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  1. Yeah, I'm halfway through wiritng a HUD now that finds the animations you are running, and if one of them is a specific internal expression, it spams me... Now I just need to have to it spam that channel for any match. And then clean it up. Try to make myself a HUD that is super light weight... I need to figure out which expressions match to which (exp0 in Catwa is which internal animation). Maybe that's documented. Haven't gotten that far yet... still making sure I can find the proper animation and I'm not calling out smile because my avatar started flying... If I can do this in a light-weight HUD, that ONLY does this... I can pass that around as a solution that can be kept on and doesn't mess with other things like the 'bento HUDs' do. Those HUDs are primarily designed to let you pose a specific animation, and the feature I want is just a side feature of what they do - they were made back before most Bento heads had good animations (and some brands still don't) or at least stylized animations (one of the HUDs has as it's purpose the ability to do extreme expressions for things like an anime-posed shot). EDIT: Found the catwa expressions. They're the HUD ones which was pretty obvious once I looked. They don't exactly match to the built in SL ones. I am triggering them now with my little hud, but just with some crud number matching. Getting close to solving what I had thought was going to be an impossible to solve issue. That Catwa has that API makes this a lot easier than it looked on my old head (where I would have been blocked by not knowing animation UUIDs).
  2. Do you know if there's any sort of bridge script out there I could place in my home or in furniture that would hear what AVsit says, and shout it back to Catwa's channel? ... Wonder how hard it would be to hack AVsit to spam that channel there. At least AVsit is open source so it's not an impossible task, but it'd mean I could only fix this for my own furniture.
  3. Recently switched to a Catwa head and wondering if it has a better solution than my prior brand for the issue I'll mention here. A lot of furniture can trigger the 'built in facial expressions' system of SL. On 'classic heads' this will cause you to smile, wink, cry, gasp, laugh, and so on... On bento heads I've had to use a third party HUD such as these: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/BENTO-EXPRESSION-HUD-V13-box/11827184 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/HD-bento-Facial-expression-HUD-BENTO-poseao/11027732 - Which are weighty scripts that handle this with their own built in animations that are... not always ideal for any given mesh head... (one of the sticks my tongue out through my nose on both my old head and the Catwa head because it was made for... I have no idea what head...). - Further these HUDs with their custom HUDs result in the animatins of my Catwa head, and those of my old brand - to be shut off. Meaning I need to be constantly swapping HUDs around to bring back the head's own animations once I stand up. I've noticed that Catwa has some really good facial animations... Is there an actual Catwa solution that ties each of these to one of the SL expression triggers? These things: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Internal_Animations Which aretypicall triggered by furniture using the AVpose system (90%+ of modern SL furniture) faces.lsl script: https://avsitter.github.io/avsitter2_faces.html Or failing a Catwa Solution, even a third party that uses Catwa's API to call it's animations so they don't "break" when I sit on furniture with expressions.
  4. Considering that it's only about 250 years old, and we've already mostly defeated it's partner-in-crime Communism; I think it's not as long for this world as some might imagine. I consider the two basically one paired concept. They both look at the world with the same eyes and see the same models for solving things - two different lanes on the same highway, and they've been very effective at making people forget any other highway ever existed. I suspect we'll fall into Socialism for a while - which is really just trying to hog the middle of that freeway... before looking at how humanity behaved before Adam Smith and finding a new road again - one that HOPEFULLY skips the many horrible things that also existed back then... (so there's a possibly horrible outcome in this too... we revert)
  5. That's going to be relative. Different heads will respond differently to being warped into a different look. I just recently got a Catwa as opposed to Mayreal that I had had before. My opinion on this is that about half of their line is extremely strong-jawed and the designer doesn't favor the kind of cheeks you will see often among Asian and African people. But a few of the heads 'on the bottom rows' of the choices at the shop can do this. That said there's more genetic diversity in a typical single African family than in the entire span of humanity off of the continent - so what "looks African" is amazingly wider in spectrum than anywhere else. I recommend getting a demo of everything that has a demo, and setting up a pile of demo folders inside of which you put a copy of your shape, a copy of the head, and a copy of any needed side pieces like eyes (especially Catwa - it can't use normal eyes, unlike Mayreal - though with some work I did discover the position and size needed to put a prim into the eyesocket without is popping out on movement). - It took me about 10 hours to find the head I wanted to buy. Fiddling with shapes, standing next to an alt that had a copy of my old shape and used the old head brand so I could compare, and so on... You really want to spend the time messing with everything so you can be sure in your choice. Also... DON'T GIVE UP EARLY on a choice. Just because you wear a head and it looks like a disaster with your current shape, doesn't mean it won't be the best thing you ever saw once you fix a few dial settings. First time I tried Catwa heads my jaw was almost inside my nose... But I just bought one of them... my jaw dials had just been tweaked for a look that only worked with the classic head I'd had...
  6. You get absurdly lucky and somebody abandons one a few seconds before you look on the page to get one: https://land.secondlife.com/en-US/lindenhomes/land-selection.php Alternatively, you don't get one. Can still just buy land and rez your own home somewhere... but that won't get you onto the new continent.
