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  1. Well, if possible I take a very lightweight alt inworld a few times a day, short visits, just to check out what the moles are up to. I really like to watch the progress on Belli and new themes, as my many many SSP posts can attest to, and that necessitates taking a good close look at the world map, first thing each visit. Voila, there they were, just about every time.
  2. You can use anything that is on public "protected" land. The moles often put seats for residents to use on HB docks, which are protected land, as well. If a resident contrives to put something out on public land, feel free to use it, or abuse report it, as you wish. I have a couple of LH chairs out beyond a camper parcel, overlooking a nice view. I hope that people use them - but if some Mole or Linden makes them go poof some day, I'm resigned to that too If a resident contrives to put something on your land, or overhanging it, you can Abuse Report it. You can also report anything a resident places beyond their parcel, but often LL will not take action on fairly benign infringements. A common problem in Belli is people parking their cars in front of their house, definitely frowned upon by LL.
  3. Both venues are fantastic. I think Campwich is vastly underutilized, and I think the Party Zone will be too. I think you'd see a LOT more utilization of both Campwich Lodge & the Party Zone if: 1. The process to reserve them were less formal - really, it only makes sense to go through that process for a large, multi-day event. 2. The venues were set up to also encourage casual, spontaneous gatherings. Some specific suggestions perhaps @Mischievious Mole might consider? It would help if the ability to switch the stream were separate from scheduling individual events. For example, register DJs for an entire year, and set the notecards for ALL venue radios to include those DJs. Then a DJ could spontaneously throw gigs at any one of these venues, instead of throwing lagfests in the residential regions in which they reside. Leave a dance ball at every venue all the time. Couples dances as well as solos. Several of us here in the forums could supply you with a list of good anims to stock them with. You want people to use the venues spontaneously, but not hog them. So have a few specialized scripts enforce that. For example, once someone sets the stream, have the radio "lock" to that stream (so that no one can reset it out from under a DJ), and automatically revert to the parcel default stream after 2 or 3 hours. Have the radio limit any one stream to playing 2 or 3 hours a day. Track visitors to the parcel, and politely eject them after 3 or 4 hours. Have the scheduled event calendar for each venue displayed there, so there is no confusion over whether a venue is available. Make scheduling easier for both the moles & residents. Have a distinctive object or poster at each venue that displays the rules for using the venues, and dispenses a box with: all the venue footprints the link to the event registration form (is it still https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfW3okOHHPkfRytljdXlWKQYaI9_d34oze3fN_z-O27BxfN0Q/viewform? If so, that needs to be updated to allow scheduling any of the venues, not just the Fairgrounds.). stage prefabs Be able to schedule a "light" event as well as the multi-day ones usually mounted at the Fairgrounds. By "light" I mean: no "About Land" access (i.e. no landing point, no voice, no special environmental effects). Your event must be done within a single event 'slot' which is 6 hours long. Instead of inviting event organizers into LL's Events group, just set the parcel to one of the organizers' groups for the duration of the event. Limit setup to take place during the event 'slot'. Any objects still in place an hour after the event schedule will be automagically returned. Too bad if the organizer used nocopy items and didn't clean up.
  4. This is just a LITTLE confusing, because the current "Moderate" rating used to be called "Mature". I think you may mean "Adult". Your current parcel is in the older Linden Home regions. Note that in the newer (Bellisseria) Linden Home regions, you can have a skybox (above 2000 meters). This would be an appropriate place for more risque items and conduct. You can also have twice the number of prims as you do in the older regions. If you have privacy on (where avatars outside the parcel cannot see avatars inside the parcel, and vice versa), and if your furniture does not look like it's simply sexual, then a skybox with adult furniture would not bother anyone. Technically speaking, it may be against covenant, but it would be completely inoffensive, so who would be bothered? Frankly, I think that a lot of folks may have sofas and chairs with Adult anims in their Linden Homes. I've always thought that was fine if it is set to group and privacy is on. One can go the extra yard and use the LL security system, to ensure that no one can lurk on your parcel and watch the goings-on. I know I goofed a couple of times and didn't notice that some furniture had adult anims, and since we never used it no one was bothered. I recently abandoned a linden home that I liked simply because the next-door neighbor has a sky 'dungeon' (his word), where he & his dolls spend many hours a day. Eventually it gave me the creeps and I left ... whatever you do, do it discreetly.
  5. /me bashes her head on the kybd, seeing the HB she so stupidly abandoned in your pic. Ah well!
  6. maybe. But personally, id love it to be less formalized, so that once LL approves a Party Zone DJ, they put them on the list for the rest of the year. Then a DJ could decide to throw a quick bash today, or someone could spontaneously have a rezday party, and invite one of the approved DJs. You wouldn't be able to rez decor (autoreturn currently set to 5 minutes, like in any rez zone), but you could party down on the beach! It'd be great to also be able to "reserve" ahead of time, in which case you get rez rights for the duration of your event (and maybe other parcel permissions, set an environment, say?) and can put out decoration & pews or whatever. I love that there's rez zones around it, so you can arrive & depart in style if you like. Of course, whenever you throw an event there, you'd have to be prepared for guests to just drop by. So you wouldn't want to try to have a PRIVATE event at the Party Zone. Maybe not weddings, then.
