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  1. I added a couple of things after sending the notecard. I'm not going to update it for just two little clutter items.
  2. It is inside the folder with your body. Please refer to the user's manual for instructions. You have easy access to the manual on the main hud, misc tab, help button.
  3. You can hide the toenails by applying a transparent polish to the nails. That would require a save stick though and not just a system alpha.
  4. If you use edit links and find the root prim of the different items in your linked set of objects, you should be able to find the name of the object and the creator, unless you actually renamed the object before linking the set. Even if you changed the name you can do a simple two word description and then give the name of the creator. People can find the object in the creators store without the true name by visually scanning the store's inventory.
  5. My reference to LL made avatars is from a very recent encounter with the ones in Sansar. Those aren't ancient by any means.
  6. I wanted LL to make a new system body years ago before mesh bodies became the norm. It's too late. Sure LL could make a new avatar body but the time for that was long ago. Too many of us have invested in and very much enjoy our mesh body and would not give it up to start over with a new LL avatar. So as I said, creators would simply have one more mesh body heaped on top of the list of bodies. ^^^^ this! While I see the need to reduce complexity, I don't believe that LL creating a new mesh avatar body would even make a dent in the problem. Other areas are far more draining on resources.
  7. I love Linden Lab .. truly I do, but have you seen the mesh avatars they've made?
  8. It wouldn't solve anything. It would only add one more body to a long list of bodies that creators already don't have the time to support.
  9. Maitreya, Slink, and Belleza were all well known brands before mesh clothing or bodies ever hit the grid. All had established reputations for producing a high quality product so when they announced that they were in the process of making a mesh body, residents got excited. One of the biggest reasons for being excited to get into a mesh body was that we would no longer be trapped in those god-awful standard sizes. With the introduction of rigged mesh, which made the mesh bodies possible, we also got rigged mesh clothing. I remember just how much money I made selling applier clothing when the mesh bodies first arrived while people were waiting for rigged mesh sizes for their particular body. We didn't have to wait long at all to get body specific sizes of mesh clothing. Standard size clothing quickly became a thing of the past. I do not believe the existence of standard sizes had anything to do with people choosing to switch to a mesh body. I have no desire for a better mesh body, because I personally have everything I want in the Maitreya. I tried all the other bodies and I don't like the modeling of their body parts that's why I chose the Maitreya body. I think perhaps you are overlooking the possibility that many people have not settled with a body while wishing there was something better. For many, like myself, we love the modeling of the Maitreya body and don't want something different.
  10. The fix has been out for a couple of hours now. Get a redelivery.
  11. It is a known bug and a fix is in the works now.
  12. The Maitreya body offers both functionality for system alphas as well as alpha cuts. I personally see the need for both considering how much money people have spent for clothing that relied on alpha cuts over the past five years. I also see creators being liberated to create clothing items that do not have to align with the alpha cuts. I am personally looking forward to seeing new necklines that are impossible to achieve using alpha cuts alone. I doubt creators would be so short sighted as to not take advantage of being able to offer designs that have been impossible for years now. We're tired of buying the same old, same old. I've already seen the addition of system alphas with a couple of my purchases recently. I think you are rather misguided if you think a system alpha would somehow make a mesh garment designed for a Maitreya fit a Belleza, Altamura, or Slink body.
  13. You can alpha them independently of each other.
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