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  1. Just WOW! 😍😍 Can I hire you to do my garden too?
  2. I agree with you there. I really wish this would actually be allowed. I don't report stuff which is just a tiny lil bit beyond parcel borders. Even one of the Moles (was it Abnor..?) said, that it's okay as long as it is not way out of there.
  3. I can recommend this one. You can play it and it's only 2li. You can try it at her store first. It's on the "furniture" section, if I remember correctly. There's a TP board right at the landing point.
  4. Finally I'm somewhat okay with my bathroom. I ditched the laundry room and made it a little office. I also re-joined the "BelliBin Party" and added a working mailbox. So if you ever drop by my house in Periana, you are more than welcome to leave a little note in there. 😊💜
  5. Yes, BelliBin is a free waste management roleplaying game for citizens of Bellisseria. You fill your BelliBin with trash and others empty it. You can get one here if interested.
  6. Which would be the right category for this? I'm always unsure.
  7. Ah, I get it now. Yes, I keep AR'ing them every time I see one. Thanks for the info on this.
  8. "Reactivating" this since I was just searching for a threat about LH parcel borders, and this one plopped up. ^^ I'm wandering on Bellisseria on a regular basis and I keep seeing objects outside peoples parcel borders. Like vehicles parked on the street, Belli Bins on the sidewalk, and today even saw a dock placed at the seashore, WAY out of parcel. How is this even possible? Can anyone explain? Very curious about that.
  9. Thank you! I'll try to fiddle with it. 🤗💐 Thanks a lot for the offer! 🤗 If I fail to do it myself I might take you up on it. 😊
  10. I know, this isn't cornice and/or baseboard related, but it has to do with the Victorians, and I didn't want to start a new thread for it. So maybe someone still can give some advice. I'm pretty new to "building", but seeing pictures of people changing their floors and/or ceiling via a textured prim made me want to be brave and try. 😊 So I wanted to change the floor of my bathroom to some good ol' b&w tiles. So far so good - But I can't figure out how to work around that curve. If I just stretch the prim it is going to peek out of the walls. Is there any way to get this to work, or did I just have a dumb idea? *ducks in embarrassment*
  11. So I'm actually quite satisfied with the inside of my Shelley. For now that is. 😆 I also ran out of prims, so there's that too... 😂 Post will be picture heavy. The Entrance: The Purple Room: (Dysfunctionalitys FLF item made me do it..) The Kitchen: Little Laundry Room: The Red Room: The Black Room: I didn't include pics of the Bathroom because I'm not really pleased with it yet. Now that I'm "finished", I'm tempted to try the Hardy. 🤣🙈 So we'll see how long this goes well.
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