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  1. So true. Private message is a better way to go in some cases. I'm not so sure that it is warranted in this case as it's a very simple issue. I know when I read the first response I thought it was a bit snippy .. but only slightly so. The real issue as you pointed out was triggered by the responses that followed.
  2. Point taken. While I believe it's always a good idea to point out where the terminology of SL differs from standard use, I don't agree with how the person responded to the question. It would have been easy to offer the information asked for while also politely distinguishing the difference between Lindens, employees of Linden Lab, and $Lindens, currency.
  3. And there are those who keep their sun at midday 24/7 and never know what night looks like in SL even on powerful machines. I just derender things like this when I see it.
  4. I love how you end these kinds of questions with (Asking for a friend)! It always makes me chuckle.
  5. I'm really surprised that you of all people would poo the idea of learning the terminology that is specific to Second Life. What a shame!
  6. It's been in effect for a couple or so months.
  7. You have to personally block them not just ban them from your store. I recently had to look that up.
  8. Considering that this increase is really quite minimal, if they can't afford it with this increase they likely are not spending much money in SL currently anyway. I seriously doubt that it's going to hurt LL's bottom line. I understand that it will make a difference to the user in that they won't be able to afford as much $L as before but the difference really shouldn't be that significant.
  9. The bits is what makes it M .. so yeah. It pretty much has to be sexual in nature to be A. Bits are just anatomy unless actively engaged.
  10. I responded earlier from a merchant perspective now I'm going to respond as a shopper. I do like having a hud because I like wearing many different colors and it's always hard for me to make up my mind which color I like best. But at the same time for things like jeans I rarely will buy a fatpack because I just don't need all those different shades of denim. Prices also make a difference in whether I will spend the extra to get the fatpack HUD or not. I'm not spending an arm and a leg just because I can't make up my mind on a color and sometimes that means I'll just walk away and not buy even a single color. I adore HUDs that let me color different parts of a garment or shoes. And if the item isn't mod, meaning it lets me tint said item, then please add a tinting panel to your HUD if it's feasible.
  11. 4 premiums x72 = $288 no tiers because the 4 premiums = 4096 sqm minus stipend 4 x 300 = 1200 x 52 = 62,400 = $228 $288 - $228 = $60 if you rent 4096 the annual cost is $72 Going with 4 premiums is still less expensive than renting. And that's if you can even find any 4096 decently located for only 400 $L a week.
  12. I've been in SL for a very long time. Skins with the bits "painted out" on the vendor cover have never been A rated.
  13. I haven't been anything else but calm and polite. To me it seems from everything you've said that you only misunderstand their motives. I won't be replying further to your responses as I feel it's pointless. Your mind is made up. I do wish you well.
  14. It was an example of a landlord needing capital to continue doing business with those expenses being factored in and as a result rental fees having to be raised. I didn't mean to imply that SL needed repairs; however, I do believe making the move to the cloud is going to create some rather substantial expenses in the short term. Also, the Lab has already said it takes more manpower to comply with new regulations which takes money as well. You seem to be of the opinion that LL is just out to grab your profits for no good reason. That everything is just hunky dory and they are squeezing every drop out of the turnip so they can play with a new idea. It is obvious to me that they have thought long and hard about Second Life's future and are putting their best efforts forward to insure that SL is still thriving 15 years from now. It's too bad your focus is so short sighted that you can't comprehend their motives.
  15. Yes, what I'm saying is that even for the actual product, not the demo, if you paint out the bits on the nude body you will NOT have to list it as M. You can have both listed as G unless the jewelry itself is adult rated.
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