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  1. It is a strikingly beautiful pic, isn't it? Poignant tribute to the fight against cancer. Patch has been very consistent in tagging hint pics "Linden Homes". This pic is not so tagged, nor is the newer, Pride pic.
  2. Let's cut Patch some slack. Even if not completely unexpected, Ebbe's passing has to be a huge shock to all of LL. It might be particularly sad to Patch, who has so strikingly demonstrated the value of increased engagement with residents, a touchstone of Ebbe's leadership.
  3. Another thing that can really lag a region is the presence of temp-rez decor. A common example is a 5-LI table that temp-rezs 40LI of table settings every minute. On Firestorm (I don't know about LL's viewer) you can see the presence of temp-rez objects very clearly on the minimap, if you enable showing temp-rez (right click on the minimap to find the Show options). Temp-rez objects will show up as bright orange, but of course, only during the times that they are rezzed. Even easier, you can use Area Search to see the objects' name and location - go to the options tab and enable showin
  4. Weellll, let's dream a bit. Say LL's Slartibartfast and his merry troupe HAVE built a bunch of fjords. In a dark, moody, mountainous Maelstrom-like Norwegian landscape? Maybe, could be interesting, maybe not. But then, let's dream that they departed from the old-world village of the Maelstrom ride and instead built more modern Norwegian homes, open floor plans, lots of windows and interior wood ... yes, I am describing the longed-for Meadowbrook replacement home!! -- something like these ... You'd have more than parrots singing away happily to themselves!
  5. The white compass medallion, you mean? Well, they just finished doing some work with the map code. Maybe testing the ability to add new overlays to it? I wish I could add an overlay to the map! Put favorite destinations, friend's homes, etc.. on it.
  6. Well, I'll be danged, it's really cute. On February 27th. https://www.teeglepet.com/post/loki-the-fjord-horse Of course, waterhorse bento fans could also climb on the fjord bandwagon. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Jinx-Fjord-Mane-Tail-for-Water-Horse-Bento-Riding-Horse/11784931 Anyway. Given my history with theme guesses, it is probably assured that the next theme will be Manhattan.
  7. Well, on the offhand chance that the new theme is Norse, a few things inevitably would follow from that. > Fjords! Lots of homes on waterfront! > We get to start calling @Abnor Mole Slartibartfast! WIkipedia: > Snow land textures at higher elevations > Roving KeyFramed icebergs with animesh polar bears. Clearly. Inevitable. > Ski Lodge community center! (one of my favorite mainland areas is the ski runs) > Hot springs! It wouldn't be too hard to tweak the LogLand lake recreational spots into hot springs, would it? ETA: Oh, and
  8. A question and a data point for you: > Where is Islandia South? > The only hint I've noticed is that LL has already moved some private regions away from the area above LogLand. But then again, I believe they also moved some regions away from the area south of LogLand (east of VictoriBelle) quite a while ago, and they have not built anything more in that area as yet.
  9. Yes, lots of folks are trying to get them. But here's a trick to do it faster. I use two different types of browser for this, i.e. chrome and firefox, but that prolly isn't necessary. Select the home you want, fill in its name (by the way, you probably don't have to paste a name in once you try to claim a home - click on the field and your browser will probably autofill the last few names you used, click on one). > In the next screen DO NOT click the "I agree". Just stay there. > Go to your other browser and refresh the land page (you need to use another avatar, but the
  10. The stilts are the most confusing homes to choose because they have the different options on the land page. A few hints: > The home pictured on the website is generic, it is NOT the actual home you receive. > A house is categorized as "Stilt on Land" if its front door is on land. A stilt on land that happens to be on land bordering water CAN have enough water under its back docks to moor one or two boats. > A home is categorized as "Stilt on Pier" if it is off of a pier that actually projects out from land. In many places the front door of a stilt will front o
  11. So dynamic, immersive and attractive. Show them little roblox robots how much better it is to be gorgeous.
  12. For me, the cabins were the real prizes in Lost Caves. They're beautifully landscaped, have fabulous views, and a water rez zone on a huge waterway. I was really sorry to have completely missed that release. To my eye, one stilt is very like another stilt. I did have an OL one once that was adorable, it had a couple of little ponds in front and enough water to dock a boat in back, but it belonged to an alt who needed to retire. New theme introduction soon! Patch seems to feel it's a doozy, so a lot of stilts and chalets will prolly hit the land page a few weeks after SL18B.
  13. Ah, well, as it turned out I didn't have any lurking time today. Guess I'll stick with the slightly awkward, minimally scenic stilt I have until a new theme appears. It's geographically neat, at least. It's a GOOD thing that RL is busy enough that I have no lurking time. Yes, it's a GOOD thing. A GOOD thing. yes.
  14. Lol one difference between those orange clouds and these is that those ones did not disappear after LL working hours! In Prairie Schooner (next to Lost Caves) we currently have. So, now we may know two more facts about this deep mystery. 1. They may read the forums. 2. They have a sense of humor. This person is wearing only: [13:24:31] OrangeCloudCamper Resident: OrangeCloudCamper Resident > .:JNS:. Loading Cloud {Creator} [avatar center] [13:24:31] OrangeCloudCamper Resident: --------------------------------------------------------------- The on
  15. Yes, the one in Lost Caves certainly seems to be a stilt lurker; it's underneath one. I do not, however, know what they would have been doing in already released regions. Could be a new manifestation of Tiny Empires? The orange cloud in Lost Caves is wearing a few prims: 11:09:34] name > ((JUNWAVE))YUKO*BROWN*(Click for RESIZE) {Creator} [head] [11:09:34] name > Skateshoe cherries (l) {Creator} [L foot] [11:09:34] name > Skateshoe cherries (r) {Creator} [R foot] [11:09:34] name > prim sock dirteh white (l) {Creator} [L lower leg] [11:09:34] name > prim sock dirte
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