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  1. That's the reason why I like BoM so much. I have about 250 different avatar looks saved. In general I use to build one as basic and then build variations from it perhaps with different light settings or skin colors.
  2. Yep. Comics are pure fantasy and not bound to the usual drawing rules or styles. Japanese Mangas are the best example. When it comes to editing, there is no limit for me. If I think it is required, I edit everything until the picture on the screen and the one in my fantasy are as equal as possible.
  3. Oh, and I can white backgrounds also. 😊
  4. No, I'm no Russian at all. I'm a German. It should have been a German text then. lol
  5. Yes, I wrote: "And what's the differences from mine? The colors?" But in English not in the language that you quoted. Strange. My question meant, that my pictures are as harmless as the one that you posted. Only the colors are different.
  6. I didn't say that. Where did you find it?
  7. That's a cool one. Very good.
  8. Well, I said probably prude. You said you are not. Then I was wrong. Sorry.
  9. Entertaining, isn't it? 😊
  10. You don't like the yellow background. Here is an easy solution: don't look at it. FYI, comics don't want to look realistic. They look bizarr, strange, horrible, have flaws, the overdo and exaggerate.
  11. And what's the difference from mine? The colors?
  12. Wow, so you can say everything about me no matter how insulting it might be for me. But I have to shut up? I suggest go and learn some respect and tolerance. Anyway, the conversation turns to a level that is too low for me. Now you even blame me that you identify yourself with my pictures? For what misery in your life I'm else responsible? And always my pictures. Images as harmless as images can be. Neither overly erotic nor explicit. Normal pictures. And just because they aren't your taste, I will burn in hell for them? lol I'm affraid that won't happen.
  13. Well, I'm glad that you find some of my ideas useful. But again you try to set me under moral pressure. What you guys do is reasonable and right, and what I do is all wrong. lol Ok, you want to hear what I really think about Jordan, Rowan and you? You guys lack flexibility, are obviously unable to take things easy and perhaps you are just to prudish to enjoy erotic and sexuality. Is that better and more clear? Apart from that I'm absolute sure not every women here in the forum and on earth is sharing your ethics and morally sights. They just don't see a reason to post it or too say it loud. Ar
  14. Well, at first I don't need to justify anything. Second erotic comics are a part of the genre. It's like you say, oh, porn is displaying women nude, but that's slowly changing. Soon we have porn where women are fully dressed. And third at the first place I do it because I like to do it. That's it. I value your opinion, but please don't forget you are just 1 voice of how many people are living on earth? I'm sure you don't think that you represent them all. Your suggestions what I should rather do is what YOU find approbiate and what mirrors YOUR worldview. That's normal. However, my worldvie
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