not understand? Or perhaps you hadn't heard ...
  19. The new theme release has highlighted a problem with the database in which the Moles store parcel-specific data. It is the same database for all home types, which is why we are hearing of problems with Vics, Log Homes, etc. as well as Stilts. The reason we are hearing fewer problems from the older themes is because the vast majority of those parcels have already chosen their house model, unlike with the Stilts, where every home on newly released regions will be changing model more than once. Patch is cautioning us not to overburden that database with too many swaps of ANY type of home,
  20. Merry Christmas, StiltHunters! I've named this parcel "One Shot", because I got it on the ONE roll I did for a stilt! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Westley/205/108/23 I have NO time, and this place checks a box or two, so probably will just keep it until they fill in the space between the north and east wings of MargaritaVille. May the flamingos of Christmas bring you all that your heart desires - health, peace, a new US president ... and, of course, toilet paper.
  21. Right. Try resetting your parcel controller pole. > Left click on the pole, and hold the mouse button down for over 4 seconds. After you release, you should see a message in chat that the scripts have been reset. > Wait a full minute. > Click on the pole again and it should be working fine.
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