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  1. If you are interested in any of the new Victorian colors, the control panel tells you in chat the RGB of each color as you choose it. So far, when making interior walls out of prims, just tinting a blank texture with the RGB given has worked surprisingly well. However, for some homes (most notably the houseboats and some campers), the content pack textures are only base colors; the actual wall textures the moles used sometimes have baked shadows in corners etc..
  2. ? I guess its all in how you think about it. Unlike the other Vics, the Hardy has a central stairway, so the 2nd floor middle window is on the landing, right above the front door. The other two windows above the porch roof are centered on the windows below. To my eye, the Moles went for excellent exterior symmetry, at the cost of awkwardly placed windows inside the 2nd floor rooms. Different strokes!
  3. For me, that's beyond the pale. I see that they've tried to make it compatible, but it's a fail that destroys the look of the house. Plus, I'm hoping that's your car in the street? Because if not, you could add that to the AR I hope you've filed!
  4. Hmm. The Galaxy itself now has two boat rez zones, one port and one starboard. Right on its docks. Also, Cryogen's list of rez zones in VictoriBelle gets a few that you've missed: There are also boat rez zones at Millers Pond, Fourze lighthouse, Axim, Campwich Forest ... I think LMs for these are all in Jon Ree's box of notecards that he updates regularly and posts in Bellisseria Citizen's group notices. I don't know if all on Cryogen's list are in jon's list.
  5. Actually, the hike through this park is much longer than I thought! 4 adjacent park (no residences!) regions later, Nika has fallen asleep on the dock in SSPE376. This is another wonderful entrance to the park! You can sail right up to the dock from big water to start your adventure, and the moles have thoughtfully given us what looks like a dry creekbed (which you can see behind her) to help us up the hill. One of the 4 regions is 359, the huge rail interchange region. p.s. Actually, at the moment (pre-release) scripts may be off for residents on this region, I didn't check. But that is often the case. After it's named etc., I'm sure that sailing up to it will be do-able!
  6. We haz a room we want to put a LOT of books into, and of course we have only really old bookcases that look kinda flat (because they are!), and others that look great but break our Land Impact budget for that room. Can you share your best finds? I won't tell anybody! It would be great if we could put some under windows, as well as have tall ones! 🤐
  7. Hiking boots and backpacks called for in SSPE373! If you happen to be at the train station there, wander south down the road a bit and you will see to your left .... Forgive me if someone has already posted a travelogue about this, but this slightly magical scene is the gateway to a 2-region park that the moles have carefully crafted with several ponds and hints of pathways leading from one sweet spot to another. I will not spoil your own discoveries by posting mine, it is a wonderful wander.
  8. Re-rezzed the house today, owner specified new colors using RGB numbers, no problems so far. Oh, I know I probably didn't need to take those precautions, but I want to get this house done before the next theme comes out! We are very slow decorators ....
  9. OK, two things. If a region is acting this way, you can try to figure out why by looking at the statistics panel (ctrl, shift, 1). I believe the Firestorm wiki explanation of it is actually more up-to-date than the SL wiki one: https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/statistics Why ask why? Because anyone can file a ticket requesting a region restart. Go to the support page, choose "Submit a Ticket" from the funky orange box at the top of the page, specify Issue Type: Land and Region. Then choose "Region Performance", specify the region name, and in the explanation say you're requesting a region restart because vehicles cannot enter the region successfully, that you've failed yourself and you've watched several others fail. And if you have data like Time Dilation < 0.8 or bad sim FPS or zero spare time, so much the better. I dropped by Delby Depths earlier today and the stats looked fine, didn't take the time to try to take a vehicle through.
  10. Weeeelll, MAYBE a large wedding. They're full regions, 2 of them set to a max of 71 avatars, and AFT appears to be set to 88.
  11. Yes. All the regions within the red line show as "Loading", that is to say doomed, to me. *wipes a tear for this thread's old friend*
  12. Good morning from Dimanche! Let me introduce you to the brand-new little island, obviously with rez zones, in Salmon Eddy! It's visible 200m from our Boarding House's side yard. It looks like LL gifted the local boating community with two new water regions: Thank you thank you thank you!
  13. Oh wow! The boarding docks with the grand sliding doors into the immense red-carpeted aft lobby are now in place, both to port and starboard! (were they there on the first day and I somehow missed them?) With rez zones and swan boats! I took one to Hibiki atoll! One could throw a formal party and invite a glittering assemblage to come in their fanciest watercraft 😎 Ooooh yaass!
  14. Thank you, Dyna! Looking at responses so far, I've two questions: is the issue more likely to occur if you use the color picker, rather than specifying RGB? And, is it more likely if non-owners are picking colors?
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