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  1. Best looking mesh male avatar help me make one!!

    The two above me got it down. My tastes and your tastes and this other person's tastes will be very different. When you do demo a lot of things, mess with the shape dials a bit, go through laggy and non-laggy places, a scripted places and unscripted places... And try logging out and then back on with the demo on - to see if anything resets weirdly. I would also do a little clothing shopping - I understand the selection for male avatars is very limited, so make sure that what is out there for a given body fits your fashion sense... Also... only one male avatar that I know of comes with the 'male' part included, but that avatar's male part is child-small, and not adjustable with any shape dials... - So if this is important to you... demo some 'maleness' kits alongside the body to make sure of compatibility. I don't think most 'male anatomy' kits come with appliers, so you're going to have to think about you skills in matching skin tones. If there is one thing I find "unattractive" in male avatars, and I spend a LOT of time in nude venues in SL... it's when their male anatomy does not match the color of the rest of their body very well... (check this with advanced lighting on, and maybe with it off. I think most people have advanced lighting on by default now, and only turn it off when seeing if they can reduce lag... for some things this can really change what the color appears to be.)
  2. Your Biggest SL Disappointment

    Yeah. I like to cycle through demos several times. Sort of a "here are 3 things I thought I wanted... let's compare them all... oh wait, need to look at that first one again to be sure... what, it's expired? well, I guess here are 2 things I thought I wanted..." I think my inventory is actually almost half demos. Not that I wear them often... but I will make folders full of demos that are "look these over again later" or "these are the ones I want to buy"... and then when 'purchase day' comes, I will go through them all again quickly to remind myself... and if one of them isn't working, it just fell off the list.
  3. Your Biggest SL Disappointment

    Mine is actually more diverse than it used to be. I started in here saying this was my greatest frustration with SL, and it is... but that isn't an apocalyptic statement as some took it for. I wish SL was a lot more diverse than it is... but I have slowly met people from other varied backgrounds. However it is still a LOT LESS diverse than my real life. I really couldn't offer up a solution. It had to have begin with LLs, and years ago. When you sit at that new account screen and see the starting avatars, I think that's the initial bad moment - the initial red flag. If I hadn't had a reason to log in here when I first did... I wouldn't have. This is a major issue throughout tech actually - I live in perhaps the most diverse place in the world, but in my actual profession within that place is one of the least diverse industries in the USA... and it is not for lack of people like me, but for the refusal of tech companies to engage with us. I have enough hustle to have worked my way in regardless - but it leaves me in 'fight mode' most of the time. I've lived in Korea, and early in my career in tech a company tried to 'force relocate' me to Vermont (I mentioned a short trip above)... so I've been to places with a dramatically lower level of diversity than I am used to. One where the baseline was Korean, the other where it was French-American. Both made me realize I am not suited for such places.
  4. Your Biggest SL Disappointment

    It is amazing how much it bothered YOU that I have found SL to be racially exclusive. YOU are unable to handle being challenged on your privilege. Some handy reading: https://www.alternet.org/culture/why-white-people-freak-out-when-theyre-called-out-about-race https://goodmenproject.com/featured-content/white-fragility-why-its-so-hard-to-talk-to-white-people-about-racism-twlm/ I am fully aware there are some people who like me are not white. That does not in any way invalidate what I said. Sitting here listing out all the colored people you know or know of, like tokens you're lining up to prove you're not bad... really really really does not help you. You should really try and consider that not everytime a person of color speaks about their frustrations is it an attack on you. You had absolutely NO REASON to launch yourself into the middle of my frustrations with what has bothered ME about SL. So not everytime is is an attack on you, but this time... right now... it is... but not every time, nor did it start as one this time until you placed yourself into the target spot with false victimization.
  5. 30 Percent increase on process fees.

    Another way to look at this is that they're fully aware SL is a cash cow for them, and have no plans on shutting it down anytime soon. Also... anything that shifts where they get revenue from away from 'land ownership' is a good thing. The less they depend on land barons to keep the lights on, the better. Much nicer if land barons are a just a smaller portion of the revenue stream.
  6. Your Biggest SL Disappointment

    That's a bit of s gross generalization. But also remember the question here "what is your biggest disappointment". Not rationalizing the situation... but 'how do you feel about it'. And as much as I love SL, this is my biggest issue with it: that it is so mon-ethnic and that so few people seem to be freaked out about that. I freak out anytime I find myself in an environment that lacking in diversity - regardless of who is the empowered or represented majority therein. IMO, people SHOULD be freaked out in 2017 when a place is, or even appears to be, exclusive to a narrow demographic. Regardless of why or who. That's also basic whitesplaining away my experience there. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Whitesplain There's a heck of a lot more to this than just a whole lot of white avatars. "Caucasian" is as "ethnic" as any other group. We could all come in here in green avatars but have the vast number of cultural references bet drawn from Sri Lanka's Sinhala people, and by your logic it would not "Sinhalese" because the avatars are green. But in this case, both are the situation. This place is more "ethnic" than anything I have ever encountered other than perhaps when I was living in Korea and had awkward friendships with people that were part of a "Korean Purity" group - we'd all be nice one moment and in the next I'd be getting a lecture about how my bone structure was proof I was not fully 'human'... I'd tell them "do you people even hear yourselves" but it was pointless because they lacked any other point of reference outside of their own circle. It's here in both the avatars and the 'Ethnocentric' nature of the place. If it was just the avatars... it would only be jarring in the way 'Anime' tends to be: cartoons of one (or more) ethnicities predominately framed in the culture of Japan. but what do I know... I'm just a colored. I can't possibly understand my own experience of something until a white person explains it to me.
  7. Your Biggest SL Disappointment

