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  1. Thanks for that, and sorry for the late reply. While there is a linked door, I’m pretty sure I analysed the physics on this mesh when I uploaded it. I’m also pretty sure it doesn’t revert when using the door, but I will check again when I’m next inworld. Never hurts to check, right!?
  2. Yep - that sounds exactly like it...and it looks like it's been going on for a while with no fix. @Cory Edo mentioned that he'd get around it by setting the physics to "none" and making separate mesh panels for the physics, so I guess that's my short term solution. Thanks for finding that for me.
  3. I'm having a sudden problem with a mesh build I made late last year. For a long time it always rezzed fine, but suddenly on rezzing one piece of the build starts acting as if it's set to convex hull. When I check the actual mesh it says that link is set to "Prim" physics and it visually shows that it is. The weird thing is that after I've done the check, it starts behaving itself land acting like it's using Prim physics. It seems that even just clicking to edit it and moving it slightly fixes the physics. Anyone know what's going on? Anyone else seen this behaviour? Or do I just need
  4. Thanking @Scylla Rhiadra for this gorgeous sewing gift that I found when I logged in today Rather coincidentally, I haven't been in SL too much recently because I've been doing precisely this in RL - sewing heritage fashions for everyday wear. (Wish I had a lovely treadle sewing machine like this to sew my Victorian corset with!)
  5. My guess (on that 18 pixels thing) is that the UV map does something odd as it wraps around the edge of the mesh, probably emphasised by the way it was weighted to the various bones. The odd stretch in the mapping probably wouldn’t normally be noticed until you try with a really precise design like your lace. I’d also guess that this was made in a program like Marvellous Designer, and that the mesh and the UV maps were auto generated. As Da5id said, a retopo would have probably fixed the mapping problem, since you’d also remap and have a nice straight edge to work on instead of lots of we
  6. What a lovely idea for a thread - it’s fascinating to hear what people have chosen. For my camper, I picked the name “Running River” on the sign up page in the hope it might end up near some water...and it worked! I ended up with Lake Tatakaka on one side and a gorgeous little stream on the other, and “Running River” it has remained. My Vic was called “Sweet Paeonia” from the get-go, probably for obvious reasons. I really should plant some peonies...
  7. And I didn't stop at one gorgeous Belli spot - this is my alt's camper keeper...I suspect it was an abandon when the Victorians came on the market. I picked it up during that glorious December period when it seemed there was going to be a never-ending flow of Linden homes. I decided to try for a camper when I realised I had about 700m spare on my group land and I figured I wasn't going to be depriving anyone by owning two. I can't let it go as it's just too lovely - the landscaping is breathtaking, even has a picnic blanket by the river just waiting to be laid upon. I also love the sound of th
  8. As is yours - I love that square with the fountain and the plantings around all the houses there. All the islands in the area are just gorgeous, and I don't think anyone has let theirs go since they first moved in.
  9. That fountain looks just like the one in Highmarket - I think I might be your close neighbour on the next little island over in Wuthering Downs. This is my Victorian keeper - an absolutely serendipitous find I suspect as I landed it a day or two after the rest of the area was claimed, and it was my main's very first try at a Victorian. This ticks so many boxes for me: water access (preferably river and not open ocean) green grass bridges & lovely landscaping an open feel I even have a little island I can row my boat to just the other side of the
  10. Thanks, @Scylla Rhiadra! I’ve been looking at the group exploits at various times and thought I should reach out sometime...I’m much too work focussed when I get in world, and should try to be more social. I’ll certainly keep an eye out for happenings and join in if it fits with my eccentric Aussie times 🙃
  11. And I'm about to throw another camper into the mix - a sweet little one between the rail lines and a river in Placid. I've loved my little gypsy artist set-up here, but my spot on Lake Tatakaka is even more lovely, so this one will have to go to some other lucky camper.
  12. I had a mermaid come to visit, and I wasn’t there! I would have loved to join you for a swim! I do have to say that as one of those land dwellers in Wuthering Downs, I absolutely adore the water lilies. And now you’re making me think I should attempt a little underwater gardening for future swimmers to discover 😊 Oh, and if I haven’t mentioned it before, I love your Belli travellogues and always look out for them. Keep up the great work! 👍
  13. Love, love, LOVE this! It looks so wild & natural
  14. I decided to give a different trailer a go - I'd started with the Colorado when I first got a trailer, but quickly swapped over to the Shenandoah. Now I thought I should try the Colorado again, and picked up a nice little spot in Placid to give it a go. It looks like it's going to be a gypsy artist enclave
  15. Best I’ve found for my av so far: good smiles are hard to make, probably because bento bones just can’t animate like skin & muscle can, and the result is usually just creepy.
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