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  1. Several "can't get a Bellisserian home' threads have been folded into this one by a moderator. Makes for confusing reading, I guess from now on I'll always specify who I'm responding to, even if it's the OP. Still learning the ways of this forum & its moderators after long absence ...
  2. It does look far better, nice job Matty! And I see that GIMP has a vignette filter, which I may be forced to use if @Squishy Mole (who is listed as the creator of the textures in the Content Creator pack, not sure that means anything) or someone else, whoever, doesn't see this thread, take pity on us poor Wallowers, and find a way to distribute the baked textures.
  3. No, it is not because your account is from 2011. There are two reasons I think: 1. The biggest reason is because, as others say above, there are more people who want the new 1024 houses than there are houses to go around. Many threads on this forum talk about how to get one. Basically, it comes down to timing and luck: you have to request a Linden Home at the same moment when one comes available. LL is releasing new regions of them at a rate of 1 region (about 20 homes) every day or two. Plus, some people give up these new homes now and again. 2. You also have to have a full 1024 of tier available before the land page will show you any of the new homes (the theme for these homes is "Bellisseria". So you would have to give up your current Linden Home (which you have done lovely things with) to get one of the new ones. LL intends to keep building these new 1024 homes until all who want them can get one. There will be several different "themes" for them, as there were for the old homes. So you can choose when is good for you to try for one. They will be making new regions of 1024 homes for a long time; what you see now is only the first of many "themes".
  4. Well, if a person assumed that they'd be paying zero for tier/rent once going premium, I could see feeling nonplussed when they realize that in order to get a 1024 LH, they have to not use their existing tier while waiting for that home. This year is the first time since 2006 that I've had a premium avatar, and certainly during those years I was sometimes "homeless". I lived in a sandbox for a long time; it was swept once a day while I was asleep. So I'd login at ground level, rez my "build" platform, which happened to be a large grid with a fenced-in lawn area, and a very nice little fieldstone house (fireplace, armchair and a few other things). Out "back" there was a little garden with a pose stand. It was all one linkset of copiable things, probably still have it in inventory. I'd move it up to 3152, and had a landmark for it in that location. I'd go out and do stuff, and return to my litte "skybox" to unpack, script, sort, etc.. Then I found an oldbie's cabin on a mainland mountain ridge where she had left build on. She no longer seemed to login, and I lived there for a while. Always cleaned up after myself, and only occasionally saw another avatar in the region. Not a great view, snowy land & small parcels everywhere, but inside felt cozy enough. Never saw one piece of junk on the property.
  5. My SL partner finally got a boat early evening yesterday, out of the blue while running a very slow refresher. He happened to be sitting at the computer when it hit, but was working on RL stuffs and his screen was covered with windows. He said he was so startled when he heard the alert that it took a few seconds to even get to the land window, then he was jumpy and flubbed a bit, but it was still there when he finally got through the UI! Perhaps a lot of folks have just stopped looking over the weekend, and are waiting for a chance at a region release. In a great region! Next to a DJ's boat though, so we'll see how that works out. Maybe it'll just enhance our social life , or maybe it'll be tossed back.
  6. Tried it. Looked weird to me on that particular wall. Plus the corner shading is so pronounced, unless you go with a quite dark "accent" texture, the actual walls look a bit 'uncanny valley' compared to the accent wall, know what I mean? The shading is pretty nicely done. So I thought 'hey, just make a new wall for the corner wall as well!' But then you need another, and another over there to balance it .... and a whole wall set is well above my skill level.
  7. Actually, that grey looks pretty dark! That tailored look would be just fine for Nika, who is a finicky scriptor who currently lives in a NYC skybox with a rather dark (in all senses) basement. But this boat is actually owned by a much more sunny avatar! She's a little spoiled too, I'm afraid. She'll pout and may even turn in her houseboat if Nika can't find a way for her to have happy walls. (Oh and yes, that addon is where I got my wall segment from! It can be unlinked into some quite versatile pieces.) /me dourly watches her alt skip away throwing flowers around
  8. Thank you, Chic. So, if I understand, the builder exports a baked texture that is subsequently applied, as you would apply any surface texture, to these walls. It looks as if they gave us the source textures, and not the baked textures. For more complex objects, of course, the baked textures would be highly proprietary, since they often add, and emphasize, a lot of detail in the object. But for walls ... I hope the Moles can see their way clear to make a 'bonus pack' of baked wall textures available, so our home mods look nicer. *bats eyes* p.s Let me go way out on a limb here and guess that, no matter what, we wouldn't be able to duplicate the materials properties of the walls, correct? I wouldn't expect them to give us the necessary maps. So in some lighting add-ons might still look a little different? But even if that's true, having the baked textures seems like it would be a big improvement.