    The lack of diversity, and the company's unwillingness to do anything to encourage a wider userbase. SL is the most mono-ethnic place I have ever encountered outside of a short trip to Vermont a few decades ago. SL may even be more 'ethnic white' than Vermont (which was over 90% Caucasian) was when I went there. It is jarring to be in a space so lacking in perspectives. And to actually see how little they notice this is disheartening. In my RL the whites I encounter and even enjoy as friends seem to thrive with and enjoy global variety - but SL implies they would not even notice if the rest of us were erased. That is both disheartening and scary.
  8. Problem logging in

  9. Logins failing

    Twitter came back for me right after that post.
  10. Logins failing

    Yes I'm noticing I can't even load twitter right now.
  11. Logins failing

    Likewise. Note that map coords are all failing: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dance Island/131/206/27 Pick any destination and try to get it to load in the map. Status however claims everything is fine: https://status.secondlifegrid.net/
  12. Resident forcing AFK avatars into Sex

    There's no such thing as sex in SL. There's porn sure - look at my flickr gallery. I have never had sex in SL. I will say that with a straight face even after you go look at my gallery because what you will see there is a set of cartoon characters some people put into poses to make some hardcore art... But it's not real. It's just a video game cartoon. Now if somebody puts their cartoon onto something that hands off control of that cartoon to others there actually is a word for that: stupid. - Unless you meant to do it... which can be fun... Might still be stupid. I do a lot of stupid things in SL. I suspect I'm not alone in that regard. Some of it is actually fun. And yes, there is some stuff I flat out will not let my little cartoon do in SL, because the concept of what it represents freaks out real me. It still isn't real... but it also still freaks me out... Just like those poses on furniture I designed to trigger a rather different emotional response... not in that cartoon... but in us real people watching it. And yes... in moments when I really want to AFK somewhere and don't want anybody messing with my avatar, I don't sit on a sexbed... nor any other form of couple furniture... well, I might sit on a sexbed if it's made for only one avatar to be able to use it at a time. Because that's just funny to do.
  13. Maitreya exclusive

    Yeah. And since I exclusively use Belleza Freya (no other body comes even close in quality for the bosom and the waist to hips 'smoothness')... This drives me nuts. I'm now basically an SL nudist. But that didn't happen on purpose. Lack of selection drove me 'back' to how I was in SL when I first started. When I first got into SL, everything basically felts like a white-supremacist-rally... No options anywhere for people of... well... 90% of the human species... So I went nude, on a low quality skin, and ended up being a neko with semi-fur and spots because it let me be 'something' that didn't look like it came from the pages of a beauty contest for "Housewives of the Klan" (it's not content FOR whites that bothers me, but the LACK of content for anyone else - that comes across as 'exclusionary and hateful' because there is no rational explanation for a lack of diversity in 2009. when I got here, other than bigotry). That got better, and my journey expanded. I was slow to mesh bodies. But when I got there, I compared them all. Look back far enough in my blog and there is a review panning early Belleza as low quality... I tried other options, found even more flaws with them - I am picky, anatomy matters to me. Including in how a body moves. When my boobs bounce, my ribcage should NOT move with them... when breasts get fuller, they get fuller below, they don't stick out at a down angle with a hollow space underneath... when my butt moves, my [frontal special place] should NOT move even more, or frankly at all... - stuff like that matters... So Belleza had to hit it's V3 before I gave it a good review, and once I did I was all over it... The basic Freya body shape... sucks. I'm sorry, but I don't like it. It's a funky pear shape. And yet Freya is what I use everyday... because I found that Freya RESPONDED to the shape dials like no other body out there... I turned that pear into a smooth hourglass. - not the jagged and bumpy or extreme hourglass of a product by a like name... but an actual smooth formed body. Granted the jagged look also occurs on real people who are lacking a good BMI so their bones stick out... but that's not what I wanted. I wanted voluptuous, not 'fashion model chosen by a guy with a fake french accent who calls everybody girlfriend'. - Freya gave me that. It was fixable. Then I went clothes shopping... And I was a nudist by the end of the day, though it took me a few more months to "come out" to my SL community as 'returning to my SL roots'... The lack of selection drives me nuts... and it is all their own fault.
  14. Survey for Belleza mesh body wearers

    Belleza took too long to do an update in the year that Maitreye came out - and so lost a LOT of customers in that year. They also locked down approval of new merchants for that entire year... and so lost a LOT of merchants... Everytime Belleza puts out an update everyone sees how vastly superior it is compared to other choices... but then they go silent and don't talk to the community. I'm not even sure if the Belleza team are SL users or just outsiders selling to us. They are never 'around' at events and social gatherings and so on (the same can be said of Maitreya - it's owner I don't think uses SL at all). Now with Bento... Maitreya is again being given a year to be first... and Belleza isn't putting anything out... and people are drifting away, despite the inferior quality of the competition - that competition has more features...
  15. Racism in Second Life?

    The South enslaved tens of millions over a few centuries. Nazi Germany was the beast of the 20th Century, but the South was a greater beast of a prior era. This can be put together with the Native Genocide as historically the two were intertwined, and in the regards the entire North and South are guilty. Slavery was in North as well so even if you disregard the Native Genocide you get both sides complicit in one of history's greatest Holocausts. But the North moved for Abolition, and it was the South that kept the torch of inhumanity burning - and fought a war to preserve racist injustice. Go read their declarations - their war was all about slavery. It's written in their own words. Morally they were both bankrupt and evil to the core. And both were based on Genocide. And in this regard they are perfect for comparison. Even your Southern Klansmen / Alt-Right know this - look at the flags they run around with today... They mix Nazi and Confederate flags because the two stand for the same cause.