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  1. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SLB Mesmerize/58/38/23
  2. I am so so soooooo happy with the theme. It all looks so amazing. I can't wait. This theme will be my forever home.
  3. https://gyazo.com/1d824b318ae21e08da057ef90b3d6017 https://gyazo.com/98d801214f8f4e2c504c06062326a95a
  4. love love love and looooove. very beautiful. you did amazing
  5. holy crap this is beautiful. totally amazing. wish i had your talent. I loooooove the ceiling and wallpaper
  6. do you happen to have a LM to this...I'm trying to find it on seraphim page on sales thingys and not having any luck
  7. when does Anthem open please? i tried going and it says I dont have access *major pout*
  8. not much water to be had with this theme at all . *sighs*
  9. ohhhh you named the region...how exciting!!!! i hope you get a place there
  10. uhhhmmm....where is "Keneth" region if i may ask...i love the campers
  11. May I ask please where the lovely mirror thats on the fireplace is from? Your place is so beautiful and I've never seen that mirror before
  12. does anyone know where the sofa in this houseboat is from?
  13. may i ask where the slated divider screen is from and the stairs? your decorating skills blow me away. i love what you've done
  14. May I ask where you purchased the fireplace. I've been wanting one like that and unable to find one.
  15. may I ask where you got your interior wall shell?
  16. might i ask what kitchen that is? your place looks awesome
  17. may i please ask what kitchen this is in picture. your place looks amazing
  18. did we not get the stilt wall textures in the content pack on the houses or did i miss something? I see floor and trim and thats about it, oh and decking
  19. might i ask please where your kitchen is from. i'm trying to find a good kitchen. your place is amazing
  20. i love the shell you use on outside. may i ask which it is?
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