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  1. Congratulations on your retirement and best wishes for many happy and healthy days to enjoy it. Thank you for all you brought to SL. I hope this is a, 'see you later' rather than 'goodbye'.
  2. are those starfish strung lights? I really like those. Would you mind saying where you found those?
  3. I just love this! Where is the bed and bedroom ceiling fan from?
  4. farmhouse style was my first thought, too. SO trendy right now in the US, anyway and it looks farmhouse-y to me.
  5. Remember his VERY generous Christmas sale for us last year? Everything in the shop was tagged to sell for 50L!
  6. I think it would be nice to see more water rez zones, too
  7. That is so perfect. I want one just like that lol.. one I can boat to but not on sand
  8. I have had the same experience in the same thread. I just had one of the awesomes, from that thread, contact me the other day because she knew I was looking for a houseboat. These forums have definitely been helpful and constructive for many of us and I just skip the parts that seem not for me.
  9. Charity Ridge is the one Bellisseria Relayers won (naming rights to) at auction. It is a mix of victorian and log homes. I haven't been able to walk completely through it, yet, but it looks like there's no water on it at all? Going to explore it later today.
  10. I got one I had earlier and tossed back in. I guess someone else tossed it back right at the same time you abandoned and I got it again. Oh well. Maybe next time
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