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  1. Belli is growing so large that you have to stop and take a drink from the many bodies of water now days. #bellilife
  2. Patch said in group chat that the new homes would not be seen at the opening, But did say that they will come during the expo but didn't say what day. so I don't know
  3. Don't know if I am alone here or not but I thought I had my house all together then BAM! Nope I for some reason made my mind up that I needed the Hardy house back. So put the greenhouse up and pulled out my Baby Grand. I seem to play it more than sitting in the Greenhouse. So I still have a lot to do, But I think I'm getting there.
  4. Just landed in the store and got mine. Thanks so much!
  5. That moment when you say to yourself.. ( Self You will have the pool you made and and scripted yourself and that rare ROIRO greenhouse you love so much )
  6. It came from The Domineaux Effect. Cool thing is the stove burners really work. I was floored when I found out Sorry I took so long to read your post.
  7. Stands on the roof of my house and waves back. Lol I thought it was a mole working or trolling me at first. Rotfl You can bet my partner kept touching the dang door before I got him added. I was like if you keep touching the door I will eject your butt. so I set it to open to everyone
  8. @s2Pandora Yeah my partner went to open the door before I could add him and the knocking sound started. I was like wth ..... LOL it was funny stuff but like he said it could turn into a trolling problem too. Oh yeah I think your in the region next to me. I am in Bishopshead. I think I walked by your house.
  9. Yep Discord is so much better than Skype. My friends and I use Discord when online inworld. Better than the whole ( Crap let me re-log I lost voice deal )
  10. Looks like Pickford next to me might be released today. Saw a Mole there just a few moments ago and they took the red text away
  11. Yes I did it. I Got my house all together after fighting to find a kitchen set that was low LI in my folders. And I got my path done after I saw that they sent us the texture. I love where my house is sitting. I sit on a hill that overlooks a river and the train tracks! Yep my forever home.
  12. @Dyna Mole When and only when you all get time can you or whoever add the walking path texture to the content in our mailbox please? I want to bring the path up to my steps.
  13. Yes I love what you all have done here. It is my last move. I found my forever home. Thank you so much! To all the Moles and Lindens that have worked hard on the new homes, May you all be blessed and have a joyful holiday.
  14. Yeah I think so too. I also can't find the texture for the walkway either.
  15. I didn't see one so I am going to use the one I had in my TH
  16. You are very right about that.
  17. Your right. I remember him saying before the 15th! But things go wrong so Idk
  18. Made my alt pack her bags and come crash on my sofa till the Victorian homes go on the market. I can't part with my home in Oldridge
  19. I would like to see Contemporary or even Ranch style homes too. They have done such a great job on the styles so far
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