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  1. There is a camper now being passed around in Huney Junction, many neighbors, little landscaping. I think we should adopt one of these properties and take it on as a decorating challenge! Start a "challenge" thread where the same orphan property gets passed from Marianne to Coby to Chic to Rae to Rose to Trinity etc. among whichever of you decor geniuses is so inclined to try their hand, & see how the exterior can be transformed. Not so much competitively as a sort of master class. If we "adopt" a neglected enough little parcel, release-and-catch should not be a problem! Even if we lose it to someone else, it'll be back on the market shortly ETA: actually, we wouldn't need to pass it around if one of us could just hold onto it and make a land group just for that parcel.
  2. Usually, a region has red status lines above it before release. I've only seen a region released with yellow status once, Nicholasville.
  3. I think charitable organizations throwing large expos and events in SL is great. And, I've been particularly happy to see organizations OTHER than the ACS throwing events! I have it as an early New Years' Resolution to go to events for the Autism, Alzheimer and Parkinson's associations in SL. In the past I dropped out of one or two private estates because the social life there became so focused on ACS fund-raising that we were being endlessly subjected to dunning for kiosk donations at every gathering, and the competitive "relay" fundraising season just kept getting longer ... and longer ... Large events are a much better approach. In my case, my RL family is largely untouched by cancer, but is being decimated by dementia, parkinsons, and other neurologic disorders. I think it's important to realize that these disorders often do not shorten lives, but leave family members exhausted by decades of intensive caregiving and medical expenses. In addition to the patient's grueling suffering. Cancer is not the only health hazard on the planet, and at least in my RL budget, giving is a zero-sum game. My RL donations dwarf my SL budget, and I have to prioritize.
  4. Clyvia, take a look at this thread. And good luck! It really is getting easier
  5. Bump! At this writing, it is becoming a little easier to see Belli properties come up on the land page, particularly during work hours for Patch's team (roughly 6:30AM - 3:30PM SL (Pacific) time). Nevertheless, as I write this I just did about 4 minutes of constant refreshing and saw nothing but Meadowbrook, so I think this thread is still needed!
  6. There were an incredible number of errors, but my guy alt managed to get one in Permaglow, after multiple relogs. It is near to the falls ... not the house next to them, but just across the water ... and, you know .... hmmm. There's something a little disconcerting about this property. I'll have to get back to you.
  7. i wonder, if they took a pic of a region in an early stage of development, and put it on a prim covering the whole region, would it behave enough like the rest of the map to fool us when we zoom in on the SSP regions?
  8. Verrry intriguing! So very shortly after the big mountain range at the bottom of Belli's current SSPE continent, we begin to see what looks to me like different houses with red dots on the roof ... chimneys? Those are different than the current trads, true? And those chains look like the road system for that part of the continent, something new! Just a different pavement? Cobblestones? Trampolines????
  9. I script, but I'm rather lame at making textures. So I would like to install a texture-based set of window blinds in an addition I bought, and I happen to already have done the scripts for this quite a while ago. Works using a wall switch, supports separate sets of blinds in different rooms, lalala. I can find a closed blind texture, but the person who made the add-on did quite a nice job of matching the LH window glass (which just slightly dims the outside view), and I would like to do the same. I looked on the marketplace, but this seems to be such an easy thing to do that I don't see it being sold. So do I just take a white texture and add alpha to it in Gimp? That would be simple, but I suspect that it's actually more subtle than that, maybe subtly speckled as if it were diffused somehow ..... ummmm .... don't know how to do that. Sooooo .... many ....... filters ....... in .... GImp.... When I squint at the thumbnail of the texture on these windows, I seem to see faint lines under where mullion prims go. Am I hallucinating? What would the purpose of that be? Shadows?
  10. The only reason I've never tried that car is because I don't think that you can set any of this maker's vehicles to group. Please comment if that's not the case! Marketplace descriptions only refer to 'guest mode'. If the scripting is similar to most boats' scripting, "guest mode" is when the owner explicity allows a passenger to drive during an outing. My partner and I use a couple of alts, so vehicles that can be set to group are much more useful to us.
  11. I've been trying to avoid sculpties in Belli, tho I agree that well-designed ones seem no more laborious to rez than mesh. Oddly, in my experience older graphics cards seem happier with sculpty landscapes than mesh ones. Perhaps that's because there are so few sculpties that are fully materials-capable, and materials consumes more graphics memory? However, in Belli I've found one area where I really have to use sculpties, which is ground cover. I really like to see 3D grass or grass & flowers over the raw terrain texture, even if the terrain texture is grass. But the mesh grasses I've found are on the order of 5 LI for 5-7 meters of coverage, so I've only used mesh grass once in Belli. Sculptie 3D ground covers are SO much more efficient, tho of course they don't look quite as well, and are not animated. Could someone make less dense mesh grasses that are lower LI per sq meter? Probably, and I'd love to hear about it if you've found some.
  12. OK, so it's an hour after release. TP'd to Cowabunga, saw many many parcels in maintenance. Campers on the land page continuously. Claimed one, no problem, so this is not due to "unknown errors". It's after 7 Whitney's time, and she's still online. If she's intending to stay inworld until all parcels are taken, she may have a long night.
  13. Wow, may I ask where you got those bangin' wood windows? Beautisha!
  14. While there are still folks in the forums who were scouting Belli before the initial April release, perhaps we should capture some Belli history! The growth of both the continent, and the community, I'm thinking. I cannot contribute too much, being a bit of a latecomer. Salient events might include important releases, pictures, the birth of the Belli Blues cafe, the first Fairgrounds event, Jon Ree's ongoing listkeeping, the Bellisseria Citizens newspaper (now on hiatus, but I know anvyre is trying to revive it), etc. This is not my idea! It is @Patch Linden's as shared 11/8/19 in Belli chat. And he did. But I won't post it right now, not only because I, too, am a bit of a tease, but mostly in hopes Patch will come and tell his own story Instead, let me kick it off with a link to @Daniel Voyager's excellent summary of the first year of the Belli buildout. https://danielvoyager.wordpress.com/tag/bellisseria/
  15. BTW, last Friday in Belli chat, there was a conversation about Christmas decor. While joking around, Patch posted the source of the many Griswold references to a nuclear Christmas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXaw70X7wb4 And a sneak peak at his own LH Christmas decor: https://gyazo.com/1d7ffbccb3ec8b1f4acefa1ed60c38c9
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