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  1. @Nika Talaj I literally got in the bottle !!!! still in effect ...
  2. ... I like this boat house, I think I'll spend a lot of time living here ...!
  3. I usually find everything but what the purpose of the hunt was.
  4. I edited ... so that no one messes up.
  5. Eu nunca publicaria um segredo ... isso é apenas uma ironia ... !!!
  6. LOL Fui caçar presentes e achei essa garrafa, estou bêbado, but I kept looking !!!
  7. Procurando novos amigos que morem em Bellisseria e que falem português e queiram formar uma comunidade com interesse em arte, arte imersiva, arquitetura, teatro, e tranquilidade, quem?
  8. 53/5000 Banksy came home and left a basic graffiti ...!
  9. Bellisseria X 4 : mixing SL viewer filters.
  10. Does anyone know what the project is besides splicing Belli to the continent?
  11. Loved your visit, the time zones really hinder, come whenever you want to the garden zem! who wants to visit the garden link here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cape Lively/246/55/21
  12. Nice picture, unfortunately I was not in the world to be with you. Always come for a coffee.
  13. thanks for the info: @Sylvia Tamalyn @karynmaria @Bitsy Buccaneer here are some pictures of "Garden in Progress" I want to harmonize what you see on the surface, and what is under water, and it also needs to be in keeping with what the Moles have built around them, such as picnic tables and benches set in the racks, all without disturbing or harming the ones. neighbors. It is a long task ... anyone who wants to come and feel free, there is no protection orb. see in: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cape Lively/246/55/21
  14. 42/5000 I've seen this ghost for a few days !!!
  15. Sylvia Tamalyn, I appreciate I'm evolving in the decoration of the garden, and I will look at the store you indicated. Thank you. (I don't speak English, if something in this text sounds strange that's why)
  16. thank you i'm going to the store you indicated, unfortunately i don't know if i will be able to go to SL in time to see to go to your house boat. But thank you very much for the invitation and when you own another house invite me that I will.
  17. Here is the base for my underwater garden, on the boat house i am in need of beautiful and lively plants and fish who can help by indicating i can buy, the ones i have are very old from over ten years ago.
  18. my house is the one on the right side of the picture !!! What does this board mean?
  19. about "hj" means today in Portuguese, is a widely used abbreviation, and sometimes when translating the text to English to post here I forget to modify some words ... and cause all this panacea ... sorry, but it was funny.
  20. I see so much talent here and I know I will never be like this, but I decided to put a little of my boat confused for everyone to see, it is true that I am having a great time putting and taking things mixing everything I like without any worries, after all Bellisseria It's really taking me out of the bubble and getting me back to live with more people in SL.
  21. some pictures of today's party
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