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  1. I'm not a FS support person but I'm wondering if perhaps you need to do a clean install of the FS BoM viewer. If you just installed without doing the extra steps to insure a clean install it can possibly lead to issues. Just a suggestion. I know in the past when I've had issues with a new version I've taken the extra steps to do a clean install and saw significant improvement.
  2. True, you can always pay someone's head. LOL .. that could be misconstrued. But you know what I mean.
  3. Why would you need to remove it? The person rezzing a motorcycle isn't paying for it! That's not commerce.
  4. Residents can't rez in those areas anyway. So the covenant doesn't need to address rezzing in public spaces. Unless you're supposing that someone is going to use one of the rez zones used for transportation to rez a vendor of some kind.
  5. Typically when I'm in a space where people are talking in local it is at a music event or perhaps a town hall meeting, or a dance party. In all those situations there are typically 30 to 60 people present. Typically we are all geographically spaced out so much so that it's not uncommon to need chat relays so people can hear others speaking. In these situations, it seems to make more sense to IM a person directly if I want to break the ice and compliment the person rather than shouting across the room. In RL I'm pretty much a wall flower. I don't like big groups or parties. I'm more likely to hang back and look for the fastest means of escape. In SL I have the luxury of being able to peruse the room reading profiles and to speak with a person directly to send them a compliment. I'm not really understanding the reference of "cold" IM. To me if I'm in the same area where the person is then the IM is not out of the blue. Out of the blue is for me when someone messages and I've had absolutely no contact with them whatsoever. Anytime I get a message like that it's typically a spammer sending phishing links or a blanket TP to a music event. Those annoy me, but if someone takes the time to read my profile when we are at the same event and then messages me to say something nice I take that as a compliment and welcome a conversation with the person. So for me, with my RL shyness, it's a real plus to be able to communicate without having to go through the chit chat that most often occurs in local chat. Emphasis mine. This is what it boils down to - content. A beautiful rose is a beauty whether a person hand picks it and delivers it to you or orders it from a florist for delivery. I'll take those roses either way and be happy.
  6. I see this much the same as when I'm talking to someone in RL and because they want to say something to me privately they whisper in my ear instead of saying it aloud to the whole room. Seems rather normal to me and honestly, it could even be considered rude if the person were to announce it publicly.
  7. I actually downloaded the SL viewer so I could test BoM before FS released their BoM version. So I've been using both viewers. I really have not experienced any increased lag, other than the normal lag we all experience from time to time in maxed out regions, with either the FS viewer or the SL viewer.
  8. I'm surprised by this as well. Honestly, this has been my norm since the beginning of my experience in SL. That's 16 years. I don't see a culture shift in SL. If there is a culture shift at all, I think it's come from RL into SL. I think as a society it has become much more normal to multitask and as a consequence many of us do more than just talk sitting face to face with anyone. Shoot think about it. What parent could function properly if they couldn't do 15 things at once or deal with more than one child at a time. Perhaps the change is simply that those who prefer to do most of their communicating in local have just become aware of the fact that many of us do not.
  9. By age 11 I had my period, and by 14 I had a full woman's body. I never knew there was a late teen shape. I thought that was just skinny. Of course, I wanted that skinny shape!
  10. Debi never really had a home in SL. She mostly rezzed inworld and flew up high to change clothing and then she went exploring from there. Years later, circa 2008, after I came back from my self-imposed exile to World of Warcraft, I bought land the first week of Blush's slife in Noether. That mainland region has been ever changing over the years. It actually makes me sad to return there now as I remember the days when between my partner's land and mine we owned nearly 80% of the region. Those were glorious days! Being in Slove might have something to do with my memories though.
  11. I have a select few musicians that I frequent often and for a such a long time that many of us have come to know each other as friends and not just fans of the musician. So in those times while our conversation may focus on the music it does lead into more intimate conversations that are taken to IM rather than in local. My best friend in SL manages a few musicians so we often talk in IM during concerts but we also carry on public conversation in local as well. I think it really depends on the nature of the relationship and the number of people in a group that determines which is a better avenue for the conversation. If you are with a small group of close friends then it certainly makes more sense to have the convo in local, but if you've gone to an event with a good friend and there is a large crowd then it would make more sense to talk in IM if the nature of the conversation is personal. In my case, I see most of my good friends at live music events and that's where we tend to catch up with one another so I will be watching local and participating but I'll very likely have one or more PMs going as well. I am an avid profile reader at events when I go solo. In those cases, if I see something particularly entertaining or insightful in a profile, I'll shoot the person a quick IM with a compliment on the profile. I've done this for years and haven't ever had anyone take my message as a come on and in fact have ended up having some really great conversations with people that have developed into friendships. I don't think local is a good avenue for that kind of conversation. In conclusion, I honestly think both avenues are useful social tools. I don't think one is superior to the other. Local chat and private message are just tools. I wouldn't use a hammer to screw in a screw or a screwdriver to drive a nail. For me it's just a matter of using the right tool for the job.
  12. I'm comfortable talking either locally or in private message. I find that it's rather difficult to talk in local when I'm at a social event, specifically where musicians are playing, because of the amount of gesture spam occurring, so in that circumstance I much prefer talking in PM. I honestly believe gestures are the biggest deterrent to people enjoying conversations in local, which is a shame.
  13. You can wait until she updates the older package or buy the newer version since it is a remake of the skin and probably a better body skin anyway. I'm probably going to buy the newer package but currently I'm using a different skin. Fortunately, my YS&YS head applier came with a system skin for the body only in the package so I don't need the Deetalez skin at this time.
  14. If your body appliers didn't have the BoM system layers then you have the old set of Maitreya appliers. There was a new set released since then and that is the set that has been updated with BoM layers. I'm in the same boat as you. I have the older set of appliers so didn't get the BoM layers either.
  15. With the bake system working as it does it makes no difference whatsoever to use a tattoo layer to apply your head skin.
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