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  1. It was announced as a major improvement. But what I only see at the moment is that there are a couple of new technical things to learn. Before I do that I would like to know what it really can. The wiki explains how to use it. But I didn't find informations about the questions I asked here.
  2. Hi. I'm just trying to learn the new EEP. My questions is, if I use one of the default environments from the library in my inventory - unedited or edited - and apply them only to myself that means probably that only I can see it? Further, if I apply an edited default environment to my parcel or an entire new one, will nobody see it except myself until I provide visitors with the settings object? Like in the past? Just that it is easier now to give it to other people?
  3. No problem. I have to say sorry also. For me the matter is done. So I didn't watch this thread anymore. Well, I don't think that the Linden people are ignorant or lazy. They know the market is a good instrument to make cash. The more the better. So when they don't correct all these known flaws I wonder what reasons they might have? Perhaps the market needs a complete overhaul and they don't dare to touch the challenge? lol
  4. I don't know much about the Linden staff's programming abilities. Mine are rather basic. But my first thought was such a button can't take more than a line of code. When the new listing gets automatically applied to all language tabs, why should corrections and updates not? It is the same action, isn't it? I'm updating the language tabs by deleting unwanted details now. But I find that a very unsatisfying solution. I have to click each single item, then to click on the language tabs one by one. And each time after I updated one tab it doesn't return to the item listing, but to the listing page. So I have to click the item again. And that 6 times (English listing including). In my opinion this is already nerving, if one has only a small number of items to update. No, I must correct myself. I can delete all tabs at once. That saves some time, admitted.
  5. Lol ChinRey I did this. I correct the text in the English tab. Then I switched to another language tab. Let's say Japanese. I used the quick fill button. Without result. I think it filled the English tab again. I didn't start to edit the other language tabs manually yet. With over 150 items and 6 tabs it will be a hell of a job. I'm reflecting about, if I do it at all. I mean Lasher says changing text in the other language fields and saving is not working. I'm sorry to hear that Linden banned your from the Jira. You say you don't care the translated versions anymore. But when you updated your English listings a few times, you have there a mess of wrong informations also. Does none of your non-English visitors or customers complain about it? Or flag items? Update: The support told me to delete all details from the other language tabs. They will be automatically updated after that with the actual details in the English tab. That works. Still a hell of a job, but at least I have nothing to type in.
  6. Ah, yes. Thanks a lot. That is the trick. I admit I never paid attention to these tabs. And the form can be filled with the quick fill button. Still, why not a button copy changes to all tabs? I have about 150 items listed and must update all. But ok, one can't have it all. Again, many thanks. Correction. Aeems the quick fill in button doesn't work in the other language tabs. It works in the English tab only.
  7. Hi. Bad news indeed. With language tabs you mean the listing forms? I just took a look at the Japanese one. It's all in Japanese of course. Ok, I know where to fill in the description and other details. But still, it can't be intended that English merchants have to know how to use Japanese forms or forms in any other language they don't speak. Japanese and other merchants in reverse either. And each time, for each little edit I have to do the same 6 times (languages)? If I change for example 20 prices. That would mean I have 120 listings to change. Wow.
  8. Hi. Thanks for your response. What do you mean? I write my listings in English. And so they are displayed in other language views also. That is ok. But you say corrections on the listing don't get displayed automatically? It must be done manually in each available language view? I have over 100 items listed. If I made bulk changes I have to post them 6 times? That's the number auf languages in the menu. Sorry, nothing can be more complicate, time consuming and impractical than that? Or is there a trick that I don't know? I even think that is impossible. I mean when I turn to Japanese view for example. I don't understand Japanese and have no idea how to use the listing form. Same with the other languages.
  9. Hi. I'm used to view the market in English. Today I looked at my listings in other languages and noticed, they are partly totally different from the English version. A mess of outdated and incorrect informations. Seems when I made corrections or updates in the past they get displayed only in the English view. Did I miss to configure something? To avoid misunderstandings. I don't expect that my English text gets translated into other languages. But the English text should be the same no matter in what language a vistior views the market place, shouldn't it?
  10. Hi. :) I wonder, if it is possible to change the blue background of the standard dialog menu top right corner to a different color.
  11. I understand. Thanks a lot, Dakota for solving this matter. I appreciate that. The money arrived already on my account. I ordered the PLE again. This time it is in the correct category.
  12. Thank you for your response and moving the thread, Dakota. Sounds fair. Well, I already contacted the market place support. Without result yet. Too bad that I didn't read your reply before. I deleted the PLE and used the already open ticket to submit the MKT number. Hope that is ok.
  13. Hey, Selene. Thanks for your reply. Yes, I read how to manage enhancements. I don't want to cancel it. 15 days at the wrong place...please no. lol I want it in the correct category. But seems as a user I cannot do that. Probably I have to contact the support. See you.
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