  9. I saw a reference to this issue in Marianne's excellent 'building walls' thread, but I think it deserves its own thread. I'm using a Wallower houseboat, and have chosen the Sunflower interior wall texture. I just want to build a little bathroom nook and maybe a couple of low room dividers, but the LL walls appear to have some shading & possibly a bump map baked into them that the "innerwall" sunflower texture doesn't have. [Note: there are no mesh wall sets for the Wallower on MP, and I don't have the time to start from scratch with Blender.] Here's a mesh wall component with door, textured with the Content pack sunflower texture, next to the LL wall. As you see, the applied texture looks quite bright compared to the LL wall. Here's a partial list of things that don't much affect this issue: whether the wall is prim or mesh whether advanced lighting is on or not very little difference whether object occlusion is on or not playing with the bump mapping and shininess presets in the build menu don't help whether there are local lights on or not One thing that does seem to affect it is what screen I'm using. The effect seems to me to be more prominent when I'm on a PC with a pretty bright screen. When you zoom in on the Linden wall, you see that the corner shadows appear to be baked in. It also looks to me like there may be a leetle bit of bump mapping going on. The sunflower texture in the Content Creation pack is just a flat texture, as you see here. Oh yes, I suppose one could download the pack texture into Gimp and play with bump mapping and masking like FOREVER (not much of an artist here). Or simply take a pic of the wall and make a (slightly blurry, doubtless) version to use on my walls, copyright be damned, I'm not selling my pitiful build efforts. But ... I don't suppose ... is there any way we could get the actual texture they used on the boat? I don't have this issue with the exterior textures, they worked great for me. Or am I DOING IT WRONG? That is frequently the case with me and building, so I would welcome guidance.
  10. From what I see, LL has moved on from the MWF plan, and definitely has been trying to mix the times up, within their staffing constraints. IIRC, this week there was a release on both Tuesday & Thursday. I remember that one release happened around mid-day ... maybe 1:30ish? Another around 10:30AM. I suspect that they're now trying to release regions as soon as they're ready, and consciously spreading them through the day as much as possible. We have to understand how small this team is: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Department_of_Public_Works Looks like that page was updated last March, and I read it to say that there are 6 Linden staffers routinely working in the LPDW, though they may have other responsibilities as well. In addition, Patch directs the team, and has another manager reporting to him. Probably these are hands-on positions. The LDPW works on ALL inworld content, not just Linden Homes. LDPW has little or no overlap with code developers. In order to do the changes they made to the LH selection page, they must have worked with the folks who maintain the website, and probably the only reason the website maintainers were willing to do so was because servers were getting stressed. Patch has stated that the region release process requires the presence of several employees. They appear to be spread across both PST and EST time zones. Understanding all this, I wouldn't hold my breath for evening or overnight releases. I think the latest I've seen one was between 3 and 3:30. Doing that would require some pretty forceful program management, and more automation than they appear to have access to.
  11. Discord! I forgot Belli Citizens has a discord server. Are they using txt chat, voice, or both? Is it used enough to be a viable way to keep in touch with what's being said in Belli chat?
  12. I got a house yesterday during the Bellaterra release! I did quite a few little manual refresh sessions during late morning/early afternoon, because I suspected LL would release a region then so they could see how quickly it got populated with this new method. (I'm curious about that myself, does anyone know how fast Bellaterra went?) Saw one house and missed it, but got the second. Wasn't able to get inworld until late night, but its a great location, right across the border with Cape Lively. If I were still looking, I'd go inworld early in SL''s morning and see if any regions were ready to go. If you get a feel for when a region is all set, particularly if Patch is around, you can time sets of manual refreshes accordingly. FWIW, I have a dim perception that Chrome is more responsive when autorefresh hasn't been running, even though after it triggers it stops refreshing. After a trigger, there was this long pause when I hit the 'next' button that I don't think was there when I was refreshing manually. I had time to hit that button 3 or 4 times! Again, dim perception. I didn't get enough triggers to nail it down. And I hope not to see the land menu again for quite some time!
  13. Actually, I think what LL has done to control server load is really rather elegant. It was very simple for them to do, so didn't impede Belli rollout; it eliminated the mini-DDOS that we all were mounting on the land page; it made a stab toward leveling the playing field by making getting a Belli home less about the performance of your PC, network and fingers, and more simply a matter of luck. Certainly not perfect, no claims for total fairness etc.., but bang-for-buck, rather nice. Even a little nice for those who were having success but had trapped themselves in an endless search for the perfect parcel, giving them an opportunity to free themselves from the auto-refresh grind. As for a list or a lottery, or both the land page and some sort of new home subscription, the simplest answer for you is that it has been discussed ad nauseum in the forums and inworld, and it just ain't happening. Regardless of the merits, LL has been consistently conveying that they will not be taking time to do a different home allocation method, often referring to hidden complexities. Looking at the threads so far about it, everyone seems to mean something a little different by "list" or "lottery". Unclear that it would make the bulk of residents any happier.
  14. Well, I don't know. I mean, the existing houses have pretty big yards. You COULD just encase the house in another house, or rez full-bright toruses all over the yard. It's against covenant, whether you would do it on a lot that happened to have a house (or boat) also on it, or whether there was landscaping on it.
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