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  1. It was in mine, lol, not sure it's still there....over grown yard and coke bricks in the kitchen. lol
  2. Lol I once saw a drug house, LMAO I think that look was intentional.
  3. You know, there should be standards, at least minimal ones about looks and lag creating stuff. I say, so ugly s@#t! lol
  4. Right but those can be returned and actual house reset to factory settings. lol
  5. LOL, just hit the check box to restrict sounds to your parcel................. and go for it!
  6. I did use a pallet Reference Image but I may have gotten the sides wrong after looking at yours. I did not use original images for the pallet texture, though I did for the pillows. Thanks for your feed back. I love what you did with yours.
  7. The classes are offered 4 times a week at different times to cover the wold. You only need to attend 1 each week. It's not on voice, Graham releases 3 to 4 videos links each week. You watch there and ask questions in chat then rewatch and do thru the week. Each week has a homework assignment.
  8. Blender Benders is an Inworld Group. Graham Dartmouth teaches free Blender 2.8 as it relates Specifically to Second Life. Just join the group and watch for the next Blue Class to start. If you want to pay for more structured classes or just get a head start Udemy offers a slew of Blender 2.8 courses usually for no more then 11.99 and as little as 9 for a class. If you catch one of those sales load up, there is no time limit on them and you never loose them.
  9. WoooHooo my First Chair for the yard, totally done in Blender. From Blender Bender Class Blue Week 5 taught by Graham.
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