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  1. Natural AO pose no editing. Just thought i looked cute Choker to hide neck line.
  2. Just bought land set up the house and parked the car. Time for a break
  3. Laying around the house with Boyfriend. Such a cute pose.
  4. That's what i thought it was at first where your clothes look wet. Thought there maybe a layer or something i have to take off, but couldn't find one. That did fix it thank you so much. I look normal again!!!
  5. Oh ok hehe. Yes i did press that about the time i went in pool. Was trying to fix neck line at the time. Was fully clothed so i didn't see it and thought it didn't do anything lol. Thank you so much Orwar!!!!
  6. Thank you for answering. I have a Maitreya body yes.
  7. Hiya, Hoping someone can help me and i hope its the right forum. Don't think its a technical issue? Anyway so i hopped in my pool of my new house splashed around trying all the animations. When i got out my body looks like it is wet, water dripping etc. Ok fun, but now it won't go away. Anyone know how to 'dry off' TIA!!
  8. New Logo head and hair by L'Etre Doux. Can never find good background scenery.
  9. Thank you Skell. I'll look into that also. :)
  10. Hmmm nevermind. Come back 5 minutes later and it has cleared up?
  11. Does anyone know how to fix grey spots on face? Turning face light on helps a little. Head and skin by GA:EG
  12. Share yourself out at Mama allpa when fertile. you'll get there. Giggles.
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