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  1. Great explanation, Digit - I remember trying to work this out some years back. I came across this wiki article way back then that explains what is going on. Worth a read if you’re trying to understand what’s going on. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Debug_Permissions (specifically head down to the section “What is a Slam Bit”).
  2. Red hair - check...little black dress - check...just realised that Peony is reverting to type. Here she is compared to 10 years ago. One day she'll go back to being old, but not today (It's nice to have the choice!)
  3. Interesting question, and interesting answers too. Made me think hard about my own journey here, because I don't think I knew it was on the dashboard back in my early days - it's certainly not easy to find on the dashboard now. From memory I was Googling a building or scripting issue, and came across the forums while searching.
  4. For me as a small-time merchant, it would be nice to have a basic client for my iPad. Yes, I can reply to offline ims via email, but it's a clunky system and I'm never sure how reliable it is. The bigger problem is if people notecard me - I can't do anything to help them unless I log in. And that could be hours away since a large number of OS people are on SL while I'm on my way into RL work. With a mobile client a large majority of my support requests could be addressed while I'm on my hour-long train commute.
  5. How about creating a new texture that combines the "skin" & clothing texture in one? That way you can take the flickering alpha issue away completely.
  6. Well, I finally got in world for a little while and got me and all my alts to Akeruka to pick up the Cleo group gift head...must say I'm impressed. With a couple of hours of work the head has managed to adapt to four fairly individual looks. Eta...ignore some of the seams and things...I'd try to do a bit of post-processing, but I'm getting hungry and it's dinnertime Must try that FaceApp though...I've always wanted a decent smile in some pics.
  7. Nice! I second the motion for a pic! 😊 I've not discovered their skins yet, and I'm always on the lookout for more older options. Lol - yeah I started making old skins for myself way back when I couldn't find any on the market, and I really have to do some more work adapting them for newer heads and mainstream colours...when I get the time. Izzie's wrinkle appliers are usually my first suggestion for those wanting to go a little bit older but without changing their look too much. I've only tried their LeLutka version...not sure how the omega version looks on the Genus, but might be worth a try.
  8. I've really enjoyed some of the expressions that come with the Genus head...if I had more time for taking pictures I'd try to capture that perfect moment in an animation. In terms of looking a little older, I reckon you could probably manage it with the Genus classic...or at least try before jumping in the deep end of a new head investment. Little changes to a shape - a slight droop to an eye or brow, adjusting a chin line, taking some fullness out of lips and cheeks - combined with a wrinkle layer or even a new skin can work wonders for adding a bit of maturity to an avatar. Even makeup changes the perception of age...it kinda gets addictive working the subtle adjustments.
  9. This is the Genus Strong - it felt a little more mature than the classic, but again, it is pretty flexible in the looks you can get. The three pics below use different skins, but only minor tweaks of the shape to work with each look...and they all look quite different.
  10. Oooh - that new Akeruka head looks like something I or my alts could happily use...I kinda liked the Maia, but it was never quite what I wanted it to be - she was always so young and grumpy. And yes, Akeruka heads are omega, though they made some tweaks to the UV layout in their more recent heads, and they also added some high definition makeup layers...worth looking for Akeruka HD specific stuff, though you should find most omega works ok. Anyway back to how my avatar currently looks as I play with my Genus head...it never quite felt right with my older skin on this head (it looked fine, but it just wasn't Peony), so I decided to go through my skins til I found a look I liked.
  11. Caved in and bought the Genus Strong head. While it's not exactly what I want for this look, I think I'll still get a lot of use out of it. I am certainly liking some of the animations. This is just a quick snap in the Genus store while I kept playing with the shape...still got some work to do there. I'll probably have to mod the skin texture a bit as well - some bits are just off enough to bug me. And make eyebrow appliers for it...or get the omega relay... Okay - quite a bit of work still to do... 😊
  12. I will add a caveat to my comment - it may different for demos. I was basing my comment more on a freebie dress I had on the marketplace. I had noticed that after a change in the way the marketplace ranked by relevance one of my freebies' sales dropped right down. I changed it to a dollarbie to see if the pricing made a difference, and the dress's ranking by relevance on my storefront increased significantly, as did the number of sales. They may use a different algorithm for products that are linked as demos - I haven't tested that theory out.
  13. One or two other thoughts - most of my demos are free, but I do have a couple that are L$1 - sample lipstick or makeup that are a demo of the shape & texture of the full price multi-pack, but only in a single colour. They don't have the demo watermark, so can be worn as normal. So, yeah, they're a demo, but they're also a dollarbie gift. One other reason I can think of for why people may charge for demos - I've noticed that L$0 listings don't tend to move up in the relevance rankings on the marketplace , whereas $1 listing will. L$1 demos will probably rank higher in relevance searches than their L$0 counterparts, and this could be seen to be a big advantage for some.
  14. Whoops - just seen that you already had posted there too 😊 well, you can ignore that bit of my advice then! Anyway, I'm hoping to be doing some head shopping of my own this weekend - I'll let you know if I find something that might might work for your look as well.
  15. Cute av - it can be tricky putting specific looks together like that from what's out there. I'm certainly not sure if anyone's made a mesh head that could be worked on to get that look. While you can probably get away with one of the mesh bodies already out there, you may well need a custom head. Since no-one's replied to you here, it might be worth asking to have your post moved to the "wanted" section. Hopefully mesh makers check in there and will get back to you. My mesh skills are nowhere up to that, and I suspect it could get pricey, knowing the work that will be involved (especially if you want bento expressions). Good luck!
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