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  1. I think I posted my Outside Images on a Different Topic but I'm going to add my interior shots here. I have had a ton of fun with this house.
  2. i'd be happy to give you some 1 li color blinds that can be raised or lowered as you please. lust im me inworld if you want them.
  3. Hi, it's been days of fun I am loving these homes and being by the water. I gave up an amazing Trad for this house and I'm so glad I did.......so here goes, I had the most fun outside so Showing these first.
  4. I adore these stilts! Yours looks amazing!
  5. Hi and Merry Christmas to you too! You can release a House 5 times, but I would suggest not releasing a Fifth time as you wiill have to wait 24 hours to get a 6th one.
  6. I am crazy about the ones totally over water. I can dive and Swim off my Pier! But not to worry, there will be a mass release after the Holidays.
  7. I kind of do agree, I was planning a Halloween video a couple years ago. I found a really great looking Asylum on MP, would have made a great video prop but I did not buy or use it. Mental and Emotional health issues is nothing to be Trivialized or Stigmatized or Used as a Plot Device. We are way behind the ball on dealing with these issues world wide and it is not uncommon for entertainment to get this so wrong every time.
  8. or change it to annual at the end of your current quarter
  9. Ok, an ALT is releasing this sweet little place in 10 minutes
  10. Love these nature and water sounds. The moles are just upping their game every time!
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