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  1. It's a shame; VirtualVerse never really seemed to catch on after the rename. I used to be on the old discussion board a LOT back in the day.
  2. I picked up a red bloodstained ballgown using the L$500 free store credit offer at LANA, perfect for my vampire alt (it ws only supposed to be for the weekend, but when I checked today it was still available, but I don't know for how long).
  3. Well, I'm glad I asked! The next time I see this avatar at Frank's, I will let him know. 😉
  4. Aha! The Firestorm wiki was most instructive: Note: Another factor plays into whether an avatar is rendered as a jelly doll: texture area. If the texture area on an avatar is above the default (1000 m^2), then the avatar will render as a jelly doll even if it has a complexity less than your limit. If this is the case, a small green square is displayed next to the complexity figure in the name tag. (Also note: Your own texture area figure–in YOUR view only–includes your HUDs. Other people will see your texture area figure without HUDs included.)
  5. So, I was hanging out at Frank's Jazz Place (the upstart one, not the original one), listening to the music stream and dressed to kill in a fabulous ballgown (as one does 😉 ), when I spotted the following greyed-out fellow standing at the side of the dancefloor (see picture below). I automatically have ARC turned on, so I am familiar with the Complexity figure, but I have never, EVER seen a "Texture Area" on an avatar before! (It's in red, so I assume that 1,213 metres squared is BAD...) Has anyone come across this before?? What does this mean? And what would prompt such a warning?? Whatever it is, he refuses to rez in my Firestorm viewer.
  6. Okay, thank you! There is no ear texture included in the POWER group gift, so I assume 7DS forgot it. I will send them a notecard in-world.
  7. I picked up the September group gift from 7 Deadly S[k]ins (a fatpack of skins for LeLutka EVO X, called POWER), and I notice that when I wear the skins on my Lilly head (upgraded to EVO X), the ears are still grey! Is there a special setting in the HUD to turn on the texture for the ears? In the Glam Affair skin I had picked up for this head in the UBER 7th Anniversary Hunt, there was a separate texture for the ears, but there's none in the 7DS package. I'm stuck! Thanks for any help!
  8. Yes, I wrote about Ever, Jane on my blog. It's interesting, although I have no idea how popular it still is. When I visited it, it was deserted. In a touch I just *LOVE*, there are three levels of online help available in the game/virtual world: 1. Tell Me Everything 2. What I Must Know 3. I Shall Figure It Out! 😉
  9. I am a big fan of the Kalhene Analexa body, and I bought the Kalhene Erika body for an alt, and I love it! As you can see from this thread, the creator is super responsive to user comments and updates the bodies frequently. Even at full price, I think it’s an attractive alternative to Inthium Kupra and Belleza Freya. And I’m thrilled to see some designer support for this body already! Really, you should check it out if you haven’t yet. Google “Ryan Schultz blog Kalhene Erika” for my review, which includes a feature-for-feature comparison with Kupra.
  10. I just search for “premium” under Places in Search, and I always find one.
  11. All major brands of mesh heads include mesh eyes, which you can change the colour of using the included HUD. Many vendors also sell eye textures for various brands of mesh heads (e.g. Catwa, Genus, LeLutka).
  12. The Big Three of male mesh bodies at the moment are Belleza Jake, Signature Gianni (NOT Geralt), and the Meshbody Legacy. You will find the widest range of clothing for those three bodies. Catwa, LeLutka, or Logo for the head. Stray Dog or Birth for the skin.
  13. Interesting survey results, and a good, recent snapshot of the mesh head and body market. I’m so glad someone decided to step into the void left by Strawberry Singh! The rapid rise in popularity of the Inthium Kupra body explains why vendors such as Kalhene are coming out with thicker, curvier bodies (Erika). Obviously there’s a market there, although I’m not sure how any new body maker is going to convince fashion designers to rig for YET ANOTHER mesh body. (By the way, the Kalhene Analexa body is 99% compaible with Maitreya clothing and footwear, and you get a head, skins, hair, and a starter wardrobe as part of the package. All you need to add is an AO and you’re all set to stroll the grid! Flat chested and petite chested and transgendered versions are also included, you don’t have to pay extra for them. I think it’s a great deal!) Over the years, I myself have used the following male and female mesh bodies: WOMEN: Maitreya Lara, Meshbody Legacy, Belleza Freya, Altamura (both free and paid), eBody regular and curvy (free versions), Lucybody Atenea (free via Midnight Madness board in the store; Maitreya-compatible for clothing, Slink-compatible for shoes), and Kalhene Analexa (also Maitreya-compatible). I have found that most clothing designed for Maitreya fits Altamura bodies with a minimum of fuss (tops fit better than bottoms, though). My favourite is Maitreya Lara because everybody designs for them! Kalhene Analexa would come second, because I can wear almost all my Maitreya clothing and shoes on them, and the developer often issues updates to the bodies (she’s already on version 4.1, I think). MEN: Signature Gianni, Belleza Jake, Meshbody Legacy, Niramyth Aesthetic, Altamura (free and paid), plus a bunch of freebie and dollarbie mesh bodies over the years. I’ve also used EXMACHINA (free and paid), but it’s hard to find clothing for them. As for heads, I have picked up and tested literally every possible free and inexpensive mesh head on the grid over the past 4 years I’ve been blogging (male, female, and unisex), and I have no particular favourites (although I have bought male and female heads from Catwa in the past). I quite like Logo, LAQ, and LeLutka, though! And of course, you can’t beat the free Strong Face head group gift from Genus; I turn to it time and again when styling a freebie alt.
