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  1. Sure. Particularly if it isn't wandering in such a way that it collides with things. I have some neighbors on the pickle who are rarely in and leave their (rather old) dog bumbling around inside their house, a physics nightmare, whining and yapping constantly. Oh yes, I muted it, but I still call it Blargh the Lag Dog. Some wanderers can be put to 'sleep'. Then when you return you can touch it and enjoy it greeting you and being lively.
  2. So, picking up on @Frigga Freidman and others, released regions include: All A regions except Azulejo. -- Backside -- Big Sky -- Bobo Pedro -- Brides Wish -- Brokilon -- Dallarna -- Dhingle (new) -- Doggywood -- Faraday - Figgy -- Hoople -- Manywoods - Precious Wilds -- Rhodegate -- Waterbury -- Widogast -- Winged Prayer. Also, since early yesterday, precisely ONE parcel has been taken in Bugaboo, by some very lucky person. All others in that region are "Linden Home"s.
  3. Today they've opened up the SSPE regions in LogLand so we can visit them *dances*. Just land at present, will be interesting to see what transpires. There are some roads poking out into these areas from named regions, so presumably some homes will be placed, but perhaps some parklands as well? Seems like there are real opportunities for WATERFALLS along that big central lake and mountains!
  4. Sylvia, many many Logland regions, actually I would say maybe 2/3 or more of them, are completely unoccupied "Linden Homes". Log homes are constantly on the land page. Regions seem to be slowly trickling out, sort of like it was over the holiday break, interspersed with many abandons.
  5. A tornado that is small and roars down the street without actually damaging anything is not really a calamity, is it? I found them amusing. I think all of this weather is actually particle & sound effects (the snow is quite lovely). Unless there is an earthquake shaking effect? Not sure about that one. Turn off sound and particles, and tornados, dust storms, rain, snow, fog will all disappear. Or, you know, wait until tomorrow
  6. Or, you know, via a checkbox on your Quick Preferences menu on Firestorm.
  7. OMG just ducked inworld to see if it was really happening! The snow is LOVELY ... whirlwinds in Dimanche ... sandstorm ... Could not linger to take pics, but people please do because eminem is right! YOU ONLY GET ONE SHOT at this!
  8. "Riding off into the sunset" .... gorgeous shot, somehow an air of sadness about it, though. I guess all artists sometimes feel a touch of sadness when they hand their creations over to the public? And, also, I hope all is OK in Patch's world. Two pics in one day ... the pace quickens ...
  9. /me shakes her head at the sticky vic on the land page. Not for the next 24 hours, dear!
  10. Rolling restarts today, so unless a whole block of regions go offline simultaneously, restarts probably don't signify.
  11. The big releases are such a blast. When I saw @Patch Linden's pic today, this popped into my head and now I can't get rid of it: Wishing the Lindens luck on their cattle drive, that's one massive herd of homes you've got there!
  12. LOOK at the post just above yours. Pididdle (vics) was released about 20 minutes ago.
  13. /me observes that there are 4 named Vic regions ready for release, 2 coastal, 2 of which will be adjacent to LogLand border regions. Personally, I think they'll provide enough release excitement through Tue, and possibly until next week. LogLand now has 6 green dots hopping about from here to there. Lots of folks down Quixote way .... And no, Tyranny, nothing released yet.
  14. Personally, I read that as saying that we're getting closer, building is wrapping up, but it WON'T be today or tomorrow. It's a big area to clean up! eta: I see 7 green dots in LogLand right now, the most I've seen since they've dropped it. They're pretty well spread out. QA?
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