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  1. That's awesome. I've been having such a hard time getting in world these days I've not been aware that I needed to update. Thanks for the heads up.
  2. Here is a picture from the Galveston area where you can see a small pine forest in the lower left part of the photo with many palms nearby. Seeing pine and palms together is quite common along the Southeast coast of Texas.
  3. I'd say thank you for letting me know. Then I'll do a refresh attachments because I know myself that oftentimes things can drop off during teleport but I won't be aware of it because I look normal on my screen. I see this much the same as someone politely telling me I have spinach between my teeth in RL. I wouldn't want to go around flashing my green smile at people so I ALWAYS appreciate a heads up.
  4. The way I get around this using my Maitreya body is to make an applier using the UUID of the local texture. I then use the applier to apply the tattoo to the tattoo add-on layer. Once you do this then changes you make to the texture on your computer will show up on the tattoo layer because you're not using a BoM bake. Once I'm happy with the results I then upload the texture and make a BoM system layer using the texture.
  5. I think you need to use the scripts for sale by Xeolife if you want to use it with their system. They are for sale at the shop. If the ones for sale don't meet your needs then you need to talk to the owner and perhaps he/she will create scripts to meet your needs. Otherwise, if you don't particularly want your products to work with the Xeolife system then as Paul Hexem suggested finding a scripter would be the answer, but honestly, I wouldn't want to try and start up another RP life system here in SL ... that would be a huge uphill battle.
  6. I have made the free one at the shop mod. So if you have one of the old no mod versions run by the shop and pick up a new one. It's now in the back of the shop with all the other gifts.
  7. I have such mixed feelings reading of your impending departure. I'm happy for you. I know how liberating retirement can be. But I also feel this big empty spot you'll be leaving in the Linden team. Many times when something was broken I took comfort knowing Oz would handle it. Somehow I just can't believe you won't be here in our midst perhaps in the form of a brand new resident. In any case, I hope you have one spectacular retirement. You deserve it!
  8. I really am clueless about scripting. I mostly posted that because that reset button is a relatively new addition to the HUD so some don't know it's there.
  9. If it's a script issue and NOT because you have deleted scripts, there is a button on the HUD to reset scripts for the body.
  10. If the HUD is not responding at all, it's possible the HUD is not actually attached but ghosted. Double check can you change polish color? or heel height? If the HUD doesn't respond to anything then detach and reattach the HUD. If after reattaching the HUD, it still doesn't work then you may have accidentally deleted the scripts from the body. In which case, replacing the body with a new one will probably be your only option.
  11. The Linden Lab TOS directly addresses misconduct with minors. It also outlines provisions for dealing with those who do not follow the guidelines. When LL receives an abuse report of such conduct the incident is investigated and dealt with according to the TOS. Again, LL does not operate as Parler did/does where anything goes without restraints. Apples and oranges folks! In the great words of the Bard, "Much ado about nothing."
  12. I think the whole argument that somehow SL is threatened because of what's happening with Parler and Amazon is a bit over reactionary. If Parler would have removed the obvious calls for violence and killing of government officials from their pages this would not have happened. They've been catering to religious extremists and far right wing militia groups since their beginning and are now suffering the consequences.
  13. Good point! And with Section 230 under attack, social media services have to be very careful about what is represented on their platforms.
  14. I've started making prim cubes with a different color on each side. That way I can see the actual color and it's very easy to inspect the cube to get the RGB when I need it. Oftentimes, I will leave the cube in an empty space between walls or under stairs, which is then hidden behind a wall. Makes it super easy to access the RGBs. I could use the saved colors in the house controller but I'm never sure which color is which when looking at the my color choices in the menu.
  15. Perhaps try leaving body fat at 0 and using body thickness instead to get the bulk. Thickness affects the hips but not so much the butt.
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