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    Another thought. Since Patch has suggested that larger than 1024 parcels will be available. I'm wondering if unlike the current Linden Homes, which are strickly residential, if any of these new parcels might be "zoned" for commercial purposes. Thoughts?
  2. Blush Bravin


    What are they up to? I see a little bit of something poking out from under all that black.
  3. I do enjoy using experiences in my own home for attaching objects rezzed by furniture. I really don't want to have to accept each and every time. So I definitely see the good in the feature. I'm not opposed to anyone setting up experiences how they see fit for their own build. My point was that perhaps it could come back and bite a creator in the behind if they use them too much or when not really necessary. I've only visited one store that used experiences for teleporting. Personally I would rather use the teleport boards and have some choice in that, but I did accept as I wanted to see that area of the store; however, I've not been back to that store since. It's not been a conscience decision of well I'm never going back there but the end result was it wasn't a pleasant experience for me and I think that has played a roll in my decision making when shopping. I'm especially unlikely to go to any event that will force an experience on me during this season anyway. I don't handle horror type events well and in fact to this day am still plagued with images from the Exorcist that show up in nightmares. Honestly, wish I'd never gone to that movie all those years ago. Also, I would like up front info before accepting an experience in regard to particles and bright flashing lights as they trigger migraines for me. So yes, I can quickly leave but sometimes it's too late and I'll be suffering with a migraine for hours after leaving. Again, all this said is not in any way to suggest that the owner of an experience needs to be limited because of my limitations. But if someone is making an experience hoping to attract a lot of people then perhaps considering how their experiences might affect others would be a wise thing to do. Give us enough info up front so we can decide if it's something we really want to be a part of.
  4. I'm not really questioning the right of the region owner to do as they like with their region. Read my prior posts in this thread. I've even suggested reason why I can understand the necessity of using experiences, but I am questioning the wisdom of using them when not necessary. I'm more likely to tp to another area rather than accept an experience unless I trust the creator of the experience.
  5. You're straining at a gnat Madelaine. The point is that in order to be in that part of the area she must accept something that controls her avatar. Yes, she can stop it and leave the experience, the point is she should she really have to give over that control in order to be in the area in the first place.
  6. But you do give up control. You can certainly get control back by doing those things but before you "forgot or blocked" you lost control.
  7. I can very well understand limiting access to a given area when accessing something like a game that has rewards for completing certain parts. It would certainly affect the outcome of the game if someone could come into a place beforehand and map out the area. However, I think the creators of the experience need to be transparent as to why accepting the experience is required. I am very reluctant to accept anything that takes away my control of my avatar. And I doubt I'm in the minority on that issue. So requiring experience acceptance for admittance might backfire on creators using it too much or when not absolutely necessary.
  8. Blush Bravin

    Pros and cons of having multiple MP stores

    I've already posted my opinion on the topic, but I'd like to add that while my shop is very eclectic, it's a simple task to use the filters to the left to see which categories I have items in. So a customer can easily sort by clothing or buildings. And yes, it's good that the buyer can see that I have a variety of items for sale and not just hosiery.
  9. Blush Bravin

    Pros and cons of having multiple MP stores

    If you stop participating because someone offended you then you are letting that person silence you. There is a reason why there is a JIRA system.
  10. Blush Bravin

    Pros and cons of having multiple MP stores

    You care enough to write several long posts about it, then why not enough to make a jira?
  11. Blush Bravin

    Where do you live?

    Near Houston, Texas. I grew up in California's central valley. It was quite the culture shock when I moved to Texas in the late 1970s.
  12. Blush Bravin

    Applying makeup

    Sounds like the blush is using the blush and eye shadow layers. So try putting the blush on upper level and the shadow on the lower level.
  13. Blush Bravin

    How does your avatar look today ?

    Got my boho on and ready for a day of shopping.
  14. Blush Bravin


    best guess on ssp meaning so far
  15. Awesome, Ryan!!! I'm so happy to hear this.