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  1. @Frigga Freidman I really like what you did there. Looks so inviting and cozy.
  2. WOWZA! That is effin beautiful! 😍 Can I hire you to do my garden as well? 😄
  3. This looks so cozy. DRDs Rustic Kitchen fits the Chalets perfectly. 😊
  4. Holy Moly, this looks beautiful. Love it! ❤️
  5. Is this on the actual DRD Region, or some kind of event?
  6. This looks like a great party spot. 😄 🥳 🥳
  7. Spending the sunday being lazy and soaking up the sun in Margaritaville. 😌☀️🍹 (it's been snowing like crazy here in rl)
  8. Popeye definitely released. I saw it restarting from my deck and it now says "Linden Home".
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