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  1. If head animations are important to you then do demo both lines to see which animations you like the best. The biggest reason I switched over to the evolution line was due to the animations and that the head is BoM right out of the box. I also greatly prefer the HUD used with the evo line.
  2. Here's a snap of the location in the library. You can see there are environments for days, skies, textures, and water. I've not really played with it, because I'm waiting to update FS once it's the release viewer and not a beta version. But I have seen the amazing results of skies using EEP when I occasionally log on using the SL viewer.
  3. The nice thing about EEP is that you can drop in shared or purchased windlights. There's a bunch of them in the library already.
  4. EEP is windlight. And you can use EEP to set the parcel windlight.
  5. You can use EEP in the SL viewer to set to individual parcels. I would imagine that the method used currently in the FS viewer will change once they have completely adopted EEP into their release viewer. You can read about how EEP works here. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Environmental_Enhancement_Project
  6. When you offer advice to people to use a BoM relay, you are essentially telling them to purchase something they already own. It's a waste of their time and possibly their lindens.
  7. Also, try wearing a female skin on your male body and you'll see very quickly that you now visually have breasts. Sure they won't stick out but looking at yourself straight on and you'll have some lovely man breasts. 😏
  8. It's not a windlight or shaders problem. It's a too heavy hand in shading the skin under the breasts problem; however, many skinners are coming out with skins made for smaller breasts so that the shading under and between the breasts is now very minimally done. I agree though that without shaders enabled nothing looks good.
  9. Skinnery now includes a petite version in the Maitreya skin package that has very little shading. There are various tattoo layers included as well to add details to the skin. It might be worth your while to demo the skin.
  10. Nearly all the cosmetics I use are system layers made for Bakes on Mesh. On occasion I will use HD appliers for eye shadow, but even with those I typically have a bakes on mesh layer under the shadow for creating a special look on my lids. For HD appliers for my Letluka head I often use shadows from Shiny Stuffs. You can find her on the MP. By the way, she has shadows and lips for bakes as well as appliers.
  11. Having been in SL for so long I have seen first hand the abusive methods that some land dealers use as a means of either obtaining desirable land or selling off undesirable land parcels. While I abhor these tactics, I also abhor the suggestion of removing the freedoms associated with mainland. There's an easy alternative and that's private land or Linden Homes. Those of us who love mainland have learned to play the wait it out game with those unscrupulous land grabbers. Long live the wild west freedoms of Mainland!!
  12. There is really no reason for anyone to still be using these BOM relay huds as both the Catwa and Maitreya products have been upgraded to include BOM buttons on the actual HUDs included with the product.
  13. Next time it happens, instead of altering your shape, try a reset skeleton first. I have noticed this happening on occasion after demoing various products. Also, if you've tried the new Catwa head, the sliders in the HUD modifies your bento shape, so you will need to do a reset skeleton after using that demo. I about freaked the first time I played with the demo and then went back to the outfit I'd been wearing before trying the demo. My face was all distorted. So a moment of panic, I reset my skeleton, and all was back to normal.
  14. As a moderator in the Maitreya Lara Friends chat I can assure you that your question is not a noob question. I have had residents who have been in SL for years ask the same question. There are lots and lots of people in SL who have never even tried to modify a purchased shape, so when they ask for help we are all more than happy to help them if we can. So, you are really ahead of the curve being here for such a short time and already trying to figure out how to get the mesh to do what you want.
  15. Body fat and thickness, as well as the usual in the leg tab - hip width, muscle, saddlebags, and the extremely important hip length. The bubble butt affect of too short a hip length really does make it stick out. And, there are many creators who leave a huge buffer between the actual butt and the butt in their clothing. One thing I do when demoing clothing is to turn off all alpha cuts, if they are automatically activated, and then check that buffer zone. Too much space between my skin and the clothing equals a no sale for me.
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