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  1. Recently this: "Second Life: The message sent to (my groups and others) is still being processed. If the message does not appear in the next few minutes, it may have been dropped by the server." pops frequently up, when I try to submit a post. Just now NO message I post goes through. I suppose not only mine get dropped. Grid status says nothing. Well, just chatlag, right? Seems we have to get used to it. But it's not very funny.
  2. For the ones which want to know what the German words "Entartung" and "Freiheit" mean in English. Entartung = Degeneration. Freiheit = Freedom. Well, the German 30s were wild times. And Berlin was indeed a Babylon of each kind of sin, morally degeneration, crime and politcal intriueges. While on the streets the Nazis were already marching, people partied like there were no tomorrow. There is a German tv series that pictures these times perfectly. It calls Babylon Berlin. Trailers you find on Youtube. This is the title song. Zu Asche, zu Staub - from the tv series Babylon Berlin (english
  3. My pleasure. :) I guessed that the couple mirrors the gender roles in society. I think even when the roles changed most of the traditional views still exist in the mind of people and influence our daily life in many areas. I want to add another point. To get the idea at all to display the theme in that way and the way you realized it, that's more than just "story telling". Respect. And believe me. I don't want to flatter you. :)
  4. Wow. Stunning. He stands for reason. Life needs a plan. No time to fool around. She is rather emotional, has romantic fantasies and takes life as gift that should be enjoyed each day new. Well, thats only my personal interpretation of the scene. I guess their relationship isn't without conflicts. The arguing couple on the wall painting could be a sign for that.
  5. I call this one a belle de nuit dressed up for a demanding client...
  6. A belle de nuit... made up for a demanding client.
  7. The sim calls Everwinter. I don't know Skundra? Could you post a link?
  8. Genus head, Maitraya body, random skin from the market + BOM.
  9. Chernobyl bride. Made at an inworld location.
  10. Thank you. But I get an error when I click the link: We are unable to locate the region "218"
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