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  1. Hi. :) I wonder, if it is possible to change the blue background of the standard dialog menu top right corner to a different color.
  2. I understand. Thanks a lot, Dakota for solving this matter. I appreciate that. The money arrived already on my account. I ordered the PLE again. This time it is in the correct category.
  3. Thank you for your response and moving the thread, Dakota. Sounds fair. Well, I already contacted the market place support. Without result yet. Too bad that I didn't read your reply before. I deleted the PLE and used the already open ticket to submit the MKT number. Hope that is ok.
  4. Hey, Selene. Thanks for your reply. Yes, I read how to manage enhancements. I don't want to cancel it. 15 days at the wrong place...please no. lol I want it in the correct category. But seems as a user I cannot do that. Probably I have to contact the support. See you.
  5. Hi. I just ordered a listing enhancement and notice it is not added to the category that I choosed. I wanted something in category "shapes". Actually it is shown in "shapes >other shapes". Hard to imagine for me that I clicked so much wrong. However, everying is possible. Nonetheless I wonder, if the market place moderation perhaps chooses a category in case they think the item doesn't fit in the one where the merchant wants the enhancement to appear? I ordered the enhancement for 15 days. So I'm not happy to have it at the worng place. Any option to correct the category?
  6. Loging fails Grid status says nothing.. Am I the only one? I'm coming from Europe.
  7. Hey, nice to see your here. :) They granted me a short break that I could close this open chapter. Thought I had to wear an orange overall und shackles. :P
  8. This is solved. If paypal asks you for adding a bank account or credit card instead to log you in even when you have already a bank or credit card added, this may help. Login in your paypal account and visit the page where recurring payments are listed. it's normally to find under the gear icon and then tab payments. Sorry, I can't be more exact. I have a user interface in german language. In my case it wa< a new Paypal address. And because the page was empty I didn't spend much attention on it. That was wrong. There is a link somewhere regarding setting the default funding source. You get a new page where your bank account or credit card are listeted with checkboxes. Tick the desired box, save and try paypal to add your account again. Good luck.
  9. Konnte gerade einloggen. Zwei Versuche positiv. Hat ein bißchen länger gedauert als sonst.
  10. Gleiches Problem. Kann nicht einloggen. Bin auch bei der Telekom. Ändern der Location hilft nichts.
  11. Yesss!! The name is: Sci-fi Nerd Rancor II Ornament I wouldn't have guessed that. For me it's just a monster. Thanks alot, Bree. I owe you one.
  12. No problem. At least we can delete Derek from the list. lol
  13. Thanks for your reply. I tried Derek. It's not in my inventory or on the market.
  14. Hi. I know it's an unusual request. I purchased this thing years ago and forgot the name. Meanwhile my inventory has more than 100,000 items. I spent hours to search it trying any possible keyword. No luck. But perhaps I'm lucky and anyone owns it. 
  15. Just a quick update. I'm afraid the problem will be remain unsolved. Didn't receive any further response from the SL German billing support despite the fact that they promised that on phone. All I found in mail was a form to rate the quality of their phone support. I'm sorry to hear that you have to deal with Paypal troubles also, Jamiee.
  16. Hi. thanks for your hint. I will talk with Paypal about that. I contacted the German billing support meanwhile. They told me what i have is a known issue with Paypal.. According to the support many German users report the same. There is a 50/50 chance that you get hit by that problem, when you try to add a Paypal account.
  17. Hi, thank you for your input. What makes you believe that I'm not calm. Do you notice that not only one of the replies I got adresses the described problem? Put yours on the list. I wasn't rude nor unpolite. If it sounds so, I'm sorry. I took the time too describe my issues as exactly as possible. That I'm not happy, if people just read the headline and point me to the support is understandable. Wouldn't you agree.
  18. Thank you. This advice is as good and as bad as the other advices I got until now. lol I repeat I would prefer if people response who had the same issues like I have. If nobody had, ok.
  19. Hi. You may want to re-read my post. Especially this part: "They cannot say why. Neither can the Linden support. Anyone has an idea perhaps?" Please note, the fact that anyone has just a few forum posts doesn't to automatically mean that he is a noob without clue. Actually I have other things to do than to hang out in forums. I posted my problem detailed and in hope for help. Simple advices without to read the details which I posted are not very helpful. Sorry. .
  20. Hi, thanks for your reply. You advice me to contact the Linden support after I wrote in my post that the Linden support couldn't find out what's going wrong? My post is adressed to SL residents which use Paypal and had to deal with simliar issues. With Paypal and Linden support I had already long chats. But I will try the German phone number also. Thank you for posting it.
  21. Hi. I have issues to add a Paypal adress to my SL account. Paypal account status: 5 years old and works verified connected with bank accounnt cash balance on it Well, each time I press the "add a paypal account" button in my SL account I get linked to a page that wants me to add a bank account. Paypal support told me: Linden wants to charge my Paypal account with 1 USD and asks at the same, if a mininum balance of 25 USD is available. Actually there is more than 25 USD available. According Paypal for unknown reasons this balance seems to be ignored and therefore the Linden request doesn't go throught. They cannot say why. Neither can the Linden support. Anyone has an idea perhaps? Unfortunately I deleted my old, but working Paypal adress from my Second Life account before it was sure that the new account would work. However, I even can't put back the old one.
  22. Hi, actually it's not so easy. Please read the Firestorm blog. It includes a list what viewers are currently VMM enabled. Firestorm itself is not at the moment.
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