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  1. So I decided to redo our Bellisseria home because we needed a bit more space with a family of four. I finally found an add on that I absolutely love and it was only 14 LI so I had to share. I've yet to really start decorating for Christmas since I'm still decorating the interior, but this is going to be absolutely beautiful and the fun thing is, it freed up over 10 LI from my own attempt of building. I'm so thrilled about this! 😍 Yay for creators who create such beautiful things to make it easy for those who can't! It is so much appreciated!
  2. I don't think that would be the best idea. I never joined up for that purpose. It has never held a huge interest for me. It is silly to assume that is all there is to Second Life. If someone joins for that purpose, that is completely alright. Just as it is alright that someone else joins for another reason. We are all different. I personally would never try to fit everyone into the little world I created here filled with rainbows and unicorns. That isn't to everyone's taste. Trying to lump the entire population of Second Life into one category is a tad foolish. Second Life is what each of us makes it. It is what we want it to be for ourselves. I always find it best to focus on what my loved ones and I are doing instead of trying to judge others who have vastly different interests than myself.
  3. It sounds like you had a very beautiful upbringing filled with wonderful memories. It is always wonderful to read about others' happy memories growing up. I was raised Quaker. December was a fun type of busy for me growing up. The women in my church would teach us girls to knit, crochet and sew. I always helped my Dad bake cookies and pies to give neighbors. There was also church choir performances and caroling. Gift giving was pretty simple. My gift to him was always a scarf or ugly sweater I had made. He would always make sure that my gifts were things I needed. One year though he was able to give me a beautiful red haired cabbage patch doll with green eyes that I named Lily. I still have that doll to this day. My Dad made this time of year magical and perfect for me. It never mattered what was under the tree. What mattered was the time I had with him. This time of year makes all those wonderful memories come flooding back and I'm thankful I had those times with him.
  4. Relaxing after cooking and cleaning up from dinner with friends.
  5. Everyone works on keeping shapely. I L M V M
  6. I know. 😉 I'm just glad I was the only one on sim when it happened so tenants didn't have to deal with it. 🙄
  7. I decided to take a break from cooking to take a photo of the girls and I at home in Bellisseria. We want to wish all those who celebrate Thanksgiving a happy one and for those who don't to have an incredible day anyway! Blessings! 😊 Please know that these well wishes aren't meant to bring offense. I am truly sorry if they do.
  8. Thank you! Although I do make a nice meal for Thanksgiving, I absolutely adore Christmas. Well I just love the whole grouping of holidays from Halloween to Christmas. My husband tells me I sparkle this time of year because of how happy I am (no, I'm not a Twilight vampire fortunately). I just love the feeling of magic that comes from the cooler weather, cozy clothes and the beauty I find in the world remembering how fortunate I am. My neighbors and I usually take turns for Thanksgiving. This year it is my turn to cook so it will be a nice meal with friends, board games and movies. I wish everyone a wonderful and pleasant day whether they celebrate something or not. Blessings and happiness to everyone. 💗
  9. @Mayadaamn, I would either be fine doing it through email or inworld. A meeting inworld will have to wait until next week I'm afraid since it is my turn to host Thanksgiving dinner at my house this year so I will just say it is pure havoc at the moment and will only get busier.
  10. Wholesome intentions prove eventful sometimes. M F R L L
  11. Holly origionally thought evenings lovely. F A R C E
  12. Actually, my therapist is the one who suggested Second Life to me almost eleven years ago because she thought it would be therapeutic. I had recently went from teaching university classes full time to being home bound. She thought it would be a useful social outlet and she was very right. I pretty much loved it from the moment I created my first account.
  13. I don't mind sharing my experience with you. I won't discuss things openly here, but I will email you later today.
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