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  1. taking a walk in “Die Betrunkene Maus” I found these friends !!!🤩
  2. The Hardy, the first floor has a sleeping and playing room, basic and contemporary. It also has a large, airy bathroom for relaxing. And a place for books and reading, I created a bookcase with the same stucco as the wall to support objects, and placed a large sofa for creative leisure. ... That's what I managed to do, with the blessed 351 prims !!! Let's go to the next decorative adventure.
  3. Here is The Hardy's dining room The emphasis is on the expressionist works of Yūzō Saeki (Know more about him here: https://artsandculture.google.com/entity/yūzō-saeki/m0fqqg8t?categoryId=artist ) I also placed my terrariums, after all it is spring. Next to it is the kitchen. which is also wide and minimalist. The works of art are by the Brazilian artist KOBRA here is his website: https://www.eduardokobra.com/ happiness can be in this 5-door refrigerator ... consumer dream ...
  4. @heartzwhim Here in this link there are many textures ready to use, and totally free. https://www.textures.com/library
  5. This is The Hardy's living room, I mixed the styles and tried to give it a cosmopolitan look ... I used a "Cafona" wallpaper from the 40s dyed with lead gray, in the curtains I also used a pattern of leaves that resembles a fabric that we call "Chita" but monochrome. I invented some details for the ceiling, I don't like very smooth ceilings, I prefer to always put some detail or relief. I could add some more details, but the house is big and I need free prims to decorate the other spaces. Soon I'll post photos of the Dining
  6. They are exactly @Elena Core from Hisa
  7. Since the Victorians were launched, I used Verne first, then The Doyle, and now I decided to try The Hardy; I made a balcony to enjoy the magnificent sunset that I can have here. I tried to make the balcony integrated so that it does not overshadow the original architecture of the house. Essa é a frente coloquei um relógio de torre, e alguns vidros da sala de baixo tem uma leve coloração de verde. There is also a gate covered by a vineyard, which was the only addition I made to the garden, as the house is so big that the landscapin
  8. can I give you a suggestion? ... maybe it will be putting the transparency of the image around 30% it will have an interesting organic effect, the lines on the boards of the original wall will appear and it will have a more "fluid" result.
  9. I went to try to find the stones of the Skye Studio. I found anything but that. I suck at hunting !!!
  10. i just bought the whale i also liked it. much. thanks @Frigga Freidman
  11. All Free I have already been driving some vehicles in the Chalés area, and I can say that the roads are good with many ups and downs and some very beautiful corners, to stop and enjoy the scenery. So if you want to go for a walk, with a retro style, go to 777, they have these two vehicles free for the store group. on here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ascalon/139/90/2007 The interior of the car is beautiful 70s style. It combines with a nostalgic adventure.
  12. all free Fundati's message that if you are a gardener you can't miss: Come to our main store; Fundati decided to include three group gifts this season. This spring season will end June 25th. so make sure you pick all three free group gift items till then. after that we'll begin setting out our summer group gifts! 1. Shrubs (Fatpack) 2. Giant Arch Tree Custom Spring Edition (Includes A tire swing with couple poses!) 3.Japanese Cherry Tree ♥Fundati♥ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Horizons Andromeda/55/159/1711
  13. Today I made a video of the party at The Bellisseria Animal Sanctuary, ... rl called me and I couldn't stay long, here is a little of the time I spent there dancing.
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