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  1. /me takes Sugah softly by the hand walking over to the couch and gently sits on the edge. Tapping the seat next to her for Sugah to sit down next to me while gazing tenderly into her eyes. I smile as you sit down. “It’s ok hun it takes a little practice and a few descriptive words and you’ll be fine.” Leaning forward wrapping my arms around you in a soft embrace and smiles
  2. Not a super fan of short hair usually always long, but i think i look cute in it.
  3. Sitting on the deck overlooking the Ocean
  4. Enjoying the lighting in Firestorm Ultra
  5. Love that smile. My head doesn’t look that good when smiling
  6. Glad to see you in Brunette. Love your look Panteleeva (Terrain wall behind dividing Sim into 4) Haven't posted in awhile. Here i am sitting by the dock of the Bay
  7. Captain Marvel out to save us from any fashion faux pas!!!
  8. .....because i'm so freaking cute why would i want to go back? lol But then SL is like an Adult version of Barbie.
  9. Avi from 2008. All my pics i must have deleted. This one (profile pic) from 2010 before we could change our names. Same Avi 2021 on balcony.
  10. Anyone have a list of the first batch of last names in SL? I can't remember when i first started i think it was 2005 or 2006. Last name was Reisler....Just would like to know about how long i've been around SL TIA!!
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