  14. Question for Patch Linden: If the word "gacha" is going to be banned (as seems to be the case, from what I understand), how will that impact gacha resellers who have branded themselves with the word "gacha" in their business name? Thank you!
  15. Hello Silas, I wanted to respond to some of what you are saying here. We chat often, and you know that I am a friend, and your current situation makes me sad. So I am saying this to you as a friend and as a fan of your artwork. First, you are going to have to change your mindset. The gacha resellers who previously bought your products are a market that is only going to shrink in the coming years, as the supply of existing gachas starts to decline over time. You are going to have to start thinking about selling your artwork directly to the customer at a fair-market price. If you are not interested in selling your artwork directly, then you will have to partner with a trusted art broker, who can sell your artwork for you, taking a percentage of the proceeds. I'm sure that there are many galleries and stores in SL who would be only too happy to take over the task of selling your work, should you decide to do so. That way, you do not have to deal with what you consider the distasteful task of marketing yourself, etc. and you can focus on your creative work. You can still sell your items mod/trans in limited quantity with a total value that represents what you want from your work, WITHOUT you having to find buyers yourself. You are a very talented artist, and I and many others who value your work would hate to see you shut your gallery and store in Second Life. This is a big change to how you do your business, but it is not the end of the world, and there are possible solutions. Change is constant; it's how we respond to change that defines who we are. Please do not leave SL! I want you to succeed!
  16. You must understand that English is not Silas’ first language. He may not have recognized “adapt or die” as a saying or metaphor. We all need to put ourselves in the other person’s shoes a bit in this discussion. Please, everyone be kind. Silas is a talented artist in both SL and Sansar, who told me he feels this change will lead to him shuttering his gallery and store in Second Life. (I’m trying to talk him out of it.)
  17. Hooray! I love Jian pets, so this is good news. Thanks for letting me know 😄
  18. Goes for popcorn, settles into the thread We should start a betting pool as to when this thread reaches a hundred pages…oh, wait, that’s gambling 😂
  19. What I am dying to find out is how those SL stores, which are either completely or largely gachas, will retool (e.g. Jian pets, Hideki home decor, Garbaggio dolls). Gachas make up a significant part of their business, and they have dozens and dozens of gachas in their stores for which they abruptly need to find alternative sales mechanisms. I am sure some of them will just decide to shut down completely, rather than bother to do all this work. This is going to have spin-off effects on the SL economy. I have been chatting with one gallery owner who sold much of his artwork and sculpture via gacha machines. He tells me he doesn’t see how he will be able to meet his tier with regular sales, and he is seriously pondering packing up and leaving Second Life, which makes me sad.
  20. Oh wow, I really would like to know what Linden Lab would make of this. On the surface it would *appear* that it would be allowed, but who knows how they will rule? Also, expect an avalanche of such developments and modifications to existing gacha machines over the next month! I'm just glad *I* don't have to evaluate all these gadgets and gizmos. I just get to editorialize 😜
  21. I also have bought a fatpack of all the gacha items when it is available. The message I want to send content creators is that I would rather pay more for one individual item I want, rather than endlessly (and sometimes fruitlessly) play a gacha machine. On a related note, I *did* finally go drop some Lindens at few of the gachas at my friend's gallery, and I am quite happy with the results! So I think we should expect a boom in gacha sales during August...particularly for those retailers who choose to shut down over this decision, as my gallery/store-owning friend is thinking of doing in response to this.
  22. Personally, I am in favour of this change. I never liked playing gacha machines to get the one or two items I wanted out of a collection. Wherever possible, I always purchased the specific items I wanted from gacha resellers. Also, gacha encourages those people with problem gambling habits to spend way more than they should. However, I have been in discussion today with a gallery owner who sold his statues via gacha, who tells me that this is the only way he can earn enough to cover the cost of tier for his gallery. Right now he feels that he has to shut down his gallery/store and leave SL, which is sad. My opinion is that I would prefer him selling his creations individually, instead of through gacha. He could price them accordingly to meet his rent, charging more for them since you will probably sell fewer statues. In other words, charge more for statues but sell fewer of them per month. Another thought: we might see a boom in gachas during August. I for one might consider playing the gacha machines at my friend's gallery just to snap up some statues before they are gone forever.
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