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  1. Can you tell I'm reading Pride and Prejudice again?
  2. I’ve been expecting this for a while. What I had hoped is they they would have made more fixes to both the merchant and customer side before charging the increased fees. It makes the increase much easier to swallow if you can see the benefit now. As it stands, without a better sales platform, I’m not going to get increased sales to offset the increased cost, especially when I’m also having to cover increased premium fees and L$ exchange fees that have come in the last year or so.
  3. That is so moody - absolutely love it! 💕
  4. Today, my avatar looks pretty excited! I've managed to make my very first fitted mesh...Peony just can't stop dancing, and I can't stop watching, amazed that it actually (finally) worked!
  5. There’s a handy feature in firestorm viewer (not sure if others have it) that lets you see the physics shape of selected objects. It’s a little eye symbol with a dash through it. From memory it sits next to the box for selecting convex hull/prim/none. When you click on it the eye shows without the dash and any selected prims show a blue shape that is the physics. It’s very handy for discovering which prim is blocking the way. And to your question - yes I’ve had prims change state, possibly through my own unintended working, though possibly by themselves.
  6. And if you really want some technical background to this problem, check out “the secret life or normals” videos on the Machinimatrix page: https://blog.machinimatrix.org/blender/start-here/
  7. You’ll still want the old head map for the most part - I can’t remember that any included that in their kit. A few brands provide some layers to help with slight differences in the UV mapping - from memory Catwa is one, and possibly Slink and other bodies for the shading of toes on the remapped foot. People will still be using appliers for a while, especially for adding shine to makeup, so you will need the dev kits for the heads & bodies you’re creating for in order to make appliers...worth grabbing some dev kits and checking out what they include. Some brands also provide models so that you can test appliers without uploading the textures - Akeruka and Belleza are two examples.
  8. Hi Cerridwen, and welcome to the wonderful world of content creation 😊 You’ll probably find a lot of the old tutorials are still useful - the nitty-gritty of creating the textures still hasn’t changed much - most mesh avatars still use the same uv maps as we did 10 years ago. And now with ‘bakes on mesh’ we can use the original systems layer system again, with the added bonus of 1024 textures. Normal & specular maps are a change since mesh came in, but again with the advent of BOM, how these are used is in flux as well. If you’ve got any specific questions, ask away, and check out the building & texturing forum for more threads.
  9. I can’t tell if that’s a colourful shoulder pet or a random background creature...either way cute all-round!
  10. Millionheels does quite a few full perm boots...not sure if they have any like that, but it might be a place to start.
  11. If you’re not using a mesh body, or if you’re using BOM, you won’t need an applier. You can create a new tattoo layer in your inventory, wear it and then edit it. Add the texture to the correct part of the body, save and you’re done. Im not sure that I’ve seen a video of the process for system layers, but you might be able to work it out.
  12. The other side of it will be finding the right mesh head and playing with your shape. I think there are more men’s mesh heads that can adapt well to an older look...things like a bit of droop to the outer eye or eyebrow, thinning the lips a little, sinking cheeks a bit and playing with jawline/jowls (if the head reacts to those sliders) can all make a difference to the perceived age of an avatar.
  13. I like the workmanship, but all I can think is “ouch!”
  14. Going to post another creation, because I don't want this thread to become lost & I hope more people will share what they're doing...I love what I'm learning from it. This week I made a suitcase in blender...it was primarily meant to be a prop to sit on top of my wardrobe, but my alt has taken to carrying it around as if she's off travelling Anyway, as such I wanted to keep it well under 1 LI, and I wanted it to be a bit more detailed and "smoother" looking than some of the earlier things I'd tried to make, which meant my focus was really on LOD models. So this is what I came up with: The high model is just under 4000 tris - I discovered if I added extra loop cuts around edges the shading in-world looks a lot nicer, but of course that makes the mesh a lot heavier. So for the Med LOD, I tried taking out those extra loops...I wasn't sure if that would be enough of a trim, so I continued cutting out loops til I'd roughly halved the tri count. For the Low LOD I just tried to keep the basic shape with minimal details and for lowest it was just a cube, playing with the UV mapping of that cube to try and retain some of the texture detail. (Discovering I could adjust the UV mapping of the LOD models was a real revelation for me...I can't believe how long it took me to work that one out!) Testing in-world, I discovered that the med LOD model didn't make a huge difference to the LI of the model but the higher tri version (bit over 3000 tris) looked much better, so I went with that (in retrospect, in terms of LI I probably could have just used the high LOD for the medium). I did trim a few extra tris off my initial low LOD model though, to end up with the 207 tri model in the pic. All together it came in at a download weight of 0.8 LI, which I was pretty happy with. The UV map - I did stack the uvs of some of the features like the locks and corners, but decided not to double up the straps and sides since I thought I might want to texture them separately with stickers and things. I've left a small section of the UV map free partly because I'm thinking of making a separate luggage tag for it, and that could go on the same texture. I initially uploaded the texture as a 1024, but then decided that actually a 512 works just as well for everything except an extreme closeup. And I just used a generic, rough, dark grey 256 spec texture to give the leather faces a bit of a sheen and the same texture on the brass face but with higher shine settings. Pretty happy with it, and even happier that it replaces a 7LI prim suitcase that had been sitting on my wardrobe.
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