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  1. Using pick up lines is completely wasted on me because I'm about as flirtatious as a brick. I have no idea when someone is trying to flirt with me. My husband had to explain he was flirting with me. There was one line though someone said to me that was obvious even though I'm little miss oblivious. It just made me roll my eyes. Something like, "Did my avi just die and go to heaven, or are you a fallen angel?" 🙄 I mean they could of been seeking spiritual guidance for all I know, but I doubt it.
  2. I'm completely introverted although rl hasn't always allowed me to be. Growing up I lived in the middle of nowhere with my dad. I was homeschooled until high school. I was a lecturer at university until about ten years ago. I also performed opera, Celtic and jazz music throughout my life. Inworld I have taught role play classes. I've been an admin for a role play sim for several years. I volunteered my time in my spiritual community helping new comers for about eight years. I've sang and recited poetry. I'm also my sister's assistant for her residential sim. Most of the time now, I just don't force interaction with others on a large scale because it is exhausting. It has become more about me time while in SL which makes me feel quite selfish, but I really do need the down time.
  3. "Unfair!" I heard this being used more lately. I've no idea why. Perhaps I'm just noticing it for the first time.
  4. Beautiful fencing! I haven't seen it around yet, but it would be nice to know if they are going to include it in the content creation packs. Variety is a good thing. 😊
  5. I have major social anxiety so trying to converse in local chat is torture for me. When I'm at a public venue, I don't have the nerve to interact or speak with others in local or private chat first. I'm also a loner, so most of the time I go to an event to enjoy it on my own. i will of course politely respond if someone speaks to me in local chat. Same when someone sends me a message. The most comfortable way for me to become friends with another is speaking one on one.
  6. Over the years I've had trick or treaters stop by at my home on my sister's residential sim. I always put out a bowl of candy on the porch for that purpose and my security orb goes off the entire day of Halloween. I won't be taking part in the organized trick or treating in Bellisseria, but I will still put a bowl of candy of my own choosing and turn off the security orb for the day. I love trick or treaters stopping by.
  7. Me too! That is saying a lot too because I'm a tiny prude for the most part. 😊
  8. 1. To a degree. I think they have given us the tools to create community. It is up to the community members what they do with those tools. I don't think anyone would want a forced feel of community. Just as in the real world, you're going to have varying personalities whose sociability will differ greatly. They have provided us with neighborhoods, parks, public pools, roads we use, paths we use, water ways we use, etc. It is up to the individual what they do with those things. 2. They've already done that. 3. Those things sound very appealing, but I don't think it should be the focal point at this time. I wouldn't wish to be part of a role play, but if others would greatly enjoy that it should be an option for them. More residential regions are needed because Bellisseria is such a popular place to live. 4. I've personally not attended any of the many social functions in Bellisseria yet because of anxiety and shyness, but there are so many topics where photos have been shared where both Lindens and Moles are mingling with residents. There isn't any us and them mentality that I can see. There isn't a disconnection and they have already integrated themselves into the community. 5. I don't feel they need to be monthly no. What they have in place already serves its purpose. 6. I think these forums do that already. There are also inworld groups that do that as well to keep people up to date on events and happenings. Each of us has our own definition of what community is and what we wish to gain from it personally. I'm a very shy and quiet person for the most part, yet I'm pretty active around Bellisseria with my family. I'm often out horse back riding, bike riding, walking around or swimming or sailing the water ways. I sit at parks and public pools around my neighborhood or out in my back garden. I can look at the map and there are a lot of people around me always. I never feel alone. I have respectful neighbors. I've not encountered anyone rude in my wanderings. The sense of community is already there. It may never be as active as one may wish, but it is there. I don't see that changing. I think over time it will shape itself. Through the summer there was a massive amount of events. This Autumn there have been hunts and even a contest for the best yard decorations of the season. Community is happening all around us already. It is up to us to reach out and take part. The tools are there.
  9. Edith and I wandered around an area near our neighborhood where houses are going up. Where the work is going on, I saw this breathtaking park area for the first time across the street. It had picnic tables, sweet outdoor lights and a bench up further than what is shown in the photo. It is absolutely beautiful and I have to say one of my favorite spots I've discovered so far! Edith and I both agreed that we must share. LM to the beautiful park area
  10. Tea throughout the day. It can be a simple cup of tetley brand tea or apple and cinnamon. Pumpkin spice during Autumn. Maybe three cups per day. Between those cups of tea I have a lot of water or vegetable juice. Food wise it depends on the time of day. Morning oatmeal, toast or bowl of fruit. Afternoon usually a cup of soup and crackers. Dinner varies. If I'm snacking though every now and again it is popcorn or pretzels. I also love gold fish cheddar crackers. I have a really tiny appetite so eat several small meals throughout the day.
  11. I like mountains, water and rocky landscapes. Our home meets none of those criteria. I don't let myself dwell on what I don't have though and just focus on what I do. Hubby and I both decided to be happy with what we have because we know how lucky we were to get a house on the first major release. We aren't going to release because it would be more hassle at this stage because finding perfection in what we don't have is harder than finding perfection in what we do. It is less stressful too! At least for us. Everyone is different though and if you feel the need to search for your missing perfection, go for it! Being happy is important.
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