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  1. @Horus Salubrius In case you have not figured it out yet! To reactivate bom on your legacy hud, go the second tab (the body with the sparkles) then on the far right underneath the "e" in style. Then click Apply BOM button that is also on the far right: That will turn BOM on and off . If you are wanting to wear an applier skin, wear your body alpha then reapply the applier from your skin's applier hud. The only way you can change a system skin is to wear another one in its place. If you have a tattoo face layer (meaning the face skin is separate from the rest of
  2. Thanks Jaimy! Halloween music has just become my mood for this entire year >.<
  3. Tram actually does a pretty great job at doing strands of hair around the face so I think that is actually true to the hair. I love their hair textures too. If you like this style of hair also check out BarberYumYum.
  4. @MickLang The top one is from Tram and it's name is J0109. I suspect the second one is from Dura and it's called B98.
  5. That is very odd. I could see where they might limit the amount of posts you make within a certain time frame such as minutes or seconds to thwart spammers. Perhaps it is an issue with the new system they recently migrated over to last week. I would give it sometime , and try again. Rowan has an excellent point too and it would make sense, but it would nice to have some clarification from an Admin.
  6. @Horus Salubrius Check out Gyazo. It is free program that will allow you to basically screengrab, and uploads it automatically to their servers . From there you can copy and paste link into a post. The free version is sort of limited in that you have a history of 10 pictures, but as long as you have link addresses , you don't totally lose the ability to see the other older pictures. So no need for Flickr yet unless you have an arty "De/Construction of an Avatar" project in mind. And like Skell said, we have to be careful about what we post here so when you take a picture of your avatar
  7. @Horus Salubrius If you can, show us some pictures of your avatar and your worn folder. Which body did you decide to go for?
  8. If I knew then what I know now, I would have paid more attention to organizing my inventory from the get go instead of letting it get out of hand . I am currently hovering at around 67k , but it was much higher a few weeks ago before I savagely started deleting things. I made sure to make a folder of old things that I could not part with , but I kept that list small. Apparently, It is very easy for me to get sentimental over inanimate objects, but organization is imperative to maintaining my anxiety levels and sanity. As to Horus's questions. Updating an avatar can be very overwhelming p
  9. I've always read the separate head thing as a convenience thing for the designers. The big name stores have a ton of skins and usually different body style options (curvy, small breasts, athletic, etc),and on top of that they have to consider there are also different mesh bodies with different mapping that must be accounted for as well. Having the head and body separate allows them a lot more flexibility and freedom to create new things without the burden of having to constantly update their entire stock of skins should they decide they want to update the body skins or add another niche styl
  10. So I definitely wasn't late going to work today because I was messing around with the new heads. >.>And apologies ahead of time as this will be a bit of a ramble so I will save you by numbering my first impressions. 1.First thing I noticed when I put on the head was how well my Lelutka skin worked on the head. No weird lines around the eyes and or the nose that I am so used to seeing when I wear something not meant for my current head. That was a pleasant surprise. Of course the mouth area didn't look as good as I would have liked, but that is what I get for trying to wear a skin t
  11. @Chic Aeon I suspect that the reason why the neck fix might not be working for you is due to the fact that Genus needs to update their part of the neck. Awhile ago Lelutka released files to all mesh body/head creators to make seamless necks a thing for everyone. I am sure you'll see an update in the future that will make the neck look great for you.
  12. You might want to check out their official discord for Lelutka or the flickr group they have set up specifically for people make stuff for Lelutka heads. Feel free to message me in world too, I never mind helping!
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