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How does your avatar look today ?


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18 minutes ago, Marianne Little said:

You look so not like you in blond hair, lol. But always hot.

That's probably more down to the different mesh head and skin than it is to the hair. I've been wearing a lot of that specific ombre tone lately. Also, thank you :)

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I went wandering around the Skin Fair today and I was so impressed with this skin by Pepe Skin (called Aquarius) that I bought it and the matching Maitreya body applier and achieved the look you see below! I rarely buy a skin on impulse, but this was an exception! This is the darkest skin tone, called Goddess.


Moesha Heartsong Pepe Skin Head 14 March 2021.png

Moesha Hearsong Pepe Skin After 14 March 2021.png

Moesha Heartsong Pepe Skin Full 14 March 2021.png

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