  7. remember, they need at least 36 or so meters to put in a cabin. The parcels are 32x32, and I've never seen less than 2M between parcels and/or region boundaries.
  8. OH wow! I turned to leave the parcel, and saw this little radio owned by the LDPW sitting on the sand! You have to be on the 'access list' notecard to use it, looks like. Do people have to apply to be on the access list, or what?
  9. OK, so the Party Zone (yes, that's the actual name of the parcel) is a large, roughly circular rez zone in SSPE1071 (right above Thatch Lea). There's also an auto rez zone on the road above it, and as you see a boat rez zone. I have my personal thoughts as to how this resource could be used by the community, but really I'd love someone official to chime in and say what y'all had in mind when you created it? @Derrick Linden, @Patch Linden, @Abnor Mole? Beuller? Right now, people use it to rez fun stuff and play with it. I saw some folks rez a truck, drive a car into it (WHA?), close the tailgate, and drive away! GTFO indeed! Winged pegasuseseses (pegasi?), really loud sports cars ... etc.. Personally, I'd like it to be a place where any Belli resident could throw a quick party *skips around*. I wish it had a deeded radio that anyone could add URLs to, so DJs could gather a crowd without cramming them onto their houseboat deck. I wish it had the AVSitter experiences enabled, so folks don't look weird in their cars. I wish it had a bulletin board that was a google calendar where any resident could reserve the space for a limited time (a less formal process than using the Fairgrounds). I wish it wasn't a homestead (avatar limit 25), but even with that limit, what a great place for a wedding! Or maybe for Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! FUNNY CARS!!!!!! (I'm sorry, they must have run that commercial once every 10 minutes on whatever radio station I listened to as a kid) Your thoughts?
  10. Enchantrix, LL still has a little stash of all-Victorian regions that are named and look ready for release. They released one yesterday, today perhaps Fells Arboretum? Less likely but I guess a possibility, Lionel Crossing, which is coastal? If they release a region, it will probably be before 3:30 SLT.
  11. I would love it if you would remove the name of the group from your post. I don't see that you have any proof that these homes will be rented. I don't want to prolong this derail, but I feel compelled to draw your attention to a different business model that may be operating here, that probably is legal. It was discussed a long time ago in this forum; I'm not going to dig up the thread. But first, I do want to say that I sympathize with your sentiment ... it is a bit of a shame that 10 of the 18 available homes on Thatch Lea were apparently claimed by a couple of typists. (I do think there actually are two different typists here). I think that, at least the first group you mentioned, is a person who FINDS and DECORATES homes for clients for a one-time fee. If a client likes a home, they invite the alt who owns it into THEIR OWN land group, and it is subsequently set to that group. Please note that as of this morning, the first land group now has 4 homes, and the second group now has 3. I assume that some clients have been able to visit, and a few homes have been set to other groups. A client who obtains a home this way doesn't have to have a premium avatar. But LL isn't losing any money. If a client doesn't like a home that is claimed for them, it might be set free. I see one home on Thatch Lea, a nice waterfront home, that was claimed today by a different individual. That may have been such a home. All other homes currently appear to me to have been claimed in the timeframe of the initial release. This business would become more like a rental business when a client decides to move out. Then the 'land group' that initially claimed the home could, I suppose, find a different client who likes the home, and collect another fee, at which point things become kind of dicey wrt the covenant, I would think. The more straightforward course would be to abandon the home when the client leaves. [As an aside, let me say that for a couple of months last year I owned a home across the street from one owned by the 1st group you mention. Yes, that house was waterfront too! I was curious about it being a rental, but that didn't appear to happen. It remained in the land holding group. An alt decorated it, and that was the only person who ever seemed to visit, according to a script I set up for a while. A little seasonal decoration came & went appropriately, and then I left. ]
  12. Wait. This is what he said, earlier in this thread. I read this as: there will be two types of stilt homes on the Land Page: Fully over water Stairs anchored to land I'm thinking the ones on docks that have a ramp connecting them to the dock still count as #1, fully over water.
  13. I will be abandoning a pretty good boat in Farragut Sound at 9:30. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Farragut Sound/7/7/22 Land attached, good open water access, short walk/boat ride from the wonderful pool beach recreation area in Domingos (and not too far from the Belli Blues Cafe!).
  14. Yeah, that's one thing about the houseboats - the Land Page TP to your new houseboat always puts you underneath it, lol. Convenient if you think you might want to abandon it immediately. Sometimes with other style houses, the default placement used to put you under a stairway or something. Don't know if they fixed those! I usually don't take the LP teleport, I have it show me on the map and TP from that. Re: no permission to rez --- you frequently get that message when you try to rez something on top of a LH floor. The reason why is, I think, because sometimes when you rez on mesh the item ends up rezzing a ways away (maybe because of the physics shape?). All LH's are mesh and they all have physics shapes, so if your attempt to rez 'bounces' away it can end up trying to rez on protected land, and you get that message. You will always be able to rez on bare land, or on a simple prim (i.e. a rug!).
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