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  1. @Loretta String you are always very good with the colors
  2. @Prokofy Neva I also do not understand very well the preference of some people for furniture that are very old and heavy and wall walls, but in the SL for our well we still have some possible freedoms to exercise. In Bellisseria I have seen some of these that is hard to believe that someone really enjoys these objects.
  3. @Prokofy Neva I'm a set designer and also produce events in RL, so in SL I spend almost all the time creating and recreating spaces, it's an exercise that helps a lot. I think if I had land and houses to rent like you have, it would be difficult or almost impossible to get out of the computer.
  4. The warehouse is almost finished I found a place to put my terrariums the bathroom has a sliding panel door that can go both ways or close completely
  5. I'm a terrible driver and a little big for the "Beetle" but I loved the experience of driving through Bellisseria and destroying some gardens. Thanks
  6. If you are using a notebook try to click on the image it will open, and then click again in theory should load the maximum size. Where it is possible to read the names of the regions. or try to download.
  7. starting to get the red border, what does it mean?
  8. Historical stilt world map. if you enlarge the image you can read the name of all regions.
  9. people willing to jump into the sea ..😀
  10. curious on the edge of the abyss
  11. 15 people right now in Faraday
  12. I just put a cabin available at: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Banmis Highlands/141/61/53
  13. This beautiful place is now available again, I hope someone will share it. secondlife://BANMIS%20HIGHLANDS/141/61/53
  14. the "Autumn Ílusório" exhibition closed thanks for the visits.
  15. Now I saw this amendment, soon we will have new houses !!!
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