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  1. /me whistles to her fellow residents. Is anyone inworld who could help maggie out?
  2. This is great information, thank you, but I feel like there's more to be known about this rework. Are the full rules and behavior of the Belli railroad available at RR rez zones, or in a thread somewhere, or in the knowledge base somewhere?
  3. I have to say that, without Googling them, I see no reason to suppose that they're a couple. Both are very active in SL, the woman is very well known in arts/LEA circles, as well as RFL. $L50,000 is about $189. That's a really nice-sized donation for a single event, which I think this was. It's nice that LL is helping too. Note: if a person wished to donate to an ACS/RFL team in SL (for example the Fantasy Faire), it can also be done via the ACS's website, in which case you won't be paying a Linden conversion fee, and it will be tax deductible. I hope LL will overlook the offsite link: https://secure.acsevents.org/site/STR?pg=teamlist&fr_id=93256 I don't believe organizers get your avatar name, though, at least they didn't last time I did that. Nowadays I donate more to the Alzheimer's association. We've had both diseases in our family, and dementia has been much more debilitating for the whole family, as well as for the sufferers, than the cancers. YMMV
  4. Cadhaire is my favorite too. I snagged an abandon there a while ago that's across the street from the beach houses, on a little rise, half sandy plot! It's perfect for me, because I'm not all that enthused about living right on the sand. The LH houses aren't on stilts, so I feel like a sneaker wave could flood my basement, lol. Immersion can getcha sometimes! I think I'll give it up after a couple months tho, I'll post here if/when I do. I have an idea for a different sort of decor than I've been doing, but once I've tried that, I don't really have time to do the place justice.
  5. Zander Greene is a bigtime RFL supporter and blogger, I believe he's one of the founders of the Fantasy Faire. Curiosity, who is the 2nd parcel for ... or, owned by already?
  6. Aww thankies Rae, but no-one need feel bad for me at this point. We're very happy with our homes and houseboats! Even so, I'm really looking forward to seeing this house in Garden Whatever. I've never been to that region, & maybe I'll explore a little while I'm there. Even though we're pretty happy with our homes, I can't stop hopping, and I figured out why. In RL, I really love looking at real estate. I'm the person who begs to go along with you when you're going to spend a whole day looking at apartments and probably not finding one. I'm the person who goes to see a wonderful cottage at the base of a little hill with you, goes down into the basement, and comes up to whisper to you that there's a sump pump in a hole in the cellar floor O.o! I'm the person who drives you out of town to the far burbs so you can look at a house, goes back a different way just to explore, and finds that there's a VERY cool 1700's barn in the neighborhood being used as a maker space. I've done all those things. In RL, nowadays I'm kinda trapped most days, not much free time, and few friends who're in a life stage where you look at properties. So Belli is a great place to painlessly browse interesting properties, AND you get to post pics for friends who are similarly looking around. Totally hooked!
  7. Lol tried to catch it Rae but got one way inland on The Gardens instead. I swear people do that on purpose!
  8. I used to set up the page, then go away for 10 minutes, then start autorefresh set to 64 seconds. Worked fine.
  9. I can see dog avatars being able to do agility training, but I can't understand how your pet would be able to run up and down a ramp while you run beside it, let alone go through a tube! Can't wait to see videos of how this works! Maybe there will be an animesh dog or two who come out once in a while and show us all how, lol Aaaaaannd now, @Alotta Mole , I'm waiting for a steeplechase course for bento Water Horses! C'mon, guys! YOU CAN DO EET
  10. I haven't seen LL make changes to geography at all after building out a region. I don't think they will ever do so lightly; why bother with QA if you're going to allow terraforming afterwards? Look at the trouble Limevale seems to be for them.
  11. Yes, I should have mentioned the road textures. They were in both the first and second content packs I got. I haven't checked carefully, but I did notice that the textures in pack #1 did not have a trailer name on them, did they? I sort of assumed they were for Williamsburg, and any other trailers not covered by packs 2 & 3?
  12. I'll be letting this trailer in Quitmann go at 5:15 SLT (20 minutes from now-ish) ... gone.
  13. Well, urban would be OK too. Maybe we could put on a Belli Holiday Parade? Who's building the big Patch balloon? Who gets to hold the cables?
  14. I noticed something a little odd about my camper Content pack. The first time I picked it up, there was only one texture pack in it. The texture pack did not contain any for the style of trailer I'd chosen, and I think it was labeled #2, altho it was the only pack in the box. I unpacked the box again, same thing. Then just yesterday I requested another Content pack, wondering if perhaps there was more than one pack, and it delivered the pack appropriate for the currently rezzed trailer? The answer to that is no, the pack is the same regardless of which trailer you choose. HOWEVER. The later pack had 3 texture packs. Just thought I'd mention this in case others got only 1 texture pack the first time around.
  15. I don't use flickr much anymore, I find it kind of cumbersome nowadays, and can never remember the ultra-secure password they insisted I invent! So I hope you'll continue to post pics on the forums too Elora, yours are always so gorgeous.
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