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  1. @Nika Talaj I literally got in the bottle !!!! still in effect ...
  2. ... I like this boat house, I think I'll spend a lot of time living here ...!
  3. I usually find everything but what the purpose of the hunt was.
  4. I edited ... so that no one messes up.
  5. Eu nunca publicaria um segredo ... isso é apenas uma ironia ... !!!
  6. LOL Fui caçar presentes e achei essa garrafa, estou bêbado, but I kept looking !!!
  7. Procurando novos amigos que morem em Bellisseria e que falem português e queiram formar uma comunidade com interesse em arte, arte imersiva, arquitetura, teatro, e tranquilidade, quem?
  8. 53/5000 Banksy came home and left a basic graffiti ...!
  9. Bellisseria X 4 : mixing SL viewer filters.
  10. Does anyone know what the project is besides splicing Belli to the continent?
  11. Loved your visit, the time zones really hinder, come whenever you want to the garden zem! who wants to visit the garden link here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cape Lively/246/55/21
  12. Nice picture, unfortunately I was not in the world to be with you. Always come for a coffee.
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