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  1. Thank you Yup, definitely coffee first!! With you all the way there... 😃
  2. That works fantastically well! That floorboard texture is SO real!
  3. Oh, I love that coffee machine (and the whole rooms too!)! Would you mind sharing where it's from? Such a beautiful restful colour scheme, as well...
  4. Boat rez zone in Port Cullis, next to a public beach http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Port Cullis/120/130/22 It's not that far from the Tingbury road rez zone mentioned above by @Nika Talaj
  5. Oh, yes, I love those! This is like the Victorians (well, close enough for me, no doubt many will disagree... it's ok, just call me Jon Snow...)... ..on water. Victorians. On water! We have a winner. 😃
  6. edited - comment made in the heat of the moment - not really needed
  7. Mine would be (in no specific order) - Minimal/ modern beach house - ideally built on lots of little islands to that every house gets a beachfront - Urban/ industrial warehouse on a canal - Some sort of faded italian palazzo in a maze of waterways (basically…Venice in SL) - Not so much a house theme, more of a region one - a perpetually snowy setting. That probably means cabins, but I can live with that. Though ice houses would be extremely cool…. (ha!) (Guess what my star sign is? Yup, that's right, I'm a Leo.)
  8. Yes! That would be very valuable.... Any guesses as to what region will be released today? Asking for a friend... (Nah, actually, asking for myself.)
  9. VictoriBell - yeah! Cool name! Better than VictoriBelli, which could all too easily be heard as Victory belly...
  10. Arquet


    That was my first thought! Somebody is a Terry Pratchett fan... Maybe. Or maybe it's something else entirely.
  11. I think most people interpret the word "victorian" through the filter of their own experience of victorian houses. I live in London, so for me, victorian looks like this: (there are less elaborate versions...) My first thought when I saw the pictures was - ooooh, San francisco houses! Bet somebody living in San Francisco might beg to differ...
  12. Much to my surprise (the Traditionals leave me cold), I really like the Victorians. It took me a couple of days to get over the feeling that "meh…that's not a new theme, it's a variation on an existing theme", but when you see them in-world, there are many little details that do differentiate them from the Traditionals. Also, the landscaping is very different (and absolutely gorgeous as usual) and that also helps giving the region its own feel. It'll be interesting to see how they'll translate when they go live. To my mind, their size calls for more room to "breathe" around them, so too many in a region could feel a bit crowded. Will I try for one…maybe. Will I keep it…mayyyyybe. But I'm definitely curious.
  13. shhhhhhh... pretend we haven't noticed... so it'll go on that way...
  14. Two or more premium accounts. So if you're not sure whether you'd prefer a boat, a house or a camper, you can have a premium account for each type... Of course it gets more and more expensive.
  15. It doesn't feel right. Seen about 60 campers by now (didn't catch a single one), and the page just seems stuck on them...
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