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  1. @Nika TalajYou would be a great logistics manager, I produce cultural events in RL, and I recognize people with this talent. Congratulations!!!
  2. maybe we could arrange a coffee for an informal chat since we have interests in art and we are all in Bellisseria !!! What do you think?
  3. I am happy that you are having fun with the complement, it looks beautiful in the photos the adaptations you made, I really admire your talent in the decoration of the houses.
  4. Estou longe da Flórida, mas queria contribuir para as questões da arquitetura consideradas únicas desse lugar, parece-me o clima e a paisagem são algumas vezes decisivas para as escolhas do que fazer e como construir. Aqui está um post que aconteceu em outubro de 2019 e acho que vale a pena revisar o tipo de palafitas que temos na Amazônia.
  5. unfortunately I have time to go, but I really like the idea and I have also visited. CONGRATULATIONS to the BLUES
  6. Hello I have a Gallery in Victorian Bellisseria, maybe you might be interested. You can still visit the exhibitions
  7. preparando o estúdio para o verão.
  8. in the studio preparing the flowers for the summer
  9. minha configuração favorita, acesso à estrada e local para colocar o barco embaixo da casa.
  10. While I don't see the new theme, I have fun with the old ones, these are photos from Trafalgar's studio.
  11. @MiakisTheUsagi I really like the texture of the walls and the whole minimalist atmosphere.
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