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  1. Oh that is such a lovely place you have created there! I've always enjoyed living on Heterocera, it's my favorite continent besides Bellisseria of course ♥
  2. That video is so peaceful, I watched it while having lunch. Thank you!
  3. Thank you so much for giving us the legend of the Bellisserian Slenderman. I hope your RL will take a turn for the better soon ♥
  4. My noob self would probably pull up 2 comfy chairs and settle in for a long conversation. "So, we're a woman now..... and you tell me I won't need to camp anymore for L$ because we build and sell things? I'm liking this, go on....."
  5. The salty air really does a number on the paint job of my stilt. I better give it a fresh coat of paint regularly...
  6. Against. Bruce Willis makes for a lousy Santa Clause. A law that states you have to finish a tv series instead of cancelling it.
  7. Check if your not wearing anything on your screen like a fullscreen hud.
  8. I like to build things in RL. I'm rebuilding my shed/workplace atm. Made a new roof for it last year. I did a lot of rebuilding on our home as well. I sometimes mix RL and SL up and I want to try to edit and stretch 2x4's in RL
  9. I think we can swap building for making. Amazing job on the books!
  10. That magical moment when you get to see your stilt in person for the first time....
  11. To add: The introduction of the linden homes (traditional and houseboats) was at the Home & Garden Expo, April 15th 2019. Edit: it was March 15th for the reveal at the Expo. The expo ran from March 15th until April 7th.
  12. What a magical place you have created here Elena. After I looked at all the lovely rooms, I sat in the garden for a bit enjoying the serenity of the place. Thank you so much for sharing this! ♥
  13. I am happy I could be part of that inspiration. I think we can all use a little of that this year. Happy Holidays! ♥
  14. *Chants* Push da button, Push da button, Push da button... And for those who pushed the button and nothing happened, please read the backside of the post
  15. I love how you have decorated your HB! That deck with the pool is gorgeous! ♥
  16. I have updated them to include the victorians and houseboats as well, so don't forget to get a fresh copy! These are a gift btw for all my lovely neighbours ♥
  17. Painting for the winter holidays... 🙂
  18. It appears the new stilt regions are being deployed.... North east of the Log Home continent.
  19. Under physics costs you can see the weight of the physics model. Base Hull (5.240) is the weight when set to Convex Hull and Mesh (13.658) is the Weight when set to prim.
  20. A wonderful collection of intriguing, funny and curious items. Lots of interactive items and games too. I loved it! ♥ Thank you so much! Dare I play this game...perhaps I should consult the fortune teller first.
  21. An intriguing exhibition. I loved it. Thank you so much! ♥
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