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  1. Yep. Note that if you use Proud Girls with Maitreya you can do anything from a normal size to a comically silly size. Maitreya at 100 caps out at small - and that is it's problem as relevant to the original poster's concern. I passed over Analexa when I noticed it has the same problem as Maitreya. It's designed to mostly fit Maitreya clothing - so the breasts are limited to the same size range. There's a mode to use a different breast - but this one has a comic book shape. With actual Maitreya, at least I can use Proud Girls - somewhere in the realm of size 40-50 breasts of Proud Girls is similar to size 100 of Maitreya, and then you can go up from there, and as long as you stay below about 60 or so, be within the upper realm of realism. The problem then becomes that this is only a solution if you're always nude or always wear one of the same few tops. If Erika's support continues ramping up, it will become the best long term solution.
  2. The body in the Image is most likely the Daz3d human body in it's current version (I think Vicky 8 or something, been a while since I looked). Not an SL body so something you will never find in SL. A lot of SL brands use Daz3d for their promotional adverts causing buyers to have unrealistic expectations... Daz3d is an art tool, and the bodies in it are just a level of detail not found in a 'real time' application like SL or any video game. Where they're not using Daz3d, and sometimes when they are but in combo - it goes through the wringer of Photoshop before the ad comes out. Maitreya has tiny boobs, and there's not much you can do about that unless you buy a third part item like 'Proud Girls' - which because it's obscure and third party, has only maybe 5 clothing items made for it, total... Legacy is a lag beast. A combo of more polygons than the number of atoms in the universe combined with a few thousand pieces of linked mesh. The new Belleza V6 is just as bad as Maitreya [EDIT: this should have said Legacy], but it's mod so you can fix that - and there is a script now out there to help with this. Kupra will do the breasts you want and has good support, but the rest of the body looks like it comes out of a racist comic book written to make fun of black bodies - with some extreme dialing you can "almost" get it out of that range, but it will never look realistic. The new Erika body is super low lag, has solid curves and can do a larger breast size. But it's super new so support hasn't picked up yet much among the major brands. In other words, unless you like having the boobs of a 16-year 1980s super model (from the days when models were chosen by old pervy gay guys for how much they looked like boys rather than like women)... then your choices are pretty poor.
  3. 'long as folks are replying to old stuff... My guess here is that because each Belliseria plot sold is one premium account, whereas huge chunks of mainland are either abandoned or held by land barons that do nothing with them and get discounts due to the amount of tier held. Belliseria represents an actual metric of active user engagement. The better they make it, the more engaged those users get. The payoff for fixing mainland is a lot less clear, and would require a lot more fixing before efforts were notable enough for a sizeable enough number of residents to see it as something worthy of causing them to increase their engagement... (sorry that sentence reads like a marketing power-point presentation slide...)
  4. That's weird. Back when I had my Horizons plot I was sure it was only those rocks that I'd failed to return. The guy had originally rezzed a whole pile of stuff over the line. I wish I knew some of my Linden Home Neighbors. I'd set up a test to see if we could return each other's stuff. Maybe, for Horizons at least - this should be submitted as a bug. JIRA or AR or whatever it the proper method for that (probably Jira but that's always felt like the folder for it is in /dev/null...).
  5. This would be a great suggestion. Years ago I used to read a couple third party 'sailing' forums but they were always stuck in massive drama over who's forum had the right to be the real SL sailing forum... or something that stupid... And that drama eventually made them all pointless. Something here would be much better.
  6. If you take off everything so you're sitting there on a 1999 era system avatar and then go walk on some old basic flat land you will find you actually hover over it. This idea of a bit of hover is baked into the game's design - and if you go into some other 3D games from MMOs like Guild Wars / FFXIV to single player games like Skyrim most of them have the same issue. It's to make it easier to avoid sinking into the floor on altitude adjustments. But in something 'slower paced' like SL where we often just stand around posing for screenshots it becomes a lot more glaringly obvious. You can either give yourself a slight negative hover, or in things like homes and skyboxes, rez an invisible prim under the floor and make the "visible floor" phantom... The second solution there is a lot more 'crazy' because it only fixes that one floor, but for some reason that's what I do in my own mainland parcel...
