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  1. I just visited wonderland and I am blown away. It's so well done with so much attention for detail. I really liked the upstairs room! Be carefull you don;t fall off the cheshire cat though, it's a wild ride!
  2. I heard that Patch has mentioned the reveal will not be at the start of the expo but somewhere during the course of the expo.
  3. Yes, something like that When in inventory the prim is in superposition and thus has every possible shape until it's rezzed and observed inworld causing it's wave function to collapse.
  4. Yes, that's my guess as well.
  5. That map tile looks to be from the victorian reveal last Christmas. It's probaby in the same location.
  6. Interesting concept. That would take some genious scripting and would be quite a strain on the simulator. It would make for an interesting showcase, but I don't see any practical use for it in SL.
  7. While were on the subject of physics…. Do you think a prim has no defined shape and is in superposition until it's rezzed?
  8. Ah, ok. from your post I got the impression you were talking about special relativity, not string theory. But still it eludes me what it is you're trying to accomplish. Could you please elaborate some more about what it is you want to achieve in SL?
  9. I think it may allow you to switch between RL and SL seamlessly without having to login Rez prims in RL and things like that.
  10. Btw, you already have a fourth dimension, it's called time
  11. I don't know whether to be confused, laugh, cry or go out and buy something…...I think I'll go with the latter…. 🙃
  12. Does anyone know what happened to the 2 sanbox regions next to the Verenda sandbox on aditi? Last monday one of them started to fail with uploading items. Then they were showing offline on tuesday and today they seem to be gone alltogether. Only Verenda remains. I miss the one next to it because it had an open space of water to build on.
  13. You cannot sell items you do not have the copyright for. You would need permission from the original creator of the artwork to do so. You can read more about intellectual property on the wiki. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Intellectual_Property
  14. With 4 more themes to be released I doubt they will clone the existing Bellisseria at this point.
  15. Which Linden Lad do you refer to? I'm sure there are many a strapping young lad working at Linden Lab
  16. I have had this happen in the past when I accidently had 2 materials with the same name. ETA: It also happens if you use material names with spaces in them and the first word of 2 materials is identical. It's best not to use spaces in material names. If you want to control the number a face gets assigned during upload, make sure you name the materials in alphabetical order accordingly. I always rename any material names before export to: 01Material, 02Material, 03Material, etc....
  17. Christhiana


    It could be that the method differs from country to country but I never needed a cell phone to verify my bank account with paypal. I have done so recently (a month ago). You choose to verify your bank account on the paypal website, They transfer 2 small amounts (under 1 dollar) to your paypal account. You have to enter both amounts on the website to verify your bank account. ETA: Netherlands here
  18. Oh yes, it's definitely wishfull thinking on my part!
  19. No, only 5 weeks left. But I assume that when they start building the regions, they will have all the elements ready and probably have made a test region for the theme. Last year it took some time between the reveal and the actual release of the new linden homes as well.
  20. I am hoping for a Home & Garden Expo reveal, like last year.
  21. It is something to be taken seriously. Racism is a terrible thing. And we would never deliberately try to hurt anyone. All we wanted was to offer our community a nice place to meet and enjoy the music. I was shocked when I logged in to watch the dance show and read this post. So was the person that put out the offending object when she found out what was happening and what the symbol represented. We are truly sorry this happened.
  22. Thank you for explaining that In holland the term raffle is used for both paid and free giveaways. Nothing at the event is commercial. There are only drawings and gifts. Everything has been checked with Mischievous Mole. ETA: The event is not organised for a charity but for all Belisserian citizens to enjoy some winter fun on iceskates.
  23. It's a valid question! The raffle is free to enter for all.
  24. Dear neighbours, On behalf of the Bellisseria on Ice organisation I would like to apologise to anyone that felt hurt or grief by this unfortunate mistake on our behalf. I can assure that there was no racist intent whatsoever. We can all agree that racism and symbols of racism have no place in Second Life. The person that placed the item containing a depiction of the southern cross was not aware of it's history or what this symbol represents. We can understand why people feel offended by this and regret this unfortunate event. We hope you will accept our sincere apology and see this mistake for what it is, a mistake.
  25. These things are not as well known here as they are in america. There was no racist motive and it has been removed.
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