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  1. Pussycat Catnap


    This could be a layer that has something on it and set to 'mask mode' rather than blend.
  2. Pussycat Catnap

    SL a California based virtual world

    You call me racist and yet you use phrasing like this... And that... And that... And then we have this blatantly racist stereotyping... But again you make my point. The notion this thread put forth that SL was like San Francisco... is patently wrong if this kind of thinking is a norm. Do note... I pointed out that this place is dramatically lacking in diversity. That you can even consider that an offensive thing to note... that you can consider me 'racist' for noticing this... is baffling. Me simply being in my skin and my ethnicity as myself does not make me anti-white. It is sad that you cannot see this. Not that you will understand it... but I am not bothered by Caucasians at all. I am bothered by people who feel they have a right to be culturally dominant - that's a trait I just don't typically see from people of Caucasian ancestry here in the Bay Area... but it's one you're screaming at me here in bold letters...
  3. Pussycat Catnap

    Some kind of Answer to the Land Baron problem?

    Yep. What is happening is a LOT of people have a few dozen to hundreds of meters of tier left over after rounding things off. So they donate it to land baron groups for, usually, a very tiny payment in return. If this system was broken up - if we could convince people NOT to do this, the land barons would fade away.
  4. Pussycat Catnap

    Mainland Beauty

    EVERYTHING in SL is AR-able. I have yet to find anything in SL that there was not a way to include in an AR somehow. This is the covenant on Horizons: Screenshot:
  5. Pussycat Catnap


    Long before the parcel privacy feature existed I realized it was very easy to have privacy by simply creating two distinct builds on my land. At ground you build an 'attractive nuissance' plot (that's a term in the law for property that attracts trespassers - coined as a result of places that children would wander onto to 'explore' and then get injured). Basically you build something nice to look at, that lightly invites people to take a look around for a short while, and then move on. In the sky you rez your actual 'home' spot for doing all your stuff and being alone or whatever. And by sky I mean somewhere above 2000 or even above 3000m. Way up there where nobody will be unless they are intentionally going to see you. It dramatically cuts down unwanted intrusions. They have something more interesting down at the ground - that you yourself can also go down an enjoy at your leisure (ideally set it up to be good for entertaining casual guests). In the skybox... put it inside a solid wall, put a 0-second no warning security orb up there set to be sized just a little bit smaller than the wall (so no one ever hits it by accident), and then set the parcel privacy. (I use a single mesh cube as my wall. It can be invisible or not - what it does is prevent people on vehicles from being accidentally hit by my security orb. They just bounce off the wall harmlessly. In my case on the outside I put a texture so they know it's there, and from the inside it's invisible so I can see out. If I had a skybox near other people, I would leave the outside invisible to avoid harming their view... but I always intentionally put my skyboxes more than 500m away from anyone else. If people later move close to them, that's their problem.) Leave banlines OFF... putting them on actually invites people to be offended by you, and then bother you - because banlines cause so many disruptions to different things in SL... and they only work for the first 40m above ground... so even if you live at ground, you will end up with an army of outraged people floating 41m above your head... Leaving them OFF makes you look 'harmless and ignorable'... - People wander into the spot at ground, and rarely ever bother you up there in the sky.
  6. While obviously I was speaking in exaggeration, that is a good question. Back in the day you could just log right in... and so, I strongly suspect bots were doing so in absurd numbers. To back this theory up... we did used to have serious problems with those same "might be bots" spamming these forums. Bit account creation is a massive problem on every single online platform without 'account creation checks' that admits it... And SL has the lowest level of account verification of almost any service I have seen save for the forum I used to manage before I took it over... It has always baffled me why they don't just have a simple "click all the pictures that include a road sign" or "spell out the letters in these two images" captcha system on account creation. Then again... I partly know the reason. After I managed to cut new accounts down from the hundreds of thousands to a few per day... the owner of that book company asked why we weren't getting the usual volume of new customers... he wasn't sophisticated enough to understand the concept that they were spammers and not customers... Engineers here have had to work, in the past, under some pretty 'thick in the head' CEOs... so maybe they just 'hid the ball' from them...
  7. Pussycat Catnap

    Dishonesty in land listings.

    True. But one of the big headaches of land is that land barons sell it in divisions of 512m, when tier is actually in divisions of 560m (or more correctly; 1.1(512*X) - that 10% bonus). So I'm often looking around for some tiny plots after I buy a spot...
  8. Pussycat Catnap

    Dishonesty in land listings.

    I've paid as much as 15L /sqm for land like that. Cliffside is a rare and precious thing. And protected roads are great. It actually sounds IDEAL for avoiding having one of those neighbors that rezzes a single giant flat structure blighting the region.
  9. Pussycat Catnap

    Dishonesty in land listings.

