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  1. Ah, thanks for these, I wasn't aware of them. You can actually get the data online, too - I did a quick search. https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/slides-and-datasets-to-accompany-coronavirus-press-conferences (in case anybody is interested)
  2. At this point, I'm getting terribly frustrated about the Covid-19 numbers being expressed as absolute numbers (786 deaths today!!), whether it be deaths, cases, recoveries or what not. Sure, it's more dramatic that way, and that's what sells news, but surely it's more important to understand the magnitude of the disease, so that it can be better…well, not sure controlled is the right word, but we need to try. Also I get pretty scared when I read about what we learn about how the virus affects the body - it is NOT like a bad flu. It potentially affects several critical area of the body besides the lungs - like the digestive track and the kidneys for example, and even for survivors might cause long term damage. And - as some people have mentioned here or in other threads, I don't know which - it doesn't always trigger an immune system response, which is bound to make it trickier to invent a vaccine. So even if the actual death rate is - oh, I don't know - 0.5% or less than that (I just pulled out that number out of thin air by the way), it's still terrifying. On the other hand, what's also terrifying is the other health crisis that's unfolding (people scared to go to hospital for any other condition, no matter how life threatening, or treatments for other life threatening illnesses being slowed down or suspended, etc etc), not to mention the rates of domestic violence/ child abuse going up, and of course how much impact the mother of all recession we're walking into is going to have (and for the record, I think lockdowns were absolutely the right thing to do, and I'm glad they happened, but still… that's scary too).
  3. Joking (or sexuality) aside... touch is hugely important. One of the most heartbreaking aspects of this sh***tshow, I think, is families not allowedto hug their loved ones who might be about to die, or people not being able to hug each other for comfort. Touch matters a hell of a lot.
  4. Ahhh, it was really interesting to see it laid out like that - thanks. OTOH, odds mean nothing if one ends up being in that one in a hundred... 😏 Yes, it's about buying time.
  5. Now I'm getting even more scared than I was... I figured that even if I bring virus particles in through the soles of my shoes, they'll stay on the floor and eventually die off, and I'm not in the habit of touching the floor, so the risk there is negligible (even for somebody as paranoid as me) - have I got that wrong? Also, can the virus get on clothes just from being outside? Is it that bad??? I have so many questions... sigh.
  6. Mmmm... expensive. I made my own hand cream with coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, avocado oil and lavender essential oil. It should work...
  7. Regional differences? 😏 Your Asda is smarter than mine, obviously.
  8. And that's not good either, but the UK is supposed to have a good healthcare system. I'm sure it'll get done (in both UK and US)... eventually.
  9. Oh, that make me laugh so hard that I nearly choked 😄
  10. So I got a delivery from ASDA yesterday (I was lucky to get a slot 2 weeks ago;I doubt I'll manage to get another delivery for at least 3 months), and you would think that they would relax the law about not using plastic bags to bring your shopping but they don't ($££"%&^%$£%^!!!!!!!!!!!!!). So I had to pick up lots and lots of packages (I'm not complaining, at least I have food supplies - definitely too many potatoes though, and a bottle of olive oil that wasn't on the shopping list; it'll be good for the local food bank) and for now anything non perishable in spread all over my living room floor so that anything that could have the virus on it can be left for a week and then the virus is dead (please tell me that will work?). And I did wash my hands afterwards. But then today I picked up can't remember what and I'm sure I meant to wash my hands afterwards* but I'm 90% sure I got distracted and I touched a saucepan handle, and then... did I touch my computer? and what else did I touch? and is the coronavirus now all over my flat? and oh my god how could I be so stupid? It's exhausting. (There is no doubt in my mind that if I get the virus I will die. No doubt at all, none. I believe that like I know that the earth is a sphere. If I'm wrong...well, that's a good thing.) It's also kinda unreal, I mean, apart from the fact there is this invisible killer thing out there, and you have no way to know whether you've picked it up or not, you can only hope and trust the law of statistics (and wash your hand until they are raw, and MAKE A POINT TO REMEMBER to wash your hands). And it's scary as f&**()(&^%*)). Especially the part where you feel fine now, but - sorry - you could be dead in two weeks time. So that was the last few days - bits of manic terror, bits of feeling like normal life (hey, we got the log homes today, that was nice), bit of living under a black cloud, all that randomly all through the day. Oh, and not sleeping a lot. And UK is NOT getting the testing done, which is somewhat infuriating. *talking about handwashing, and I know it's nothing next to being infected with the coronavirus, but the back of my hand now looks like rhinoceros hide, and that's despite moisturising after each wash - is it just me????
  11. @Alwin Alcott so so so sorry to hear that, Alwin. This pandemic is like WW3, so many people dying before their time. This thread really really needs a hug icon. Mmmm, has that been asked before? Would that require a JIRA?
  12. I got one (after abandoning the first one) in Albuhayra. Oh, I like this new release system.....
  13. yeah, same here. Unknown error over and over... oh, and now they are gone... did they only release one region? was it a test? I would have expected the log homes release to be a large one? edit 2 - I got one on my alt...going inworld to see it now. So keep trying, everybody! It works.
  14. I'm good for toilet paper (and washing up liquid - also a scarce resource) for now. You? Good on you for managing to pick up a Sainsbury slot - all I get is the message they are "prioritising the vulnerable" (which is good, of course). I did try Ocado yesterday, they now have a queuing just to enter the website. My starting position was 33807. (Waiting wasn't much use anyway, because there were no delivery slots...) At least there's food in the local shops, which is something, but I'd much rather not buy in person (though I'll have to, and I'm grateful that I'm able to) because my paranoia about picking up the virus from an item that has been touched by an infected person if off the scale (sure if I don't touch my face I should be fine, but even know I sometimes find myself touching my face even before I realise I do). Deeeeeeep breath. Al least it looks like tests are on the way on a mass scale, so at least we as a country will be able to measure the extent of the infection more accurately.
  15. sending you millions of hugs... it will pass, it will pass, it will pass.
  16. Maybe start a blog? You never know where it might lead. (Also some bloggers make a fair amount of money, though as far as I know it's definitely a long haul thing.)
  17. Oh, this broke my heart. I wish I could help. IS there something I can do? $16 a months???? NOBODY can live on that. Nobody. I mean, you'll be able to afford the grocery delivery, but not the groceries. SO much easier for the delivery person, of course. Seriously though....I don't know what to say.
  18. Families are hard. No, you're not ranting. Here's a hug (no images...just pick whatever image you want - kitten, puppy polar bears, spiders... ok, maybe not spiders...)
  19. Soda bread, maybe, if you have baking soda? Though I think you might need yogurt. Also, your daughter might be able to post you the yeast (if it comes in those small packages)? Nah... sourdough is probably the way to go. 😃
  20. well, it looks like a square on my system. I never knew geometry was meant to be that comforting. 😏
  21. ah, but that's the problem. the NHS used to be fantastic, but over the past several years, it's been gutted and stripped to the bone - it's too expensive, you see. Spain... yeah. I'm sending you all the hugs I can right now. (IS there a hug emoji?)
  22. Or find a way to make remote working work for every civil servant, fast...😃
  23. Yeah, I definitely see your point. I just hope there's some frenetic work being done behind the scene to get stuff like spare beds, masks, testing kits, etc etc. I think that's what's happening, whether it'll have enough of an impact is another question. How are things in your country for now?
  24. that's so weird.. what are they gonna do, shoot the virus? there's a part of me that thinks, eh, if that makes them feel better. But there's another part of me that thinks, uh, guns; guns are scary, and never scarier than in the hands of stressed out people.
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