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  1. And here I am - again fangirling over Mariannes decor... 😆🙈💜
  2. I kept crashing the whole time... 🙁 Hope ya'll had a fantastic party!
  3. I just hope my inventory stays intact. 😂
  4. Oh, this looks like a keeper.
  5. Of course you can eject and perma-ban certain people from your parcel. I did so on mine. About Land -> Access -> Banned (there you can add names of the people you don't want to enter your parcel)
  6. I'm still not quite sure if I like them or not. 😆 I dislike the ones standing somewhere in the ocean all by themselves without a way to walk in. I like the ones without the stairs best - Where you can walk in right from the pier. And if it's back is facing the open ocean I'm definitely down for it. 😅 But I guess getting one of those will be one tough act... I like the landscaping and all the little details like the sand on the streets, the signs, the bar, and some shells here and there. LOVE LOVE LOVE the sounds! Seagulls, Parrots, Waves and Birds... 😍🥰 🥰 🥰 I could just sit there listening to this for hours. (i still think they should add some of the ambient sounds to the traditional areas as well..)
  7. Spotted at Widow Point - The Bellisseria Birb 😄
  8. It's getting really warm out there, so I've put out a little refreshment-station for all you thirsty Bellisseria Travelers. 🍋🍓🥤 Feel free to help yourself if you come across. You can also use this teleport if you want. 😊 Just be polite, mkay?
  9. Also make sure to check here:
  10. And Vari Hammie looking adorbs! 🥰
  11. I'm 99% sure that they are from Dust Bunny.
  12. Seems like we have new Animals wandering around Bellisseria. Found them while scooting around this weekend.
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