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  1. Thank you Caerolle. It's on sale today at WitchCraft http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Zerelia/36/204/634
  2. All in pink today to match the new tattoos bought in the Saturday Sales
  3. They are gorgeous Pixie. This is my little guy. I want a friend for him after seeing your two together 😍
  4. @Pixie Kobichenko We only have one Boston in RL but I seem to collect them in SL ( I don't keep the Zooby BT and stuff out due to prims) At least you can't smell them in SL. I knew they had a reputation for being a bit smelly but they can clear a room.
  5. Yeah, well if you grabbed him like that mole in the pic I'm not surprised lol (try to hide the cuffs next time, that might help)
  6. I think we should sneak up on a mole and give it a quick cuddle like this ( maybe not so squishy )
  7. @PrudenceAnton I love your vintage record player. It reminds me of the one my Grandparents had which also had a build in radio.
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