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  1. I know. I'm beginning to think the person hasn't read the covenant at all. Just waiting to see what pops up next.
  2. Well the breedables have now gone but Halloween decorations have started to be put out. Think its easier just to derender stuff.
  3. I was wondering about farm animals myself as this is across from my alt house on Bandit. I wasn't sure if it was allowed or not. [Moderator Edit: Image with visible SL Username removed]
  4. This is the deck area. I think it would look more finished if I adding some rails.
  5. I was lucky enough to get a lovely spot on Beachy Keen. The first house I am trying out is the Tortuga. It still has some bare spots but I'll have to finish off after Christmas. I just didn't want to leave the house completely empty.
  6. I'm going to log in to abandon my stilt house in Clamdigger. It's on water and I think I prefer the ones attached to a pier.
  7. Love your outfits. The top this one reminds me of an outfit I've seen on a Blythe doll.
  8. I've tried to log in using two different viewers without any success.
  9. Thanks Scylla 😊 Yeah, I'd love to. Just IM me in world. I'm there most days.
  10. You don't know any of my exes by any chance do you @LittleMe Jewell ? Just thought I'd ask 🤔
  11. SL does not revolve around you @Leora Jacobus nor anyone else. You have missed out purely due to muting "all chat and notices". That is how you like things .. you can't have it all. As for saying "shouldn't something like that be announced in the Forum as well" .. Why? Due to the fact it would be much more convenient for yourself. Would you not prefer an email or better yet a personal phone call?
  12. @Sylvia Tamalyn I had never seen Volo Linden until a couple of days a go. I love those crystals on the horns
  13. I went back to one of the old Linden homes a couple of months ago and the texture packs are still there to pick up at the region hubs @Chic Aeon
  14. Love your Christmas cans @Chuckey Jigsaw …. so cute
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