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  1. I wouldn't enter because I already own the only body I will use.
  2. I do too!! But I didn't do it! Crazy me. I always end up doing something that's more cozy traditional.
  3. I have a couple of things. The first I would think is possible. The second one is a total pipe dream and will never happen .. but hey we're just dreaming here right? 1. The ability to turn any door invisible and phantom. 2. The ability to turn any fence/hedge immediately surrounding your parcel invisible and phantom. When the parcel is abandoned all doors, fences, and hedges would revert to normal.
  4. I too will delete a demo that is set on a timer and then never bother checking out anything else from that creator. I have no issue whatsoever with rings or signs around the body saying demo, but I like so many others want to demo the product with items I already own. I like to mix and match my wardrobe so a deal breaker for me is not being able to demo the item with a lot of the things I already own. I also am careful to be sure the item works well with my many dancing animations. Honestly, even 10 minutes would still be too short.
  5. You do realize that Maitreya released a significant update a couple of months ago? If you're still using the 4.1 you need to get a redelivery.
  6. I've been wondering what was going to show up across the water behind my house. A few minutes ago this appeared. Yep, that's the new Randlesham Tree House.
  7. Here's the interior. The living and kitchen area are very open to each other. You can't see it in the pic but there's ample room for a large dining table and benches. I closed off that little side room with doors and installed a laundry area in its place. I also added wood planks to the wall above the front door to create a break in that huge vertical space. The added beams create the cozy feel I wanted. The inserted wall add-on creates a nice bath area with closet. The closet is hidden behind the doors with the bath tub very much the focal point. I'm really loving my log home now!!!
  8. I've finally gotten my log home feeling cozy and all meshed out! Here are three exterior views. Starting with the view from the road. Then one angled to the front door showing the deck as well. I think of all the homes I've lived in, I've used more LI for my log home garden than any of the previous homes. I really love chillin on the deck soaking in my hot tub with a friend or two. And finally, one from the back. I removed the awning I had used previously and replaced it with this attached pergola. That gave me a net gain of 4 prims! In my next post, I'll show you the interior.
  9. I almost always see my system body for a second or so before the mesh body even begins to rez. Once the mesh starts to rez, the system body goes invisible, and then my mesh body rezzes extremely quickly. Nevertheless, I still use system lingerie because it just seems more natural to me to have my bits covered. Seeing the system body was rather jarring in the beginning, as I really can't stand the look of the system body, but I've gotten used to it now. It's a small trade off for being able to use BoM, which I absolutely love.
  10. I often hear the response when I offer the info, "Who cares?" So, I think it's more likely that many just don't care if they are bare.
  11. With Bakes on Mesh you really don't have to be naked as you rez in. You can wear BoM system layer lingerie that will rez in at the same time as your mesh body parts.
  12. I seriously doubt you'll be able to get a Catya head to look like this. A shape and skin can only go so far. The Catya doesn't have the correct starting eye shape nor mouth shape to get that look. LAQ has a really nice mesh head that lends itself to the look you're trying to achieve. I hope you've not purchased the Katya. I'm rather sure there are other mesh heads out there from other brands as well that will adapt to your needs. Catwa might have a better suited head as well. I just don't think you can get it with the Catya head.
  13. A few of my favorite places to shop for sexy yet not hanging out clothing is Neve, Tres Blah, Just Because, and Maitreya. There are many more but that's a good starting place. Of course, Blueberry has a lot of variety from barely there to conservative. You just have to spend some time demoing the clothing to see which ones fit your need.
  14. They are my prototypes for creating them in mesh. I've not started the mesh objects yet. I will, but have no idea when I will get to it as RL is keeping me otherwise occupied.
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