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  1. Because when I flipped on my TV this morning this one popped up. So. Now we move forward.
  2. That's just it. It's another one of these 'isms'. They all deal in 'Utopian absolutes'. We need to stop the oppressors, ALL of them... so stop the people oppressing the oppressors, and stop the people oppressing those who can pay to exploit everyone... and... no checks or balance - extremism rules again. Society works best when there is a balance of things.
  3. Libertarianism sufers from the same problem as all the other isms. Capitalism, Communism, Socialism, Monarchism, Fascism, etcism... They sound great when you're a couple of lads in a coffee shop in Paris at university... But when you put them into real life you get Mao, Cambodia, Nazi Germany, Stalin, Venezuela, Caligula, even the way the Aztecs took over the Toltec coalition, and so many other examples throughout thousands of years of human history. Anytime there is a system not DESIGNED to presume corruption and then check it, you end up with a horror show. The US syste
  4. SL isn't a private sponser of terrorism, so I don't think it's at much risk.
  5. Is there still a lot of it left to be released, or has most of it gone out already?
  6. Generally no. A few brands have tried to impliment things like this, but if brand A does it one way, brand B another, and brands C-Z ignore it or decide it's too much scripting to deal with - then the results will be all over the place. You can literally rez a single blank prim, and if you put a top brand's sailing engine into it - it will be a wonderful sailing experience, minus seeing the animation of sails moving and such... 😉
  7. There's no covenant for what people can rez alpng the coasts of Blake Sea's mainland portions. So what they have rezzed is often amazingly ugly. Giant prim walls, mis-aligned builds, multi-story airports blocking the view of everything around, security orbs and banlines, glowy things, and basically every kind of horrendous build one can imagine. - All perfectly within the rules of there being more or less no rules. Regulation, such as the Bellisseria covenant, is important. It gives people a common understanding and "keeps the peace". In this context it helps keep a theme going, make
  8. Yeah. I've got an amazing spot with my houseboat that I managed to get just over a year ago. It faces onto multiple regions of ocean that are old established regions and form a bridge between it and old mainland. That makes me super picky. But it's also what anyone into sailing wants - room to go about. Blake Sea is a disappointment because of the unregulated coastline. I did pick up a stilt yesterday with an alt. Now I've got 30 days to decide on keeping it and tossing one of my old plots back, or tossing it back instead. Most of these are from the 'Bandit' shop. The
  9. I have a freebie script I give out that is a 'perm rezzer' - it will rez an object to a location, and then scans once every 3 minutes and if it cannot find the object withing so many meters, rezzes it to that location. - this lets me drive or sail away and my vehicle pops back into place in the parked spot. The only perms needed on the vehicle are 'copy' as the coordinates of where to rez are stored in the description field of the prim you place the rez script in. Looking something like this: [sau]Raven[1.13] (-0.05975,-0.42911,0.64551) 0.35:358.95:90.7" - That is basically
  10. I actually passed on getting a stilt when I didn't see any open water regions around them. Is that expected to change?
  11. A member of my family just passed away, and as they did, this is what I was hearing in my heart It was a person who fought to keep me from being born, but who later grew to love I and people of many nations and faiths, and for whom I as well first began to see that diversity is love. I so I hear these songs as my prayer and take the lesson that redemption can always be found, as we only grow into light after first living in darkness.
  12. Another song from Kenyan artist Treesha, this one from just a few days before the other:
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