    Why do people rez 'prim land' and put buildings on water land where there is so much actual land out there? I had one of these about 2 years ago - perfectly good plot in the middle of the water. Neighbor puts up prim land and a series of buildings. I put a 20m tall brick wall between us. Put the water back or talk to the wall. A few months later the person abandoned their plot. I got water back. The 16m plot is 'prim land' to give you more prims, so they're not fully incorrect there - just worded oddly.
  10. Yes. It was in effect the second time I joined as well. But if it was there the first time I didn't notice it. Original avatar 2006 Rejoined in 2009. They retired that program in 2010 or 2011... I think 2010... The LLs of the time said it was not effective at retention of first time sign-ins. I have always believed they are looking at the data wrongly. From managing the social community of a book publisher some years back, I noticed sign-in and drop-off rates just as if not more extreme than SLs. So I put a lot of time into figuring them out. The answer was actually extremely easy to find... Any time you put up something online with free account creation to a social community, bots will join it in massive numbers. My case was a small book publisher with 2-4 million in annual sales, we were getting about 300,000 forum account creations PER DAY. A simple set of filters for IP addresses by regions, and a captcha system... cut that to under 100. A few more measures and I was under 10 per day... but all of them were people that then participated in our forum, and not with 'Call CANDY at 1-900-xxx-xxxx' or 'meet ladies from [insert country here]' ads that were getting flooded with before... (well... we also had a few thousand eBay cross-post ads a day too). Linden Labs has always assumed 7-billion people a day make an account here, and then all but 5 of them decide SL sucks and never return. I would instead say that 6,999,999,993 of them were actually bots... 2 gave up, and 5 stayed...
  11. Pussycat Catnap

    Some kind of Answer to the Land Baron problem?

    If I put a 'sybian' that has a visible 'rideable dildo' on the front lawn of an 'M' plot by the roadside... I suspect there would be issues with that. What confuses me on the wiki, that seems new, is this line: Allow only a group or specific individuals access to the parcel. If it is group-access only, the group must not be freely open to join. So, does this mean that if someone has a sexbed in their private home skybox at 4000m up, the land must have banlines? If so... that is a change from past years.
  12. Pussycat Catnap

    Some kind of Answer to the Land Baron problem?

    Yep. Now consider how the land barons pays that tier... The answer is that often they do not. They run 'donate your tier' groups. People donate them a LOT of tier. If you want to dry up land barons... find a way to convince people to stop donating tier to them. As for 'adjust accordingly'... many of these pricey lots sit unsold for years. The land baron isn't paying for the tier... so they have no motive to sell. Some of them even believe they are doing us a service by 'keeping the riff raff out'... (go talk to some of them, they believe they act for a noble cause to maintain quality - they are not wholly wrong... before land barons moved into Zindra it was full of 'easy online business kit' plots that looks mighty ugly... they just take it too far).
  13. Pussycat Catnap

    How did abandoned land get sold without an auction?

    Horizons is seen as ultra-high value land. Curious because it sat for ages with most of the plots unused and in the hands of land barons. Of course that is also part of the problem as you so rightly note. I got lucky... I only needed a single 1024, and I bought about 2 months before the tier change, so "nobody else" in SL was competing with me. I bought one of two 20,000L plots on my sim. The day after, the seller doubled the price of the other plot. And it too sold right around the time of the tier change (and when I bought, there were about 5-7 plots on Horizons that were cheaper than the one I bought). I'm now seeing people finally realize that Horizons is up here beyond the far northen wasts of Zindra, where the 'here there be dragons' signs used to be... But yeah... LLs knows we all want land here, so it's only "fair" they auction it... it's just sad that land flippers are 'speculating' the place right out of availability for the actual residents that would make it a thriving community... I can see this from two points of view though: I would prefer 'other people' get the other plots rather than the same people buying up a whole sim. Fill the place with lots of different people. But I would also prefer those 'other people' to be actual residents that occupy their spots.
  14. Pussycat Catnap

    Do gay/bi women outnumber straight women in SL?

    That's what I thought of the first set of 3 "lesbians" I ran into in SL. They were neighbors on my first plot of land. Then I learned they were 3 straight married women 'playing around'... It got super awkward when the RL husband of one joined SL to see what his wife was 'up to' and she rapidly sold her land and tried to hide from him in SL... I'm somewhat thankful that they helped me realize very early on that I did not want to do any SL relationships... the potential drama is just not worth it when you can get your 'pixel porn' fix so easily without it and then just move on... Saying you're a 'lesbian' is actually a way of attracting men to hit on you... in my experience... It was one tactic I tried back when I was trying for a 'G-rated SL'... Oh an yes... I had more people bug me for 'the sexxy time' back when I was a 'fully G rated SLer' than now... the vast majority of them where on avatars of women with a 'lower male attachment'... I don't know why that crowd has a fixation on me... Marketing studies have been showing that the majority of buyers and players of video games are actually women over 30. The myth that 'all gamers are teenage boys' really needs to die... It is also worth noting that SL may be a safe space for people who lack that in RL. I'm thinking of how an NPR show I heard yesterday was noting that 'facetime' or some other social media app, was becoming very popular for gay men along the India / Pakistan border - who could not ever meet in RL, so they date online.
  15. Pussycat Catnap

    dance clubs

    Yeah but... If people want to make social venues in SL and charge for access to them... whatever. I doubt many will go - but if they do... then maybe the OP will end up being proven right. If not... nobody will notice when the venue fades away. That said... I am in two 'paid to access' groups that are gateways for social clubs. One was $500L to join, the other was about $2000L - both are highly successful venues. So... done right, the idea of a charge for access venue in SL can work. In my two examples, one was done to help with tier but has since becomes a gateway to keep out 'hassling voyeurs'. The other went from free to extremely pricey to stop griefers and voyeurs... An alt of mine is in a third group that has a free group for access, but which you need an invite to join - you basically have to apply. I've not been to the place in years though because I lost interest in the theme (a genre of music). Plus I retired that alt because she didn't have anything unique about her... But it's been very successful for them. I won't say most venues that charge are doomed or not... I really don't know. The only examples I know of, I only know of because they succeeded at it... I have no idea if others tried and failed. Charging for access isn't itself 'doomed from the outset'. The question becomes: what are you providing in exchange for that fee, and can you attract a clientèle that agrees with your logic?