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  1. Kittens: horrible screeching things that ***** everywhere * Rainbows: pfft, it's not like you can take one home; it's all rigged anyway Butterflies: what a misleading name, they are not in fact flies made of butter, I want my money BACK Baby goats: I don't know, what do they taste like? *By the way I ADORE cats (and kittens even more so) - just RPing here. I really really wanted to add this...
  2. I'm not sure if you know, but you can set up keywords alert, so that when a predefined word comes up in chat, the system will play a sound (you can choose the sound). You can also choose to colour that word in a different colour. It's not foolproof, but it's something (my words are "patch", "window", "warning", if that helps...). That way, you can keep the chat window minimized. It's in Preferences --> Chat (6th tab - keywords alerts). I use Firestorm - not sure if that also applies to the official viewer...
  3. well, it was built by moles after all...😄
  4. ahhh, I'm so sorry to hear it's so stressful for you. Sending you some hugs. Having said that, I would hope that in a year or two, everybody who wants a home will have one (even if it's not their perfect location) - the Moles are working pretty fast, and they are only getting better, so here's to hoping! 😊
  5. For some reason, my auto refresh is stuck on Montain View. Come back, Grayson, everything is forgiven 😄
  6. Between 30 and 50, I think, depending on the parcel. The demand for homes is being filled, little by little...
  7. Bolded parts mine. How did Linden Labs not fulfill the contract?? You got a home, and one of the new ones at that. You didn't like what you got and let it go - that's your right. You want to cancel your membership, that's also your right. But being very vocal about them not upholding their part of the contract...well, it's your right too I suppose...but it's not true. So why say it?
  8. I'm not sure 75 vs 70 vs 65 makes a lot of difference - it's a lottery. It's sheer dumb luck, even more so with the limit on the auto refresh (and I can appreciate the limits had to be put in place). The one bright spot is that, in that micro second you have to get the house, there's bound to be a lot less competition for it: a big chunk of the people currently refreshing won't even see it. And I'm even less sure if the above will make you feel any better, although that's why I'm saying it. Wish I could send you a house... I'll have to settle for good luck vibes... Hope you get a house soon...
  9. For the small weekly releases, not really. But the main Linden Homes update post is this one: Worth keeping an eye in it for larger releases (probably) and anything that might be related. You can subscribe to the post by email, too.
  10. I LIKE that! 😄 It works really well! (And the camera angle is really effective...)
  11. Oooh, love that tower thing, and it fits in so well with the rest of the house! Is it a Linden home add-on?
  12. Congrats on the house! Enjoy the decorating! ✨😊 But unfortunately, it's not possible to rely on Bellisseria always appearing by default in the drop down menu. Sometimes you have to click on the down arrow to display the menu choices. There's no rhyme or reason to it - on my machine, I used to always see it when a Bellisseria home came up..until I didn't. (This is where the Auto refresh thing is handy - it WILL pick it up, even if it doesn't show on the page.) Hadn't changed anything in my settings or anything. Mostly I do see it...but sometimes I don't. So it's something to watch out for... (Writing this for those who might not be aware of that...)
  13. It's not ideal, I know that, but you can also rent a cheap skybox somewhere for next to nothing (though admittedly the prim allowance on those is also next to nothing), and that gives you a home base. Then you can tour all the home stores in SL (how many are there? I've been compiling a list and I have about 65 in there, but I'm sure there are more. Does anybody know of a centralised list?), go window shopping, and start planning what you're gonna buy with the amount of stipend you're not spending on the cheap skybox. And try out all the beds, as a comfy alternative to your skybox. The longer it takes to get a Linden home, the more money you'll have to spend when you finally get your home...😊 (You can also get much nicer temporary accommodation (ie tastefully furnished, with a nice surround view etc...) for more money. Nobody in SL has to be "homeless".)
  14. Oh, and now I find out it's not possible to both like AND laugh at a post. I don't see why! Anyway... I tried. @Sylvia Tamalyn Oh, and sorry, I didn't mean to derail the topic... I'll fade into the background now...
  15. Yes, it is for both of you. I was looking for a multi-quote button and couldn't see one anywhere, and it didn't occur to me to try hovering over the plus sign....
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