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  1. Honey, don't let that a$$ wipe ruin what is a beautiful, spacious set of homes with that hateful garbage. I see that reveal as classic New Orleans........Marti Gra, Jazz, Spanish moss, Swamps, Spicy Crawfish and many other fine Cajun dishes. Make Your SL the way you want it and mute those who bring only hate, intolerance and strife into this virtual world.
  2. I think AV Sitter calls them helpers and are one piece of the AV Sitter animation set and scripts. Blender Bender Group is currently teaching a series of 5 clases on AV Sitter
  3. I'm working on my Second addition for the Addams House. It is a 2 story which will transform the living space, and includes french door exit out to the pool. Outdoor shots for now, will include indoor shots when I'm done.
  4. This is my version of a Rustic Cabin Addon for the Sun Valley v3.0 version camper. It is 35 LI with 2 Blinds, a rustic fireplace and 2 carpets. I think it solves the camper issue of very little space. Pics Below
  5. I agree, some of those items are in flight paths and it's just plain selfish and rude to add something like a skybox in a flight path. Smaller items and building materials can be forgiven by LL. they realize things can get away from you......but full sized builds are breaking the rules.
  6. yep. something wonky about alot of the houses. they are all off slightly......could be drift
  7. i'd like to see some mountain areas too, hoping for roomy cabins
  8. if you don't like all sand just drop a prim and add a texture you do like. i added a grass/sand texture on my plot and i love it
  9. anyone have any idea about the next style they will release? we have 3 so far
  10. It was in mine, lol, not sure it's still there....over grown yard and coke bricks in the kitchen. lol
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