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  1. One of my male friends used to switch his looks often. One day he was a human male or female (he made a really good female av), next day a werewolf, mecha, furry, whatever he felt like. He told me to try being a male to see what it was like. So I made an account, went round grabbing all the free stuff for males at the time and I think in all that account lasted an hour, if that. It just felt odd to me to walk about as the opposite sex.
  2. My husband uses a GA.EG head and a GA.EG skin but I'm not sure which Signature body he uses. I got him to change facial hair to show you. I'm don't know if the skin also gives the same opinion with body hair or not.
  3. Hi Matty, I didn't know it wouldn't make any difference if I modified the skirt. I use the Belleza Isis body for Layla and always keep her pretty slim. Maybe they will fit my alt better who is more curvy.
  4. I've been trying out some of my old clothes over the past few days and found that all the system skirts are a little on the large side for my av (plus no modify). The dress is from Nomine and the system skin is from Lara Hurley
  5. Thank you @Laika Ravikumar I did get told though yesterday that I was looking very butch 😆
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