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  1. Not a big biker fan but GF wants to go out and ride. Still looks big even for the Female version.
  2. What do you mean you're out of Espresso!! I want to see your manager!!
  3. Slumming it at the house. No make up no pretty outfit hehe
  4. Thank you for answering 😀 … I have my own land to live on and ^^that one for um guests hehe
  5. Maybe offer a boat slip as a new home so i can kick off that ugly house boat? Love SL but omg....My bow is behind the yellow line now. Had to sink it to tell it was over lol.
  6. Ok well now i have an ugly house boat ugh..... Lindens-- edit....and my yacht still fits and under prim still
  7. I bet you’re real fun at parties. I’ll enjoy it while I can
  8. I really don't like the houseboat anyway but thanks for the boat slip hehe. My Yacht fits perfect!!!
  9. I knew they had horses in SL but didn't know they looked this good. As well as a bunch of Sims to ride them on
  10. Once again out on my Yacht at Sirens Isle!!! this time with my new hair from Doux hehe. Love it!!!.
  11. Love that hair!!!….who is the designer and style? TIA
  12. I've been between 80k--110k Depending on who much jewelry i have on.
  13. comparing prices on Market Place before buying in World
  14. Usually im a Mermaid underwater but trying the human method today hehe
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