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  1. Welp, I did it! Abandoned my trad earlier today. I hit the abandon button then waited on the street, in front of the house, to see how long it would take before someone grabbed it. It didn't take long at all! I had a lovely chat with the new owner. Then, I decided it was a good time to grab a camper so I could get the content pack. It didn't take long to get one. It's located in a nice peaceful spot in Toad Hollow. Well, of course, I had to play a little with the camper before giving it up, so I started decorating. I must say I'm enjoying this little home, but I'm still very anxious for the Victorians!
  2. I'll be saying goodbye to this home tomorrow. I've decided to put all my stuff in storage and stay in the houseboat for the time being. This way I will be ready the moment I hear the Vics are open.
  3. That's kind of what I was thinking about for the grand entry idea. I would make it very formal looking with a Victorian style fireplace, bookcases, and a settee If I do that I will probably add French doors to the archway between that room and the next to divide the less formal space from the very formal entry area. I can use the landing on the second floor for a rather informal - contemporary area with television and computer station.
  4. It's taken me awhile to figure out which house I want to use and how I'm going to use it. I've decided on the Shelley though I thought about using the other one that's really similar to it because it has those lovely floor to ceiling windows, but in the end the Shelley won out. It won for two reasons. First, I had a very ample wrap around porch but it's not as large as the other which means I won't have to use as many LI to decorate it. Second is the little door coming off of the kitchen that opens into the entry room. I'm going to make a wall and create a separate room out of that little space. It will be very convenient to have my laundry right off of the kitchen. Also, this house has the longest wall without a window so it will help in positioning kitchen cabinets. And those who know me or follow my posts know how crazy I am about having my closet ..... soooooooooooooooooo And yes, my trad is all packed up and just waiting for the announcement that the new Vics are ready!
  5. The suggestion was not just the modern design of the home but the topography and orientation of the homes. That being homes that hug terraced cliffs overlooking the ocean. We don't have that in Meadowbrook!
  6. I knew about the whole Marco Polo and noodles connection. Some still argue that noodles sprung up in two different locals around the same time and no one can prove otherwise. I tend to believe Polo brought them back with him from China. But ketchup? That I find very curious. When did China get tomatoes? I know they were brought to Europe during the Columbian Exchange.
  7. My curiosity was peaked when someone mentioned that Weeping Willows are typically found in the south. So google being my friend I decided to investigate where the Weeping Willow comes from and what is its natural habitat. I was surprised by what I found. I never ever suspected they came from China!
  8. I don't know if this style is feasible considering how regions are laid out but I'd dearly love to live in one. I remember traveling from San Diego to Santa Barbara and seeing these terraced down the mountain sides looking out at the Pacific.
  9. Here's one very near to where I grew up in California. It's gorgeous.
  10. In this official blog post the new theme was revealed as Victorian on the 5th.
  11. I was thinking I'll add a few "wallpaper" accent walls to my home. That's really easy. And since I won't need any add-on rooms, I'll have plenty LI to use on them.
  12. Victorian is a style of architecture. It's features were adopted in many countries and adapted to the materials easily obtained in those areas. But to suggest that the style should be called Virginian rather than Victorian seems to deny the origins of the style. This is why I responded at all. To me your first comment was already a put down on the Belli style and by extension the creator of those homes. So I do appreciate that you have recognized that that could be the outcome.
  13. The point is an architectural style is not limited to it's point of origin. To suggest that the homes are an American style and that the name is somehow stealing from the country of origin comes across as derogatory.
  14. Here's a website from the UK and a picture of a Victorian in Britain. I fail to see how there's much of a difference in style between the new Linden Homes Victorian and this picture except for more ornamentation. https://www.ourproperty.co.uk/guides/buying_a_victorian_property/ . I suppose they could have added more ornamentation but then there goes the LI count.
  15. I can think of two locations with regions that abruptly end without being joined to the water. Here.... And when the teen grid was copied over to the main grid and was placed next to Bay City an edge wasn't completed. But that's not likely to happen to any area around Bellisseria. I fully expect to see some kind of shoreline there once the moles have completed all their work.
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