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  1. Yes, I found it and bought it! Thank you!
  2. Ooh yes, Boudoir! They have AMAZING costumes for female avatars.
  3. Here's a link to that Forbes article (I haven't really blogged much about it yet): https://www.forbes.com/sites/charlessingletary/2019/07/16/second-life-successor-sansar-draws-in-over-a-thousand-vr-viewers-with-live-music-event/#460b48b439e3
  4. And (at the risk of sounding like a broken record) Second Life CANNOT be made to support virtual reality without making fundamental changes to the platform that would break it. One of the problems that Linden Lab has with SL is that they don't want to break user's existing content if they can help it. That means that they will never be able to attain the 90 frames per second needed to avoid nausea in a VR headset. THIS is why they decided to launch a new product that is VR-compatible, Sansar (which also supports desktop users quite nicely). There's no guarantee that Linden Lab will have the same success with Sansar as they did with Second Life. However, it is still way, WAAAY too early to write Sansar off. I have noticed a definite uptick in the number of newcomers lately. It's not anywhere near SL levels of course, but they're off to a good, promising start. According to a recent article in Forbes magazine, they had over 1,000 people in Sansar attending all or part of the Monstercat launch concert recently (albeit broadcast across multiple instances to handle the avatar load). That's significant. More info here: https://ryanschultz.com/2019/07/28/more-and-more-people-are-visiting-sansar-and-i-couldnt-be-happier/
  5. Interesting conversation re: 3DX Chat. Here's my take on 3DX Chat, based on a temporary free trial I installed just to check it out about a year ago: https://ryanschultz.com/2018/10/18/3dx-chat-a-brief-introduction/ (Note: this link is safe for work.) Executive summary: it's not bad, but it really can't compete with everything SL currently has to offer in my opinion. I am glad, however, to hear that some people are using 3DX Chat for more than just sex. And you're right: Sansar, High Fidelity and Sinespace combined don't have as many people as 3DX Chat apparently does.
  6. More information on Tim Sweeney's vision of the metaverse is here (he gave a presentation at SIGGRAPH, the annual computer graphics conference in Los Angeles): https://ryanschultz.com/2019/07/30/is-the-metaverse-going-to-look-like-fortnite-kent-bye-reports-on-tim-sweeneys-siggraph-talk/
  7. I'm looking for this kawaii/gothic lolita dress, pictured in this poster for a Ayashi hairstyle gacha:
  8. Bare Rose. You can't beat their prices. And Brii specializes in costumes.
  9. Look at Akeruka. Their Bento mesh heads have options for vampire teeth and blood, they're quite nice looking. Check out this blogpost: https://ryanschultz.com/2018/09/22/second-life-steals-deals-and-freebies-a-fifteen-minute-vampire-makeover-for-only-l150/ The head is no longer a free group gift but it is still available at the Akeruka store.
  10. I don't consider Linden Lab deleting users' perfectly valid questions to be a "mistake". LL did this deliberately. LL should know better.
  11. Sorry, not buying it. How did they decide which questions were to be deleted? What is "off topic"?!?? Chic Aeon has been monitoring the situation carefully and blogged about LL deleting users' valid questions, why would she lie? But (as the tagline of my blog states) my blog is about “news and views” (viewpoints). What is going on with Linden Lab is newsworthy, and I do want to continue to share what I really think and feel about what I am reporting on. Otherwise, I am just a corporate shill, a PR parrot. I want to have the freedom to report on news and events in the evolving metaverse, to praise and criticize the various companies as I see fit.
  12. Well, it's nice to see they finally have a demo version you can take home and try out. But it's not Omega compatible, so it's still a firm pass from me. My blogpost about this body is still getting lots of viewers, though: https://ryanschultz.com/2019/04/23/the-mesh-project-releases-new-male-and-female-mesh-bodies-why-i-wont-be-buying-one/
  13. @Chic Aeon reports that Linden Lab has been caught deleting users' questions about Tilia: https://ryanschultz.com/2019/07/11/linden-lab-caught-deleting-users-questions-about-tilia/
  14. Thank you for the heads up--I have gone in and bought just about every piece of your jewelry for Vanity Fair in Sansar! I will be very sorry to see you leave, and I wish you would keep your store going, but I understand your decision. Best of luck in your new endeavours, whatever they are!
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