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  1. shhhhhhh... pretend we haven't noticed... so it'll go on that way...
  2. Two or more premium accounts. So if you're not sure whether you'd prefer a boat, a house or a camper, you can have a premium account for each type... Of course it gets more and more expensive.
  3. It doesn't feel right. Seen about 60 campers by now (didn't catch a single one), and the page just seems stuck on them...
  4. Fibromyalgia is a b****h. Your post doesn't come across as self-pitying at all - it's important to be able to vent. Chronic illnesses in general are a horrible horrible horrible HORRIBLE things to be stuck with, especially as more often than not, they are all but invisible, and if you don't look ill, sometimes (often?) people have a hard time accepting you're ill. Anyway, sending you a million hugs, and wish I could help more...
  5. That looks fantastic! I love the scale of your textures - they look just right. So many builders use textures on a scale that, to me, is just too big, but this is great scaling.
  6. I was undecided about what model to use at first, but I finally made up my mind (for now). I'm still working on the interior, but I'm pretty happy with the outdoor part so far (though I have a few other landscaping arrangements that I want to try, eventually). Love the view for now... View from a room by Arquet Resident, on Flickr url=https://flic.kr/p/2hr2PEH][/url]Lemon Camper with poppies by Arquet Resident, on Flickr
  7. That little boat (on the lower LH side) is ADORABLE. (Love the flag, too...)
  8. Thank you!!! :-)
  9. Oh, what a wonderful atmosphere! Very inspiring! I loooove that red wood burning stove - would you mind sharing where it's from?
  10. when i used the auto refresh on Firefox, I could not get it to go lower than 116 seconds (so just under 2 minutes) - anything less than that and I'd hit the limit (no, I don't think it makes sense, but hey, it's what it was). On Chrome, I'm OK with 66 seconds. On both browsers, I made/make sure that when I first land on the page, I don't start the auto refresh until 10 minutes have passed. So for me, BIG difference.
  11. Arquet


    But isn't that (premiums not renewing) offset at least to some extent by people who went premium because they wanted a Bellisseria home (or even joined SL for that purpose)? I'm sure plenty of calculations and what if scenarios were drawn in countless meetings... (The geek in me would LOVE to see the spreadsheets. If spreadsheets there are.)
  12. After a release, it's worth staying on the page and refreshing - there may be abandons from people who caught a home in the new region and decide they don't like it, or who decide that they like it much better than their other home in a previously released region. Just throwing that out there...
  13. the release will happen as soon as we step away from the computer... 😉
  14. @Atina0 I meant posting to the thread... I should have been more specific.
  15. Camper just now... ah, @Atina0 beat me to it :-)
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