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  1. 'Fantasy theme - Alice in Wonderland style
  2. Friends? Who talks about friends. Friends I photograph for free at any time. You not?
  3. Sorry, my latest reply wasn't addressed to you. Actually the situation for SL photographers isn't easy. However, that doesn't belong in your thread. I deleted it as off topic.
  4. And why do you think that your post didn't get any response? Photographers which are able to create couple pictures aren't rare in SL. If they don't react on your post, well, that must have a reason? Wouldn't you agree? As for me, to create a good looking picture inclusively photo shooting and post editing costs me 2 - 3 hours. I don't want to be greedy. I ask for 3 USD per hour. Total 9 USD or about 2400 L$ per picture. I don't have a problem to say that in public. lol Though I don't take custom orders at the moment anyway.
  5. No need, if you have a blog or use a web service to save your original pictures online. Then you can put the pictures which you uploaded to SL in the box and a download link too, where people can get the original pictures. That's what I'm planing to do. I tried to list download links only. Linden removed it. I don't know exactly why. I guess to list just third party links for sale violates the market TOS.
  6. Nice to read what you are looking for. Would be nice as well, if you tell interested photographers what you are willing to pay for "awesome" images. :)
  7. I drive home and get the stick. What's the alternative? To use passwords which are easy to remember but also easy to hack? Well, there is a pro and contra for everything. It's up to everyone to decide for themselves how they keep their passwords safe.
  8. I saved all login datas on a separate USB stick and keep it in my desk.
  9. Well, if you think so. Thanks for your input.
  10. What @Ceka Cianci said. It is much more safe too choose an answer that's totally different from the question. Example: Your mothers maiden name? Answer: I hate Kitty cat food. Now even when they have your mothers maiden name, it is useless. Anyway, many people believe they must add a honest answer to their security question. In think it's a kind of conditional reflex. When I started on web, I did it too.
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