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  1. @Quartz Mole Sent message using the alt that owns the plot. Of note: when I logged just now to get you the SLURL the house had 'fixed itself' and was rotated right. But then I foolishly re-rezzed the house, and the rotations & position were off again. 😮
  2. I think this is a good thing. People who are not in the PST timezone have better chances if the times are more varied. I am in California. Miles from Linden Lab, so personally I would benefit most if all releases were on the 9-5 PST schedule - but that's not fair for everyone else.
  3. Also these, but longer out most likely: SSPE116, SSPE132, SSPE147, SSPE163, SSPE228, SSPE243, SSPE244, SSPE260, SSPE275, SSPE276, SSPE325, SSPE327, SSPE328, SSPE238 - That said, several sims released last week and this week were SSPEs at the beginning of last week.
  4. Ah, good to know you moved on NOT because of the temporary glitch but because you wanted something else.
  5. Talk to them? We're supposed to talk to people? I thought the whole point was just to hop on poseballs and take screenshots... ... ... there are actually venues I'll go to where yeah - the last thing I want to do is talk to any of those jerks, I just want some poseballs ... And then there are places I want conversation at - but all people do is IM; so I leave and go to the poseball joint instead because... what's the point of the first place, I can IM from my skybox at 4090m up on an empty sim... I actually paid $2500L to get into one of those exclusive places ages ago... and people just IM... so... what am I doing in there? (at least the price says 2500 right now, I could swear it was 5000 when I joined but memory may be off).
  6. Oh, went back to my traditional and checked. It got rotated by 0.25 degrees. A lot more than I had said here before. Looks like at least one other person with a new Adams has the same problem. Something happened after Friday afternoon that caused new copies of Adams to be off. Rerezzing and resetting the box and such doesn't help - the 'offset' is in the box's configuration.
  7. I guess my theory that if a place gets tossed enough times in a row it gets a 'timeout' was wrong. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Badger Beach/160/52/27 - Sandy plot across street from beach. Claimed at 12:39 PST. Looks like the new person has kept it since. Looks like a good spot if you like sand texture - but I guess the people who like that all want exactly next to beach and not adjacent.
  8. There's people in the inworld group talking about a houseboat in Cayo Lejano it looks like a couple of them have tossed. That, or two different people there tossed back today.
  9. Yeah I'd wager that's one of the best houseboat regions on the grid. If I didn't already have a neighboring plot on Lollipop I would be severely upset right now about missing those. I didn't want to risk tossing back lollipop and failing to be on when Bennit's Cove hit - and it looks like that was the right move. On a big plus: now I no longer have red text as a neighbor.
  10. Yep. I have been usually doing this. Was super awkward the one time I didn't - and the person posts here and in the Bellisaria chat group and was at the time upset that they didn't get another plot. All good a day later when they got a dream plot - but I felt really awkward at first... ... and I myself also tossed that plot back a little later ...
  11. Yeah. I was exaggerating of course. But, LL is usually not 'bold' enough to make these calls in either case - whereas other services will tell the person with a 75 year old account to suck it up and deal. I think LL errs on the side of under-reach in these issues.
  12. Years ago you had to do something on your account page also or instead (memory fuzzy on that). Don't think that still occurs, but it might.
  13. It's a politics issue then. Tomorrow at 9am - first new account made has a last name. What do you tell the sucker who made the name 'somebodygotallthegoodones3903214' at 8:59 am? - Linden Lab has always been shy about these kinds of things. Other 'MMOs' just tell the 8:59 sucker to pay $19.95 for a name change. - Then... if they do make a name change... Look up the technical spec of a 'UUID'. A UUID is both some crazy number and a unique human-readable name value. That's true not just for your SL name, but any service using a UUID. The problem, I suspect but cannot confirm - is probably that that unique unchangeable name for SL users is your actual username... whereas other services would tie it to an account name that... was never used 'inside the game'. Thus if I played... World of Nekocraft... and had the account 'someRandomCalifornian' - I would then make an endless stream of characters, one of which might be 'pussycat catnap' - and they could toggle the names of these characters around at will like our display names. SL's mistake is making the account name something everyone who meets you in SL knows... ie: tying things other users can see to a field that other services hide from all but the person with the credit card or password... Simple solution: get rid of usernames. Tomorrow at 9am, everyone has a display name only - and you cannot have a display name someone else is already using. Priority for display name conflicts: 1. For some early access period, any display name that matches a username can only be taken by someone with that username. 2. In any case where two people had the same display name before the service went live, and for neither of them was it also their username - the name is locked out for both for that access period. Both have to rechoose on login. - Basically you do something similar to what happens when two servers in an MMO merge. All scripts which work on usernames will switch to working on the 'agent key', and any query to write the key or name into the '0' chat channel writes the display name. Anything which writes a key to the 0 channel that matches to a user writes the display name. Any attempt to convert a key to a string - is a one way conversion as it feed back a display name. - And that just kills some scripts. Just like MMOs that do major updates often break addons and mods... The big problem is LLs doesn't have the culture of being willing to tell users 'tough, your crap was old, update it' like MMOs and games like Skyrim do.
  14. It'd take an AR then. Tried self-remedy. Yeah I see that one - that's the house that as of when I logged out last night still had red text and a green border. Either the person with it gave up on waiting for a fix (which would have been silly since we're in weekend) or the fix caused the claim date to be off and it was actually claimed at the same time as the sim opened. I don't remember the name it had on Friday, but I think it was different than the one I see now.
  15. I'd be one of those people. My alt does have one of the Rocky Heights homes but one away from the water. I don't like the ground textures near the water, don't like being near beaches - which might be an odd thing to hear from a native of San Francisco... I like to be directly ON the water, or one something notably green. Anyway, 3am for me. Watching some late TV, came in to make sure my computer was shut off (hint, it wasn't), and saw this... I do agree that homes vary significantly in quality. Within themes. Such as - these campers will be better than those campers to most people - with some exceptions. - Some sims just seem to naturally have less lag than others. I noticed that the home I got in Rocky Heights is actually rotated by about 0.015 degrees... That, actually, for many people would be a hidden disaster. Imagine being unable to get anything put on a wall to line up - rez one of those 'home kits' that cover walls, it won't fit. Put a painting on the wall, one side will poke through. Most SL users lack the knowledge to figure out why - and to know to rotate everything in their build by a tiny fraction of a number... - Most oddly, this happened Saturday when I put out a new Adams house (removed my adams, looked at another design, put Adams out again, and my whole build had 'moved' with half my paintings partly in the walls. The building had rotated, but also shifted slightly north-east - attempts to re-rez it showed the situation repeating). So technically I have a low quality house... but I always build by the numbers so I can spot it. - That's just one rare example I imagine, among many possibilities, of what could impact a plot's quality.
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