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  1. We'll just have to agree to disagree on this point. I don't fault anyone for using these systems and it is nice that they give back to those who need these systems to aquire Ls. As I said, its just my opinion that these systems don't, in reality, boast your image. Only your exposure. Lucky boards seem to have the same effect and basically cost the store nothing.
  2. I've never tried it myself nor do I know which software would return the best results. I just know it is possible. I don't have a Facebook account anymore. The only pictures of me would be ones posted by other family members as far as I know. I guess my point is, that people should be wary of posting anything, anywhere that might be used by someone else to find them in RL.
  3. That would be brand exposure and not brand image. Image is what people ultimately think about that product. No system will turn a bad product into one with a good brand image.
  4. Most search engines in and of themselves won't work. https://www.quertime.com/article/best-face-facial-recognition-search-engines-tools-apps/
  5. No, because it's irrelevant to most people. Having a bunch of people standing around fishing does nothing for brand image. Having a good product, word of mouth references, outstanding customer service. These are things that boost your image positively. If your product is crappy, you can have all the avatars you want standing around and it won't equate to people seeing your product as anything other than crap. Therefore, promoting any product as "helping to improve brand image* is, in my opinion, crap.
  6. It's already in your signature line so kind of a moot point. GROW SIM TRAFFIC right there for all to see.
  7. Maybe we could stop using tarbaby? 1. A inextricable situation or difficult and pressing problem that often grows worse as one tries to deal with it. 2. Offensive Slang Used as a disparaging term for a black person, especially a dark-skinned black child.
  8. I didn't copy and paste anything. I was agreeing with what @ItHadToComeToThisposted which was something you said. Most of us are seeing the point clearly enough without quotes.
  9. Thanks, Qie. I tried to find it logged in with my new name and it showed no history.
  10. Looking at your post history, this seems to be an ongoing problem for you. Did you not get the account back 5 years ago when you initially asked? If it is something that continues to occur, I would think you would keep your log in information and email addresses more secure.
  11. This^^^^. It's really the only answer. Most moderate places won't have these either although a few might. Stop going to sex regions.
  12. I certainly can't speak for how others see it but I'd actually think less of a business that felt it necessary to use any system like this to try and increase brand image.
  13. If you use a BOM version of the tattoo, that should solve the problem. Applier layers have always conflicted with clothing like this. Hair and hairbases, hair and makeup have also been an issue. Someone else will come along and explain the technical reason why.
  14. But after Oz spoke, Grumpity said it was something begun but had to be set aside so they could complete the uplift. Now, they just have to work on fixing it as it was. That is how I understood it.
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