  7. Oh I agree. It's a nightmare of possibilities. But it's also easy $$$ And until folks get over Capitalism, that is the ONLY THING that matters. People think Facebook is bad now... They have no idea what's coming...
  8. I just don't see the future in sticking your head inside of a box as a way to connect to the world around you... Augmented Reality - that has legs. But Virtual Reality - that's for the same place as unregulated flying cars zipping over local schools while the driver is high on beer.
  9. The best head is the one which, after fiddling with the shape dials long enough - ends up looking like the you you want to look like in SL. If you demo them all, you'll notice that they're generally all rather different - so the best one is really different for everybody.
  10. Who? OP seems to want to avoid the temptation of having access again - which makes it exactly the right analogy. I know the day I need to quit... that's the thinking that'll be on my mind. Someone takes da stuffz 2 serezlee... 👨‍✈️
  11. The LAST thing I would want to see is people able to buy the privilege to be able to come and harass folks in their skyboxes for a minute. Or for griefers to be able to buy priority for particle spam scripts. Firestorm lets me pick the default texture of a prim. I WOULD pay for the ability to block temp-on-rez objects on the sim I'm on. I'd also pay to have a maximum 'script time' enforced on a sim I was on, and gladly accept it knocking out even my own stuff 'cause that would just tell me to fix my stuff... And I'd pay to have a zoned water sim that bars the use of any buildings or 'prim islands' below 1000m - save for things that look like boathouses and are more than 5m away from any parcel edge anywhere on the sim. I'd pay to have a sim not allow banlines. I'd pay to have a sim where security orbs had a minimum notice time of 15 seconds below 500m, 10 seconds between 501-1000m, 5 seconds between 1001-2999m and 0 above that. I'd pay for a sim to now allow anything to be rezzed below 500m unless it's affixed to the ground and if so affixed no taller than 50m. I'd pay for a sim to not allow anything that was rezzed between 501m-1000m that didn't look like a "floating object" such as a skyship, floating rock, etc. I'd pay for a sim that didn't allow '0' in the autoreturn timer, nor any value above 20, and if the value was above '1' would not allow non-group members to rez, use scripts, or do object entry. I'd pay for the ability to 'return' objects on 'linden' land that were not owned by a linden, mole, or sim parcel owner (ie: clear out 'junk' in old sims). I'd have to think about paying for the ability to return objects on linden land that were owned by people who owned land on that sim - would the benefits outweigh the drama... I'd pay for a sim where sculpty didn't work, even if a worn attachment. I'd pay for the ability to auto-block access to parcels based on the 'complexity' score BUT ONLY if they first put out a white paper showing how the formula is a correct guage of the impact things have on graphics cards. We have them claiming this, but I'd like to see the data... and if it's true, then I'd want that feature. I'd pay for a mainland sim with an 'A' policy on sexual content but a 'G' policy on violent content. I suspect someone else would pay for a matching reverse setting - maybe even me as well for a RP venue... I've always felt we needed two completely different kinds of 'A' rated sims, not grouping these two radically different things together... I'd pay to have my map not show things floating in the sky. I'm sick and tired of the map being logo spam...
  12. That actually makes it make even more sense that the whole region gets locked as a unit. As in, wouldn't even have to be a network error between servers - just as simple as them flipping a toggle on whatever system they used to manage the servers, on purpose.
  13. It's one thing to quit Crack by tossing your stash in the river, and a whole other to quit by putting it in a box in the garage just in case you want a hit someday in the future. Even if the dealer is down the block... getting it out of the house really helps remove the temptation.
  14. It's actually not odd at all. It likely means some gateway between servers controlling that set of regions and the servers controlling older regions is down. Look for a cable somewhere by those machines in the back that's been chewed by a mouse... Or maybe just a gateway machine that's gone offline in some random crash. I've told some of the REALLY odd reasons something like could happen that I saw in my early days working in tech at a NOC... but I've told them to too many people in RL and they're kinda specific... but just realize that... yeah some crazy stuff can happen... but issues like this can also be rather mundane - and taking out the whole region makes a LOT more sense than if just one sim got cut off.
  15. The primary value of getting an Omega instead of Catwa specific applier for the head is the ability to later change your brand of head if you so desire. Heads come in brands such as Catwa, Mayreal, Luteka, and others. As near as I can personally tell, Catwa's 'UV map' is the same as the 'default avatar' to a fairly granular level - meaning a properly made Omega applier will match it just as well as a catwa applier. But that's anecdotal. Your best bet is to buy a skin from a maker who includes in there a whole pack full of appliers for assorted major brands: both Belleza and Maitreya for body and maybe some of the off-brands as well, and at LEAST Catwa, Letuka, and Omega for head, and maybe some off-brands as well (nobody ever includes my favorite off-brand Mayreal, but well made Omegas work great on it so... /shrug). - that way you future proof your choice of skin should you later want to change one of the other brands.
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