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  1. My favorite sewing channels on YouTube...while sewing. 😊
  2. There is a mask challenge going around where people who know how to sew are encouraged to call their local hospitals, animal hospitals, urgent care, etc...to see if they are accepting donations of homemade masks. If they are, they let us know the fabric and if they have a pattern they wish us to use and how many they need. These are masks for use in jobs that are less likely to be exposed to the virus so it frees up equipment for others who need them in infected areas. They are also washable so can safely be reused if disinfected and cared for correctly. People from all over who have sewing channels on YouTube are vlogging about it. They've encouraged me to do it because I certainly have the time right now and I know how to sew. It is very heartwarming.
  3. I will apologize from the outset since my little story of woe is rather pathetic, but it was profound for me. I think I'm having a pity party and I'm rather disgusted with myself for it. I was watching the latest clips from a "Late Night With Seth Meyers " on YouTube. I love that show. It usually makes me smile. Not tonight though. I started sobbing because the host Seth Meyers got this look towards the end of one clip that was pure worry and fear although he was trying hard to keep things light hearted. The thing that really hit home for me is although I'm deaf, I can still hear certain tones. His voice cracked and a look of uncertainty came across his face as he told his viewers that they all loved us. I wanted to reach out and hug him because how difficult must it be to try to make light of something that can cause such dreadful fear and devastation. I've cried over our healthcare workers and those who have gotten sick...and those we have lost...but not so hard as I did tonight. I don't know if this should have hit me so hard, but it did. Please take care all of you because no matter our differences, we are still a community. 💕
  4. I've been so blessed since my alt also got a rather pretty location with her new cabin. I've had so much fun decorating this second home. For the first time in a long time, I took the opportunity to take a long look through the marketplace. It was enjoyable! I love how therapeutic it has been being in Belli even when I am overwhelmed to the point I feel the need to hide on my alt from everything but family. It's so interesting that even when plagued with anxiety to the point of hiding...I can still find joy and have fun! I was sitting at home tonight after a beautiful day with my husband and daughters realizing how wonderfully diverting decorating these cabins has been. I'm so thankful for that and the existence of LL and Bellisseria. So...thank you. ❤️
  5. Recently I was shopping inworld at a hair store when I got an IM from a guy telling me I was "hawt". Spelling hot that way makes me cringe. I told the guy thank you and went on with my shopping. After his opening line he got right to the point and asked me out. I told him thank you, but that I was married and not interested. His response was to ask me why I was there if I didn't want to get hit on. Since when is a hair store the place where singles go to get a date? 🤔
  6. This naysayer isn't a content creater at all. I'm on a fixed income in the best of times so a budget is a necessity always. I have two premium memberships. How can I afford two on a budget? SL is my only entertainment. It is my main source of socialization since I'm stuck at home most of the time even when there isn't a global pandemic. Now if a time comes when I cannot afford two premium accounts, I'll downsize to one and so on. I've done this in the past when I need too. It has never even crossed my mind to ask a business that does so much for me by existing to pay my way because if they don't get paid, they won't exist. This is why I don't agree with people asking this because I know their existence helps to add to my quality of life. That may sound pathetic, but it's the truth. Right now I'm sure their existence is adding to many user's quality of life though. Their employees who are working hard to keep this platform running even during this difficult time deserve to continue to be paid. They deserve for their jobs to be secure and what you're suggesting puts their livelihood in jeopardy. I'm a naysayer when it comes to entitlement and greed.
  7. SL isn't a necessity. It is a wonderful escape especially during times like we are currently in. If you cannot afford spending in SL at the moment, don't. If you need to budget, do so. SL is a business. People who keep asking this seem to forget that very important fact. They are doing their best, just like the rest of us are so maybe...just maybe...realize that. Entitlement isn't a healthy thing to possess.
  8. After spending most of this week decorating our cabin while hubby was working, Edi and I finally had some time to just enjoy sitting outside on the porch of our new home listening in quiet contentment.
  9. Your entire message was heartwarming. I completely understand the wonderfully calm feeling of staying at home with a baby in my arms while just observing the outside world from my garden. There is nothing quite like it even in SL! I am so glad you found a house and location you love. With the log cabin release, we finally did too on my second try. My front porch overlooks water, trees and daffodils (my all time favorite flower). No roads either which is nice. I never moved from my first traditional home I got last year for fear of not having a home at all. We were thankful for our first home in Belli, but our new one is our dream spot we always hoped for.
  10. This reminded me of a rl guy in the small town I lived near growing up. He was a jogger that would run in speedos, gloves, hat, scarf, sneakers and nothing else come rain, snow, hail, or sun. Oh! And a Walkman for tunes of course! I remember my dad covering my eyes with his hands the first time we saw him and ushering me out of view. All the while my dad was trying to keep his balance and stop laughing so hard he had tears in his eyes. I was sixteen at the time and it was hilarious. 😂 Oh nostalgia and memories! Thank you for this. Lol!
  11. We have picked up everything but minimal furniture in our traditional home so when they release the cabins, I can easily gather up our daughters, return everything to hubby and I, release the traditional house and quickly get a cabin. I mean right now I'm clearing out my inventory as I do every spring to stay busy, but I wouldn't call that a preperation for the cabins. Our old furniture will do for the cabin as well since we are both rather practical. We rarely get visitors and don't really do any entertaining so figure the old comfy stuff will do! 😊
  12. Oh gosh this is so embarrassing. I accidentally pulled out a bunch of stuff from my inventory before logging off this evening and I guess I pulled the summoning sign out too! I'm so sorry Mr. Slenderman if you met with our security orb. I feel so bad now! I apologize profusely.
  13. I found your post very interesting, thought provoking and encouraging in many ways. It's comforting when we can find the familiar in a virtual world when our rl has become wholly unfamiliar. I discovered that when my body stopped being able to walk or move ten years ago the way it once did causing me to be stuck in my home more than I care to be. I found the joy of taking walks, bike riding, horse back riding, roller skating and sailing in SL. It was a familiar joy, but still different. Anyway, the tone of your post was beautiful and encouraging because of its simple straightforward truth. Thank you or that. ❤️
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