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  1. In my quest to find ways to reduce prims .. I discovered a gold mine. I forgot to mesh out the planter in front. This planter was 6 land impact. After meshing I got it down to .5 and after linking it with the flowers it netted out at zero. So that was 6 prims found basically. I also decided that I wanted my backyard to have that beachy feeling I had when I was using the Alderley. So I removed the pergola patio and bbq and got back more prims. With that I started gardening. This is now the view out my backdoor. I added beach grass, a couple trees, and some tall pampas grass along with my two favorite beach gacha items, the tubes and towel line. I moved the seating area on the upper deck to the opposite side and now the view to the sea is nicely framed with the trees.
  2. I can share my experience. I make all my architectural products mod/copy. At one time I didn't include huds because I thought people could just drop their own textures on the product but I got complaints because there are a lot of consumers out there who do not want to have to touch the build menu at all. So, I try to accommodate by adding HUDs for texture change. Honestly, sometimes I wish I could just drop the finished mesh into a package and name it .. please texture anyway you like.
  3. YS&YS, Skinnery, and League skins are my faves. I also use skin detail tats from Izzies. I will be using many more of Izzies details once we get BoM and I can layer them.
  4. If you look closely you can see that your shape has actually changed. What hasn't changed is the skin. To get your mesh head to look exactly like the picture you not only need to wear the same shape but you absolutely must use the same skin the person used in the picture.
  5. It was suggested before and while it's an interesting idea, it's not something I would personally use. I first and foremost make things because I want something I can't find already made by another creator. There are a couple of add-ons out there for the Winchester that already have great rooms added to the first floor. If I wanted a great room downstairs I'd have just bought one of those add-ons, but I really wanted a garage so I made one. Also, with a new RL job I just don't have the time to devote to creating in SL now. So, I'm sorry, but it's not likely to happen.
  6. It's a rug I got from Lisp but I dropped my own texture on it.
  7. @RaeLeeH So I took your advice and checked out that aquarium. I decided to swap it out for the Artists Do it Better wall hanging. I really love that little writing desk so kept it, but that wall hanging was 3 LI so that gave me a net gain of 2 LI. I used those on the deck. I'm down to 3 LI on the parcel now so won't be adding anymore items. What I might do over time is swap out pieces if I can find something I love but is lower in LI. That's probably not going to happen much as I've already searched for the best items with the lowest LI but ya just never know what I might find sometime in the future. In the end, I"ve come full circle. I began my Bellisseria quest in a Winchester and it seems I'll be living in this one for awhile. I've taken a RL job so my time spent renovating my Linden Home is going to come to a screeching halt.
  8. I was not suggesting that the Maitreya body can be as curvy as some of the curvier bodies. But the suggestion that the system body responds better than mesh was what I was responding to. If you want mesh and whatever type body shape you like it's available with one mesh body or the other. That's all I was suggesting as well as the fact that the Maitreya can get pretty curvy or small if the shape is modified.
  9. If a super flat chest is desired there is an add-on that does that very well. If using a mesh head and mesh body you can set the fat to anything you like as long as you select the same neck size on the body and head HUDs. In my case I set the Mait body neck to 5 as that matches the Lelutka head exactly. The fat slider was way past 24 in my example of the plump adult shape.
  10. Pretty much yes. I might find one or two 1LI items for the lounge. I'm thinking a little table next to the bench with a tall glass of something along with a couple 1LI plants will do it for the upper deck. I'd like to have 5 LI left for rezzing packages but honestly I can always run to a premium sandbox to unbox things if I really want to use all the prims. It's amazing what you can do with 10 LI these days.
  11. Final update! I'm going to be living in this home for a very long time. Kitchen all cluttered out The lounge now has a few items to make it feel cozy. The upper deck has my favorite bench. I've only got 11 land impact left so looking for a couple very low LI items to finish off this space. When I began this remodel I removed my home from the Tour of Homes. I'm going to be adding it back in but until then if anyone would like to visit please feel free to do so. Here's the slurl - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Washburn/17/90/38
  12. Knowing that the possibilities with a Maitreya body are nearly limitless, I decided to give this a go. Disregard the face as that wasn't the purpose of this experiment. Though with the proper shape and skin I'm rather certain I could get this mesh head to look very youthful. Also, to be fair I decided to use the same clothing for both shapes. If I had used a top that didn't have the shading for boobs the chest would look much flatter. There are a few creators who do make flat chest versions of their mesh tops/dresses. The biggest issue I had with getting the body to look childlike was the size of the feet. Now for that obese adult shape. My standard shape Please note the furniture in the pic for comparison. Personally I think the reason we don't see more variety with the mesh bodies is because people don't push the limits or perhaps people prefer a rather similar shape. To bring this back on topic, I think the best way to optimize mesh bodies is in removing the need to use onion layers. Unfortunately, Bakes on Mesh could have been the answer to that problem but since it will not work with appliers or accommodate materials, I see little incentive for the mesh body makers to remove any of those onion layers. I also think it's a fool's errand to think that this Jeanie can be put back in the bottle by updating the system body.
  13. Quoted from: If you have a USD balance on August 1 and do not accept the Terms of Service, you will have until October 31, 2019 to do so. If you do not, you will not be able to utilize the USD Balance or request a process credit until you have accepted the TOS and Privacy Policy, after which you will once again be able to use the USD balance and process credit. For those who do not accept the Terms of Service, you will still be able to login to Second Life and use your payment method on file (such as a credit card) to pay for items and services, but you will no longer have the ability to request a process credit transaction, sell L$ on the LindeX, or make payments for Second Life services from your balance.
  14. I noticed that many of the really long sleeved tops I wore pre-bento poked through at the wrist or the thumb area once I updated to the bento hands. Even resizing the hands (I don't recommend that approach though) didn't do much as the clothing, since it's rigged, also resized so that didn't help. Unfortunately, the only solution I found was to use the standard, non bento hands, that are still available in the Maitreya folder, when wanting to wear one of those tops that no longer work when wearing bento hands. For me though, there are few tops, maybe none in fact, worth changing to the non-bento hands.
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