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  1. I think it would be nice to see more water rez zones, too
  2. That is so perfect. I want one just like that lol.. one I can boat to but not on sand
  3. I have had the same experience in the same thread. I just had one of the awesomes, from that thread, contact me the other day because she knew I was looking for a houseboat. These forums have definitely been helpful and constructive for many of us and I just skip the parts that seem not for me.
  4. Charity Ridge is the one Bellisseria Relayers won (naming rights to) at auction. It is a mix of victorian and log homes. I haven't been able to walk completely through it, yet, but it looks like there's no water on it at all? Going to explore it later today.
  5. I got one I had earlier and tossed back in. I guess someone else tossed it back right at the same time you abandoned and I got it again. Oh well. Maybe next time
  6. who is doing this? Edited to say, nevermind. I didn't realize disclosure is against tos. I am surprised by the conversation. So someone is going around grabbing up a bunch of homes as they are released?
  7. no Charity Ridge out there yet, huh? The Bellisseria Relayers won the right to name a region, at the Ten Days of Relay and I am trying to watch for it, so I can try to get a home on it. I have no idea which theme it'll be in. I'm hoping it's not in the new stilt homes and I'm hoping it'll have the railway through the region.
  8. I want a home on Red Hook again. I need to start paying attention again.. lol
  9. COME OUT FOR BELLISSERIA'S 10 DAYS OF RELAY EVENTS! 1pm: Family Feud - ELT vs LINDENS/MOLES REMATCH! 2pm: Relay Chat with Saffia - Linden Day 4pm: Zorch Boomhauer 5pm: Luciano Lionheart - Absolutely no video recording, please 6pm: Emma Ness 7pm: DJ Gem Sunkiller 8pm: Fireworks last show Lots and LOTS of great Raffle Boards, Gacha Machines and more at the 10 Days of Relay - Bellisseria. Raffles end TONIGHT! Amazing auctions end in less than an hour! Come Shop and Browse the regions. It's just amazing! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/RFL ADVOCACY/125/118
  10. We have some super awesome items up for bid and raffle at the Bellisseria Community's 10 Days of Relay Festival. The auctions close on June 5th at 10am, so come over and place your bids NOW! Items for auction are: Name a Bellisseria Region Choose the next Second Life Last Name! AND these items compliments of LINDEN LABS and Grant & Dianna Wade! A Touch of Tuscany and Touch of Zen 2 Week Vacation/Honeymoon Destination! all inclusive Place your bids here: RFL ADVOCACY/103/124/23 Linden Raffles will close June 5th at 8:30pm and include: AMAZING Linden Raffles!
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