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  1. I love Tableau Vivant and that is what I use currently on my Lelutka. Another place to look is Izzies. I have some hairbases from them that were based on the Truth color range that might work for you. A word of caution ! If you can demo hairbases before you buy, definitely do. While most hair bases will be okay in the front, they can sometimes bleed on to your ears if you are wearing a hairbase that is not created for your particular head .
  2. Is unpacking your items the issue? Generally there are a couple of methods to do it and some caveats. Whenever I buy something I usually try adding ( add not wear) the object to my avatar to see if its actually packed or inside an unpacker hud that will appear on your screen if attached. If it's a hud, you should be able to click it or it may automatically unpack your item into a folder which you should be able to find in the most recent tab of your inventory. If an actual box is attached, I will unattach it, and drag it to ground from my inventory. In order to drag it to the ground the l
  3. I think it depends on the clubs you attend. I am not of fan of places where people just stand around in their IMs . If I am feeling social and go out (happens rarely these days) I will join the local conversation if there is one and if no one is interested in talking there then I just take off. I say to try music clubs because it is generally an interest that most people have, and there is oodles of them around to sample. Of course this is all based on my experience. Perhaps there are places that burgeoning creators or those interested in building go to share ideas that I don't know about
  4. I can definitely see both sides of this. I think if you are interested in making friends with residents who post here on the forums, the best way to do that is to engage in the various topics. Ask questions, give input on other peoples posts. But if you are looking for in-world friends, Talli's advice is sound. I am not saying it's easy though. Finding my group of friends was kind of a happy accident years in the making. For me it started with finding a club that played music I liked and had a vibe I enjoyed . I became a regular there and engaged in local chat with the other patrons . The res
  5. Would blocking the offender stop them from being able to animate your avatar? That is very troubling that someone could have rights to use permissions on someone indefinitely.
  6. Actually the Perky body was the first one to be fixed back in July (along with the more muscular male body I believe). For some reason I was under the impression that the other bodies had already been updated too, but looking at their update log they only mention changes from back in August. I know for sure the regular Legacy for women was definitely updated. Not sure why their logs on the mesh body website doesn't reflect that. I will say there have even been more recent updates from back in the fall for the women's bodies. They remodeled the breasts and neck. The version I use is 1.3.3.
  7. Look at this group of cuties! Was really lovely meeting you today. I hope there are many more pictures in our future ❤️
  8. I am not super into the holidays, but I have a few things that I got that belonged to my grandmother. One was a Christmas quilt and the other was a ceramic Christmas tree that lights up. My grandmother painted it herself among other things in 70s ( I got a couple sad clown pieces too that I will never part with) ,and its the one thing I will still put out in real life to this day. To my delight, Hextraordinary came out with a rendition of this tree year before last and I instantly bought it.
  9. I would recommend checking out Cheezu , Pixicat, Sallie and SpectacledChic. Not sure I've seen anything with an apron. While Market place is a convenient option, it is not always the best place to see what is available in our virtual world. Check out Flickr. Wouldn't be surprised if there was a SL centric group there for Cottage core pics since its such a cute style.
  10. Skinnery, Bold and Beauty, Lara Hurley, Go & See, Ebeauty. I am failing to name a bunch I am sure. Check out Lelutka Mesh Head Developers group on Flickr and it will show you a lot of the new skins being made for their heads.
  11. Lucky for you Maitreya is the standard for most stores. Plastix is probably one of my fave smaller stores I lament not being able to wear due to wearing Legacy perky full time. The textures and materials are top notch, and lots of fun styles. There is even some stuff for guys too! For more casual clothes , I love Tres Blah and Evani. For more offbeat clothing, check out Hot Dog and Boy to the Bone (BTTB). The fit can sometimes be a little "creative" , but they offer some really fun and unique looking stuff.
  12. Along with Seraphim, Grid Affairs is another website that lists a multitude of events, and sometimes has ones not mentioned at Seraphim. Along with events where you can experience lot of different creators, there are groups on Flickr that are strictly Vendor ads that you can browse. Often, its one of the first places you will see new items. As for specific stores, there are too many good ones to name unless you have particular requirements besides price. I'd also recommend joining in world groups if you are able. Big stores like Blueberry, Addams, Scandalize , Seniha among many others give out
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