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How does your avatar look today ?


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1 hour ago, Puzzle Absinthe said:

Hi Eddy, Greg       : )  Would you please tell me where you got the 3rd eye?  Thank you!

It's YUMESH mesh Ornament #20 Teardrop Full Perm:

I recolored it and made the center stone to Bakes on Mesh to get my eye to appear on it.

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After three days and lots and lots of freebie shopping (blog post dictate) this is how my gal turned out. Final cost zero lindens but I had to loan her a buck so that she could pay a vendor for a BOM relay. The money was refunded I think. Still those one linden "freebies" are NOT good for new folks.  No temporary gifts were used in this styling (ya gotta have some rules). 


And yes she does look a lot like "me". Not the plan. I used the default shape that came with her head which pretty much DOES look a lot like the me I have always been LOL.  




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