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  1. Had a customer struggling to find her desired look with one of my skins, so I played with it a bit for her and made it a bit younger. It didn't end up meeting her needs, but it sure ended up working for me...guess I'm going to start acting my real age
  2. Oh, and there have been some discussions around layering alpha textures when making hair...you might want to look back to some of those for more thoughts on the issue. I’m currently in my iPad on a train and can’t easily link you to the discussion, but a quick search of the forums should find them.
  3. Alpha sorting is a problem on HUDs too (where you have overlapping textures containing alphas). Best solution I know is to set one or all of the layers to “alpha masking”, and play with the level of masking needed. Yes, you lose some of the soft edges and partial transparencies, but for bits like your red circle or those wood squares, it shouldn’t be too bad. (ETA - I only saw this because it was in the building and texturing forum...some of us check there first. Even if it doesn’t seem like a busy section it’s still worth putting it where the people interested in the topic will read it.)
  4. I’ve always thought that the snowy areas were the best in SL. But then, I was in my late teens when I first saw snow, and living in the sub tropics means SL is the only chance I get to enjoy it. Plus there’s some fun Linden-owned winter activities just down the road from my place.
  5. The thermometer on my RL verandah measured 43C, yesterday so in response I decided to move my wagon to my snow block and totally re-landscape there. It was quite comforting to imagine snow.
  6. The owl is from Jian - it was the sale item they put up this last weekend, and he's really lovely. I haven't tried the companion pet version yet. The wagon is something I'm working on at the moment - I made it as a reaction to wanting a Bellisarian trailer, but never being around when the new homes get released (plus, a gypsy wagon is something I've always wanted in RL).
  7. Starting to decorate my little gypsy wagon - for a tiny home it has a surprising amount of space to fill
  8. Been jealously looking at all the cute little Bellisarian trailer homes that I'll probably never have a chance to snag. So this last week I decided to mesh myself my own tiny house instead...Oh to have one of these in RL!
  9. Wow - thanks for that, and you're right - doubling up on some of those texture islands makes so much sense...so obvious once the suggestion's been made. I've decided playing with UV mapping is like doing a jigsaw puzzle without the reference pic - it takes a lot of trial and error, but I'm sure it'll get easier with practice. As for how I did the texture - I struggle with texturing in Blender (still trying to work out cycles), so I tend to default to my tried and true method in Gimp, working with reference photos I took of my pet Lori. Anyway, now that you've given me the idea of stacking texture islands, I'm going to redo the UV map of a gypsy cart I'm working on - I think I can see how to get much sharper detail on the paintwork without using such big textures. Thanks for taking the time to make the suggestions!
  10. Love this pic! Makes me wish I'd try more steampunky-fantasy types stuff, but for now I'll just admire your artistry.
  11. Parked Peony in the store while I did some work...came back to her looking quite relaxed.
  12. Well, I did mention to hubby that if he happened to get a recording of Lori’s various vocalisations, I might find a use for it...we’ll see. Menu scripting would be a challenge, and I won't derail a mesh thread with scripting questions. for now, on to my next mesh project!
  13. Ah, but would the neighbours appreciate a squarking Lorikeet? Actually, my own Lori in RL is loud enough for me, do I need to introduce SL to the unique aural experience that is an over-excitable Lori? 😁 And as for sharing the wireframes and UVs - I found it useful. Already in talking about it and looking at it again, I’ve identified a few things I could do differently and other things I’d like to try. I might revisit this project when I’ve a few more skills under my belt.
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