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  1. Oh, WOW. When are THOSE homes coming available? They look a bit bigger than the first batch of traditional homes, don't they? They look SO good, that I am actually tempted to upgrade an alt to Premium just to snag one!
  2. I used to lie in wait for the list of last names in SL to turn over to a new batch, then snap up good combinations for future use, before they got picked over. I got lucky with "Fair"; it was only up for a two-week period in 2008. I also got Scarborough Fair for use as a medieval roleplay avatar. I also have a vampire avatar named Mary Fang 😉
  3. It's a good article, I agree. And an interesting approach to the subject: interviewing all the authors of the Wiley series of books on SL, written way back when.
  4. My understanding of the issue is that it is technically impossible to fix this, but I don't know the technical details about why. Perhaps someone with a better knowledge than I can elucidate. I just wear updos when I want to avoid the problem.
  5. I am constantly amazed by how many older avatars I encounter at clubs, stores and events which have a legacy name (first name and last name). There are still a lot of SLoldbies out there on the grid! My record oldest avatar spotted in-world was a 15-year-old avatar I met while dancing at Muddy's Music Café.
  6. It's nice and intimate, a good find, thank you!
  7. Yes, I too would like to know where all Frank's clientele will go to now that Frank's Place is closed. If you do hear of a place where people are meeting in a similar environment please let me know, thanks! I joined Frank's Elite group back when it was just L$500, so I can still go to the Frank's Elite Jazz club, which is running under new management.
  8. You know, now that you and Alyona Su pointed out this flaw in Maitreya Lara, I cannot unsee it!
  9. Yes and I loved it! Becky Sharp is quite the character.
  10. I've always lived in fear that the Condé Nast lawyers would come after me because of my name! Of course, I could always tell them that I named myself after the 1848 novel by by William Makepeace Thackeray 😉
  11. Avakin Life is *incredibly* popular amongst the tween/teen community. Here is my writeup on the blog: https://ryanschultz.com/2018/06/30/avakin-life-a-brief-introduction/ One of things I hate about Avakin Life is that clothing textures are VERY poor (at least on my ancient iPad 2, which I still use). I would be interested in hearing about other mobile-compatible virtual worlds, though.
  12. Frank's did relax that policy slightly. I do remember a regular visitor to Frank's Place who had a tail. But you're right, overall it was humans only.
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