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  1. Edith and I spent some time out in our backyard playing in the pool today. I will apologize up front because I realize I tend to share a lot of photos of my daughter and entire family. I forget that I may share too much so please forgive this fault of mine. My daughter and family mean the world to me. ☺️
  2. Yes I know, which is what I said I would do a bit unclearly perhaps in my post.
  3. One of my favorite holidays is Halloween. My search for our costumes begin the day after Halloween for the next year. I bought my costume yesterday. Hubby and daughter's costumes will soon follow! I'm not a fanatic or anything. Really.... Not all people are creators which is one problem I see with a hunt because it limits who can actually take part in the gifting side of things. I am not a creator so wouldn't take part in a hunt, but if a traditional trick or treat expedition were set up, our security orb would be turned off for the day and lots of bowls of candy would be set out for people to come and get as well as a tons of decorations would be up. Like perhaps set up a list of participating houses that wish to set out treats for others or something. I would simply love to take our daughter trick or treating and to share a little bit of spooky fun with the community. I know it might sound silly to most since she is a Zooby animesh little one, but there it is. Just my thoughts. 😊
  4. The Moles and Lindens are pure awesome sauce. That's all I wished to say. 😊
  5. My hubby and I keep security orbs in both our home in Bellisseria and the home we keep on my sister's residential sim. It has nothing to do with having some type of silly power trip over another resident and everything to do with not having to worry about strangers intruding into our space we pay for. I'm very shy, very soft spoken and I get strong anxiety around others I don't know even in second life to the point of being physically ill among other things. I come to sl to relax, not to get stressed out because others don't feel the need to respect the privacy of others. Especially when I put real life money into second life. In both homes we follow the rules for setting up security orbs and they remain on. Ban lines are not allowed in either place my family resides. I'm glad they're not. i certainly love to spend time with my family and friends who always have access to our homes. New trusted friends most certainly get added and are also most welcome. The point is, I focus my energy and time on people who deserve it, not someone who feels they have a right to wander into my personal space without an invitation. Second Life is a virtual world where the residents can make their own reality as long as they are following the TOS. It isn't a platform for socialization alone. For some it isn't for socialization at all, but building, creating, shopping, decorating and the list goes on. It's a platform for so much more than that. If someone's enjoyment of sl is being ruined because they're not allowed to trespass into private homes and land, perhaps it's time to find a new hobby?
  6. Words we type have no tone. That makes it so easy for things to be interpreted so differently than how they are intended. That is why it is so important to use our words wisely, but for also others to realize they may be interpreting a tone that isn't even there. Words are powerful. I don't know Beth or Sylvia personally. Only from what I've seen in these forums. They are both honest and blunt. I personally admire that because it is so much easier to understand since they say exactly what they mean. They don't try to placate others. They shouldn't have to when someone is being insulting towards them. Neither of them are the type of person to go after someone for expressing a handicap they have or someone who is honestly distraught over something. I know because I've expressed handicaps such as being deaf once or twice in passing, and both have been nothing but kind to me here in the forums. I do apologize to both of them because they certainly don't need me to speak up for them because they most certainly can do it for themselves. I profusely apologize for that. I'm just asking to please realize that words can be taken in a manner they aren't even intended. No malice is intended so I apologize if what I say comes across as such.
  7. Sailing with my hubby through Bellisseria. Hope everyone is having a lovely day. 😊💕
  8. What I don't understand is the persistent need for telling others they don't work, don't have a job or are lazy because they've been able to attain a home while the ones who do not are forever at their job working long hours and so on. What a huge and rather rude assumption. Perhaps take a step back and realize Earth is a big planet and the community of SL consists of people from all over the world. Different time zones and different types of jobs. Some even do work from home. I work from home so it does happen. The need to belittle others in this manner is mind boggling to me just because they've been fortunate to get a home. Beth even said she considered herself lucky to of gotten a home. She was humble and to the point. Plus she made me snarf on water when I read, "I, too, can terraform and theme a region in a matter of hours... minutes, even (it'd be crap, but whatever)." That was pure awesome sauce! 😂 There is a huge difference between being blunt and being rude. In fact, all over this section of the forums you will find continuous responses of how people feel so thankful they got a home. I also don't understand the need to constantly attack the Lindens and Moles who are doing a good thing for all of us. It is bringing Lindens, Moles and all of us together as a community. They are doing a wonderful job. They are reading and giving feedback. They are all doing their jobs the right way even through the persistent verbal bashing they get because some don't understand the concept of being patient. The entitled tone from some is what is truly ridiculous. You're wanting a home that will be part of a large community of people so maybe just try to realize we're all on the same side including the Lindens and Moles who are working as fast as they can on a huge project that is going to take time. Try making friends seems to be a logical thing to do since this is the case. it isn't hard to be kind, to show a little patience and be a bit more positive.
  9. Their newer furniture is all nicely made. All mesh. Even our bench on the back porch is from them. 😊
  10. We decorated around her and her furniture since she is the most important to us. Yes, she is a zooby animesh, but she used to be a zooby legacy baby. She is everything to us and decorating was secondary.
  11. Decorating our home has been a really slow ongoing process and is still being tweaked with here and there to make the most of our land impact usage. Here is some of the things hubby and I have done differently from last time. Still very simple. 😁
  12. While my alt still had time remaining on her premium membership, there was about a month I spent the wee hours Friday and Saturday doing the refreshing game to see if anything good came up. During these quiet hours, I almost always got a few homes and boat houses both. I was on SLT when I did this. I would claim the house for a few moments and release them just to see if I could go through the entire process. So I just want to encourage people that it will happen for you when you least expect it. You will get that beautiful home you want and it doesn't always have to happen around a release of them. The quiet hours when everyone else is sleeping when you have a day or two off to stay up a bit late might just be the time you get that home. It can and does happen. You don't have to spend hours on end either. Just devote maybe half an hour or hour to it. It is when we stop looking usually for the thing we want most that it comes unexpectedly and with much joy into our lives. Sorry for the babble, but just giving feedback what my alt experienced the last four weeks while experimenting. I wish everyone the most luck in getting their dream home. The Moles are doing such an incredible job because each region seems to be even more beautiful than their last. Absolutely stunning place we will all get to call home at some point.
  13. I have to say that sometimes I wish one of the reaction emoji options was a wow type option because it never ceases to amaze me what people have done to their homes. Absolutely beautiful decorating and building talent while over at my tiny home we are still painstakingly decorating around our baby Edi who is worth every land impact she takes up to us! Really though, I love seeing what everyone has come up with. 😍
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