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  1. Posted the music video of this a while back, here's an acoustic performance:
  2. There's a club in SL called 'Irie Vibes' that used to be a full sim affair run by someone very different than it is now. That original club owner had a notecard by a landing point on 'what is reggae and rastafari'. I can't remember the original name of the card or it's exact contents... but I grabbed it one day... and reading that card put a lot of things together for me about the truth of my spirituality that led me to realize I was Rasta. No one ever converts to Rasta. You realize you always were, or you never are. That notecard woke me up. I've traveled many journeys and tried many things in SL. Some of them wild departures from my RL nature... Even now most of what I do in SL is radically opposite from my RL; a space where I explore inwardly. But that one thing cycled back to my RL. I have no idea who wrote that card - but that's who influenced my RL the most.
  3. That coastline is taking shape...and taking away a LOT of sailing water...
  4. Out of prison after being jailed for over a decade in the US on made up charges... Buju Banton has been getting busy, and just put this out: You'll need to pay very close attention until late into the video to get what this is about if you're not familiar with Jamaican Patwa.
  5. Yeah. Commodore sim. I was sitting in the sim as it went. Well, TP'd to just outside of it while it was offline, and it came on as I got there, and saw people appearing. First taken plot was date stamped for 3pm. By 3:15pm I couldn't find any more owned by the governor and my alt stopped seeing it on the page refresh. - that noted, a couple of the houseboats were instantly abandoned and then claimed during those 15 minutes. It impressed me because houseboats usually go so fast the only people who get one are the folks who happened to refresh right on the nose... But I guess a LOT of us are prepping for the new theme. That said... in a moment of 'what the heck are you doing?' my alt claimed and then abandoned a traditional... "It clicks the buttons or else it gets the hose again..."
  6. I do feel, personally, that the Victorian themed houses are too similar to the Traditional themed houses. Between campers, houseboats, and traditionals it's extremely different theming and you're in a very different environment with each. They will likely be favorites of rather different kinds of people. Between the Traditional and Victorian theme - they could all easily come out of the same 'rezzer mailbox' and be side by side on a sim and not 'break theme'. It is basically 'houses without porches' vs. 'houses with porches'. They are nice - but are they distinct enough? If we go to the old linden homes... Meadowbrook and Tahoe are the two that most resemble each other - and that is quite an imagination stretch for me to say even that. Basically, all they have in common is 'modern designs'. Elderglen is fantasy-faerie and Shareta is medieval Japan. Radical departures. Basically... on the old homes, all four themes had more 'distance' between them than Traditional and Victorian have. I like the new Victorians. But I also wish we had gotten something that was ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> way over here instead. That all said... what I am seeing from the community seems to support this feeling. The people most open to 'giving up' their current home to get the new theme generally are sitting on traditional homes right now. I know that's also true for me. My alt in a traditional will almost certainly abandon it when the time comes. My houseboat though... isn't going anywhere.
  7. EDIT: nvm. Wikipedia and merriam-webster disagree... so... I guess this word actually has no clear meaning...
  8. It took 15 minutes for the houseboats to all go. I released a Houseboat a few minutes before, then I saw it was offline so TP'd next to it, by the time I got there @Whitney Linden was there and a few people were rezzing in. Had to resist the urge to try and grab one that I have absolutely no need for... saving my alt for the new theme...
  9. It was at: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bennetts Cove/180/140/0 - My alt is sitting on it... Trying to decide if I like this one or my normal Houseboat more. They're in adjacent sims... so this one is likely to go back in the pool soon.
  10. They're working on filling in the east coast of the new part of the map: If you zoom in and out on your map, the eastern most -regions- toggle between coast / islands and blank / water. They need to add more water -regions- around this !!!
  11. Unfortunately if you set your camera distance up to "are you nuts?", you can't get this stuff to show up when you cam over to it.
  12. Ya'll might want to look at the map of Bellisseria right about NOW. ... stuff. LOTS of it.
  13. I want a Baby Yoda in SL... Copyright would prevent it... and Disney has a pretty big sledgehammer so that's not a light issue... But still...
  14. I so wish I could go back and get the premium gifts that I forgot to grab when they first arrived...
  15. Feeling like I need to make some changes... not sure what. But it's that time to do it. This is the time for me when I start looking at all the things I've been doing, saying, thinking - and trying to look at them without emotion and see which were logical and which were not and need to get tossed. - That doesn't always go right... it's an effort not a fix. Not too long ago I tore down my mainland build. Yesterday I managed to sell off my second largest plot (Blake Sea land). I tore down the mainland build because I wasn't liking what I've been up to in SL... and I'm feeling a need to shift direction... just gotta figure things out. I just cleared out my block list here... gonna be clearing out a bit of it inworld too. I used to do that annually but haven't lately. I need to let myself see if the names in there actually need to be in there or... if they don't - because time moves on and holding grudges is not healthy or wise. Even if someone WAS toxic to you, time changes people. I'm feeling kinda... stuck in a rut... and looking to see if there's a better direction to be going in...
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