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  1. It's frustrating, I know... But our time will come!
  2. As far as I know it's Mon, Wed and Fri - But could happen any time during the LL working hours... ~shrug~
  3. Worry not! I know it's frustrating but we eventually will get our home. Save the best for last..
  4. Screw it, I'm in the time-out corner! Got that freaking error again and again... ~screams in agony~
  5. At least we're all sitting in the same boat, slowly but steady rowing towards the finish line.
  6. Aaww I guess I've found my dream plot on Sweetmarsh... Too bad I'll never gonna get it.
  7. WTG @Julianne Hellershanks! Enjoy your new home in Belli.
  8. Now this is something to look forward to! But I guess a lot of people will abandon their "old" homes and try to snatch one on the "nicer" regions. At least that's what my guts are telling me... <_<
  9. Didn't even know there was more of him. I just stumbled across this vid opening YT this morning and thought I had to share just for the laughs.
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