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  1. Why would you need two full regions wide to sail? I think it actually looks better to not have it all lined up with the coast above. It's more organic that way.
  2. They've been there a long time, but you have to be cammed in on the map just right to see them.
  3. I got very ambitious and traveled by bike from my home on the north coast to the bottom of the existing continent all the way down in the south. Then another day I traveled by foot, jogging, from my home in the north along the roads as far west as I could go. So I've really seen a lot of regions. I'm blown away by how different they all look. There is absolutely no copy/paste going on in this project. It's phenomenal! I've had all those fence and wall pieces since the first day. If I were you I'd go to the mailbox and get another box delivered. If you still don't have all the pieces I"d put in a ticket or open up live chat to find out why. If you don't have it others might not as well and that's something LL would want to know about.
  4. Rez zones for air, sea and land vehicles. Urban looking areas with large loft type spaces for homes. Wooded mountain area with smallish cabins and little streams for fishing.
  5. Maybe you haven't opened up the kit to see everything inside. This fence is absolutely mole made. And even with making three different add-on kits and the patio gift, I've done a fair amount of exploring and I've seen lots and lots of lots without fences. I've also seen a good amount of homemade fences and purchased fences that aren't mole made. Here's a pic of the contents of the traditional kit. You can see the fence is there. Perhaps it's thrown you because it's called wall and not fence.
  6. The brick is in my pack as well. No idea why you don't have it. Maybe go get another pack from the mailbox.
  7. I made it for the Winchester but I myself am using it for the Adams. I think it is so easy to modify that it probably could be used just about anywhere. But I did try to match the posts in the front of the Winchester when I made it.
  8. I'm curious why you say it's illegal. Because it appears to be outside the fence? I suppose if that is a Mole built fence it would be but it's possible she actually put the fence there. It's hard to tell from a photograph. I love the sign btw! @Kendryek. I was out exploring yesterday and ran across your home. It's lovely!
  9. I've been crazed since Monday! I'm just about finished with this add-on. I need a break! I love how this kitchen turned out with the wainscoting and tile floor. I got this table and chair set from Dutchie. It has the cutest card game animations and drinks. Love the view to my living room from here. It's really surprising how much room there is for a master bed and bath when you use this side of the house with the lovely double doors leading out to my pool. But right now this steaming bath looks more inviting than a dip in the pool. Forgot to mention this is the Adams house.
  10. I finally finished the Windlass Add-on. I changed up the railing at the entry and meshed out a door that coordinates with the houseboat front door. If you would like to see how this looks in the actual houseboat you may visit mine in-world at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Le Prince/75/50/23.
  11. I totally support the removal of TPing home. I agree it punitive. But I disagree that 10 seconds is not long enough for a parcel that's only 1024. If it were a larger parcel then yes, 10 might not be long enough. But we are talking about 1024s for now and eventually there will also be 512s. I've not heard any Linden suggest that larger size parcels are in the plans. So 10 seconds IMO is good.
  12. I think most don't have an issue with the ban lines being removed as long as they can use orbs that will protect their whole parcel from ground to sky with a decent warning time. Most I've talked with think that a minute is just too long.
  13. I can live with the change. I would rather be able to turn an 10 sec. orb on and off when needed, I'm pretty sure that the LL supplied orb won't have that ability, but as I said I'll deal with it. My comments are mostly made on behalf of those who are very upset with the change. I am still a fan of the Lab. There's not much they could do to change my mind about their abilities or motives. I agree that this decision might have been short sighted, but I trust that they will do what is best for Second Life and by translation that will be what's best for me too. But they have to have all the facts and to understand the deep resentment that this has caused in a good portion of the population, so I speak up.
  14. Unfortunately, the rules got changed after people had already moved in. Some after having paid a full year for premium and some after selling their mainland properties so they could use their 1024 on one of the new Linden homes. Two groups enter an restaurant noting the rules on the door as they enter. After being seated and receiving their appetizers the owner announces over the loud speaker, we will be playing classical music the rest of the evening. Those who don't like classical music are appalled having walked into a 50s style diner expecting classic rock and roll. The ones that were complaining that they didn't like the rock music applaud the decision. Those who liked the rock music are told by the manager that if they don't like the change they may go eat in the parking lot. The complainers who got their way, cheer and suggest that the parking lot is bigger so why should they complain that the best part is now controlled by those who were complaining in the first place.
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