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  1. I decided to blog about a couple of nice advent gifts for today (December 2nd, 2020) from Virtue and Essenz: https://ryanschultz.com/2020/12/02/second-life-steals-deals-and-freebies-advent-calendar-gifts-for-december-2nd-2020/ In addition to an Advent Calendar, Virtue also has two camping chairs. Sit for 60 minutes and win a free outfit! (I hope nobody minds that I posted a link to my blog; it's just easier to send you there rather than cut and paste it all here!)
  2. I have decided that this is the perfect time to stay off all social media and all news media for a few days, BREATHE, and focus on cleaning through Vanity Fair's overstuffed inventory. So far I have thrown out about 30,000 items. On top of everything else, my location has just enacted an emergency, code-red coronavirus pandemic lockdown. I believe the ancient Chinese curse goes something along the lines of "may you live in interesting times". I am awaiting the locusts.
  3. Yes, here: https://ryanschultz.com/2018/10/04/second-life-steals-deals-and-freebies-free-and-inexpensive-mesh-heads-and-bodies-for-male-second-life-avatars/ And I have had all kinds of problems getting any mesh clothing to fit the Roth 2 male mesh body properly. Your best bets for a free male mesh body are the Classic male mesh by The Meshbody (all TMP clothes fit it) and the Altamura freebie bodies (Slink, Singature, and/or Belleza Jake clothing usually fits them).
  4. I just wanted to add that, if cost is an issue, I have a blogpost which I keep constantly updated, which looks at options for free or inexpensive mesh heads and bodies for female avatars. https://ryanschultz.com/2018/09/24/second-life-steals-deals-and-freebies-free-mesh-heads-and-bodies-for-female-second-life-avatars/ I have found that clothing designed for Maitreya Lara works well with the Altamura freebie bodies (tops fit almost exactly; you might some problems with bottoms). I have found that the new Kalhene Anya and Alexa mesh head and body package are 99% compatible with Maitrey
  5. If you haven't bought that Maitreya Lara body yet, you might want to consider a less expensive alternative which is 99% compatible with Maitreya Lara apparel and footwear, and includes a fully-adjustable Bento mesh head as well as a Bento, Bakes on Mesh body: the Anya mesh body package from Kalhene. More details here on version 3.0 of Anya: https://ryanschultz.com/2020/10/04/version-3-0-of-the-kalhene-anya-and-alexa-bodies-a-great-bakes-on-mesh-bento-head-and-body-package-gets-even-better/ If you are shopping around for heads, I can highly recommend the free Strong Face Bento mesh head fr
  6. Yeah, sorry, I got triggered (even though I did check my transaction history immediately and saw nothing, @Chic Aeon).
  7. Aaaand I just found this on the SL Marketplace. Shouldn't this sort of sick joke be banned? I actually fell for this.Somebody who wouldn't know any better would go after the person named as the thief by the MoneyGrabber. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Greenies-MoneyGrabber-Bumper/19540664
  8. And now I am getting similar messages in chat about this MoneyGrabber stealing money from other people. Is this some new form of smearing other [Redacted Name]'s reputation or the Seniha store's reputation? This is BIZARRE. The same name keep appearing in the [Redacred Name] messages:
  9. Hello all, Well, this is a new one!!! I have an alt named Artist Scientist and I just teleported into the Seniha store sim and I got this message immediately: "{ Greenies } MoneyGrabber: [Redacted Name] stole 80L$ from Artist Scientist" I check my total balance and it's at L$1. I can't remember if it was higher than that before I teleported in (it was probably higher). Is this some kind of joke? Who should I report this to: Linden Lab? The owner of the sim? {Redacted name]? I've never come across this before and I'm stumped. By the way, I did NOT get any sort of w
  10. I have discovered, quite by accident, that a blinking AO (from Kalhene) worked just fine on my Genus head, without having to use the full-blown Genus animation AO. So try a different head's animation override, it might work.
  11. Second Life users tend to be significantly older overall than, for example, Fortnite users. One reason is that SL has been around for over 17 years now, longer than most other virtual worlds and games.
  12. Chiming in late (as per usual!) but here's my take: Although the first avatars I created were male (like me), Vanity Fair is now my main avatar. I don't catfish; I make it clear who I am in my profile (and I link to my blog), and I also make it very clear I am not looking for sex or a relationship. Here's a blogpost I wrote about it back in January this year, and why the ability to be anybody (or anything) you want to be in Second Life is one of the platform's strengths: https://ryanschultz.com/2020/01/05/editorial-will-facebook-horizon-succeed-if-you-cant-be-anybody-but-yoursel
  13. Chiming in late (as per usual!), but here's my take: I think most female avatars have migrated to mesh bodies, but I still come across many classic, system female avatars at places like Frank's Jazz Club. I have noticed that male avatars are more likely to stick with a classic avatar. I come across them much more often.
  14. If you’re working on inventory, do you need to be able to read boxes and such? That could be a factor. Most places won’t let you do that.
  15. Yes, I remember how busy KMADD used to be all the time. I picked up many group gifts of eyes and (prim) hair there. Their store never made the jump over to mesh. And I very fondly remember the lovely ladies' classic pumps at Shiny Things, which looked so good on classic, system avatar feet! I still have them in my inventory. By the way, if you ARE still rocking a classic, system avatar, Lindy's is the place to go for shoes. Most of their models also support classic avatar feet as well as the feet of most popular brands of male and female mesh bodies. Of course, most shoe stores no lo
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