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  1. SO! LL's calendar shows there will be Linden Reveal on Friday, yay! We don't know much about about it, but let's look a little more closely at the Expo. Weeeeelllll, sorta yes, but mostly no! SSPLOH has now been added to the expo west of the Lights of Hope region, it is now named LOH Linden. It features a number of Linden Homes (but not Stilts) decorated by various Lindens, and just like the Lights of Hope region (featuring homes built & decorated by prefab makers), it is home to a contest where you vote for a home by paying an ACS kiosk. There's some very nice, and in one
  2. What I am experiencing re: post-uplift rezzing really kinda worries me. When I come into a place, it is grey ... grey ... grey for what seems like a long time. Then, OMG IT"S ALL REZZING AT ONCE BOOM! Except for one person's head, and that vendor pic over there, and they refuse to rez unless I leave and come back much later. It looks like the viewer isn't getting any updates until after significant time has elapsed, and then it gets a flood. Could be the requests for the things that don't rez have actually timed out in some silent way, or could be the flood overwhelms a queue in
  3. Houseboats have been scarce on the LH land page for quite some time, and now they are extremely rare. HOWEVER! There are a WHOLE lot of houseboats ready to be released along with the new Stilt Homes ... soon Look on the map for a region called Swim Shady; all those houseboat regions near the red-rimmed regions will be released ... soon. You cannot TP to them yet. If you notice a houseboat on the land page, do not dawdle, claim it! (sorry, I couldn't resist) Patch Linden will post on his thread right after he releases the Stilt homes and (probably) houseboats, perhaps i
  4. See, this is the problem Every year there's stuff that is MORE adorable than what you somehow acquired last year. But who has the time to go through and toss the older stuff, which is still NOT BAD ... well, those trees from 2009 could go, if I only knew where they are ... 55K inventory and counting, grrr
  5. And in case anyone is wondering WHY I'm not holding my breath, look at the Scheduled Maintenance section of the Grid Status. Tomorrow there will again be rolling restarts of the RC Channel in the afternoon, and of the Main Channel at night. Thursday there will follow 2 more rounds of rolling restarts on the RC Channel, one in the morning and one at night. Grid Monkeys be banging on stuffs.
  6. I don't think so. There are 12 Christmas Expo regions in a ring below the ACS region, including the Christmas Expo region itself, and all are already connected. A reveal region would not be connected at this time, because those working on setting up the Expo would see the Reveal. In fact, anyone who wants a peak at the Expo regions, can TP into the ACS region and look in right now. I believe the Christmas Expo region will have gachas, see below. They say there will be over a hundred gachas (SAVE US), and they have a lot of special auctions and other events scheduled as well. From the
  7. I've only checked the LP a few times this morning, just Meadowbrook. LL doesn't bother to check for simultaneous logins; really, I'm pretty sure the fraction of residents who even try that is very small. You can log the same avie into the LP multiple times on one computer with different types of browsers (e.g. Chrome & Firefox). Back in the day when I would stalk individual region releases, if I only had one premium available, I would log that one into two browsers on my computer and ping-pong between the two logins, for nearly continuous manual refreshing. If I had that avi l
  8. For SL17B, the stilt reveal region (Enchant) was visible on the map many days before it was moved & attached to the other 17B regions. Of course, you couldn't TP into it, but you could see that it existed. Which may be the case with the Expo region Leora speaks of.
  9. Often, yes. However, IIRC Patch was speaking in response to a question that was something like "Does he mean America the country or America the continent?" I took him to mean North America, firmly squashing the earlier speculation in this thread about Pueblo styles. Since it was such a casual conversation, it may be possible that he meant both North and South America (they are two separate continents, but often spoken of as "The Americas"). So, definitely not igloos , and in my mind Spanish-inspired designs are still a possibility. The lack of a 2nd hint pic nudges me toward think
  10. I have Diamondtown now, and RL things to do. I will hold onto it until late tonight.
  11. Dang trad in the middle of Diamondtown going back again. Caveat emptor!
  12. Went to look and toured the region a bit. That whole place is just superb Old World Belli. *envy*
  13. Stilt homes? Most likely not. This thread is the one for stilt home rumors. https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/456529-new-theme-beachysummery/
  14. At this point I'd be happy if they just fixed the map, lol. I can wait for the stilts!
  15. Sort of an anti-update from Patch in Belli chat 🤣
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