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  1. You see many palms in people's gardens in the U.S.'s Pacific Northwest, which is a cool, rainy climate known for its evergreen forests. However, if you look closely you will probably see that they are "hardy" palms, tolerant of a wide swath of climate zones - really, to my eye, they are indistinguishable from tropical palms. They can add a tropical note to the concert of your garden There are even hardy banana trees, though I've never seen actual bananas on one! Here are nurserys that specialize in hardy palms. https://oregonpalms.com/ http://www.hookedonpalms.com/
  2. ... and appears to have been abandoned half an hour ago, still in maintenance. So if you missed it the first time, give it a shot!
  3. I actually find it handy to be able to be logged into different pages with different accounts, mostly for the scenario mentioned above. One avatar for the forums, while another is purchasing something on the marketplace. Maybe a third is using the LH land page. So it kinda sounds like SSO is going to be a PIA, if it truly will log all other pages out when a different avatar logs into anything on SL's website. Now, if LL wanted to do SSO for the TYPIST, and have the ability to switch different pages easily between alts, THAT would be useful. At least to me. Think of a pulldown at the
  4. As someone who is allergic to trowels, I really enjoy landscaping in SL! Altho sadly my lack of RL gardening skill seems to carry over to SL. This is just a prelude to saying how much I enjoy seeing gardens in the LH Home & Gardens picture thread here ... and whenever I stumble across a home decorated by @Elena Core or you, Fay, or any of the expert landscapers here, I hope you will forgive the intrusion if I just sit on any handy bench and soak up the sunny vibes, remembering the RL scents that go with the plants. ETA: Just a note also to thank @Loretta String for her lush planti
  5. It's also interesting to consider the usage of older LH areas, instead of how many parcels are claimed. Here are map snapshots that were taken just now of Belli (a traditional and camper set of regions) and Elderglen, at the same degree of map magnification. Both shots have some water areas in them. It's clear that Belli is more densely utilized, but Elderglen is less deserted than much of mainland (which kind of makes sense, given the small parcel size). While that many residents are actually using their older LH's, the prospect of closing those regions seems to me rather daunting. P
  6. Ahhhhhh! Thank you, never having had an OW stilt, I had no idea this problem existed! Well, how about those folks who have an OL stilt that overhangs water? Almost everyone in that enviable situation wants to moor a boat next to their house, but an OL home deck is very high above water level, no matter what model house you choose. Rather than walking off of the house deck hoping to fall into one's boat, folks tend to build a deck at water level. I did so, but the not-quite-matching deck edges and pilings drove me insane, so I went with a completely separate floating boardwalk. Yo
  7. If I could have just a couple of things added to the stilts pack, they would be: > A fence post to go along with the fence segments already in the pack > Deck edge and piling texture(s) or even mesh edge sections. Yes, there is Blush Bravin's free fence post (which is nomod so cannot be linked), as well as her deck kit, which are both beautiful and I recommend them highly. But I think it would be nice if everyone had the Linden mesh post & a full set of textures to make decks, so we aren't all lagging regions with our random distressed white piling & deck texture
  8. It'll be interesting to see if LL ever updates Belli because homes look dated. If Belli homes get out-of-fashion looking, wouldn't the landscaping also look dated, and isn't LH landscaping impossible to update? It's not scripted. Less of an issue for houseboats and stilts, and I hope LL does eventually add more models to those regions. Live on a Mississippi riverboat! I think the landscaping in both the trailer and log regions is so beautiful and flexible that changing home designs there is a definite possibility. I don't see that landscaping showing age anytime soon. But I ca
  9. /me checks the rollout plan to see if there are any rumblings about testing a fix for the world map. FIX THE MAP
  10. I've always wished that LL would make parcels out of underground wreckage so people could see what they can do with it. Fishing for a weirdo parcel would definitely be worth keeping an alt or two active!
  11. Just to be completely clear, above Leora has an addition on her Havana. A fresh Havana's roof looks like this. That is, the two porch roofs are a little darker than the house's roof. I actually like this architectural detail; RL porches are often roofed differently than the house. To each their own 🙃
  12. NIcely done! Also, that stucco texture on the wall ... so nice!
  13. KAZZA - StudioLoungeBath - washstand ? The sinks are also pretty low in triangles, LOD not great but this is a small bathroom Oddly, no dryer came with the set. ETA: p.s. if anyone knows of a nice set of wooden blinds that can be white or wood and partly open or closed (preferably both), I'm looking!
  14. Lol I stuck with my not-too-wonderful OL parcel, telling myself I'd wait until the ones along the inner border went. Now I'm busier than 20 bees, so I hope you folks get fantastic stilts, decorate them to the hilt, and get really tired of them sometime around mid-March!
  15. /me tries to get Flycan to share his treats with SSPE1108 I'm not totally sure, but I think the first version of that bridge was a standard Vic bridge. Then @Abnor Mole rezzed his Mary Celeste tall ship, which in no way fit under the bridge that was there, and the next time I looked, the bridge had changed! If you have one of those, give it a try and see if it fits now I have lusted after that ship on occasion, but never seem to have $L3500 for it, lol.
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