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  1. 17 pages. Just saw this thread. Have yet to read it. Historically I've been lambasted in SL over the very fact that I am a person of color - it's not been a very friendly place for a non-white perspective. I'm hesitant to do much here, because... looking at how just yesterday the music black out event got 'hijacked' by "social media allies" so they could post "feel good so like me" posts... I'm wary of what things could turn into or how "allies" might re-purpose to center the camera elsewhere than the issue... But I have 17 pages to read before I can say anything more...
  2. Depending on how much you spent that won't have been a bad purchase. Just not a good for gaming purchase.
  3. The fact that I actually do have a law degree wouldn't give me any clarity on this one. I just recall them actually saying a more detailed version of that concept - and it coming about on the heels of and as stated in response to the Phoenix fiasco. 😉 Somewhere out there we should be able to find a blog or post or something from the LL's of several years ago that would clarify the details and correct whatever I got wrong...
  4. This is a legacy item related to the takedown that was done against Phoenix Viewer. I believe it refers to not changes in how you yourself view the world, but using the viewer to change how someone else - someone not you - experiences the world. Ie: it's aimed at usinf the viewer to do malicious hacking of the SL experience that OTHER PEOPLE experience.
  5. Well that was unfortunately bad timing... SL just had a major update with EEP... so any recent viewer updates are now out of date already. Hopefully it will get another update very soon.
  6. You can convert most windlights over. It's really easy to do. Once imported, you can "pass them around to all your friends, family, and beloved enemies". 🙂 With all the old windlights we've been passing around for years - I guess there's just the issue of who has the IP rights before we just 'put them up on marketplace as a freebie'. To use the settings on a parcel: To apply settings to yourself or to the parcel:
  7. Since that got a 'confused' reaction let me note one of the features of EEP is you can share the settings in-game. Including selling them. No longer a need to host a download on some website somewhere. So I put my windlight settings into EEP, and put them on the marketplace as a fullperms freebie - and that is when I noticed there's no category for things like this. In passing them around to my alts I also noticed that you can pass the day cycle without the individual windlight cycles - and doing so makes it hard for the alt to pick one time of day and set it. So I'm going to have to give my alts the full pack of the ones I made as well...
  8. You can apply it to your land: And / Or you can apply it your avatar: - You need the official viewer or Niran's viewer to use this. Not in Firestorm yet. Don't know for other viewers.
  9. There's no category in Marketplace to list EEP's you put out, I had to put my freebie in the general overall 'Home and Garden' section... Marketplace needs a category for this kind of stuff.
  10. Managed to get logged in on an alt. Foolishly thought that meant the issue was over so logged out to log in Pussycat and... back to seeing error messages... EDIT: Oh, just made it in. Ain't gonna be logging out to sample the alt just yet though... 😛
  11. Apparently the Internet today confused EEP with Eek and thought there was a mouse so jumped out the window to hide... Might be nice to see this EEP feature... if we could log in...
  12. I'm seeing similar issues on other internet online services as well. This isn't just SL... it's everywhere.
  13. Unfortunately this makes it hard to determine what something you encounter out in the world is.
  14. Additionally; Prim, Sculpty, and Mesh will look different when selected in most viewers (Niran's Dragon Viewer makes Sculpties look like mesh): (prim top left, sculpty top right, mesh on bottom) Sculpty on left vs mesh tree on right:
  15. Just be sure to do 2 things: Avoid any Scupties. They're always bad. Look at the intended mesh tree in wireframe mode and make sure it isn't some 1-million polygon nightmare using a hack to keep the land-impact low. Such hacks are even worse than sculpties in terms of GPU-slow down lag.
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