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  1. @Elena Core thank you ... a few more days is I think I'll finish ... although I think the party will happen before.
  2. ... decoration in progress ... ... when I finish the work, I have a party and I invite everyone to listen to some contemporary Brazilian music ...
  3. Faz alguns dias que meu ALT pegou esta casa-barco de TRAFALGAR, é a última casa do lado esquerdo, tem um farol que a ilumina, o céu do terraço e eu posso ver os vários tipos de casas ao meu redor, ou o mar aberto nas minhas costas. Adiante ... não sei quanto tempo vou manter esse luxo ... mas acho que pelo menos até ver nos próximos meses.
  4. The decoration is not ready yet, what if a curious neighbor will look out the window?
  5. My "Victorian mess", I like subversion, and this house is a good way to train ... work still in progress! a bit of Banksy, and the late afternoon shade! The pool for the eternal summer of Southern Bellisseria! The comfortable eclecticism of the room gradually takes shape. The symbolic drawings. And the music that can not miss !!!
  6. I hardly believed my luck, this is the location in Granby Court of my home ... (will I find a better home?) New Year's gift !!! Yesterday I had received a great one with a square with a fountain in front and the sea behind, but I tried the GAME OF HOUSES again, and received this even better !!!
  7. I received a Victorian house by the sea, and with a park with a beautiful fountain in front, in the first attempt located in Pelham Station, unbelievable .... I think I will spend the end of the year having a great time with wonderful toy.
  8. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hyacinth/225/178/37 here it is real !!! @Nika Talaj
  9. The beautiful monument with fountain and maze in the southern Bellisseria Victorian neighborhood
  10. Who will be the happy resident of the house in front of the new Bellisseria icon !!!!
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