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  1. I turned an old alt into a premium one and got this cabin with a great location in Banmis Highlands, it has two Secoias and a bridge right next to it, and water in the other two, I opted for the Grand View I will decorate and try for 3 months and see what happens to follow, wait for the next topics.
  2. Meu modelo favorito é HOUSEBOATS, primeiro experimentei o Barnacle, fiz um jardim subaquático e várias versões de extras para complementar, fiz o mesmo no Windlass e, finalmente, no Wallower, na RL faço cenografia para shows de música e teatro e dança, então no SL as casas e decorações estão sempre mudando e são um pouco dramáticas, gosto de misturar tudo e sinto cada decoração como o jogo de decorações. Agora comecei a decorar Evenig Star (foto). vamos ver o que vai ser ... Eu também tenho um Verne que me deu muito trabalho ... Eu já fiz alguns adicionais para ele, e estou trabalhando em outro, sempre penso primeiro em como o novo espaço será usado, então tentarei criar algo que atenda às expectativas. Enfim, tem sido um ano divertido em Bellisseria. Obrigado @ LuLu Starbrook pela cotação, fico feliz que você goste das minhas tentativas malucas.
  3. @Arquet Yes, I really tried to use BLENDER around 2017, but there was no time and patience to try to decipher "the sphinx". Now I decided to face the bastard ... lol, in fact I spend almost all the time in the Sandbox doing things and objects for absolute fun, and I had never experienced the possibility of saving in "collada" to rework and bring it back. Let's see what happens!!!
  4. I worked these days, encouraged by the tips, images, and videos from @Chloe Dolores and @Marianne Little, I decided to download Blend, and take some video lessons, I managed to build this add-on that turns the Wallower's exterior staircase into an interior staircase. I made a large compartment at the top, with a balcony, and kept the terrace at the back. My concern was to make an addition that respected the essence of the house, and kept the possibility of seeing the landscape, and at the same time creating some privacy for those who want more space, for a bedroom, or a living room on the upper floor. And most of all, I don't want the vision of this add-on to be an assault on the incredible and beautiful landscape of Bellisseria. If anyone wants to give their opinion it will be very good.
  5. @Loretta String thank you I will look there !!!
  6. In the diversity of the Fair Around the world
  7. @Loretta String your Doyle decor is beautiful, can I know where the mirror is on the dining room wall?
  8. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Blung/141/43/22 This store is selling all planes and boats for 100L
  9. Posting some pictures of the Wallower here, for those who did not visit it still has time until the 6th, if you want to have a good experience put your viewer in the advanced mode of lights at night. UBER: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bellisseria Demo/163/162/22
  10. I visited, they are beautiful and everything around is beautiful, but I prefer to go back to the city ...
  11. Nestemomento no ssp83x ... 3 points green, while in the ACS region, 50 people including me, look at the blue sky !!!!
  12. https://music.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_kmCcDMqgj0NQZldqDYwsFJkEuDPqi-i8c
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