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  1. This is absolutely beautiful and brought me to tears...
  2. I've started watching Gilmore Girls yet again. My favorite show of all time!
  3. I'm feeling somewhat reassured after reading all the responses from @Brett Linden. Thank you for clarifications and feedback. Change can be a scary thing at times. Especially as of late so feedback is always appreciated! I hope this change will turn out to be a positive move for everyone.
  4. I'm really sorry that your friend had a bad experience. That is never fun. It is wonderful that you were there for her as you were. It can be easy to freeze up in situations, but perhaps help her learn the tools in place so she can avoid this type of upset in future. Knowledge is power. I'm a very shy, anxious and sensitive person to a large extent. I know this and realize at times I need to step away from Second Life for my own well-being because it isn't healthy to let someone upset me to the point I'm having an anxiety attack. Sometimes it is hard to remember that, but I force myself t
  5. Yea...I'll be waiting on getting a last name on any of my accounts then. Why invest even more money than my current budget into a company where the future is uncertain? This news certainly isn't comforting. I'll wait to see what happens, but it is hard to be optimistic about a situation that could shut down my only social outlet since I'm stuck at home most of the time from chronic illness and mobility issues. I'm now even more thankful I'll be moving to be with my hubby soon. 🙄
  6. I just wish to say although only a silent reader, I've really enjoyed your posts on this topic. It is apparent you really put thought behind your words and I've learned a lot so thank you for that. It is appreciated! 😊
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