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  1. Actually, search on the website and in the LL viewer has been broken for at least 3 months. I filed a jira but can't access it at the moment. Shrike Linden Added 20/Jan/21 1:56 PM Dropping back in to say: we've found some resident names that indeed do not show up in search! We'll investigate further and work on a fix. Thanks again for the report!
  2. I knew a guy years ago that used to do just that. I know for a fact he'd have at least 10 regular avatars logged in at one venue and win all the prize money on the event board. Not that hard to do for him either.
  3. Search is borked in the LL viewer but they should be able to find you in the legacy search in firestorm viewer. Or pass them your calling card. Do you have reject all friend requests turned on? Do they get a message if they try to send a friend request to you? Are they using your legacy SL name or trying to find you with a display name? There are a lot of things that could be causing a problem.
  4. I didn't really see the point either.
  5. If I remember correctly (not rewatching), the mesh rendering was started before the uplift and then the map broke which put the new feature on hold until they fixed what was broken.
  6. I know a few years ago, Charlotte Bartlett of Scarlet Creative allowed an exchange of house gatchas from trans/mod to copy/mod. I'm not sure if she offers that now and on all her gatcha homes but it's a good idea especially with homes.
  7. What @TT120said but also they've been working on a feature in map that renders mesh better since apparently people have asked for it. They didn't get into anything in-depth. You should watch it.
  8. You only need the omega applier if the skin does not have a LAQ/Maitreya specific applier. Is there a reason why you've chosen not to go with BOM? It's really quite easy once you get it set up and gives you many more options as far as any add-ons such as makeup, tattoos, any body mods like freckles, moles, imperfections.
  9. It's not a head that has as many creators as Lelutka, Genus or Catwa but they're out there. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/products/search?search[category_id]=106&search[keywords]=Laq&search[maturity][]=General&search[maturity][]=Moderate&search[maturity][]=Adult&search[page]=1&search[per_page]=12 I see Session Skins makes some. I know a few of the people on the forums love that brand.
  10. The shape included with most skins made.for a specific head should give you the look in the skin advertisement. Let's say you've got the body you like with your shape set up how you like it. Write down all those body numbers and put that on a notecard with that body. Next, you see a skin for the head you have and you love the look in the ad. Most come with a shape included which if worn with that skin, should give you face that look. Next, pull out that card with your body numbers and plug them into the shape sliders. Just the body sliders! All shapes are compatible with any bod
  11. Although you responded to a 5 year old post, I'm sure someone will find it helpful. Also, it's your first post on the forums that makes you a newbie. It has nothing to do with avatar age.
  12. You could check out this forum section. Check the job postings and apply as directed. Sometimes it's a person to message inworld or a link to an application or Landmark to the region where the application is at. https://community.secondlife.com/forums/forum/312-inworld-employment/
  13. You can only edit or delete within 24 hours. What you can do is make a simple post that says No longer looking at this time...thank you People may still respond. However, you are under no obligation to answer after that.
  14. No worries about how long it took to respond. People usually leave their comments or answers and expect people will check back when able so all good there. I didn't have anything to do with deleting the rude comment. I did report it as off topic and unhelpful and the forum moderators must have agreed. I can't commit to anything myself but when you are up and ready to move your act to the next level, please do post again. Be sure to include as much information about the job as well as if it pays and how (tips, tips+flat rate). Best of luck!
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