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  1. I know this was posted before, but I can't find it right now... Could someone please explain again which of the new homes will be OL (on land) and OW (on water)? If I remember correctly there are the ones completely on land, half land/half water, completely on water and the ones with the entrance via the docks...? I just want to make sure to click for the right one when they come out. 😅
  2. I'm a huge fan of your decorating skills. 😄 Looks amazing!
  3. Oh my god, this is beautiful! 😍 Looks so cozy. 🍂🍁
  4. Started with the "spoopy" decorations. 😊🎃👻
  5. I've been scooting around with that car as well. It's so cute. 😄
  6. Got my first Traditional during the release of "Evard" and kept it until the Victorians came out. So I only moved once until now. 😅
  7. & the sun took a step back, the leaves lulled themselves to sleep & Autumn was awakened.
  8. That was quite a celebration! Thank you & happy Anniversary again. 💜💜💜
  9. Warning - Picture heavy post ahead. 😄 Soo.. Since the weather here in germany isn't really "summer-ish" this year, I am craving for some summer atmosphere. The Stilt homes aren't available yet, and I really don't want to waste a lot of time and energy into GoH trying to find a Trad on the beach. So I've switched from my beloved Verne to the Doyle and made it my little summer vacay place. Little pool area: Chill & Party Porch: Guess it'll do for now... 😄 If you want to come visit for a splash, a cocktail, some ice cream, or just for a ch
  10. Back in December I've started with the Shelley but found it to be way too big for just one person using it, so I've switched to the Verne since it is slightly smaller than the Shelly. I LOVED my Verne, but after 5 months I still craved something smaller, so I just ended up with the Doyle. It's enough for one person and also leaves enough room for a little clutter to make it look more "homey".
  11. And this is why I always have 'Object Entry' turned off... Maybe send an IM to your neighbors, informing them about the issue.
  12. Found this too: Scroll down to: If you are being harassed by an object
  13. Try this: World >>> Show >>> Beacons or CTRL + Alt + Shift + N.
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