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  1. Last post for now, I swear... 🙂 Trompe l'oeil is still giving away stuff for free. The Cecilia trunk bench would look equally at home in a Victorian or a Log Home (remember them? 🙂), I think. $L0 Stay at Home special, at the front of the store.
  2. Oooooh, I want that kitchen in real life!!!!!!
  3. The first event I picked up the gifts from was actually Swank (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Swank%20Events/183/201/24), and I hadn't planned on taking pictures, so I'm pretty sure there are more home and garden gifts than these, I just didn't keep them. Sorry. Also, now that Christmas is behind us, some of these gifts might be less useful. Sorry. There's always next year...? First row: mind garden 3LI, AZ studio 1LI, CJ Creations (these are VERY big and did not fit in my white box and I was too lazy to build a bigger white box) Second row: Gruwcreation, tree shelves
  4. I had that too, and not just twice. You think you're getting several different gifts...but alas no.
  5. Here are the Christmas gifts from Cosmopolitan… Quick tip: if you derender the tree (clicking on the little wooden train will do it), you're left with only the stockings, which makes it much easier (I think) to pick up the gifts. Also, Area Search is your friend… YMMV, of course. Décor Row 1 Bamse 1LI each, Sequel 1LI each, Never Totally Dead 2LI Row 2 Lalou 1LI each, Unflat Stuff 1LI each Row 3 Bee Designs 2LI, Hayabusa 8LI (it's bigger than my picture shows), DS 5LI Christmas décor Row 1 West End 3LI, Myrrine 2LI, Madras 4LI (animated) Row 2 Goose 1LI, Chez Moi 3LI
  6. @Nika Talaj, @Dyna Mole, @Quartz Mole, thank you so much for the wonderfully detailed explanations. Much appreciated.
  7. Just out of curiosity, what is that KVP System Patch mentions in his update post ("the KVP system while fixed is probably not in an optimal place")? Does anybody know?
  8. I am NOT abandoning, OK? Please don't make assumptions.
  9. Thanks, must have been a glitch, I logged out and logged back in, and it's fine. Phew!
  10. Has the ability to abandon parcel been disabled? My alt landed a boat on Bubbly (silly me didn't quite realised that the new HB regions would also be released at the same time) and the "abandon land" button is greyed out. Anybody else has that?
  11. Hopefully, it means the full release is very close?
  12. Grrrrr, they don't even appear on the page for me.... 😢
  13. And the new group gift at Hisa is an adorable bird feeder:
  14. Wrong has a compact kitchen and a bed on sale for 60LS this weekend.
  15. Oh. Righ. Of course. 🤣 Somebody should tell Google, though.
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