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  1. I had a mermaid come to visit, and I wasn’t there! I would have loved to join you for a swim! I do have to say that as one of those land dwellers in Wuthering Downs, I absolutely adore the water lilies. And now you’re making me think I should attempt a little underwater gardening for future swimmers to discover 😊 Oh, and if I haven’t mentioned it before, I love your Belli travellogues and always look out for them. Keep up the great work! 👍
  2. Love, love, LOVE this! It looks so wild & natural
  3. I decided to give a different trailer a go - I'd started with the Colorado when I first got a trailer, but quickly swapped over to the Shenandoah. Now I thought I should try the Colorado again, and picked up a nice little spot in Placid to give it a go. It looks like it's going to be a gypsy artist enclave
  4. Best I’ve found for my av so far: good smiles are hard to make, probably because bento bones just can’t animate like skin & muscle can, and the result is usually just creepy.
  5. Thank you! I hadn’t thought to check on the security stuff - I’ll go in and fix it now. btw - just had a walk-thru of yours again, and took note of a few things...gorgeous decorating.
  6. That is a cute train! Did you work it from exported prims or make it from scratch in your 3D program? I’ve struggled adapting prim builds to good mesh.
  7. Ah...you need my surname then. I never realised that particular word was in my name until someone tried to mention me in the forums 😝
  8. Well, I managed to make it in for a final dust and polish on my offerings, and took a bit of time to peek into others’ places, and all I can say is WOW! Seeing photos on here is one thing, but discovering all the little details in world is something else. Well done one and all, and I’m only sorry I didn’t find the time to stop and say hi to you all while we were there getting set up.
  9. Just checking about the campers, since it's not really clear - I'm assuming they'll be on the typical half-plot? Otherwise we'd be able to do something completely different to what would normally be available on Belli.
  10. Wow - great work! That all comes together to make a really characterful older avatar. Like you, I started to want to age my avatar a bit, probably also about 7-8 years ago, and found very little out there. It's what got me into trying to make my own skins and adding other stuff to my store that would help create an older look. I know I'm never going to be the biggest and best skin/make-up creator out there, but enough people have appreciated what I've offered to make it worth doing. I'd encourage you to put your creations up for sale...yes it's a niche, but it's one that's only minimally catered for. And a pic...just because I can!
  11. *Waves* Hey alt-er neighbour! I had just the other day been checking out your little gazebo overlooking the lake - what a lovely spot to sit and admire the view 😊
  12. Awww - thank you! The green theme continues inside...I may have posted back when I started decorating. If not...here they are
  13. "Is there any felicity in the world superior to this?"
  14. I think I've got my trailer on Lake Tatakaka just about how I want it...rather enjoy sitting out here while working on stuff.
  15. Hey Ashley - welcome to the wonderful world of content creation! As Tazzie said, this isn’t a place for advertising, but if you’re looking for feedback on what you’ve made (and showing off how proud you are of your creation) why not check out and contribute to this thread in the mesh forum: I’m trying not to spam that thread too much when I go on a creation binge, so it’d be great to have more contributors. I’ve personally learned a lot from people’s contributions, and enjoyed showing off my new mesh attempts. I don’t think we’ve had a jewellery creator post, so I’d be interested to hear about your work and how you created it. Oh, and you are allowed to link to your store in your signature, so people can always check out your sig if they’re interested in finding your work 😉
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