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  1. oh mannnn.. that looks delicious! The ancestors ought to be VERY happy! This speculating has definitely been spot on and it is fun, for sure! Or maybe we really do have an ancestor connection... du du dunnnnnn haha
  2. haha.. yes!! Keep them happy. I missed Hammond Park, too.. but maybe the ancestors knew something I didn't!
  3. I'm so thankful for Leora's predictions. lolol I am now able to get all kinds of stuff done and just be ready right around the time she says it's happening. We're keeping you, Leora! Our very own contact with the ancestors. ~ buys you a months worth of (what was it?) chicken? for the ancestors!)
  4. is Westvale also all campers? I haven't seen that one
  5. 30 days before makes it Nov 25th. No need to wait until after Thanksgiving (the 28th) unless you just really want to. Edited to add that technically Christmas Eve should count which could make it Nov 24th. lol
  6. can't wait!!! Over in RFL world, they've been all abuzz with anticipation! AND the reveal of an Ebbe Linden bear will be at the Expo, too!
  7. I agree. There will surely be a compromise, of some sort, for those who want that little chill. My neighbor is all snowed out and it just kind of breaks up the harmony on the entire street. I know.. derender.
  8. My friend told me that she read that the Bellisseria regions will be changed to snow for the season. Anyone else hear that?
  9. Leora, I'm going to need you to pick my next Lottery numbers. lol (well.. if I played the lottery on a regular basis). You are on a roll with your predictions!
  10. haha I got eaten too then, Nika! I knew Hammond park would be released while I had to work this afternoon. and I kept getting nicholasville this morning and somewhere else and somewhere else... and well.. tomorrow's a new day!
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