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  1. I remember spending many pleasurable hours browsing the lovely gowns at Nonna Hodges! These garments have a new life with Bakes on Mesh, by the way. Also I remember the Gurl Six hair store, just a massive place with so many hairstyles it made your head spin! It was all prim/flexiprim hair that makes your avatar look so dated, however. Pixeldolls used to have some great system-layer clothing; I still make regular use of a empire-waist dress AO that keeps the hands away from the waist that came with one of her dresses. They stopped making clothes just as we transitioned from system la
  2. I won't link to it here, but if you Google "second life [a-5-letter-word-for-male-genitals-that-starts-with-P]" the first hit will likely be a blogpost I wrote on the topic last year, which has proven to be quite popular—perhaps not that surprising. 😉 The brands Aeros and Birth seem to come up in a lot of people's recommendations, although I must confess I have not (yet) bought either product.
  3. Oh, sorry! I have no financial connection to the apps I listed in this thread. I just think they're so freaking cool.
  4. I just wanted to report back on my own experience. Like Chic, I also got this update. After I installed it, I opened up my Firestorm and checked... ...and all my saved usernames and passwords were still there. Nothing was lost! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I don't know if I just lucky, or what!
  5. If you thought WOMBO was neat, wait until you check out another new AI-based mobile app, called Reface! My Second Life supermodel, Vanity Fair, has now escaped the confines of SL, and is now stomping down real-life fashion runways! Search 'ryan schultz blog" on Google and you'll find my blog easily enough 😉 it's the second blogpost from the top. Between them, WOMBO and Reface are almost singlehandedly curing my depression! They are both apps that are well worth feeding your Second Life selfies into, just to see what you can do! Both are highly recommended! Here's the selfie of Van
  6. Yes, a single colour background is recommended for the best results with WOMBO!
  7. Thank you to everyone who commented on and emoji'ed my post about my recent avatar makeover for my alt Moesha Heartsong (here's a link to the original post). I thought I would bring Moesha back to sing for you all, courtesy of the INSANELY cool new mobile app WOMBO, which creates a lipsync video from a selfie (and it works like a dream with SL avatar selfies, too!): If you want to hear this video clip, you'll have to go here, since you can't embed audio into an animated GIF, and these forums won't let you upload an MP4 video file... 😉 I have written up a blogpost (with numerou
  8. OK thanks Ansariel. It looks as though I am just going to have to re-enter my username and password info for my small army of alts 😉 thanks again!
  9. Thanks, Chic! I will try to backup my Firestorm saved avatar userids/passwords file before I attempt to do this Windows 10 upgrade (not sure how to do that, but that's what Google is for 😉 ...)
  10. @Chic AeonLast night I got the same Windows update message that you did, and I am freaking out that I might lose my Firestorm login information (although I do keep track of my alts' usernames and passwords in a separate spreadsheet, just in case something like this happens). Waiting to hear back more from you, and others, until then I am putting this upgrade on hold (as far as I can tell is simply cosmetic things for Windows anyways). *sigh* I simply do NOT need this today...
  11. I went wandering around the Skin Fair today and I was so impressed with this skin by Pepe Skin (called Aquarius) that I bought it and the matching Maitreya body applier and achieved the look you see below! I rarely buy a skin on impulse, but this was an exception! This is the darkest skin tone, called Goddess.
  12. I have written up a blogpost (with numerous example videos) of putting Second Life avatars through the WOMBO app. It is insanely great, and I actually spent the money to upgrade to the Premium version! Just Google "ryan schultz blog" and you'll find the blogpost easily enough (it's the second one from the top). I also tested WOMBO with a Sansar avatar and some famous paintings (Frida Kahlo's self-portrait singing Tunak Tunak Tun turned out to be the mashup I never knew I needed!). Seriously, if you haven't tried WOMBO-fying your SL avatars, download the free app and give it a try! It
  13. Yeah that sounds like a dick move to me, too. Take your business elsewhere if you can.
  14. This is an outfit I assembled for only L$7 for the steampunk-themed 3rd anniversary party at Bray's Place tomorrow: (If you're interested in the styling credits, just Google "ryan schultz blog" and you'll find the blogpost easily enough.) I quite like how it turned out, and spending next to nothing was a nice bonus!
  15. You will be missed, Oz! Thank you for everything you've done with us and for us, and enjoy your retirement!
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