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  1. Exclusively use Belleza on myself and all my alts. Including my male alt. I own a few other choices on alts, but have been deeply disappointed with all of them.
  2. Yeah here almost daily unless I'm avoiding the place to let myself cool down from a hot topic... I've always been very active on forums of anything I'm very involved in. To me it's just the natural first step in being involved in a community.
  3. 57.3% of SL users already have the display name of 'Babygirl' so I guess that one is needed... I will support it as long as... anyone with it is REQUIRED to be an infant-child AV. Personally I think they should make that a hidden keybind in SL... changing your display name to anything that resembles 'babygirl' should change your avatar to an infant little girl and lock if there for 60 days. 🤬 I really don't have any actual surname suggestions... I personally think it should be an editable input-field just like the first name...
  4. SL seriously needs the ability to set your own keybinds... Then we could just point to people who insist that typing the number '4783' should be how you trigger inworld search... that they can go ahead and make it so... - And that's not just in humor... there are a LOT of keybinds I would personally change to more match what 'feels right' to me.
  5. Should it? In other 3D worlds tab cycles between things you're targeting. Enter or / will open chat
  6. I regularly see people that don't realize you can change the house style. Such people, on seeing a blank plot, also often report that the plot has no house and then abandon it... I often wonder how many people just keep moving between plots until they get a plot with the right house rezzed, never knowing there's a thing out front to change it... I imagine it's not a tiny number... for every one person that asks here or in a group - there's likely several that just move... If the houses started coming that way... the lindens would get overwhelmed with support requests to get a house, and ARs against people who chose to use a custom house rather than the one in the mailbox...
  7. /RantModeOn Total tangent but WHY THE HECK do so many vehicles have a camera lock that forces me to look at the ground 2m in front of the vehicle and not even be able to see the horizon line... Like... if I drove a real car looking down at the gravel right in front of my bumper at so sharp an angle I couldn't see more than 10 feet of road ahead... that wouldn't end well... I have actually bought camera HUDs... just to override other camera HUDs... /RantModeOff
  8. I believe it has to do with the API changing a lot on Flickr's end. I'm not sure why Flickr keeps messing with their API... but they do... And it's taking too many LL resources to keep up with Flickr's "random change of the day". That button might disappear from Firestorm soon as well... if the way it connects starts failing due to Flickr changing some random thing... I was messing around with Skyrim earlier this year so I have an example from there... The devs behind Skyrim break their 'modding API' every few weeks just to push out a banner ad on their launcher saying "buy this junk"... they do it sloppily... so everytime they put up a new advert, half the mods in the entire Skyrim community die a horrible death... and need to be remade... - those mods are made by random folks like us... on their free time for no payment at all... so with every new "buy this crap" advert... some mods die forever... I suspect we're looking at a similar level of 'stupid' on Flickr's end here... but I don't know... It just feels so typical...
  9. Bleeping hippies!!! Always coming at folks with the hugs and flowers and stuff. 🌼 ... ... Decent people pass out the ganja and good vibes... ☘️
  10. A lot of gatcha's are sold in a no-copy/transferable 'box' that has a one use script in it - when used that script gives a copy/no-trans version of the item. Ie: you can pass it around until it's opened. This is considered a feature - most people dislike owning something that is no-copy/transfer. Another new tactic I just found out about last night when the Bellisseria Citizens group had people talking about it is you take the no-copy item to the store that made it and give it to something there as a trade-in to get a copy/no-trans version instead. But I believe this method is both new and requires going to the original creator who needs to have an inworld location...
  11. Yeah. I did IM someone recently and was actually glad to get no response... While most people want community, there are enough of the "don't tread on me / sovereign citizen" types out there to make it awkward. And even when people align on goals - they may communicate very differently and find themselves in conflict a lot (which I find happens a lot on these forums with a few people who read intent radically differently than I, even though many of our aims align).
  12. I've got some advice on camera setup here as well: https://catnapkitty.wordpress.com/getting-started-in-second-life/#Camera_Setup - you can use that to see which if any of your settings have gotten off track. I would agree that this is highly likely. Forcing changes on the camera is common in Camera HUDS, vehicles, and even the 'experience settings' of some regions...
  13. 47 regions of Bellisseria homes are actually SOUTH of that airport. Plus 7 are west of it. And the Victorians start only 3 regions north of it. It's also a prime example of what I hate most about mainland... look at the nightmare it's left on the map... I had to set my draw distance to over 600 to see it all while I was placed under it when I TP'd to it... It took a 368 draw distance to get this: - that's one of the Bellisseria ones. That's an entire region devoted to a small roleplay group, a subset of vehicle users that are themselves a subset of people using flying vehicles. MUCH smaller than say... the number of people who would use that same place for sailing given the option... That said... the Bellisseria airports are not as bad as mainland ones... but still... if that has to be added somewhere, put some distance between it any any homes, and put it on a wholly new region. Here's the Jinsil one, I didn't wait for all the textures to load - so imagine this in color rather than gray: Basically my points come down to: NIMBY and NI-anyones-BY Don't take away anyone's view for this Don't convert an existing region to this Why give whole regions to such a small userbase? It's not like rez-spots or the Galaxy that anyone uses. It's a very niche group. I think I'm overstating myself in this topic... so I'm going to try to step away from it for a while... hoping I don't get dragged back in by getting quoted...
  14. On my new PC I can get more than 3 in at a time without having any FPS drop, and all of them running ultra-settings in Firestorm. In part because even at Ultra for Sl it's not using most of your GPU or your CPU or your ram once you're past certain caps. Not sure if I've gone past 4 yet - hadn't had a reason to. On my old Mac, yeah - the second account logged in and stuff better be turned down. Because if you buy a tricked out Mac, the Mac OS still doesn't give you access to most of what your paid for... And by the time I knew that I put windows on my Mac, it was old enough that it was... no longer in the 'tricked out' category but more in the 'get offa my lawn' category...
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