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  1. Sadly, I can confirm the neckline issue with the Legacy male mesh body (I had an alt win one in their recent contest). Here is my full review (Strawberry Linden also recently linked to it from the SL Bloggers Network Community Feed): https://ryanschultz.com/2020/01/11/review-the-legacy-male-mesh-avatar-body-by-the-ultimate-meshbody/ It's a gorgeous body, but until they find a better solution for the inevitable neckseam problem you will have, I don't recommend it. Also, at L$5,500 it is significantly more expensive than the Belleza Jake and Signature Gianni/Geralt male mesh bodies, and the Legacy does NOT have Omega support. Also, although the situation seems to be improving over time, there are still fewer designers creating clothing for the Legacy mesh bodies than for Jake/Gianni/Geralt out there. However, I can tell you that the in-store demo version of the male mesh Legacy body does give you a good indication of what the purchased version looks like.
  2. Yeah, I doubt that. They've tried EVERYTHING to market Sansar and so far, none of it has seemed to work. The most recent Sansar pivot to be a live events platform is a last, desperate attempt to save the platform. If Linden Lab cannot find a way to bring more users into Sansar (and keep them coming back), then they might be the next platform to fold after High Fidelity (today is HiFi's final official day; they have already shut down their user forums and their website and you can no longer create new accounts in HiFi). If Sansar does fold I for one will be devastated. I really did believe they had something remarkable and compelling, but obviously a lot of other people didn't agree.
  3. In addition to Ingenue and Belle Epoque, you could also try Sonatta Morales, who has a store in Jo Yardley's Time Portal. SHe carries clothing designs from the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s and 1950s.
  4. Second Life has, over the past decade, kept a remarkably steady level of regular monthly users (that is, people who sign in at least once a month to SL). That figure is somewhere between 500,000 and 600,000 regular monthly users. The most recent confirmation of these figures came directly from the Firestorm developers, with whom LL shared recent usage figures: https://ryanschultz.com/2019/09/18/why-second-life-still-has-600000-regular-users-after-16-years/
  5. OMG I can only IMAGINE the kinds of conversations you get into, Fauve! Somebody needs to write up an etiquette book for SL. Also, I took a look at the three models of phallus at Birth and they look quite good.
  6. Yeah, I have seen some really weird Bento-enabled hair. Not a fan.
  7. Oops, when I said "I thought I would use this blog to solicit recommendations from my readers" I just copied and pasted the blog text into a forum posting (since I get my hand slapped by Linden Lab when I do post a blog link). Ignore that, please, Fauve. I am getting more and better responses here than on my blogpost anyways.
  8. A Bento phallus? The mind boggles! How does THAT work??
  9. I was recently at the Jomo store and I didn't see the freebie there. Is it on the marketplace?
  10. Yes, I have posted this question to several Second Life Facebook groups, several SL Discord groups, VirtualVerse, and my blog, and so far, Aeros has the most recommendations. This is all very helpful, thank you! Keep the suggestions coming 😉
  11. I was one of 100 lucky winners of the Legacy male mesh body from The Ultimate Meshbody shop (formerly known as The Mesh Project)! Of course, you all already know that a male mesh body does not automatically come with a *****. You have to buy one separately, usually from a different store than the body. Back in the day, the big name was a brand called Xcite! Sooo… since I haven’t gone shopping for a ***** in a long, long time, I thought I would use this forum message to solicit recommendations from my readers as to what brands to try out. Is Xcite still a thing nowadays? Are there other, better brands I should look at? I really don’t have a clue. Please help a fella out with some recommendations! Thank you (and yes, I do expect this to become an epic thread...) Obligatory YouTube video link (safe for work): LOL...and of course, the forums do not let you say "*****"...too funny! You can figure out what I am looking for from the YouTube video title (LL can't censor that!).
  12. Yeah, it amazes me just how ancient some of the computers that access Second Life are. I understand the reason for this decision, though. If Microsoft themselves is firmly moving on from Windows 7, then LL really has no choice but to do so too.
  13. The only problem that I have noticed about the new Frank's is that the pool of tunes that you can request from needs to be added to. But there's no way to request a song to be added, as far as I can tell. I have also noticed that certain songs get requested over and over and over again, and what appears to be an automated DJ system simply queues up the songs in request order and plays them, no matter how often they have been requested in the past few hours. (If I hear Michael Bublé's "Me and Mrs. Jones" one more time, I am going to scream....) Other than that one quibble, I quite like the new place!
  14. The two mist popular male mesh bodies are Belleza Jake and Signature Gianni. They have the best support from clothing designers. You can use any Bento mesh head you want with them; many users prefer Catwa.
  15. So, I am writing up a blogpost about Christmas events in social VR/virtual worlds, and I was wondering if there were any special Christmas events going on in Second Life over the next couple of weeks. This is what I have written up so far: --- As usual, there is so much happening in Second Life around Christmastime that it is impossible to compile a full list! Your best bet is to check the Events listing under Search; you can do a keyword search, or select events using the drop-down category menu in the upper right-hand corner of the Events window in Firestorm (for example, "Live Music" to catch a live performer's show). The official Second Life Destination Guide lists eight pages worth of winter attractions to visit. The Seraphim website has a list of fairs and events that you might want to check out. --- But I thought it might be good to mention a few parties and events by name (date, time, location, etc.). Anybody have a Christmas event they want me to mention?
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