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  1. I mostly shop in world. Occasionally, there is a certain piece of gacha I am looking for ( I rarely buy it these days), and would rather search MP for it instead of wasting time and money on pulls. Otherwise I am in world, shopping events and main stores on regular basis. Stores don't always update their market places readily, and sometimes there is a difference in price since MP charges the merchants a fee . MP is very convenient, but I am someone who loves to shop and browse in real life, so I don't usually mind it taking a bit more time.
  2. I love playing with SL makeup! When I still wore a Genus head, the brands I typically I went to for looks were AlaskaMetro and Izzies. Not only are these makeups very pretty, they were among the first that I knew about that included BOM layers with their sets. BOM for eye makeup is pretty important for me due to the alpha glitch that comes with your lashes/hair. Any applier including the brows (if you wear separate ones from the ones on your skin) can appear invisible if SL gets your layers confused, and there isn't a lot you can do to about it. While you may see your makeup just fine, other
  3. Sandrine, I was very sorry to hear about Amanda, and thank you for thinking of others in your time of great loss. I wish there was something I could say that could be of some comfort to you in these dark and strange times ahead. Sending my biggest internet hugs to you and Amanda's other loved ones.
  4. I don't like super fancy lingerie though the other posters have listed some really lovely brands that make high quality pieces. My faves currently comes from Stories&Co. They are cotton in material and have no frills. They still look pretty sexy in my opinion.
  5. Like Rowan, I often end up wearing updos if my normal hair goes through my clothing. Another thing I've tried with varying degrees of success is to wear a different size of the hair especially the +boob version if the issue is happening at the front of my outfit. Magika, Exile, Foxy and Truth are other nice hair brands to check out that might have something that works for you.
  6. I have bought Session skins in the past and typically the brow that you see on the skin is the only one you get. However the browless BOM version should allow you to wear another BOM brow layer on top. Just make sure that that brow layer works with your head ( bom brows for Lelutka Evo X will end it some crazy places due to the UV difference). Also check to make sure that the bom brows are on top of the tattoo browless face layer. You can reorder your layers by going into appearance and choosing to edit your outfit. I hope this helpful and not adding to your confusion.
  7. Like many others I wear a ton bom layers to achieve a more realistic look. Skins out of the box often are far too perfect and smooth for my tastes so I add a lot of little things that I think make a pretty big impact on the overall look. Skin discoloration around eyes, eyebags, fine lines, skin pores, eye lid shine, and natural blush on cheeks &nose. Izzies is one of the best places to look for things like these. Other stores I highly recommend : Jack Spoon, Ladybird, Heaux, War Paint, Avarosa/Finer Things, AlaskaMetro and Deetalez. Me for reference:
  8. I try not to wear things by popular creators that I purchased from super recent shopping events, and if I do I rarely wear a full set together because I love to mix and match with other brands. In my opinion, the hardest thing to resist wearing straight out of the store is hair. I have so many hair twins out in the world! Good quality mesh hair is far less plentiful. @Scylla Rhiadra Wear your dress!
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