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  1. I really try to avoid eating fast food so although their chicken has a nice flavor, I prefer baking my own chicken at home. It tastes better and is far healthier. Oh gosh I do love their cole slaw though! Oh gosh now I want some.
  2. I prefer text since I'm deaf. It's still strange typing that out now because a few years ago I was only hoh. I've read lips most of my life. I sign in two languages. I just wouldn't hear enough to successfully have a conversation with the other person so it's pointless for me. The few times i will use voice is when I'm asked to sing at a small gathering I've been singing at for almost eleven years. Celtic music mainly.
  3. Normally I'm not someone who will talk about my politics with others unless specifically asked. I was taught to listen to others more than talk because that is how we learn. I experienced two similar things in both rl and sl related to current politics here in the US that has made the willingness to listen stop. At least to an extent. The first time was in sl. I was at a park with my zooby daughter. I got a message saying that they saw from my profile I was one of the many useless humans living off the government because I'm deaf. That they had hope Trump would purge the country of people like me because I didn't contribute to society. Although this happened in sl, it shook me up. I grabbed my daughter and teleported home because although no one can cause physical harm in sl, it did cause harm in other ways. A similar experience happened in rl about a year ago while I was at the grocery store shopping with a friend. My friend and I were signing back and forth. I had an older gentlemen approach us with the same assumptions we lived off the government and that he hoped along with the illegals being rounded up, members in society like us would be rounded up as well. That it would be a good move for our country to get rid of us. This was much more terrifying for obvious reasons. If I know someone is a Trump supporter, I will avoid them in both worlds. We all have the freedom of our political views and to express those views. I realize that. I'm not going to blame LL for those who get hateful about their views though. I'm not going to stop showing my support financially because of it. It just means I'm very careful about who I interact with.
  4. I've never really made resolutions for the New Year, but I do come up with a "root word" as my dad called them. A word I choose to allow to take root like a tree and grow. This year the word I chose is kindness. Kindness for others and myself. Happy New Year.
  5. I can't listen because I'm deaf, but I was raised a universalist Quaker. Not all Quakers are Christians. Some of us are also Pagan (Druid here), atheist, etc. I do celebrate both the Winter Solstice on the 21st and Christmas because well. Reasons. I apologize for the long list of info you really didn't need to know about me, but I hope that you had a Blessed Winter Solstice.
  6. Season's Greetings to all from the Raleigh Clan!
  7. Season's Greetings to all from the Raleigh Clan!
  8. The bathroom. Sorry for all the posts and tremendous amount of photos.
  9. My alt recently got a Victorian home when they were released so for we are decorating to get ideas for when hubby or I get one on our main accounts.
  10. I wasn't sure what I wanted for dinner tonight, but this just decided for me. I need to stop reading the forums when I'm hungry. Great suggestion! Thank you for the idea. 😊
  11. I forgot to add my favorite tradition that began six years ago...finding this tiny miss under the tree each year snuggling with the presents. She certainly is my most precious gift that is under that tree each year. ❤️
  12. My dad and I used to go caroling with our church. That was my all time favorite thing. If it was just him and I for dinner at home, my dad made homemade spaghetti and bread for dinner because it's one of my all time favorite meals. My dad has passed and I live on my own, but I still make his spaghetti and bread recipes every year. On Thanksgiving we would have a more traditional holiday meal.
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