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  1. A lot of the best hair makers use alphas textures to make their hair. Alphas are see through and when they encounter another alpha in the world (like windows, trees , eyelashes, some clothing, applier make up) it creates a transparency . Things you might see, part of window is missing behind you, or if your hair hugs your face, your applier make up might look like its not there or that you are missing eyelashes on one eye. Here are some things you can do to lessen the impact of the alpha issue : 1. Wear bom make up and hairbases as much as possible. Bakes on mesh or system layer
  2. I know I've seen some oversized jean jackets on male avatars, but had never thought to check them. I did a little googling and found this jacket from Ascend :
  3. Hope everyone is doing well this week. ❤️
  4. What you are describing is what happens when two alphas clash - it creates a transparency. Your best best like Marianne said is to wear shorter lashes and bakes on mesh brows in order limit your issues with your alpha hair. There are some other alpha texture caveats as well: 1. Applier makeup including HD make up are effected by the alpha glitch. Like your applier brows, hud-based make up with also have issues with your lashes and hair. 2. See-thru or thin-looking clothing often glitch with hair. The only way I've been able to work around this is to make sure my hair is eithe
  5. Sorry for the incoming wall of text. I was reluctant to post anything here because I usually like to stay out of drama for my own sake, but I thought I would share my own experience with group therapy and various ways I've seen it utilized. When I was in group therapy there were mixed groups and also groups that were just women and just men. There are important reasons for this, and its not meant to imply that others that do not meet group's criteria are not suffering and undeserving of help. Its about creating trust and safe spaces for sharing. While two people might share the experien
  6. I really like a lot of the things I've found at The Black Forest. There is a great attention to detail that I really appreciate. For example they have a really beautiful wood burning stove that I think I only paid 75 l for when I saw it at an event. Not only was it beautifully textured and a very modest LI, but the pipe that takes the smoke "outside" is extended to a piece on the outer wall that makes the placement make sense. I am probably the only person who ever cares about this , but bugs me when I see a massive fireplace with a roaring fire where there shouldn't be one (no outer chimne
  7. Most major skin stores have skins for Legacy now, but I think there are a couple that haven't gone entirely bom yet. As a lady myself I am not super familiar with all the brands out there, but the ones I do know and like are Stray Dog, Avarosa, Bold & Beauty, and Session. Good luck!
  8. Finding a store that sells straight vintage fashion of good quality is a bit of unicorn, but if someone does find one please post it. What you will find though is a ton of vintage inspired clothing out there. So it might not be sold as vintage, but if you know the silhouettes you are wanting to create you totally can. Casual Vintagey Clothes Tres Blah Fashionably Dead The Secret Store Decoy Cheezu Gowns Dead Doll Plastix Zaara Belle Epoque Hair Lamb Exile Clawtooth Doux By no means an exhaustive list, but just some of my fa
  9. I don't know of any free heads that have a prominent nose, but you might want to check out Lelutka. The Zora head specifically has a beautiful romanesque nose. Definitely try their demo. Good luck!
  10. @Chic Aeon I think the issue is wayyyy more egregious on male skins and Legacy. I've experienced it myself looking nearly as bad, but thankfully foot tattoos were there to fix it while updated body skins were being made. My current skin looks great on either body without having to use a tattoo layer on my feet now. I mostly wear Legacy's perky body and fall back on Maitreya when i want to wear some of my older clothes.
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