  7. OMG Yes. Especially because all of those HUDs never tell you or let you enter numbers. I'm like... 'dragging this one so far to the left is... how much the same as clicking the dial of that one this much up?, is it even tweaking the same value... well, he goes another attempt followed by running through 50 windlight settings to see if it worked...'
  8. This happened to me as well back when I had a plot in Horizons. My neighbor rezzed some glowing rocks and metal bars that overlapped into my plot and return failed. I had to put a wall on my own plot covering them. We were adjacent plots on the same region.
  9. I've got each. 2 spots on mainland (because of tier roundoff, I've still got about 600m tier left too) and one in Belliseria. Some years back I had a spot on a private estate and learned why that was a bad idea when the estate remade all the regions around me, and then suddenly closed. The first step was an attempt to prevent the second - but it broke the reason I had rented (it was a long winding river estate with plots along the water, and they removed the water, I logged in one day and my boats were stuck in the ground with a road outside my parcel). The larger estates rent unthemed cheap lots of have themes that are not suited for niche users like me. The smaller ones can't be profitable to survive... I have also tried the 'rent a boat slip' system - and that works except I have to keep remembering to pay the fee - which is an amazing way to either forget, or remember that I am paying for something I'm not fully using...
  10. A comment I just left in the "rival" Erika thread. This is something I am now hopeful for: Over in the furry community bodies have always been Mod. So almost every new idea in SL starts with Furries, despite them being a much smaller population. Human body users, if they see those ideas ever, see them years later. With Belleza V6 and Erika 1.5 both now Mod, this might flip - human body users can now innovate. @Jenna Huntsman's script is just the first example of proof of this. We're likely to start seeing a lot more new ideas now, especially if more human bodies join in.
  11. Other than Belleza, and EVERY FURRY BODY IN EXISTENCE, they aren't. In the Human Body market people have been tolerating being abused for years... Belleza V6 changed that, and Erika quickly joined in but better done. If you read the Belleza v6 thread - you'll see the need for Mod was massive there because basic V6 came out with all the bad stuff still attached to the body. Erika doesn't need Mod to be fixed, it will need mod to be expanded upon in ways new creators will show us over time. In the Furry community, since the first body customization came out in 2003, the tradition has always been to let the customer actually use the product. Solidly agree with you by the way, on the dev kits. That stuff needs to get tossed around like a free sample from your local dealer. Get everyone hooked. TMP did that when they closed up to vanish from the grid (at the time we didn't know they were retooling to return as Legacy). At a month long event there was a box you could just click to get the whole TMP Dev kit. And back to Furries, with furry bodies the dev kit is often given out in a notecard that comes with the purchase of the body - no questions asked, every homie gets a chance to play; some of them become great new creators and others... get clicked past. One thing about the furry community and embracing Mod, is it means all the 'kewl new ideas' always start over there, and then people on Human avatars "sometimes" get them years later. Erika could help this flip - because more people use Human bodies.
  12. Yeah, that was my reaction too when the Linden responding to my AR all those years ago told me that.
  13. Perhaps that's it then. I noticed one onion layer on the thighs (or was this an arm?) was still there. Yesterday when I tested resetting the scripts, I did it with a body I may have unlinked in the wrong order, or it may have been from removing one too many links... It looks like your script is working through a list going one by one unlinking parts, correct?
  14. On that note. I did that once, and the Linden responding to my report told me I was in violation for sending them the log... I've since taken to paraphrasing and noting the time, and letting their own screenshot with AR tool capture whatever - but I'm also not sure if any report I've sent in the years since has involved chat. As they don't get involved in 'personal disputes' there are very few examples where an AR would need a chat log.
  15. Looks like I'll have to write another script to complete the job then, I see yours is not mod so I can't just edit it?
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