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  1. just saw either 3 houses or the same house 3 times... not sure if that was release or abandon...
  2. Arquet


    Chimneys. There's a huuuuge mega mole mall underneath Bellisseria, it needs big fireplaces to be kept warm.
  3. If you go the scripted route, the blue pop up choices thingy (probably not the technical term) is what the Linden Homes use anyway, so it'll be familiar to most people. Personally, I prefer anything that's mod, but when it comes to houses exteriors, @RaeLeeH makes a good point about the potential for breaking the covenant - though I certainly don't believe creators should feel responsible if people use your creations in a way that goes against any kind of rules, so I personally wouldn't worry about it too much - YMMV. If you're so inclined, maybe you could provide different packs with different functionality (mod vs script or rez box vs no rez box), and see what's more popular, and then you can decide further down the road what works best... What would be great, though, is if it could include shadow/ AO maps, if there are any. Included as part of the package, not a something you have to pay for extra. That would be brilliant!
  4. Boat spotted just now. Pretty sure it's a region release? Or an abandon from the latest release, maybe.
  5. Seems to me there's a fine line between being respectful of the overall theme and of your neighbours visual sensibilities… and going full retro suburbia Dolly the sheep. I happen to love the 50's (which is what Bellisseria evokes for me), but I also find it far more interesting to see the theme given a twist, or subverted entirely (not that would be likely with the covenant, and that's fair enough), or to see more contemporary details thrown into the mix. So to be honest, when I saw the picture in the first post, my reaction was, ooooh, a wind turbine! Cool!! I want one of those… If ever I end up in a traditional house, I'll probably be pushing the boundaries of the covenant as far as they will go…😊 Watch this space…😜😈
  6. I think it was a region release. Got a house too (with an alt), but I've put it back into the pool (I have my heart set on houseboats, or a house right on the beach, so it might as well go to somebody who will appreciate it). There are some lovely little pools nested in the rocks in that region...
  7. I would suggest keeping an eye on the page in the minutes and even hours following a release, especially if the region released was one with houseboats. One because of possible abandons, and two because after a release there will always be people who stop watching (the release is done! nothing to watch out for!) and therefore if something comes up, there might be less competition for it. It's not a guarantee, though. That applies to both traditional homes and houseboats, except that it's even more true of houseboats: since there are less of them, they are harder to get. Unfortunately.
  8. And another traditional just now (13:18/19 SLT). Maybe it's a blip, but it seems like more abandons are happening, compared with - say - a month ago. Maybe. Then again, maybe it's just a fluke...
  9. There is that....😄
  10. And watch some of the loudest complaining voices complain even louder, as they realise they are now waaaaayyyyyyyyyy back in the queue, somewhere over the far horizon.
  11. Well, then, maybe your friends might consider applying to become Moles. (I think I saw a permanent link for the application process somewhere...I can try and find it again if you're interested.) Maybe they'll find themselves hired (maybe there is already a budget for it in place), and that means a greater pool of builders, which is presumably a good thing, as far as the region building process goes.
  12. it used to be the Moles working area (maybe still is for all I know) before they started working on Bellisseria itself. It's the Bellisseria of summers past! I wonder if there are plans for it....
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